Thursday, March 24, 2011

24Mar11 - in response to Myanmar Earthquake (not channeled)

I wanted to channel the last two nights and even had a few requests to do so, for some reason I think it was just not meant to be. I sat down three times to start and each time either something else happened or somehow got diverted - not sure why; it is what it is.

I am involved in a website called ATS, or Above Top Secret. I shared a synopsis of many of the earthquake related posts on there today. Rather than just retype things here, I'll provide the link so you can see the earthquake map of Myanmar, the selection of channeled earthquake-related posts, and also peoples comments.

This earthquake, on the Laos-Myanmar-Thailand border IS the first of the three that I've been told about. If we see one in India in the next 24-hours it will really validate this and we should take heed. I'm honestly a bit of a skeptic, but happen to be a good channeler lol, so it's always nice to get validation on the posts. I'm expecting to see an earthquake on the Eastern coast, midway from North to South in Vietnam, but it's just a feeling and not channeled.

Hopefully I'll be channeling tonight to see what's up! I would also like to say thank you to each you who are reading this and sharing this. It's been a new road for me and I'm enjoying peoples feedback. My blog here has had just under 4,000 views already! Exciting =)

Here's the link to the ATS website. If you prefer to not access that for some reason I can always post my Original Post from there, or email it to you, let me know.


  1. what about the earthquakes in new zeland and japan?
    not strong enough for them?

  2. Hi Jay!
    I found your blog through the above mentioned post on ATS, and am so glad I did. I am quickly reading as much as I can.
    Thank you for putting yourself out there, and spreading the channeled information to be heard by all who are hungry for its knowledge.

    Take care,

    Angela (verita on ATS)

  3. Jay- thank you so much for playing this role. Perhaps the recent rumblings are training exercises.

    We must be close.

    We are looking forward to your next post!

    Dreamwalke r from galacti cmes sa ge - in love and light!

  4. Hi Dreamwalker,

    thanks for commenting, I noticed I get a lot of traffic from that site and just checked it out a couple days ago. I found it interesting that I settled a question about whether the Agarthans and Sirians were speaking to each other =)

    warm regards,

    ~ Jay