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Parcival and SeRenShitha state of the world, laylines, and nutrition 13Mar11

Parcival & SeRenShitha
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
State of the world, laylines, and nutrition

Proposed questions:
* The internal white construct line locations: Japan, Southeastern Australia, off East coast of United States. What are others? Are they distributed in a merkaba formation?
* Is the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear meltdown related to the energy, gravity(?), of the 5th dimensional construct line placement there?
* Are all lines placed and gaining energy, or yet to be placed, what is the process of the lay lines?
* I’ve been told of three earthquakes with specific details about the first two, but very little about the third – except that I should leave California coastline. Am I able to know yet and share what the last earthquake or event is? Does it involve a splitting of California as I have wondered?
* In one channeling session I had with Alcatar I was told, “The ocean floor will be splitting between the continents of North America and China region. This will cause much havoc and ocean levels rising temporarily. This sadly will cause the deaths of many…” was this statement directed toward the Japan earthquake and tsunami of 11Mar2011 or shall we still expect another event relating to this?

I am Parcival [P for this reading]
I am SeRenShitha of the Galactic Brotherhood of Light [S for this reading]
[S] we are both joining you and will take presence and caution to not overwhelm the circuit and conduit. It is indeed a tumultuous time for Earth planet right now at this moment. It will also not be much time before you meet us all face-to-face. The quotation you took from the reading with Alcatar was indeed about the Japan earthquake and tsunami. It is a horrible loss of life, many unnecessarily and without benefit for clearing. These events do occur however and do shed light to the fact we are at a dangerous and volatile upheaval regarding the next-step changeover for your planet.

[P] The laylines you speak of are correct. There is one below Switzerland and there will be turmoil there but much of the energy will be directed to the Southeast of the direct junction due to mountainous elevation. Bosnia will bear the brunt of the crushing energy wave. Also the Red Sea area will be extremely changed and shorndown; there will be volcanic activity. There are Merkaba formations all throughout Gaia and many of the laylines, as you call them, are connected on at least one Merkaba set – it is a bit like the chakras in the body: you are aware of 7 or 8 or 10, but in actuality there are 132, some small, some particular to a specific purpose, some unidirectional. The laylines are all roughly in-line and in-place although many are not activated yet, or only partially activated. It is true the single location off Japan is the ONLY spot on your planet which is fully taking on the energy of the 5th dimension. Japan and her history are one cause for this, the extreme focused meditation and awareness of her monks and lords has had specific purpose for eons for holding the nature of reality firm on your planet: there is much sacred and esoteric  knowledge among her lineage holders.

[S]I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I urge to you and stress that NOW, TODAY is the time to change your food and water intake. The people of your planet, although not endangering the Divine mission of transconsciousness, are hurting themselves immensely by creating a need to force the energy where it should in fact be flowing freely. The will is there on some level [to allow the energies], and as always you all ultimately have your own freewill choice – you must recognize the choice was made before you arrived in the disconnected and percepitably individualistic world of Gaia 4th-Dimension. Astringent vegetables and pure, clean water are of utmost importance, grown in local climes would be most beneficial. Balance this with protein rich nuts and legumes and organic grains and seeds. Fresh fruit is important and go with fibrous fruits such as papaya and pineapple, also bananas, peaches, pomegranate, tomato, most fruits are simply fine. When possible get lots of fresh free-current air such as on beaches or mountaintops. Get plenty of sleep and journal your dreams or speak of them with other like-minded people, or channel and share it [sort of a wink-wink joke there haha].

[P] I am Parcival. Once the ground splits off Vietnam [coast] there will be massive panic worldwide, followed shortly by India Southwest event which will set off mass waves of suicidality and chaotic looting and ruin. Your information on earthquakes must be made public before the week of these earthquakes – yes, you have the exact date range, I will provide the specific hour and date as it comes closer if necessary for truthful sharing guise. The third mark will be in Western North America. There will not be the proverbial falling California into the ocean but there will be a new water-filled crack in the central valley in California, continuing up from Baja Mexico area. It will be an immensely chaotic and brutal time such as never has been seen on Earth in hundreds of thousands of years. Although the death rates are unfathomable in your current day mentality, it will be moderately recognized by this time that the “deaths” are but transference from the 4th dimension to 5th dimensionality – it will be an honor for those people involved, you being one of them, [wtf lol, I wasn’t expecting that!...calms down] … it will be an honor for those involved to be leading the way into the new world, as it were. [after dealing with that little shock and a slight interaction, here’s more.] Involved, as I called it, does not specifically mean death of your 4th dimensional body, but simply that you will be a ferryman and be stepping between both worlds as you know you already have and do right now. [Parcival is highly amused by my surprise about this whole thing, I keep laughing. He’s radiating huge amounts of lime green energy throughout his aura in his amusement.]

[after 2-3 minute break]

[S] I am SeRenShitha of Sirius cluster. Concerning the contamination of the air and water during these tumultuous times, it is best to stockpile water jugs and filters, desalinization equipment, blankets, towels, general survival gear - please no guns and damaging equipment, it is utterly unnecessary and simply makes worse on your record to be cleaned. Best practice would be to remain serene and community oriented – you will be holding the hands of many during these times, and as your higher Self becomes more and more defined and recognized you will feel immense love for seemingly total strangers. For those unaware and unready it will be a time of utter disbelief as hordes and masses of people hold hands and hug, make love and share in soul. The Gajun, Oneness, of your species will finally be seen by nearly everyone. These times are not long off – little more than one year for the final stages of advancement.
[thought: will there still be a physical Earth for those who don’t advance?]
[S] The beings left after this 5th dimensional change of Earth Gaia will remain in a trancelike state of learning, [seen as “there” in the 5th, but] similar to certain trees and stones to you now. Currently, in your 4th dimensional worldview most stones and trees are simply as they seem, yet some people perceive some trees as having a soul, and some rocks having efficacious energies, yet they still perceive the rocks and trees as not alive in the same manner as him- or herself. The stones/rocks and trees are indeed part of the fabric of nature and do indeed contribute to the learning of Gaia. Don’t misunderstand how to treat them, feel free to throw rocks in a stream or seashore, and chop trees if you must – however please be aware some do in-fact have an owner, a living soul residing in them, paying attention to this soul essence would be beneficial for yourself and of course for the tree spirit. I am SeRenShitha of Sirius – We apologize for the shocking misunderstanding earlier and are glad it did not overwhelm you to an extreme level. I must admit I too laughed, as you call it, and enjoyed your energy buoyancy for a time.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Gajun Gajun welcome.

[P] if it is ok with you I should like to warn you upon world events indicating you should contact and share.

[Jay] That would be great, please feel free to signal me anytime. If I don’t respond immediately due to circumstances feel free to use more energy. I am very much “in this” and enjoy my role.

[J] End.

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  1. Jay,
    That was kinda funny, I would have the same reaction....
    I was just reading a posting about a mass Bee die off recently.
    I am getting the sense that the bird/fish kills and mass animal deaths are all related to the toxic gasses in the air S & P are warning about.
    I picture earth's crust "burping" causing quakes in some areas, and releasing toxic gasses in others.