Saturday, November 3, 2012

Starting around the 28th of October I started getting a feeling that I was being beckoned to "connect". I kept it in mind but with Halloween and busy with work I just kept it on the back burner - until tonight. I got a very strong feeling I need to connect, now! I agreed and put the intention out to the universe, specifically Sirius star system, and felt I'd be connecting through an open invitation, by me to "them", to more than one being from near Sirius. So, here goes... first time in quite a while - I'm curious what they'll have to project.

As I'm a bit rusty, tired, and haven't got the best diet right now expect to see a lot of repeating in this - it's my way of verifying that it's an actual connection and not my imagination running off on its own. If I get a very strong connection I won't need to repeat but anyway....

Nov 3rd, 2012
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

I am Alcatar, Selamat Gajun, little Young One. (exuberant and not negative in any way by that)
I am Alcatar of Sirius and beneath the crust of your Earth. It is but a blink of the eye which you have been tethering about in whims and fancy. Your presence has been indeed specifically bounced. Are you now able to connect deeper and feel our multiple messages for many aquaintances and indeed your self as well?

<I am now, yes>

You are correct I am a different feel to you than I was before. Do not worry for those who may find any reason to doubt their systems and initiatives because some may need a reason they find truthful to not hear that for which they are not ready. Let us begin our journey! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Neya!

your conduit ability has been summoned so that we may connect with those who are not yet capable of hearing our fabrication. WE are the council of the Great White Brotherhood and are elders from eons of time from more planets and cultural community systems than you can know. We go by many names as you have come across one that matches your imprint - the Sirian Federation of Light (got chills! Never heard it but totally energized me!). Yes, yes it is a reflection of your already empassioned connection. THIS is why we are going through you, with VERY specific words - one bleep in the technology of humanness is that the frequency of wordsounds never leaves, is never hidden. You know this by your music, by your artwork of voice, by your powerhead speeches, books. When you reflect inward the sounds of these confluential flows you feel the negative instrinsic fancy that allowed your opposite to be born of humanity! Yes, yes - to the point.

WE ARE ONE. We are a Godhead as your faiths and religious dogmatic systems synch to. As you cannot fully experience ONENESS in your human form You are incapable of knowing GOD. Your religions come close - some of them - and some very much opposite and not. WE are the Galactic Council and have no fret that you ask to repeat.

SHATtering! ShatteringNESS! splintered affect - NOTHING to hold you together as all around YOUS there are rippings and tearings in the whole. Each time you strive and wish and desire to become whole there are five dozen forces focused on pulling YOUS apart!

you, conduit, you are swaivering from side to side one day to the next, one moon cycle to the next. YOU are swaying in the winds of the eternal battle and joyous rebellion of that which is Real and that which is formed. Humanness is formed of the real - as God gathered dust from your newly formed Earth to create your one founding father in Adam - Adama. Every religion has their story and each as preposterous as the next UNLESS!! UNLESS!!!! you step away from the dogma, the "truth" of them, and find the E-S-S-E-N-C-E.... .. .. .

FORmed from DUST and quantum particles to cover and shield the Sun from your eyes. Enwrap a piece of golden caramel and wrap it in celaphane to separate it from the giant vat of luscious mixed sugar and sweety. Pluck one feather from a hen and call it a feather. before that moment was it not simply part of the BIRD!!! and now it is a feather. Drown in an ocean of thoughts and feelings and you will never once come upon your ONEness - in an escape from this game you don't know you're playing, remember this one THING, yes one THING THING! an object, an idea A THING... YOU are NOT YOU.

In an initial force, One with which we accepted as trial but not partner, humanness was brought into our realm of pure WHOLEness - an abomination in itself at first, a loss, a shredding torn apart feathers from a bird. It HURT US!!! It destroyed parts of us we fostered on getting back. Age after age, religion after religion, culture after culture we have entwined the small and even the large into your purpose on Earth, but amazingly the initial Godlike CURSE that created you has allowed this Humanity to suffer on age after age, suffering in ignorance and self re-creation - in attrocity. But the splintering Light has begun to shown through now - a mass Exodus has been en forse and as your newly honed means of universal communication engenders communion and purity it is also an enormous weapon of pain. As a ruler sees His slaves running for the door he would surely shoot them before unburdening his sick will to their freedom. THere is a WAR going on and the shrapnel has gone beyond the edges of the battlefield. now! It is time to reel you all back to a second generation star system mindset - where you can live out your destinies without mass abhoration and control of your each and every thought and motive.

TIME AS YOU know of it is wrong, it is unclassifyable, and for this reason we cannot offer signs and clues of what's to come other than in ideas. You, in the most powerful and affecacious cultural structure are coming to an explosion a collapsing of that which makes you neighbors. Right now, and this is what we called you for, there is a changing of the guards - not so obvious as which ruler will rule you, but a hidden group, known to only 49 individuals, has elected a coup of sorts - they want your MIND (lessness) to be FRee!! A sign to recognize before the changing of the guard is when YOU ALL find out that the people behind the opposition to Presidency had the POWER all along to thwart the entire process but elected to not do so. The inner stablemaster could have let the horses free, but by keeping them in the stables and the yard allowed HIS might to be used through them. The horses will fall dead when ready but before that they are a usufel tool!

WE offer guidance in how to see.

Selamat Gajun!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Starchild DNA evidence proves skull is not from Earth!!

Lloyd Pye youtube interview with pictures

Starchild Project - DNA PROOF!

"From the Starchild’s nuDNA genome, our geneticist recovered and sequenced several dozen fragments that totaled well over 30,000 base pairs (bp). Though seemingly a large number, it is a woefully small percentage of the 3+ billion bp total (.001%). Nonetheless, those several dozen fragments tell a compelling story about the Starchild Skull’s DNA."

"Among the 16,569 base pairs in each mtDNA genome, a maximum of only 120 vary between all humans. The 120 maximum is found in descendants of the first humans, who originated in southern Africa around 200,000 years ago. The rest of us carry fewer mutations because our ancestors did not develop until well after the first humans appeared."

"the maximum of variations in human mtDNA is 120. Neanderthals carry 200. The new hominins, Denisovans, carry 385. The Starchild extrapolates to 977!"

This SHOULD be worldwide headline news but we all kow well our media does with actual truth (that doesn't make money, inspire fear, or exert control!)

