Thursday, March 3, 2011

SeRenShitha 03Mar11

Channeling session 03Mar11
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

I am SeRenShitha from Sirius. It is with pleasure that we converse once again.

I know you questions about your upper energy bodies, levels 4 and 5 dimension. Part of the work being done on this location at Earth planet is the disintegration of oldening structure lines for the material, to be and being replaced by 5th dimensional structure lines of white, rather than blue. Some of this will be beyond your readership but as normal please understand we are allowing various information to come through you for those who are currently unable to ascertain this information elsewise.  We discussed the structural lines in past sessions but as you have noticed your 5th dimension energy being is alive in ways you have never before experienced. We are truly advancing to a non-veil reality for your inhabitants.

I am SeRenShitha; trust yourself and that information Is accurate. You have been prepared for this. Please consider initiating our sessions in a time when you have more capability of focus and non-sleepworth feeling.

I am SeRenShitha. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
The state of your world at this time is uproarious and melenscious [questions word…] without holding back. In governing bodies of many African countries are agents who will indeed bring change and positive access to information, lowering strictness, and resources for many more people who have been in the depths of battle simply for survivals. Your Earth planet is indeed a spectacle to behold and unprecendented numbers of watchers have been gathering over this last year or two. As you just witnessed some are not here for the benefit of freedoms, knowledge, and having your peoples as a Brotherhood to the Galactic Federations. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!!

I am SeRenShitha. It is again time for your people to recognize that what you take into your body makes a difference! You MUST have much and plentiful water in your systems as the structured 4th level lines administering past needs to your planet and vibratory bodies is no longer needed but yet you hang on as though it were your dying wish. It should not be so difficult but you MUST have passion for change and growth and awareness on these new levels of reality. Your Self which is alive is indeed alive on the 5th level; MANY are entirely unable to comprehend this fact and are instead focusing on 4th dimension survival instead of 5th dimension living. As each of your 5th dimensional body increases both in detail and purpose, awareness, energy synthesis, Gajun-mind, and general Galactic consciousness you will find absolutely NO purpose for having your 4th dimension body. It is a shell and literally something which should not be held on to.

I am SeRenShitha – heard [my question]. There will be numerous steps in the awareness factor toward these 5th dimensional bodies. As our presence is more open and aware people will naturally question that they have been lied to, PURPOSEFULLY, for millennia and there will cultivate a natural desire for the advancement.  A strong need for local healers will indeed be one other factor. As the chemicals which are being administered and sold on you become toxic, there will be need for many more energy workers in your realms. These people, yourself included, will be pullers of energy and will truly transform the need for 4th to 5th in one step.

Heard [my question]. This will not be seen as death or killing the body because it will become a general understanding that the 5th body is so, so much more advanced and connection-filled, Gajun, that the desire for a 4th body will indeed fall by the weighside.

Ships: We have pulled back slightly due to various outer-solar system influences. We are in no way threatened from keeping this planet in the Divine Path for Connective Advancement but do indeed need to deal with the imbalanced will for change. There are some who wish to stop the enlightenment of souls, and yes there are repercussions in your doing so. As balance sways in one direction there are indeed others who fall further into the Dark realms. One thing to cherish and remember always is that ANY civilization which is ready for advancement will be a million-fold more valuable for the preservation of light than would any civilization floundering on the edge. “Would you save a flea to sacrifice a dog?” might go suitingly in this situation.

I am SeRenShitha. Alcatar has been carrying on significantly more workload in connecting with new talkers and sends his best wishes. He has pride that you were his first contact here on Earth planet and so hopes we (Gajun) will meet in skin (5th self) [  > I think this means he (Alcatar) wishes that I make it through a transition to a 5th-only energy body.]

There is more. You… personal.


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