Sunday, March 20, 2011

20Mar11 Parcival - delaying first contact; earthquakes and tectonic plates

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Earthquakes and Earth changes, factors for delaying mass public Extra-terrestrial first contact

I am Parcival. It is time again to warn of the area of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. It is this area in which the new rod is gaining energy, as Earth Gaia moves into a more abundant alignment with Galactic Center the energy toward 5th dimensionality is more easily brought upon the planet and Her inhabitants. The Galactic Brotherhood of Light and various familiar groupings are working diligently and with wisdom, Divine purpose, and sharing, to usher your world into the next phase of awareness. As we (the Agarthans are involved in the passage as well) create and energize various 5th dimensional construct boards, filled cylinders, the effect is too great for your citizens and the animals to handle in your current state of individual perceptionality and concreteness; expect to see many more mass die offs, very much continued earthquake activity, as you have been told many times – the information is reaching certain people who need it, and you are communicating well.
Earthquakes to prepare for, spiritually and also to protect your physical body, are Mexico City, Baja area, Southern California, central major valley of California [Two of those I think]  – I don’t know yet how this will play out but the stress and white energy are there to bring about an upheaval. Some groups are striving against the changes for fear of loss of life, but they do so without full recognition of the wisdom behind the earthquakes and changes. The Red Races – Mayans and Tibetans, as well as aboriginal tribes and cultures globe-wide, not to be confused with the old American terminology for the “red people” or native peoples of Northern America, are making significant energy sacrifices in order to save lives – it is ironic to say the least that some of the most spiritual groups created for your planet are striving to save the material and being utterly blind to the crossover of those very same people. Fear and reactionism is something which is much difficult to shed, even in spiritual connectedness – as long as one has a body, there may be fear to lose it.

About specifics – the small plate lying north of Australia, between Japan and the Philippines has rotated counter-clockwise (the Southern part), as seen from space, and the small plate which India sits on has rotated clockwise, as seen from space, the earthquakes ringing the new-to-be Vietnam tectonic plate have set into plans the very last move for the event to occur.
Though many things and events are happening in your world, people are hesitant, and indeed utterly blind, to the idea it may be spiritual in nature – even those people who refer to a god are looking upon It as punishment, or fear, or lack of sense. It is the consensus among off planet groupings and the Agarthans that We Gajun cannot proceed with mass public disclosure until a mass recognition of purpose hits the souls of your planet. This is happening day by day and hundreds of thousands of people, millions in fact, are having an awakened upper Self, the issue is they don’t know it! It will be exceptionally more easy for the souls to traverse if they are able to Astral travel, sense the soul, see the connectedness amongst their fellow souls, have love, recognition of gratitude for life, and have peace… if We Gajun just show up it will cause mass panic and chaotic adventures for nearly all the world’s inhabitants and we are holding on with bated breath as you might say. The consensus is to move along with energization of channels [construct lines] and allow the earthquakes and volcanic activity to proceed along until that time when people start questioning Mother Nature and the Grand Divine Plan. I am Parcival.

I ask you people to calm yourselves. There are far too much angst and outward-traveling emotions; it is keeping many people from feeling their Self and [it is] hindering the preparations for transversal [traversal].

I wish to tell of our arrival – the Agarthans, but I will do so when the channel is more capable of staying in-tune. It creates unnecessary stress if I need to send you too much, and likewise if you need to try too hard to keep me envisioned.  Selamat Gajun my friend.


  1. Hello Jay,
    Again much appreciation for your work in posting these messages. Would you please inquire about earthquate activity occuring in the midwestern US, as was stated in a previous post? The question specifically being--where?; which areas, with what intensities, and a time frame. One other issue: the previous post regarding President Obama...he predicted to be poisoned (?); Has this prediction been proven not accurate; or has the attempt been subverted? (I wish no harm to come to Obama).
    Thank You Jay.

  2. Hi Jay,

    A tectonic shift created 3 mild earthquakes in the Philippines earlier today. Of note, this is seems to be the shift of the Philippine plate as mentioned in the above posting.

  3. i cant belive they are delaying again.

  4. delays are how they keep people hooked

  5. UH, ET's landing will create mass panic, but large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions won't create the same problem?

    Cop-out! Transparancy is always best.

  6. Jay, earthquake in SE Asia! Thanks for your posts and all that you do. Peace.

  7. REALLY looking forward to your next posting now, Jay!

    Please let it be soon! :)