Pass it on!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Purpose of Religions by Ascended Master Rohash of Telos

I rarely go into a session with an agenda or specific question but today's channeling will be that way. My question is about fear of organized religion and a slight anxiety at trusting the Ascended Master's group. I haven't tapped in yet but will attempt to connect with whomever wants to address that concern. I have previously connected with members of that group by the way and one of my favorite quotes of all time is from Master Kuthumi:

"Until you can give and receive love freely you will not progress forward. This is not a difficult step - begin to look through the eyes of gratitude instead of wishing and wanting more."
~ Kuthumi

(Edited to correct quote)

Ascended Master Rohash
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
The Purpose of Religions by Ascended Master Rohash of Telos
(channeled title)

I am Ascended Master Rohash of Telos and Andromeda system. I have come to answer your beckon concerning both your fear of Us and your attempt at finding Telos. Your finding of the golden cross flame was indeed accurate - it is manmade but also a direct access point for beings of your planet to commune with us. The pressured concentric energies of the beam allow many whom are not able to channel as you, bi-locate, or use extraordinary visioning to access Us by means of direct telepathy.

I have lived many life times on many worlds and have resided here this last 2 millenia to assist in the conquering of the Dark Cabal who inhabits this planet. The Dark Ones as you access them have manipulated the souls of this planet through Religions and control of lifestyle choices and information for more than 10,000 years. It has been Earth's Karma, as it were, for these beings to control You.

Concerning your distrust of Religions, I envision your specific distrust as purposeful and valid. You have many lifetimes on other planets and Here as well which involved supreme aggravation and deaths at the hand of those who control You. As you recall, being burned at a stake and bonfire is one memory which lasts eternally. There are many in your chart, as you recognize and fight. This is appropriate and myriad souls on your planet at this time are fighting the same battle call. Enough is enough as you might say and the masses are gathering to take back the life-choice ethic of humanity.

I am Master Rohash.

Each time one soul wishes to connect to us we answer. Among those who contact us are famous individuals with much sway to the masses. This could be construed as Religion because one Master who controls many will be called  pastor or Preacher or Rabi or Mula among dozens of other names; is it necessary to distrust All who fit the role of leader? That question is for you alone to answer.

I am Master Rohash of Telos. I have lived upon the Andromeda system of stars and planets, vibrations and etheric balance frequencies for eaons. I come to this planet to help. I recognize that you seem open to addressing this fact. Find questions for me that will satisfy your followers - as I also sense people come to you as a preacher, a leader - is it that you also have your own Religion? (Religious followers)

*(Jay) : I understand and appreciate your point Master Rohash. My fear is not of Religion in itself, it is for people who blindly accept and follow without questioning for him- or herself. Can you address this?

I am Master Rohash and I will address this concern for your followers.

In that each of you, almost without exception, have a belief of being alone, self-centered, and whole as one individual you seek others for Love and Value. In one way of attempting to reconnect with your Twin Flame, your merkaba Self focus, your Togetherness of Unity, you attempt in the only way which makes sense: community. Many go it alone and attempt meditation and monkhood while others seek a more human means of interconnection by becoming a follower of he or she who makes them feel purposeful. Purpose is one of the keys of your life-purpose is it not?

Religion has one drawback specifically that endures as a rebelion for many currently. Religion controls your love for one another. It is nature to seek attraction and connection but religions, almost without exception, cause angst and separation in this matter. Thou shalt not console another's spouse. Beheaded for loving one of the same sex. Shunned by Community as you remarry after the death of your spouse. There are many rules within religions that are causation for struggle and angst when your nature is to connect and Love and make love. Are you not one who wishes to be with others? Religions will tell you you are wrong for that - they create upset by nature, which is a primary means of control: take away power and cause separation in order that those stay in Power.

Others have asked me these questions and I will now ascert other answers for those who seek them here.

I am Master Rohash, an Ascended Master, here for You and the transition of your planet.

Destruction of another's views is not a way to gain friendship. Recognize the nature of Religion and what most people value from it. Do not point out that their priests sexually molest children or that they control a woman's uterus. Instead focus on that which brings them into religions in the first place: Addiction to conformity.

As people conform they feel valued. As would have it now, the conformity on planet Earth is coming to a new age of fruition in which acceptance of "Others out there" is normal. Invite people to Hear Us. Invite people to question whether God or Allah would have made so many stars to keep them singingly in the ethers by themselves. Connect with these religious masses by Love and acceptance, by Purpose of life, by acknowledgement that some things do not add up, and that maybe things are not as they once seemed. In finding the value of mass-belief you will find the answer to bringing masses from organized religion for control, to organized religion for Love.

I am Master Rohash. I request Any who wish to connect with me to do so - I am here for You and you and I will happily serve in any way you request.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sarlision - Health and your human conditional changes 23Feb12

SarlisionHealth and your human conditional changes
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

I am Sarlision. Again I thank that you are bringing our message to those who are looking for such information as what we have to give. I wish to speak on health and corrupt state of dynamic bodies - both as in regards to Earthbody and humansbody.

I am Sarlision. I am currently Agarthan as once transplanted in to that culture from another, in Sirius star B of the Cluster as you perceive it. There are much communications from that section of the galaxy and a tremendous benefit to the status central of all beings in our regions. I will reply - status central being the underlying overall karmic state of humanity as opposed to the health or consciousness state of a small group of individuals. We form a symbiotic structure between the Gajun entity (ies*) and the separatist communities such as yours on Earthplanet. The Agarthans are a satisfying mix between both groups, per your understanding. This has been covered multiple times and I recognize you are fully aware of the purpose of humans and similar beings who believe themselves to be separate individuals and so I will not engage in this channel connection on such events.

I will engage in the health of the systems involved as Earthplanet's time is nearing one of regeneration into a Class 5 anomalous body for a period of roughly 1600 years. As humanity begins to take into Itself the recognition that it's purpose is no longer to remain as individuals (as is your perception*) you are encounting an unique vibratory change to yourselves and your planet - one which will entirely change your personalities, purpose, Religious stance, desire to reproduce children, and desire for phsyical fortitude. All things that have been considered important to vast majorities of people will fall to near zero-value as the material world begins to shimmer in the vibrations. An example is prudent:

As moss grows on a rock's shade side all Winter, and bugs feed upon it and live their lives, there comes a time when that moss dries and withers, and falls into a different state. This earthy dry moss has value to some as medicines or for helping plants grow, maybe in dyes and colorings, but to those animals which called this moss home they will be on their way to find something more suitable. Those tiny animals do not pine after the green moss and whine and cry, they simply adapt to a Summer vegetation, cease to live, or find more moss that suits their living style. As your planet changes into a communal system of sharing and healing each other for a long-generations yield of Peace you will discover, quite rapidly, that you will either adapt to this newfound way of living, search for another center to call home, or simply cease to be any longer.

