Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dome of the Rock UFO

This was really a question of faith for me. If you've followed my blog you'll know I am an abductee and have been in ships at least twice. I am also, obviously lol, a channeler, and have been for many years.

I believed the Dome of the Rock UFO on January 28th, 2011 in Jerusalem was real at the time I channeled about it first, and was told that it was indeed "us" (beings from the Galactic Brotherhood of Light).

Later, it was widely accepted the the Dome of the Rock UFO was a hoax for a few very plausible reasons. I was sad it was a haox because it was one of the rare instances when UFO footage was broadcast in America. It's common in most countries but America keeps nearly all UFO activity suppressed and Classified.

I took a short break from channeling, wondering if I could trust my channel and when I returned to channeling I was told the following by SeRenShitha:
It is I, SeRenShitha! I am glad to connect with you once again, Jay. It is with pure understanding I accept your break in our speeches. In regards to your question about our ship over the Dome of the Rock – this was not a hoax, as you say. The information is incomplete and biased and some even altered [> got a sound image of the women talking in one video], this is part of the ongoing preponderance of force trying to keep our presence hidden from view. There is no need to focus on these events from before, in very short order, we will be known to all! There will be no means to hide what we have planned and your continued wish of our interaction provides we will indeed show ourselves and increase awareness of much of your masses.
Now.... another video has been released showing a secure weather camera shot which caught a few shots of the UFO! I have only seen this posted on a Mexican UFO show, and not actually seen the weather website direct links, and in the realm of UFO videos you always gotta be sure! I'm inclined to believe this is the real deal, take a look at the latest video if you're interested.

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p.s. the video of the woman's voices, which I was "told" by SeRenShitha was faked was NOT included as proof in the Mexican video! this to me gives it even more potential they did their homework.

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