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Sirian Questions and Answers 26Mar11

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Sirian Questions and Answers 26Mar11

I am SeRenShitha of star cluster Sirius. There is much going on in the world and I understand you have made a list of questions for us. Shall I answer them directly?

> Thank you. Please do

George Soros – many will misunderstand his motives because he has money or for other reasons. He is being portrayed as a villain in many circles. It is time the world has a new system of debt-free living and clarity of understanding that work should be for a benefit to the soul. A new structure is precisely what is needed for Gaia at this time. Mr. Soros is one who has the insider knowledge and connections both humanly and extra-terrestrially and can help bring conscious fruition to a much needed viable change.

If an eggshell is broken to bring a chicken into life, is it not a valuable trade off? You people of Earth planet hold so strongly to your individualism that when true change does occur a majority of people will not know the slightest in how to grasp for the gold, as you might say. Your country lines and divisive “religions” are a major obstacle to 5th dimensional view but it will be required at some point to break the egg shell to enliven a chicken.

The greys have an agenda which is to keep you silent, keep you ignorant, keep you mining resources. They wish your cooperation at any cost and all cost – your Essence is beyond their lifestream but until the proverbial eggshell is broken, they will be able to control you if you don’t wake up. It is already deemed things have changed and will continue to change. The greys are powerless in this, although they are holding the groceries and it will take money to get them – until a new economic model and change to your perception is held, the greys and associated leaders on Earth planet will control you. They have no issue whatsoever to hurt you or kill you, even on a mass scale – to them you are a worker, if you don’t work you will be obliterated.

Nibiru. I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Nibiru is an asteroid which is coming toward your planet; it is a return journey for the inhabitants of Earth, as the people on Nibiru once dwelled here on Earth planet temporarily.

> Please repeat. This is an enormous subject for some people. I have never believed in Nibiru although it was casually mentioned by one of you in a channeling session with me. Please tell me all about Nibiru including if we should be fearful of this return.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius cluster. I have information for you concerning the asteroid Nibiru. Many eons ago a small group of beings from Alpha Centauri cluster used the trajectory of Nibiru to reach Earth. They were a young race, similar to what yours is now. They were warlike and naïve. The Centauris were unaware of your Earth planet before they used Nibiru as a travelpod. As they approached Earth some 2,000 BCE they landed here for several hundred years. They created themselves as gods to the naïve Earth beings of the time. You may have heard of the Nasca Lines – these were created by the Centauris during the times of which I speak. Although they are returning they are well aware that the match of technology is no longer Earth beings against the Centauris, but that there are hundreds of races of beings aware of what’s going on on Gaia at this moment. There is absolutely no purpose for being fearful of these beings. It is not yet even decided whether they will leave the rock and interact. They will have no power amongst the inhabitants of Earth planet and it is yet unknown if they wish to cooperate, to the benefit of all beings involved.

Obama poisoned. This was indeed mentioned and it will likely come to fruition. The need for a silent covert inside deal is no longer as necessary as it was when the undertaking was noticed. There are, as always, many stones left unturned and choices which have yet to be concretized.

I am SeRenShitha. India earthquake as second of three. Our prediction for the Vietnam peninsula fell into place. There is still an significant pull and twisting of the Indian Southwest plate, out to sea, but it is possible it will not happen for another year. Surprisingly to us, and obviously others, is that the pressure line diverted further south than what was expected; it would be prudent to expect an earthquake in NorthWestern Australia and in Indonesia. You pinpointed Singapore in an earlier session, this has now become a significant pressure point, also Madagascar. You will see continued writhing of the Indian Ocean plates including a point of interest in the center of the ocean, often used for nuclear testing.

I will not speak much on the center of the United States of America. The events slated to happen could be anytime from October 2011 until many millennia to come. The central area will produce magma and an eventual splitting of the continent of North America will ensue, but pay no heed – it is far, far off and your Gaia will have experienced much by then. To worry about the central United States would be as a baby worrying about old age and death.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I must warn again that the food intake and bodily needs are not being met by an enormous portion of your population. There is a plethora of food types that mimic actual food but which are not. You are eating plastics and acids and chemicals that wreak havoc for your stability. Focus on eating nothing, over eating the horrific plastics and rubbers that are being passed off as food. Eat natural grains, not ones which have been genetically changed. Eat fresh fruits, eat raisins and nuts. Pastas are fine, freshly made is immensely better than dried and packaged. Drink loads of fresh water, purified or direct from nature. One of the largest issues with food modification is that it brings anxiety to your systems. When you eat these plastics and chemicals your body is unable to consume the benefits, and so must struggle against itself, prying the mind from purity to anxiety. If it is not convenient to eat in such a manner, at very least have a hoard of good food for the times when strife has hit your planet. Do not hoard dried chemicals, hoard grains and water, and quinoa and dried vegetable chips. [pictured dried zucchini, not potato chips]

The rumblings which have been heard around your planet will cease soon. You will experience them once again in several months, but more so on the South Hemisphere of your planet. These vibrations are directly related to the shifting of construct lines from blue to white. There will be multiple effects but it is still a long process. Volcanic activity in the southern hemisphere will multiply immensely and cause much strife, even to some major cities expected as somewhat safe, but not by the wise ones.

