Friday, March 11, 2011

Parcival 11Mar11 food interaction pertinent in transdimensional shift

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
food interaction pertinent in transdimensional shift

It is joyful to encounter you again. I sense the information answer period you asked for was successful.

> I shared the information and many people saw it, thank you for that.

I wish to talk. Here is some information about the underground shifts in Japan, Vietnam, India, and Polynesia. These earthquakes are different than normal and are caused by the constructural laylines of the planet – the breaking down of our 4th dimension, to enhance and enable the 5th dimensional constructs to come forth into being. Some earthquakes are along typical, known fault lines as today’s Japan earthquake [just happened a few hours ago I think] yes, a few hours ago, and the near future event in Vietnam that will baffle scientists as it is not on a known fault line and would not be expected to see such earth crust changes. There are new fault lines opening in the Pacific Ocean which I will refer to as Polynesian fault lines. Hawaii has already become more active, Tonga will see some shaking activity, along with Midway Island and many more already created land masses.  These changes are exceptionally close in time proximity, within days most likely although there are significant other situations involved in the allowance of the earth crust changes. Directly after such earthquakes occur there will be mass panic, volcanoes, tidal waves… many people will fear in their heart and souls that these are the end of times as mentioned in movies and religious texts. This is at hand now! These structural changes beginning with New Zealand, others, now Japan, then shifting in ALL associated and connected plates to these will begin. As the changes affect this region of the planet other regions will become unstable; you will see earthquakes and volcanic activity in central United States and Yellowstone will see a small eruption - it is certainly poised for a large eruption but forces are reducing and spreading or balancing this trauma and enabling it to be felt by fewer people and animals.

Gases will be released which can be toxic in high levels and uncomfortable in the least. Look into getting gas masks or various other kinds of breathing apparati. Allow for evacuation plans. Allow for freedom of movement and secession from coastal areas in quick time from the initial earthquakes.

There are some major, very significant pole anchor construct lines [envisioned one from Japan area to mid parallel Atlantic Ocean area 800 or so miles east of DC area, and one from same point in Japan to southwestern Australia – look like 200-mile wide tubes of white solid energy] which must be laid but the extrinsic affect on 4th dimensional bodies of people will cause death if they are not prepared for exit. These will obviously not be entrenched until AFTER first contact has been significantly known worldwide.

I am Parcival of the Agarthans. The time for pure, clean water, astringent clean pure vegetables from local sources to each person, berries and juices from pure sources, local not necessary, and bananas, peaches, papayas, pasty sweet fruits, these are what people must be taking in. Please consider giving up meats and tainted dairy products, so full of chemicals and poisons. You will truly notice a difference in three to four days as your body purifies the truly immense amount of poisons which you all have been taking in. It has been a field day on the mind of the followers and it is now time people took action against these Dark beasts who prey on your action.

If you feel like making love, make love. If you feel like singing, sing. Make connections with like souls as you will be holding hands as you pass from your 4th dimension world of Gaia, to the new 5th dimension of the very same Mother Gaia. She is your host and always has been and she is hosting your transition. As you do so, hundreds of thousands of you will cross from one state to another in matter of weeks – some will return or float between, or in both, as you Jay, and will help the masses. This will not be a time of fear, this is a time of glorious abundance and unimaginable freedom and pure utter joy. I have experienced this first-hand and live in both states most of the time. If I sleep I sleep in 5th, but it’s not altogether necessary for me now.

I wish you to share something:
You may not get the meaning as it is in a means which you are not typically familiar but you are a strong conduit and I trust this can come through tonight. Provide description for the map I show you and draw what you can if possible.
Deep chasm, sandy desert on top, the Sphinx to the right less than one quarter mile, more specific. Standing Northside of chasm, almost fully to Western end where rock meets rock. Stand facing 106 degrees as North is 0. Sphinx is to right at 195. Walk as crow flies 3 and 1/3 hectares to 106 vector. Speak with Doctor zh ai great father wisdom of Sphinx. He will let you into the chasm from south entrance and beware the fourth room. There is a water source where you would not expect it, this is your hidden entrance. [sort of half describing and half channeling the necklace and water area] envisioning a golden necklace with heavy amount of gold, ruby eyes, lions mane, not from Egypt history, but Ethiopia. Inscription on back of lion’s mane, like a small panel. Not inscription but like a 8 mm by 30 mm panel which can be forced off – it will ruin the amulet, that’s ok. You need the markings from inside that room [small compartment in necklace]. Leave your papers with your family before you depart. [saw wife, 18 or so year old son, 11 year old or so daughter (maybe step daughter or not quite connected in same way)]. You will emerge on the 5th dimension when you perform the act but be aware you are ready and it will fulfill that which is needed; you have and are prepared for this. I am Parcival – you have lost nothing by sharing this, but have allowed much, I thank you.

[That is for sure the most unique thing I’ve ever channeled. Felt right on though and the connection was very strong from Parcival. I don’t question it.]
[I envision a fountain, dry but aqua stones. A white stone channel which once allowed water to flow is at chest level. There is ornate but all uni-colored stonework on the back wall of the dry fountain. To the right and below the water channel, 8 cm down, 25 cm right, you will find a loose or open square section. This is your keybox. I see a doorway left of the fountain, can’t tell if it’s a dark hallway or a door that has been opened. I see a torch or similar looking alabaster and metal device there (upper right two feet inside door, higher than eye level – take it. (this was partially channeled and partially a description from vision)]

Do not include Sphinx and directions in the title. It will be found by those who need it and not as much by those who don’t. Do not bring special attention or include ego satisfaction in this post. We chose you for a reason and know you will have no issue with abiding by our wishes in this.

> Should I separate the two portions of tonight’s channeling into two different posts so I may share the earthquake portion?

Please leave channeled information as I have shared. I am Parcival. Hear it please.

Make title “food interaction pertinent in transdimensional shift” please. End.


  1. This is NOT one of the three I've been told about through channeling, but I did check out the tectonic plate maps. New Zealand quake and Japan quake are both in adjascent tectonic plates, and I was told NZ was a precursor/setup for the Vietnam and India quakes. Getting interesting!

    ~ Jay

  2. Wow, not one of the three. That makes what lies ahead even scarier. Thanks, Jay.

  3. Jay,
    Glad to your post on ATS.
    Pay no attention to the critics on there, your message will be read by those who are open and ready.
    I have only found your blog a couple weeks ago and it really resonates with me.
    I look forward to your updates.

    I would just like to say to the readers that fear will be counterproductive to the message. We are all eternal beings, with that perspective there is nothing to be afraid of, the worst thing that can happen is you get awoken from this dream you You know as reality.

  4. thank you Mike C. and GREAT point about having no fear, remaining positive. If you read some of the very first channeling sessions I did, I was hesitant to include some of the negative stuff and predictions but was ensured I should be doing it by those being channeled.

    This is interesting for me! I've always been psychic and very spiritual but this last three months is the first time I've made channeling public, other than small groups at a person's house or something.

    Thanks for being part of this!

  5. Hi Jay - I was wondering... did you ever find the opportunity to draw the map that was described? I would love to go there one day myself and scout this out!