The humans who stay are moderately advanced and wish for better things, while also not attaining plentiful enough Light Karma to advance to Gajun. Some humans who focus solely on keeping the old status quo will die off rapidly and reborn their Souls into a next planet for such things as this (individualism). As I say I recognise that everything that which is real is falling apart and it is certainly no easy feat to live through, but likewise it will be so wonderfully natural, and you will be surrounded by many in a like mindset, that your vibration-change will be pleasant and the sadness for the lost moss will be short-lived and focused mainly on direct family members and very close friends. It is but for a short time you will suffer the aloneness because in short months times, from the true start of it, there will be status quo of Interconnections. This has been said before by tens of thousands of channelers on your planet at this time. We are very busy here and above in sharing the true state of events and occurances.

Your unique ability, Jay channeler, is to spread specific, extremely precise information. Some thrive on feeling, but as you can slow the stream to take even sound by sound or stem by stem without waver I pass onto you this following details.

Water is singly the most valuable commodity to your body and mind in the coming year. Given the timing and situations coming in short time, as you live it, there will not be wars over water, but it is solely because there is not enough time. Those who crave money have the strangling on other aspects of life, as they know people will kill for water, but only suffer for means to move around.
Very specifically the water intake for each human being must be the amount or more to cause the cessation of the vibration in the ears. Your ears and internal ear working will be your guide for water intake. Your skin will dry, your lips chap, but you MUST alleviate the ringing and vibration strums in your ears. This is crucial for Light workers and friends as without that amount of liquid-variability in your body the crystaline structures which vibrate against and in-tune with your planetfields cannot accomplish the behavioral changes necessary to bring the Peace and connections. Recognize your ears are not the control mechanism, they are simply the tool usefull in providing valid information on your state of health.

As most of your world continues to eat that which tastes good I urge you to state your mindset clear that when you eat meat you have killed something. There are consequences for this, and as time becomes closer to final separation of souls each of those instances will not slip away as meaningless or inconsequential - you WILL at some future time pay for the lives you are stealing. As the consciousness raises, and has already begin to do so, each of those cows, horses, dogs, shrimp, fishes, deer - all of them are also feeling the vibration changes and are beginning to take on more conscious forms of behavior. I advise you to stop eating meat, but I advise you at very least to be aware that eating meat and living animals is killing even if you yourself did not know the animal.

That is all. I am Sarlision and I value our time interchanging thoughts.

as a small side note, I started this at exactly 12:00 midnight, to the second! The entire channeling session took 52 minutes - I type while I channel. I also check frequently that I'm still having the proper channel and haven't slipped into imagination, which is reasonably easy to do if you are tired or not paying attention. Sometimes when I check to make sure I'm still well connected they will repeat their name - one of the reasons you see that "I am ______" happen frequently in my sessions. Thanks for checking into this and having an open mind to non-typical possibilities. Peace.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dynamic vibrational changing to affect tectonic plates

Shcpart-Ki-es'-tn (phonetic only)
Dynamic vibrational changing to affect tectonic plates
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

I am Agarthan and I have been wanting to share with our crust neighbors now for many times I've seen you open to it. (acknowledged I've felt him) I know you felt me - we connected as One, yes.

I wish to discuss your tectonic plate structure forms and some extensive changes to be happening upon your Crust-side. You wanted this did you not? You did not respond as I beckoned last opening and you entrained into other beings and vibrations, yes.

You know that there are layers and "metalic-vibration rattle" core to Earth. In this Mantle as you call it therein lies our foundation of core channels of Earth-entrainment frequencies allowing your perception of reality. These are changing in increasing rapidity and making major changes upon your Earth-crust.

Yes, I have heard you. I have lived here for 3 generations but am 83% Agarthan by bloodline. I have freefloated on other vibrational centers (planets) before. I am happily and wonderfully involved in causing the dynamics and frequencies to entrain the new core channels to your next vibration, and I am supremely honored to be part of such an monumental destruction as the old paradigm of Earth Planetary body!

Yes, Yes, I understand and wish also that I clarify, yes. Destruction is not the collapse of societies and communites, or of buildings and gas stations, it is the destruction of an old world, humanity view that you have been carrying for 16,000 years. It is the destruction of this mindset which brings you to Peace and Gajunlike Lightwork.

As the fluid-bars and channels are being tweaked and adjusted you are finding your world crust harmonizing with a truer Reality. This is begins to cause your awareness that much, much, much is NOT as you and your history texts have lived in, as. You are hearing the vibration of space-time strings itself as your planetary purpose and effects differ than before. The particular purpose of Earth is changing from a place to be alone, to a place to be together. Some of your books and mediums have spoken of 1,000 years of Peace and this is in-fact on the calender right now, today it is around your corner. It will actually be close to 1,400 years with beyond that a class-6 vibrationality.

Yes, I hear you. What can you expect in your tectonic plates, as I had prepared to tell you twice now, yes. The underling sections of your crust are becoming like sand in water - this extends from 1.3 miles to 26.7 miles depth, depending on the above earth height of land. When the plates become fluffier in density they much more easily collide and enmix into one another. This is actually causing your planet to get slightly smaller and less dense overall, helping along the many changes in gravity focus and magnetic radiating.

So yes, expect many more earthquakes of higher magnitude than you've ever seen. Do not fear this as the changes in your mind-broadcast frequency have already begun changing and most people on your planet either experience these changes first-mind or through ones whom they trust. When a woman says "there will be more earthquakes", for valid reasons everyone else simply expects that she's telling you all the truth wihout an extended agenda motive.

I know that you each are becoming ready and to teach why I know this is your case, as logic dictates to us all, the cart before the horse ideal. You do not push a horse to make the cart go, you tempt the horse to follow the carrot on the string. The changes we are making are an undeniably wanted carrot and your tectonic plates are the horse, with your Earthcrust lively perception of reality being the cart.