I would recommend speaking with your Agarthans as they have more precise hands-in information concerning earthquakes.  That is all.


  1. Great information, thank you SeRenShita and Jay.

  2. Hey Jay, thx for the info. Did you get the feel everything is delayed now? I mean it was stated that events will be happening sooner than initially stated(April) and now it seems it could be Oct or a year from now? Thanks again.

  3. Jay,
    Very appreciative for the questions and answers addressed here, and for your kind generousity in doing so. Much thanks to SenRenShita.
    I personally have been getting occassional sounds, possibly words but none I can absolutely discern as a message, occurring in my head. This is a new thing for me. It is loud (but not auditorily)and seems to take up all the space in my head for about a 1/2 sec or less. Occurs during sleep or as I am transitioning from sleep to wake. Could be dreaming, but it is so different. My impression is that it is the beginning of a sort of channeling (?). I know I am certainly not delusional, and have no history of any thing like that.
    Any thoughts on this? Jim

  4. @ 7:10 am 27Mar11 comment:
    The April date range was originally going to be the first of the three earthquakes, Vietnam being first. It was then moved up, and we experienced the Vietnam area quake.
    The October 2011 is the earliest point in a very long date range for severe earthquake ad volcanic activity in central US: Kentucky area is what I pictured.

    It seems the three earthquakes may still be in the same order but SeRenShitha commented the pressure had moved south, but still focused on the Indian Ocean. Based on what's been said I'm inclined to not make a solid prediction at this time, but expect Southern California/Mexico, India maybe, Singapore/Indonesia area, also Madagascar.

    ~ Jay

  5. @Jim
    Your experience sounds like the beginnings of channeling to me also. I went through a phase where some part of mind would "tune in" to some distant area of consciousness or astral area. It was like the sound would get blurry then pure. I have synesthesia and during these times I would also associate colors with the connection.
    If you're looking to advance this or turn it into a competent channeling ability I would recommend sit comfortably, relax, count your breaths, get into deep meditation, and say specifically in your mind what you want, or to feel that same sensation from your dream state.

    When a being is trying to create a channel it is a bit like a big whoosh of water, in that it's heavy or filling in a way. I just sense it as a golden energy tunnel. It can feel like what you described.

    Good luck with it!

    ~ Jay

  6. Thank You Jay.
    Warm Regards

  7. Thank you Jay, and SenRenShita.
    I have been experiencing something lately that seems similar to what Jim mentioned above. During in-between awake/dream states I have been having these experiences where I am being "downloaded" immense amounts of information that I have no background knowledge of. I seem to understand that it's coming from outside of me. It doesn't feel like dreaming at all. I just can't seem to remember the info when I am fully awake, but know that the subjects were very important. Before this began I had never experienced anything like this. I do hear conversations, noises, music, etc when falling asleep, but this is "inside my head".
    Anyway, it's nice to know others are having what sounds like similar experiences. Thanks for writing those comments.

  8. Oops, sorry, the above was written by Angela(supesavvy).

  9. I’ve read most of your blog now, and it has really opened m mind in these past few weeks. anyways, I have a question for any of the beings you are contacting...
    First, what is your advice for people living in the southern california area? And when should we expect disaster?(how should we feel, react, prepare...?)

    Second, I am currently trying to spread the truth to people, to wake people up (or as i like to call them, sheeple), that we are being manipulated by dark beings. NWO, corruption, debt slavery and such. What is the best way to do this?

    Last, if or when the new world order starts to approach more rapidly, should i fight for freedom and to free others (of corse not by killing or anything like that), or should i trust that what goes around comes around and i should just try to stay pure and spiritual?

    I’d love if you could get answers, it be the best... thank you, and keep doing what you are doing, don’t let anyone silence you.

  10. Do the 5th dimensional beings practice mathematics? Or art? Or music? Thts what I wanna know.

  11. Is it possible for me to try to learn how to channel? Or is it only for some people. Because I would love to, or at least know where to start.

  12. If they delay again, it shows how much the dark Ones are succeding in delaying ascencion.