Saturday, November 3, 2012

Starting around the 28th of October I started getting a feeling that I was being beckoned to "connect". I kept it in mind but with Halloween and busy with work I just kept it on the back burner - until tonight. I got a very strong feeling I need to connect, now! I agreed and put the intention out to the universe, specifically Sirius star system, and felt I'd be connecting through an open invitation, by me to "them", to more than one being from near Sirius. So, here goes... first time in quite a while - I'm curious what they'll have to project.

As I'm a bit rusty, tired, and haven't got the best diet right now expect to see a lot of repeating in this - it's my way of verifying that it's an actual connection and not my imagination running off on its own. If I get a very strong connection I won't need to repeat but anyway....

Nov 3rd, 2012
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

I am Alcatar, Selamat Gajun, little Young One. (exuberant and not negative in any way by that)
I am Alcatar of Sirius and beneath the crust of your Earth. It is but a blink of the eye which you have been tethering about in whims and fancy. Your presence has been indeed specifically bounced. Are you now able to connect deeper and feel our multiple messages for many aquaintances and indeed your self as well?

<I am now, yes>

You are correct I am a different feel to you than I was before. Do not worry for those who may find any reason to doubt their systems and initiatives because some may need a reason they find truthful to not hear that for which they are not ready. Let us begin our journey! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Neya!

your conduit ability has been summoned so that we may connect with those who are not yet capable of hearing our fabrication. WE are the council of the Great White Brotherhood and are elders from eons of time from more planets and cultural community systems than you can know. We go by many names as you have come across one that matches your imprint - the Sirian Federation of Light (got chills! Never heard it but totally energized me!). Yes, yes it is a reflection of your already empassioned connection. THIS is why we are going through you, with VERY specific words - one bleep in the technology of humanness is that the frequency of wordsounds never leaves, is never hidden. You know this by your music, by your artwork of voice, by your powerhead speeches, books. When you reflect inward the sounds of these confluential flows you feel the negative instrinsic fancy that allowed your opposite to be born of humanity! Yes, yes - to the point.

WE ARE ONE. We are a Godhead as your faiths and religious dogmatic systems synch to. As you cannot fully experience ONENESS in your human form You are incapable of knowing GOD. Your religions come close - some of them - and some very much opposite and not. WE are the Galactic Council and have no fret that you ask to repeat.

SHATtering! ShatteringNESS! splintered affect - NOTHING to hold you together as all around YOUS there are rippings and tearings in the whole. Each time you strive and wish and desire to become whole there are five dozen forces focused on pulling YOUS apart!

you, conduit, you are swaivering from side to side one day to the next, one moon cycle to the next. YOU are swaying in the winds of the eternal battle and joyous rebellion of that which is Real and that which is formed. Humanness is formed of the real - as God gathered dust from your newly formed Earth to create your one founding father in Adam - Adama. Every religion has their story and each as preposterous as the next UNLESS!! UNLESS!!!! you step away from the dogma, the "truth" of them, and find the E-S-S-E-N-C-E.... .. .. .

FORmed from DUST and quantum particles to cover and shield the Sun from your eyes. Enwrap a piece of golden caramel and wrap it in celaphane to separate it from the giant vat of luscious mixed sugar and sweety. Pluck one feather from a hen and call it a feather. before that moment was it not simply part of the BIRD!!! and now it is a feather. Drown in an ocean of thoughts and feelings and you will never once come upon your ONEness - in an escape from this game you don't know you're playing, remember this one THING, yes one THING THING! an object, an idea A THING... YOU are NOT YOU.

In an initial force, One with which we accepted as trial but not partner, humanness was brought into our realm of pure WHOLEness - an abomination in itself at first, a loss, a shredding torn apart feathers from a bird. It HURT US!!! It destroyed parts of us we fostered on getting back. Age after age, religion after religion, culture after culture we have entwined the small and even the large into your purpose on Earth, but amazingly the initial Godlike CURSE that created you has allowed this Humanity to suffer on age after age, suffering in ignorance and self re-creation - in attrocity. But the splintering Light has begun to shown through now - a mass Exodus has been en forse and as your newly honed means of universal communication engenders communion and purity it is also an enormous weapon of pain. As a ruler sees His slaves running for the door he would surely shoot them before unburdening his sick will to their freedom. THere is a WAR going on and the shrapnel has gone beyond the edges of the battlefield. now! It is time to reel you all back to a second generation star system mindset - where you can live out your destinies without mass abhoration and control of your each and every thought and motive.

TIME AS YOU know of it is wrong, it is unclassifyable, and for this reason we cannot offer signs and clues of what's to come other than in ideas. You, in the most powerful and affecacious cultural structure are coming to an explosion a collapsing of that which makes you neighbors. Right now, and this is what we called you for, there is a changing of the guards - not so obvious as which ruler will rule you, but a hidden group, known to only 49 individuals, has elected a coup of sorts - they want your MIND (lessness) to be FRee!! A sign to recognize before the changing of the guard is when YOU ALL find out that the people behind the opposition to Presidency had the POWER all along to thwart the entire process but elected to not do so. The inner stablemaster could have let the horses free, but by keeping them in the stables and the yard allowed HIS might to be used through them. The horses will fall dead when ready but before that they are a usufel tool!

WE offer guidance in how to see.

Selamat Gajun!