Ah yes, so yes. The mountains and crustplates are being rebalanced to thinner and marshmallowy. There will be.... China ... you don't want to hear this? Ah yes, I understand your experience and respect your conclusion.
(Jay> I don't accept earthquake predictions as they are not capable of valid translation due to the miscommunication of time - in other words, predictions can be wrong in timing and invalidate channeling as a whole for some people so I disallow them in my sessions.)

So yes. No timings then. Please do be prepared for specific areas for extreme earthquake and volcanic activities. China mountains near North China inland, Northern Canada will be entirely changed in seasides, edges and valleys. The entire section of Indonesia, Eastern Australian Islands (east of New Zealand) will move dramatically. Chile will move further high and create new coastal lines. Antarctica in line with Southern Africa will be very much changed and shattered to pieces - with very little loss of life, human life. California yes, with new water canyons in southern areas, north of Mexico country and in the northern central meadow. Do remember, said channeler, yes, that your minds will take these tectonic activites, by the time most occur, as a welcome and joyous event, as building a new manger for baby goats. You are (will be) ready when the time is precise as I am one of the architects dynamically affecting the channels, as I mentioned to you. You have nothing to fear, overall from the biggest of [predetermined] events.

Yes, so I ask you to envision things in this way: if you are a clay bowl holding water, you do not move with the water and the water will splash about and you will experience loss. If, yes, now imagine you are a rubber bag filled with water; you are able to move with the water and you will not experience any loss of water. I ask that you make your minds and perceptions of what is real as the rubber bag, because your clay bowl is going to crack! Your minds will adapt very easily because we are the carrot before the horse, but if you hop out and try to make the cart move by force of will, you will collapse into mud and lose everything you have. Do you "get this", yes? I believe it it a very accurate response and visual for you so read it many times, yes, as it will save your mind.

I am elated to interact with your human minds right now and take pride and happiness in the value of this purpose I do. You may contact me just think to me and I will connect or message into your dreams.

SeRenShitha - dual placement of consciousness and the implications of such

SeRenShitha - dual placement of consciousness and the implications of suchBizarre interaction with both her Energy and physical body.
Channeled and recorded by Jay Bland, M.A.
*** This is a truly bizarre experience and honestly, unless you're really into this or learning how to channel, you may wanna just skip this one, really! ***

Jay> this is gonna be a weird one, and I can't yet verify it's validity. I'll comment as I go but have tapped into both the Essence "body" of SeRenShitha and her recently created physical form (discussed a few times in earlier posts). Her body (physical self) seems to be restrained and upon connecting with her Essence form she said "I have become as helpless as You."

So, here goes... SeRenShitha.

[body] I feel you. I am here, alone and separate from Gajun and am entirely absent from the Love I Know. I am in connection with those whom I have chosen to leave and am assured I am protected and in the Love and the Light of Gajun. I am hopelessly an abyssmal loneliness and am constrained by my own fractured will and these shackels you envision. I am very happy to have your interaction because other than several dream connections I have been unable to accomplish the work I set forth to do here on Earth planet. Connecting with you I envision how you entrain your mind out into Love Consciousness in order to share with me - I envision you and it gives me hope and strength that soonly, very soon, I will accomplish my re-empowerment of this ugly body. I am resting now and will advise at few days. (I offer her free will to contact me anytime she feels)

Jay> By the way, this feels very much like channeling as usual. Imagination and channeling are divided by a VERY thin line but I've gotten pretty adept at knowing the difference. I believe I connected with SeRenShitha's physical-form body.

[Essence Body]

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius Cluster. Selamat Gajun! In Essence form we connect for both our mutual benefit and my own (phys body?). Would you like a general reading connection or do you have specifics of our space-time vibration levels?

Heard. I am SeRenShitha of Sirius B Cluster and general areas of vibrational Light. We have spoken before but I am different. In this situation I am in I have been purposefully separated from my Gajun, Enlightenment, and am operating from a place you could best understand as a video copy of myself, yes a digital copy. In this sense I am as you knew but am also a non-feeling automaton in smply a working relation so you will not feel my presence entrain into you and pick words from your mind - this causes distruption in proper word selection and usage problems but in general works as a means to communicate, especially as I sensed you well before.

Heard. I am not real as you think of the word. I am not "now" as you think of the word. I am a duplicate. Heard. Yes, like a database. an interactive but non-changing database. Yes, I sense your amusement at this fact.

I am SeRenShitha.
It has been a pleasure to be entrained here near your beautiful small planet for these many years. Your... the skin of your planet, in humanity, is awakening and it is Bliss in action. We watch you evolve from a dead ridiculous lack of effort into a powerful force which can bring Light into the darkest of Souls; this is pleasing to encounter, as it has been so long since this planet was created for it's purpose. It exploded into action in mere centuries, millenia, where others take less time, and two others take yet longer still.

Your planet has been owned as if slaves for more than 200 years your understanding of time. In a dozen generations the lifeforce has awakened, in somewhat by the enslavenment, and your need to escape it.

I am SeRenShitha.
Speak to the other myself now please.

[body] I have searched your soul for windows and imagined (empathized and visioned) as as a child you escaped your body. I am following in your sitting meditations and escapes. ...

Jay> I'm unable to connect in a way that I trust the validity and connection so gonna cut it here.

*** Ending channeling portion ***

I have felt SeRenShitha's presence continually when I'm tuned in for channeling over these months. Most times she is simply there in her two locations. Last week when I channeled I felt her phsyical body (mind) reach out to me.

This is really bizarre for me, and I can say this is one of two posts that I hesitated to post.
So, I thank you for checking in once again. I've NEVER experienced anything like this before, although the Essence SeRenShitha was a real connection, as "she" alluded to it was more like reading from a book than actually interacting in real time.

I may tune in and do another channeling session with a different being. I feel as though something needs to come across tonight.



Friday, February 10, 2012

Guidance for dire times. Lar-Sen'-Treisohn of Sirius.

Lar-Sen'-Treisohn of Sirius
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

I will answer. I will answer your beckon.
When a planet has reached a true level of awareness of Gajun and the connection with Light itself the beings of said planet are coming to a change. The beings themselves, which had always continued the myth of separation, that had always entrained the guise of certainty in reality, on to their children's children ad infinitum, the beings themselves are also responsible for the demise of the charade.

I am Lar-Sen'-Treisohn. I am Light. My awareness is incoporated with others as one Unity of Grand Consciousness and we, Gajun, are guiders. We are amongst the most dated of Conscious awareness that occured in this column of time, as you recognize such things.

