Thursday, March 17, 2011

Channeled 16Mar11 - China and Vietnam issues and changes

Parcival, SeRenShitha & SaLuSa
16Mar11 11:31 pm
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Vietnam and China

I was called by them this time – pretty rare

I am Parcival.
I am SeRenShitha.
I am SaLuSa – greetings. Selamat Gajun. Selamat Ja!
[I became aware of SaLuSa once about a month ago but have never channeled him until tonight]

[SLS]It is time. Vietnam will be seeing earthquake and volcano activity almost immediately. The Southern half of the peninsula will be separating from west to east. An enormous cave will be opening south of the current coast line. As the land rises from the edges of the newfound opening to Agartha there will also be a subsequent dropping, sinking of the Southern end of Vietnam. A 5th dimensional gridline is being placed there and will ultimately be the cause of an enormous up-pouring of souls in this area of Gaia.

I am SaLuSa. There is already an unmistakable fear and trembling of the populace as more questions abound concerning your deities, concerning the future of your planet. People are so worried about their stock markets and their popular idols that they forget the deeper meanings. This is understandable and is actually a portion of why you all came to Gaia to begin with, but, the time is coming for you to remember again the connected souls you once were.

[SRS] I am SeRenShitha of the Galactic Brotherhood of Light. Our plan for the week of April 10th to 17th for a grand upheaval has now changed. It has moved forward. There is a nuclear, as it would seem, threat to your planet from an outside source – we are not going to be blocking this as they have just as much right to Divine Translation as do we; they will not block our interaction just as we will not block theirs. The interaction I speak of is in Northern China, Xiang Chiu [sounds like she-yang’ jyoo no idea if spelling is right] province and will be a disaster in and of itself. The dark Ones who were the initial cause of such disasters as 9-11 and the great darkening of the sea in the Gulf region are to have hands in this as well. As a weapon is delivered, it will be used. It is a grand chessboard as one of your members once said.

[P] I am Parcival. One main reason for the quickening of the Vietnam adjustment is that it MUST take place before the mountainous collapses of the Chinese North. Without the support rod in place [Japan to Vietnam 5th dimensional support piece] the collapse of China supports will cause an enormous worldwide domino effect and create mass havoc in many parts of Europe on over to Northern Africa.

[SRS] These Dark Ones have great power but little wisdom – they plan and connive and rip and tear at pressures while utterly avoiding the ideology of evolution and Gaia’s role in their very life. It is these beings who stand to be neutralized in the realms of earthly power; the masses will take the slavery no longer. One turning point of the change of heart is the utter non-beneficience  by those with money and power toward the hurting masses of the Japan disasters.

You [Jay] are having a very difficult time remaining in channel tonight. I know we woke you. Please put forth the information tonight concerning the Vietnam situation. We will discuss precise dates and some of the questions you had at a later time. Soon though please.


[P] goodbye.
[SLS] Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Peace will reveal itself in unusual ways; stay aware and open to those who you might have looked to previously. Goodbye.


  1. for the record,

    I'm doing everything I can to ensure these are true and accurate readings. I've been a channeler for a long time and know 100% I can channel information appropriately. I have received information in channeling sessions that, for one example, led someone to a list of names written in a family Bible - verifiable information I could never know, so I'm pretty comfortable with trusting myself in the realm of channeling.

    However, some of the things coming through in these sessions are out there! They may be right, time will tell. I had no expectations going into this, except connecting with extra-terrestrial beings whom I had become aware of.

    So far some things have been verifiable, although vague, such as Japan's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster as this by Alcatar on Jan 17th:
    The ocean floor will be splitting between the continents of North America and China region. This will cause much havoc and ocean levels rising temporarily. This sadly will cause the deaths of many but it is imperative that Earth cleanse herself of the sludge and chemical (destructive agents) that are causing her near demise.

    This to me could easily describe an earthquake, tsunami, and the destruction of nuclear power plants.

    Even with that I still question the information sometimes, I'm my greatest skeptic I suppose. All I have to say - I will continue to take the utmost care in providing this information as precisely as possible.

    I wish us all peace through these changing times.

    ~ Jay

  2. This is very exciting. I will be following your blog from now on.

  3. I have a feeling Jay, that because your blog is new and not so popular... the information is actually more accurate. It is counter intuitive but in a physical world- linear time way... letting out accurate information en masse could spoil the plans. Very interesting... peace.


  4. Correction, I meant to say "specific" above in place of the word "accurate" in both instances.


  5. ask them when they are doing the flyby!

  6. Hello Jay,
    I am pleased to have found your blog and tremendously interesting posts. Here is another link for Agartha, Agarthians, and related information you may find helpful. The New Earth book series, I have found, is excellent...enjoy:

    Thoughtful and clear communcation in your channeling Jay; a lot of good information! Thank You. Wishing you all the best.
    Jim in Saint Louis.

  7. Thank you Jim.
    Hey is that group tied in with Urantia Group? I once got a copy of the Urantia book but never had a chance to open it - noticed that name on the website.

  8. Thanks for putting your info out there for the masses to use how they will. I myself am an avid follower of Above Top Secret (Not that I alway's agree with everythinig said) Never the less; I love reading what is written by blogger's on ATS, because I myself think that there are a lot of things not told by the MSM and the Government, due to whatever reason they see fit? (IE.. Control by fear mongering, negligence etc..)Our world is coming apart at the seams literally, and I would like to have a heads up on what's coming and By following your Blog, I can see the accuracy for myself, and may just have a new and long lasting reliable source of information!!!! Thanks Jay, Ron Gibby

  9. You know Jay, I have the Urantia Book but know of no link between it and the New Earth series (?).
    Jay, you also may be interested in this expert remote-viewer, who is a frequent guest on Coast am to Coast: Major Ed Dames:
    He says that ST Louis, where I am, will Be devestated by the biggest earthquake to come (which will be in the US). He discussed California where you are. I used to live in the SF Bay area Jay. I'd be grateful and interested in any feedback you or your sources Jay would have on these come very very soon according to him. Could the third big earthquake you have discussed be in the Midwest in the US? Thank You Jay.

  10. Above post from Jim in ST Louis Jay. Thanks.