Friday, March 4, 2011

SeRenShitha 04Mar2011 - Dimensionality

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

> The Essence behind humanity…

Selamat Gajun! I am SeRenShitha, it is I. Yes, it is a wondrous question that many upon planets in your situation endure. The beginning of life in Essence (golden amorphous energy of life and love) spreads quickly to match that which your 4th dimensional world was made of. You will notice beings literally being born into 5th dimensional states around your Earth planet accordingly (now).

The process which entails being human is one which is not difficult, it a wondrous event, but not difficult. The energy of life and love – Gajun – will by nature create that which is expected, willed, needed; it IS life. As a young child enters into a world, the Essence will perceive that which is around it and the child will become that which is expected. It will breathe and fulfill that purpose and once on the road to a willed essential being it will continue along that path until death or chosen separation. This is in fact true for all beings, all creations, all events. All this is, is simply all that is in It’s myriad forms. You value humanity and what you call life because it is all that you know, for some of you. Your perceived reality is tied to your 6 senses and the way you perceive reality. As “you” (humanity) reach a non-static change for eternality You will indeed become once again a member of the non-dual, again a member of the Unified Galactic Empires.

Individually, as it would be understood by you, the steps involved in transcending the human sheath are but a recognition of belief and upon this recognition, what some of you call enlightenment, you will cease to have the same body-map internally, and you have begun on your way to Transcendance. Many, many more people have reached this level than believe they have, it is ironic that the trust you need to evolve is an unrecognized construct, and nearly kept your planet Dark for many more millennia. If you can understand the nature of Consciousness or know that in your dreams your Self in disconnected from your sheath body, you have already reached the Eternal.

Steps to encasing this as a belief to be promoted are many, many in your world and it is, as I mentioned, an anomaly which was unexpected. You (all humans) are so tied to the 4th dimension that even once you’ve escaped it you trust not that you have left. Yes, this is true in some who have already separated from the physical, which many of you refer to as ghosts or spirits among other names. It is this construct which will dissolve once all the 4th dimensional Blue Lines have been removed and replaced by White [5th dimensional construct lines].

Heard [my questions]. The Blue construct zone which can be reached via astral travel is indeed the same construct of materiality of which I have been speaking. The rhomboid inversal constructs are indeed a part of this construct as well. The rhomboid shapes will remain and are an aspect of Essence which is much more subtle in nature than the blue lines. The White Lines being constructed about yours and several planets at this time, as such literally strewn throughout the multiverse and this Galaxy in itself, are an aspect of just-higher vibration used to allow the living 5th dimensional world of Interconnection and peace. The world being built in your Mother Gaia is has been called the “Thousand years of peace”.

As beings are evolved into living “here” there will be an inability for separation as understood now. Earth Gaia will be a truly Galactic center with much to offer the multiverses. The immense amount of Karma resolved in a structure such as your 4th dimensional Earth planet is akin to nothing before seen – it is truly an incomprehensible step in balancing Karma and truly a magnificent technology as none other since the Beginning of that which was created.

As I have said the diet and ingestion of food, water, chemicals, nano-threats is of much concern to Us. Instill in your mind that the 4th dimensional lines we are removing are created individually around every being. The stasis each of you are creating is keeping that which should be free, to remain as that which is static. You MUST take in more clean pure water, you MUST take in fruits of nature and ignore those chemicals which bring concretization into your perceived physical self. This is rapidly becoming one of our biggest concerns for your planet, as people who would be free are concrete and static, only escaping for brief instances in dreamtime. Things will change supremely once We have arrived in perceived physical form to you but the technique will be more difficult if this lesson is not taken as truth before we arrive.

I am SeRenShitha. Jay, if you wish to contact SaLuSa you may although He has many contacts already and it would serve neither of you beyond that which is. You are a thirsty one today! [for information]

The three earthquakes are still expected to happen. The India subtidal zone first followed by the off-coast Vietnam area earthquake. This will create an exceptionally large restructuring of the 4th dimensional lines which have been speaking on and will create mass havoc in many parts of the world. It will be covered on your standard Earth planet medias, lightly at first, then with a mass-panic feel to it. EXPECT us soon after this event as we will take credit for stopping the destruction of a continent and prove scientifically that what may have happened without intervention would have indeed happened.

I am SeRenShitha and I have news. There are a subcontinent lifespecies living under your world crust now and since several millennia; they are calling Themselves the Agarthans and are a more highly advanced race of beings than are the humans. It was their presence which initially caused our attention to be focused on Earth planet and the name of Her, Gaia, is their term. They have communicated frequently with shamans, medicine men and women, and numerous tribes and cultures throughout your entire history. Although the Agarthans live in the 4th dimension as you have, they have created living walls of 5th dimensionality throughout their unseen-to-you world. They have been in contact [with the Galactic Brotherhood] on 5th dimension for many, many decades. You may channel one or many of them if you choose – Parcival will be awaiting your connection if you so choose.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I am Gajun! I am Ja!


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