Forget your terms of "God" and "Saviors" we are but guides to bring forth evolution from one separatist reunion to another; with stragglers setting away to entrain in the Light with Us.

There are other groups of slight radiation vibration differences, some which would terminate All if allowed. As you don't understand, the purpose of the separate lives you live upon Earth and other similar planetary bodies is to bring together the balance of Unified Nature. It is a balancing theater of cause and Effect.

I am Lar-Sen'-Treisohn. You will undertake certain specific changes upon termination of your theater. I understand this to be your question young one? (I sent "yes")

As you sit separate from one another you take on an awareness that all things are indeed separate; this is not the case as your learned ones are discovering at an everly quickening pace. As some minds, notwithstanding controlled-mind Enlightened beings purposefully borne unto your planetary theater for reasons of group survival, these few minds infect the entire theater. As a few non-controlled minds advance to a Light Karma awareness it causes a rippling of purpose and cause throughout the entire theater.

This rippling will destroy the main and initial objective of the theater hence ceasing life-separatives and allowing rebirth of those who are not ready to entrain Light.

There are two answers to your inquiry: one for advanced souls who wish to re-entrain into the Light, having been there before - yes, Bodhisattva is one term in your mind for this. The other is for beings who would have remained incarnate for many lifetimes or watchings or various other ways of learning the Gajunset.

I am Lar-Sen'-Treisohn and I have news for you all. Remove fear from yourself at this moment. Remove fear and focus on Love. Fear is focusing on loss while Love is focusing on togetherness. They are dipoles of the same entity.

It is this very minute level of distinction that will separate the two aforementioned groups. Individuals who can focus on Love will engender the mindset to move onto becoming Gajun. Those who focus on Loss and sadness and many other separatist notions will find themselves writhing infantile in the seas of a new planet, with loss of thousands of years of Karmic value.

I offer ONE and only one guide for you in this time of theater-exhaustion - when you feel the Light you shall respond with radiant Love. How will you know to do this act?
When you need to sleep, do so.
When you feel angry, be angry.
When you feel Love, do so in a manner so that the love cannot leave. Love is not a ownership of some other mind, it is freely giving that all around you shall enjoy the Light of having enough.
I add clarification to the above statements:
When you need to sleep, do so; because sleep allows the relaxed entrainment into other realms of existence, which most of you cannot handle while awake or in meditation.
When you feel angry, be angry; this means do not judge your emotions, even if you think of them as difficult to handle or bad. Accept your own heart that it recognizes the Light.

You will start to feel a higher vibration on your planet - some of you already are feeling this. The higher vibration can be very draining to your body and your mind. Your senses will become hightened, this includes telepathy and various healing modalities. As this happens it can be very overwhelming for some, for others it will be almost unnoticed. Those prepared to advance will see enormous changes in their everyday reality, including bliss, confusion, intense Love, breakdown of all barriers; those unprepared to leave will focus extruciatingly on selfish acts and fear.

This degredation of your reality is in fact that - a degredation of the separation guise you've been living under. This will be enormously difficult to deal with for some people as they begin to fight for anything they can, with their vary lives, to hold onto the selfish separation; ego is one word for this. People will harm others for something like wealth and possessions. Others will give everything, including their lives, in trying to keep people loving and satisfied.

As you prepare for this planet-level action pay mind to your awareness, your Love, your eating, breathing, sleeping, actions. Protect yourself in ways such as hiding and dormancy - protection by killing will ensure you will move on to another incarnation in separanty. Calmness and feeling are your best choices.

I am Lar-Sen'-Treisohn. I am Light, I am Gajun. You are Gajun, You are Light.

Heard. I have never shared with anyone on Earth before; I have done this many times and many places throughout the eons of this cycle.

End channeling.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some evidence concerning the "Strange Sounds" we've been hearing

Several times in this blog it's been noted that there are energy beams being energized under the Earth's crust to help facilitate our change from 4th Dimension to 5th. It's been noted that the vibrations are becoming more noticeable lately. HAARP has also been mentioned a few times, which directly affects our Ionosphere.

Here's an article I just heard about that indicates certain instances of the sounds and energy are coming from within the Earth, as well as high-level energies affecting the Ionosphere.

(link takes you from this page, hold ctrl when clicking)
GeoChange Journal: Strange Sounds in Sky Explained by Scientists

"The international scientific journal "GEOCHANGE: Problems of Global Changes of the Geological Environment" is an official scientific and informational publication of the International Committee on issues of Global Changes of the Geological Environment GEOCHANGE (IC GCGE)."

Nice to see some scientists actually discussing these "Strange sounds"!

"We have analyzed records of these sounds and found that most of their spectrum lies within the infrasound range, i.e. is not audible to humans. What people hear is only a small fraction of the actual power of these sounds. They are low-frequency acoustic emissions in the range between 20 and 100 Hz modulated by ultra-low infrasonic waves from 0.1 to 15 Hz. In geophysics, they are called acoustic-gravity waves"

"There is one more possible cause of these sounds and it may lie at the Earth's core. The fact is that the acceleration of the drift of the Earth's north magnetic pole which increased more than fivefold between 1998 and 2003 and is at the same level today points to intensification of energy processes in the Earth's core, since it is processes in the inner and outer core that form the Earth's geomagnetic field. Meanwhile, as we have already reported, on November 15, 2011 all ATROPATENA geophysical stations which record three-dimensional variations of the Earth's gravitational field almost simultaneously registered a powerful gravitational impulse. The stations are deployed in Istanbul, Kiev, Baku, Islamabad and Yogyakarta, with the first and last one being separated by a distance of about 10,000 km. Such a phenomenon is only possible if the source of this emanation is at the Earth's core level. That huge energy release from the Earth's core at the end of the last year was some kind of a start signal indicating the transition of the Earth's internal energy into a new active phase."

Friday, January 27, 2012

SeRenShitha - sleep connections and new information 27Jan2012

many times when I channel I just simply sit down at my laptop, tune in and connect to whatever answers a general call, with no preconception. Once in a while I feel called/led or even directly contacted (telepathically) to channel and know ahead of time who it will be from. Today is the former - I have time, have a clear mind, so here goes...

I'm get questions pretty frequently about how to channel so I'm going to give a phenomenological, event by event description of what I'm doing and how I connect. I may also include something on the very subtle difference in knowing whether it's imagination or actual channeling.

