Friday, March 11, 2011

Parcival 11Mar11 second session - 4th and 5th dimension

11Mar11 session 2
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Specific questions about 4th and 5th dimensionality

Proposed questions:
Can a 5th dimensional being create a 4th dimensional body at will?
Can a 4th dimensional being who is fully aware of and awake on the 5th dimension create an alternate 4th dimensional body.
Creation of physical materials from Essence
5th dim use of symbols compared to 4th dim use of will – same thing?
Please describe in very specific detail how a 5th dimensional being empowers a 4th dimensional being while channeling.

I am Parcival of the Agarthans. I am aware of your queries and am choosing to answer some of them. I am Parcival.

It is a bit like explaining sight to a blind man for many people learning here. Although you know you are not in that group, I will explain these things you ask to a general audience because it is most crucial right now for humanity that the masses understand transdimensionality and crossing over as part of awakening their 5th dimensional body and mind. What you ask for yourself is very powerful and I may or may not answer those as you seek.

All your lives you have lived within your body. To you the idea of leaving your body is called death, although this is not actually the truthful scenario. In times which you dream your mind is fully away from your body in another place yet you do this every night you sleep. Dream and orgasm are the aspects of humanity which are closest to 5th dimensionality – it is an escape from your reality and of true pleasure and awareness. Any intense emotion can actually cause an escape although the significant number of them are very unpleasant, which is why I mentioned dream and orgasm. Intense fear or adrenaline rush can cause the separation, in fact often times people will die not from injury in a crash but because their Essence simply must separate due to incomprehensibility.

Fifth dimension body is and has always been a part of you, a part of your soul and your purpose, as you say. Imagine a wonderful lustrous scene of a forest in bloom and recognize the scents and sounds, the higher vibration, the tingle, the aliveness you encounter. Some of you will feel a tingling in the air around you, or sense an aura of color around your body. Others may hear events which are not truly there and physical at that time, a translocated thought (going on now, somewhere else like the sounds from a mall somewhere, for example) or an imprint of some past event onto the physical fabric of that space. Many people, especially people attracted to Jay’s blog and similar transmissions, will find they have always had some sort of 5th dimensional connection, either through hearing, astral envisioning, dream premonitions, hypnogogic dreamstates (aware and able to conduct your dreams), and many have aspects of wonderfully advanced intuition.

An example of someone very much in their 4th dimensional body would be a large person, strong and gruff, intense, very competitive, while unable to know empathy for others. This is very common in our world, on the surface of the planet, at this time, and has been reinforced as best practice for several centuries. It is indeed a measure of success and the winning straw in competitions of many types.

The 5th dimensional being among you will be one of fluid and aware emotions, empathic and connected with nature. They tend to enjoy water very much, or utterly hate it generally because it’s too intense a reminder. The 5th dimensional person will tend to think of all humans and animals as one entity to be cherished and balanced, they will recognize sometimes the herd must be culled, while sometimes the runt must be fed. There is strength in a different form, it is not competitive valor or intelligence, it is concretuity of Self amongst others – Gajun, as Sirians and Galactic Great Brotherhood beings might say.

Strength of Self in this way might indicate a strong will for energy work and channeling, for natural healers and servants. Your Mother Teresa and Ghandi are perfect examples of the strength of the 5th dimensional Self.

This is what is necessary for this session. Keep your questions and they will be answered by yourself or another in close time proximity.

The next major earthquake will be either Vietnam coastal region, the beginning of the three disasters, or one more precursor in the Polynesian areas I described before [I’m also picking the words Mexico City, but envisioning a quake off the coast of Baja]. Volcanic activity is starting in numerous places on our globe at this time, fear is mounting and echoes shivers of fear all throughout Gaia’s shell. This is to be expected, it will soon be time to share some precise data with internet and media in order to allay the fearful. I am Parcival.

Make contact again soon, there is much going on; should you so choose of course, this is always your decision as humans whether or not to participate in such wonders.

I do wish to mention Shayne and say there is another who wishes to develop his gifts as he wishes. He will know the name and should trust his intuition now. The being is an Agarthan.
[as this was channeled in a way that could be confusing when read, here it is in my words... Shayne, an Agarthan wants to work with you to help you develop your gifts. You will know who he or she is, you should trust yourself now.]

Selamat Gajun will soon be a household saying! Selamat Ja! It is a truly universal declaration.

Good bye.


  1. In this statement, "it is concretuity of Self amongst others ", I want to make clear that Self, with a capital "S" is not the same as being selfish or individualistic. It is more like recognizing one's true purpose.

  2. It wasn't up to me, but I share in your excitement! congrats =)