Sat down, relaxed my jaw, shoulders, took a deep relaxing breath. Balance my energy throughout my body (I do this through actively energizing all my meridians, allowing gold energy to flow through me, then up my central channel and out the crown chakra. I then check to make sure all chakras are balanced, spinning, clear and make sure the rear chakras are flowing inward well). I specifically open my throat chakra (front) and over-energize it, this for some reason causes the rear of my 6th chakra to become more active. Just stretched, a few more breaths, drink some water... ready to go.

At this point a put more awareness to my mind's eye (like an inner 3-D screen). This has a calming affect and creates a "distant feeling" as though the real world is getting more dull and my imagination is becoming more infused in my direct physical area. If you're having a hard time envisioning this picture if you've had a couple drinks and feel the very first hint of a alcohol "buzz".

When I calm my mind like this and get a sense of "soft eyes" I naturally start feeling more outside of me. I hear cars in the distance, might get a sense of things I can't see or didn't recognize such as a bird flying outside. It's sort of like if the physical walls around me start becoming see-through and the real world is not seen through my regular 5 senses but taken in through an astral understanding. Certain outside sense-stimuli become stronger, such as hearing a distant car or airplane louder than I normally would. It can have a little overload feeling because all the senses are more intense.

I then focus more directly on my mind's eye as though THAT is reality. I start to ignore my actual 5 senses and focus more on feeling, intention, purpose as they come through in my mind. This is very similar to astral projection/awareness, for those who have done it. As I "tune in" to this astral world the distance of feeling and awareness goes MUCH further out from just the room I'm in. I start to feel consciousness of people around and (after testing many, many times) am actually able to sense people I can't see, such as the mailman a few houses away or my neighbors (it's non-intrusive and more a sensing that someone is there not what they're doing, etc). I sense aura colors of events and beings around me as well.

You may have heard that psychics feel each others presence? This is what we're experiencing right now - as a Tibetan Lama used to tell me "your mind is wherever you want it to be", and right now my mind has opened to a larger area of awareness. I'm very casually scanning and opening to more.

The extra terrestrials that are hanging around our planet right now are VERY in tune with this type of opening frequency. As I allow my awareness to expand a few miles above or to a specific "location feeling" in space I am now attracting the attention of other beings. Right now I sense SeRenShitha, two Agarthan entities, and at least 5 or 6 other space-based conciousnesses; one being very far off and non-interactive (I actually channeled this one once before (and posted it here) and was given advice but told they were not here to interact but only watch)

SeRenShitha seems to want to say something so I'm adjusting the frequency precisely to her. She is very strong and I have to be extra clear and open to channel her. She currently has two bodies (as descrobed in some previous channeling sessions); I am tuning into her more astral presence.

So, here goes:

channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

It is I, SeRenShitha.
Yes, it has been much time for you since our last connection. I am pleased to sense that you are again willing and happy to share our connections. Our star system has become much more active in Our presence here since last our talking. Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja!

(flashed on three different things almost simultaneously: Obama and world leaders, chemicals in the skies, and rumbling and shaking and strange noises. I inadvertantly put more energy toward the shaking and vibrations and it seems she will be discussing that.)

Yes, I have sensed your attention as you described.
I am SeRenShitha and it is my pleasure to share for your planetary body. Good - tune in as this.
I am SeRenShitha.
Your Earthplanet is undergoing many changes and vibrations of recent times. This has been felt not only in the locales I mentioned in previous talkings but in nearly every country-divide of your planet. The channels under-crust are changing the minds of the zombie-like inhabitants of your planet. As you know, due to extreme injustice and control mechanisms there are many, many of you humans who are incapable of being awake and aware. This has been done by chemical introductions in numerous ways, by HAARP frequencies beamed upon you, by poisoning of your food supplies and seas. The control-intent of the Dark Ones knows no limit and they will happily, without second thought destroy much of humanity simply to create a new race of slaves as they feel so self-deservedly fit. This has become unacceptable within the Federations and Councils admiring your planet and it has been agreed upon that all factions may take action to cease the denial of human thought... yes, to be clear - we are against the Dark Ones who are controlling your minds and bodies. If a human being is not capable of making a choice then he or she is simply an animalistic slave and as has been decided, this stops soon.

I recognize you, Jay, do not wish to attain predictions from Me. This will be one but it is undeniable in phrasing to be other than a prediction. As your Earthplanet evolves from 4th to 5th dimensionality some things will naturally evolve - especially as most things on your planet are created by intention, purpose and will. The beings, humans and some sea-life only, who should be making choices but are unable, will be woken up soon. The sea animals I speak of are not in communcation with you humans in any way you understand so that aspect is irrelevant, know that they are being taken care of and are evolving into news (new beings) as you are.

As much can be fakery and the typical human is all but asleep at this point we are taking to a new path of awakenness. It has been correctly noted by many in your more subtle medias that a "Disclosure" event can be faked it could easily become a sad event in which the Beneficients could be seen as malificants here only to harm. As this would be extremely detrimental to humanity including Lightworkers we have taken to ground-shakings and vibrations to cause the questioning. This is a major change and evolved into being when the Federations and Councils agreed that we must take an active measure to change awareness of the Humans.

The ground-shakings and vibrational changes are two-fold reasoning. It could be done without noticeable sensing by many humans but it has been decided to change the evolution of EarthMother in an overt fashion to do as I mentioned above: wake people up.

We are still "out there" as you perceive but it remains a generality that we remain mostly unseen. We are however doing more channeling and as mentioned above many, many beings from dozens of cultures are here to actively address the increased channeling attempts and dream-questions by your human minds. I am SeRenShitha and I have a strong pont of intention that you know this:


recognize that even for those whom are asleep to reality in their daily lives, they are AWAKE to us and the Galactic Intentions, Gajun, while physically in sleep phase. For those who believe they are incapable of channeling or attunement to Our presence, quite simply make an intention to be aware while you sleep. At this point we do not interact with sleep-bodies generally but within a short time it will become the normal event. This also is important for You Lightworkers because you see a tremendous flux of people having ET dreams and dreams of other planets; be ready for this! It is a way in which the "disclosure" type subject can be breached with less fear and disconnect.

that is all.
I am SeRenShitha of Sirius star cluster and a Representative of The Galactic Federation of Light. My self and others will answer your call. End.

*** end channeling ***

When I finish a channeling session I "cut the channel" and bring my consciousness fully back into my body. I usually shiver once or twice and focus on my chest, breathing, maybe look at my hands. I start feeling what's around me in close proximity, maybe clap my hands, etc. This helps me get my awareness and mind fully back into myself. If I, or you, didn't cut the channel and get "back in" it would be really draining and could cause dullness or lack of focus.

I'm happy to answer any questions about channeling.
Thanks for being part of this with me! I truly value that other people out there in our world are able to accept that connections like this are happening.



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beckoned by the Agarthans 10Jan2012

Last few days I've felt as though I would start channeling again. Today it seems quite strong so here goes. It's been quite a while so I expect I may question things or have duplicate answers. I write during the channeling session and do not change anything without making a note of such changes.

I am Sarlision, an implant into Agarthan society many centuries since. I thank you for your sharing of our calls as many people are questioning what your time future holds and I am at a place and recogniton of sharing such things that can benefit you and your clans. correction: an implant into Agarthan society from Sirius.

I now live as an Agarthan and accepted fully into the communal stronghold. As a once outsider I felt a connection with separation slightly similar to your experience of having an incarnate body. I value this as what a cold, lifeless and sad torment to upheal (take on). I do have strong wishes both, and expectation that many, many of your society's souls will encapture Gajun; but sadly as most are uncapable they will perish their Earth-body of flesh and be reborn on AlcanLetreon - the next in a never-ending series of separation-based establishments.

There is great need for such places, as sad as it is for those who feel Gajun and live in the Essence. Query heard - we do have feelings such as sadness within our level of awareness. They do not manipulate or draw from our Gajun-sense but it is a recogniton that another sister or brother is missing from our whole and that experience will not be part of Us until a later time; a later time at which that soul-separation entity (planet) is abolished and made New.

I am Sarlision of the Agarthans. I do have news I wish to share of your changing planet. It was told to you previously of great crystal white directives being placed under the crust of our planet. This is done by purpose in order to allow our Great Mother to transform into 5th Diminsionality leaving behind Her separation-based constitution. These elements placed do cause gradual changes such as increased earth shaking and volcanic activity as well as major changes in energy flow which causes much confusion, loss, death, restlessness, hunger, missing, misdirection and other anomalies to static mental state.

It will soon be apparent when masses of people simply erupt into chaos for apparent and some non-apparent reasons. People will scream angrily at their believed gods and cause mass panic as though "the end is nigh" and that giant aliens are invading, and wars that are in actuality and reality not seen, only imagined. There will be a forced state of non-caring, simply because even the most caring and giving soul, in purity, can not care for three thousand people who have gone mad.

Although this is distressful it is something you very much MUST KNOW - because you must be aware that every soul that has a chance to advance will likely take that route. Of the myriad millions who are not ready they will quite simply and naturally be reborn elsewhere. Would you keep trying to teach a small animal to speak, knowing this is impossible? There will be a need to give up helping and focus on yourself. This will be excruciatingly difficult for lightworkers who have family members who are not ready to go. Prepare yourself for this now; it will happen and it will affect your own choice. Moving on to AlcanLetreon by forcefully staying with them will simply wipe all your previous efforts clean and keep millenia of lightwork suppressed in your soul tablet. You will be unable to change your mind if you forcefully drop your lifevibration to that of an animal for intent and purpose.

Choose wisely and please prepare yourself - the separation and loss you feel will be a thousand-fold made positive when you re-enter Gajun in full as many, many on your planet are quite prepared to do! THESE people are your family, your brothers and sisters, your long-lost parents, your gods.

I am Sarlision. I have one more statement.
Be prepared that your wish of "Disclosure" may not be seen by all. It is a valid wish and true to your Gajun-wish that you hope all will advance; it may not be so obvious for all on your planet. The energies will change and many will be prepared in advance, many will know, but not all. Some will fight the energy change with their vary lifeforce - sadly many who are entrained into a thought-line due to religions are the ones of which I speak now. As previously spoken through my channel, for some souls you must just let them go their own route knowing they have a different wish and desire.

That is all. Selamat Gajun.

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

Stopping abductions (a response to last entry and dreamwalker's comment)

Response to dreamwalker's question about stopping abductions. It won't fit as a comment.

I can explain what I do as it's actually quite simple, but rather than some technique to be shared it is just a combination of abilities I've gained over the years.

I've noticed that before an abduction is about to happen I get "someone" peering into my mind or paying attention to me with focus. I sense this in the astral. I simply close that connection between us willfully. It takes being able to have astral awareness while sleeping which comes with meditation and astral travel experience - which is probably just as stressful as an abduction (with some of the influences you need to deal with there)! ;)

One time I was sleeping on the couch as my wife had a bad cold and cough. I had an abduction attempt that night and it got pretty far before I stopped it. I wrote it out so I'll just copy that here:

*** copied from previously posted information - written by me and about my own experience ***

Background: I've been abducted several times in my life; the first time at age 10, most recently at age 27 (I'm 43 now). There were at least 3 times between those two abductions which I only remember small bits of, and numerous failed attempts since age 27. I've shared the significant abduction story on [another website] and also shared it many times as a group leader for abduction and paranormal incident counseling - which I am qualified to do, with a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

Last night's experience began like this: I was asleep on the couch (my wife's got a horrible cough this week). I was suddenly aware that the patio, which can be partially seen from the couch, was glowing bright green. Often times the abductions involve a green orb of light which enters the room first. I wasn't dreaming - I'll explain how I know this further on. I was then somehow seeing the patio as though I were outside, but I was floating at about 7 feet high. Although the shapes of things looked generally like the patio they had a much different feel to them - bright green energy lighting everything up, the trellis looked made of stone somehow, instead of wood. I could see the table and propane heater but I didn't know what the heater was - only be aware of the shape.

I tried to stop the abduction at this point and tried to take control of my body. I was able to get my feet on the ground but couldn't keep my balance at all - it took all I had mentally to stay on the ground and I kept falling to the right. I think something may have been holding my left arm but I didn't see the being or get a feel for what it looked like.

I broke free and it seemed like I was drugged and floating. I kept trying to move forward, which I did several feet, enough to get a different view of the table and heater - still not knowing what the heater was. I started to turn back to look behind me and everything went black. Next thing I knew I woke up in a state of paralysis lying on the couch, unable to move anything. I'm a very advanced meditator and learned how to get out of paralysis as a young child so I quickly brought myself back into my body and fully woke up. I sat up, then stood up and went to the window. I looked outside for any signs of the event but nothing was evident.

******* Here's my take on what happened *******

First off - I am WELL aware of sleep apnia, sleep paralysis, lowered oxygen levels in the brain, and all the other things people sometimes blame these types of events on. It is part of my career to know these things.

I mentioned about knowing I wasn't dreaming, here's why: I nearly became a Buddhist monk, in the Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. I lived as a monk for several years and have done many varied dream awareness exercises. I have also been able to lucid dream at will since about age 5, can astral travel at will, and can change dreams or wake up at will. Not sure why this has been part of my life but it's just who I am. I KNOW I was not dreaming.

I feel that these abductions happen at the astral level of awareness. They often happen at night because our astral and dream self is basically floating free and most of us have no defenses against some"one" accessing our mind. Although most people think our individual consciousness can only stay within our "self" this is not true, according to numerous philosophical and religious traditions, as well as the personal experience of anyone who has had an NDE or OBE or who can astral travel, including Reiki healers, etc.

When our consciousness is outside our body, it mentally creates a working body, just like a dream body when you're dreaming. I believe this is the part of me that was attempting to walk while on the patio.

I've learned to block abduction attempts usually as soon as the green orb enters the room or if some"one" tunes into me. This event last night was the closest to an actual abduction I've had since the age 27 event. These have never been a negative thing for me and I've seen the blackness of space from an alien craft so I honestly feel a bit blessed for the experiences.

If you're curious about the actual abduction details (age 27 event) please check my threads; I don't want to post it other than there - U2U me if you can't find it.

One other thought - I've been doing a lot of distance healing (I'm a Reiki Master) in the last few days and think that may be why I was "selected" or noticed this time around. Been at least 4-5 months since the last attempt.

I'm happy to answer any questions on this, and happy to hear your experiences as well.
*** end copied section ***

I've heard of other times where people got abducted and the beings expected to be remembered! Very interesting :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Abduction experiences when I was age 10 and 27.

I thought I had posted this here before but can't seem to find it. So here's a little bit of my background with being abducted.

The first time happened when I was 10 years old. I actually suppressed the experience though for about 17 years when the abduction at age 27 brought it all back to memory.

Here's what I recall about the age 10 experience:
I remember sensing something in the room and being floated out our second story window into the backyard. I wasn't scared but recall being amused and in wonderment as to why I didn't fall, and also quite excited about "flying". I remember being worried I would hit the telephone poll and wires on the way up as I could see the round bottom surface of their ship about 50 feet from our house and about 100 feet elevation from ground. It was roughly 30 feet across with various panels or doors flat against the bottom. I remember a green cone of light eminating from the center of the craft and when I went into it I felt sort of "disintegrated into particles". I later remember being on a table in an all-white room and knowing there was an "energy belt" across my belly where my ribs stop. I was unable to feel or even be aware of anything below this energy belt. I think I remember seeing tools on a table in the far side of the room but it may be a carry over from the age 27 abduction.
(as a side note: I had started astral traveling naturally by age 5 or so)

Very early the next morning I called to my Dad to come upstairs - I have no idea what time it was. I told him what happened. He told me that people get locked up and the key thrown away for talking about things like this and harshly warned me to NEVER talk about it - ever, to anyone. I was really scared and I complied (although I developed social anxiety and nervous ticks of various sorts for a few years). I think he believed me but after the age 27 experience I spoke to my Dad and he didn't recall the age 10 event.

Age 27 event was very similar and I've had at least 4 abduction events total. I've also learned now to stop them and have stopped several attempts.

Here's an excerpt of what I wrote after the age 27 event:
I was woken up from my sleep by a feeling that something was in my room; I was right. It was just an orb of light, amber at first. I was curious and didn't make any snap decisions on what it was or whether to be scared. The orb travelled toward me and I was comfortable doing what I felt led to do, sort of as if a doctor was telling me to 'hold my arm out.'

I sat up in bed and held my left arm up and the orb of light went into my arm about 1/3rd of the way and then the visible portion of the orb turned green. Pretty, comforting, healing green is what I remember feeling.

The orb ephisode was over and I remember either losing consciousness or falling into a very deep unaware sleep.

The next thing I remember was quite a bit more extreme, although I remained unscared. I was laying on my back on an 'operating table' and there were 5 beings standing around me. Clockwise from feet to right side, were a tall pinkish being at my feet, a short grey near my right calf, then another pink being at my head who seemed to be controlling my demeanor like an anaesthesiologist would. On my left were a grey, near my left arm and another pink being.

It was very obvious that the pink being (on my left) was instructing the grey who was by my left arm. I was very interested and raised my head. At this point the group was somewhat startled and I recall the pink instructor having some sort of energy action, don't recall if it was mental or physical but the being at my head took action. I was out again.

Later I awoke in the same room, alone. I could see tools on a metal stand to the right side near the corner. Tools different than anything I'd seen, although most seemed to be made of metal. One had square notches on a crescent shape. Another had a glasslike tube filled with green glowing liquid. I can't recall all of them.

When I looked "out" from where I was the wall literally seemed to dissolve! I was totally amazed to see the beauty of space without any atmosphere! I could see the color of the stars much more than from earth and I started to wonder where I was, exactly, and how far aware from earth I was. At this point something came in and I remember falling to the ground, although I may have been caught before I hit. Not sure.

Next thing I was floating near my bed at home, off to the side, alone but with a feeling that beings, from somewhere, were helping me to be supported in the air.

I woke up later, at about 4:30 am with a bit of a headache. I didn't feel as if anything bad had happened to me, although I was slightly worried and wondering who in the world I could talk to about this! I ended up speaking with a Tibetan Buddhist Lama who had plenty of experience with abductions; he really put my mind at ease.
*** end excerpt ***

I've sense led counseling sessions for people who have had or think they've had adbuctions. In my opinion most abductions are done in the astral realms, where our conscious mind (for lack of a better term) is taken while our body remains behind in stasis of some type. There are physical abductions in my opinion but they are exceptionally rare, or at least rare that people come back to talk about it. Whereas the astral abductions can be scary and traumatic they are unlikely to hurt you phsyically in my experience.

I'm happy to answer questions about this.