Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SeRenShitha 23Feb2011 Contact, Food, & Federal Reserve

23 Feb 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(Remarks by Jay are preceded by a > symbol)

> Preface: This is a VERY interesting and unique time on our planet. I’m personally experiencing a lot of changes in my upper energy bodies, increased awareness in many ways. I wouldn’t call it confusing or too much, just a little difficult to manage the wonders of life, raising a three year old daughter, stay up on world politics and fit in channeling as well.
It’s been a while since my last session for a few reasons. Channeling is like turning on a radio channel, or switching from dial-up to broadband – it takes a fair amount to ensure the information I’m getting is correct and not something from my own mind, not that our mind is actually separate from reality but I hope you know what I mean. I also want to point out that in a previous session information was channeled that the Dome of the Rock UFO was an actual alien craft from within the group I channel, yet it seems it was a hoax; I don’t know the true answer on this. I suspect I altered the meaning on it; on the other hand much of what has come through has come to fruition, I’ve had to look up several words because I didn’t know the meaning, and many words are accurate in meaning but not actual words from the English language. I will not let one question (the reality of the alleged UFO) alter two decades of being in tune in this way. I feel after this brief break that I’ll keep going and continue spreading the information I get. I’ve channeled for many years but never decided to publish it until this last couple months.

Warm regards, thanks for listening!


It is I, SeRenShitha! I am glad to connect with you once again, Jay. It is with pure understanding I accept your break in our speeches. In regards to your question about our ship over the Dome of the Rock – this was not a hoax, as you say. The information is incomplete and biased and some even altered [> got a sound image of the women talking in one video], this is part of the ongoing preponderance of force trying to keep our presence hidden from view. There is no need to focus on these events from before, in very short order, we will be known to all! There will be no means to hide what we have planned and your continued wish of our interaction provides we will indeed show ourselves and increase awareness of much of your masses.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja! Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja! Our worlds are becoming more intertwined than ever before as the veil of your separate reality is coming more and more thin – the people of your Earth planet will in unison announce change is needed and there will be utterly no possibility of returning to your servitude and slavery as before. I am SeRenShitha, yes the connection is once again strong and in well-working order. The Dark Ones plead and beg and lie and twist their words but it is as a snake in a trap, they are without grasp of any weapon or power to make changes. This will continue and while more information seeps into the public awareness it will sway as I said above – the time is not long off. You will find that certain beings who had seemed to be Dark all this time, are in fact playing both sides and have been for many years: trust the information and means, and disregard previous ties in some cases. This will save lives and make your process of clearance more efficacious and simple.

There was, you received, a question about the triple earthquakes. The major earthquake in New Zealand was a pressure from Gaia which provided a set-up. The increased stress and push on the Indo-Asian plates will bring about the triple earthquakes as mentioned in several channeling sessions, both Jay’s and others by various leaders. It will be clear, precisely clear, when it is time to fear for sections of your Earth’s crust and subduction zones.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. As you may know I am in lower orbit and transconnection at this time – We are a mother ship and have been noticed and recorded by certain groups in your shadowy governments worldwide. Our presence is being used to rally support, and engender fear in some as a means to make political interactions and money transactions happen more quickly; there is much fear in the Dark Ones, who have monopolized the technologies on your Earth planet. They are sharing what is in their best interest and suppressing the rest, but our presence being known has backfired, as it were, because the question is too large to handle for some of the minds they trusted. It is these powerful people who will be amongst our largest proponents in sharing information, keeping the internet up and running, and bringing electricity options to fruition. That is all for this subject.

Foods you take in are becoming more of a playing card in this day. There are many, many poisons you are taking into your bodies, mostly planned but some genetically altered diseases and chemical poisons that were unexpected by the greatest minds. You are children playing with fire and you have absolutely no idea how much damage you are doing Karmically and intrinsically toward your ability to transcend and have ease of awareness of our higher levels. Stress and anxiety are beholden to these chemicals and your inability to fight said chemicals is creating disease and focused awareness on the lower levels of survival, pain, anxiety, stress, even rage. It is I, SeRenShitha and I hear your question [thought about food advice]. Fresh fruits grown on trees unaffected by mass-sprayed chemicals would be ideal, although you need wheat and grains and some ground proteins. Please stay away from many of your seagoing animals as they are indeed transcending with you – they were on Earth planet to learn just as you are and have experienced mass suffering at the hands of butchers and fisherman and the overall foods industries. This will be an eventual lesson which the masses cannot comprehend yet, save for a few very compassionate and aware souls. Staying away from any killed animal would be a wonderful step in your evolvement but I SeRenShitha do understand this is a stressful step to change your energy-intake habits. When in Rome, as it were, is a statement I would posit as appropriate to this; yet, now is the time to change if possible and allows you to remain focused on what is important.

That is all. Do you have additional questions which have not yet surfaced; many crossed your mind in our time of non-connections.

> I equate what the United States Federal Reserve is doing as outright fraud and theft, yet I’m trying to remain positive and in a place of compassion through these changes. How should I, and others, address the groups that are trying to keep us in slavery? Thank you for your connection!

I am SeRenShitha. There are more than 35,000 of you on your Earth planet who are making a wondrous significant change to your ascendance simply by focusing on compassion, being open to change, supplying a smile instead of an argument – it is THIS action which will affect your futures. Although the Dark Ones will fall there are many who may not be here for Ascention and whose purpose is to deal with that which you asked. If an Earthbound being has the ability for Ascention and the compassion of Gajun they must take this time to BE Compassion, to BE Gajun. Focus on increasing the light and structure of your 5th Self. The mundane world events, however damaging in the past, are falling by the weighside as we speak.

End. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! We will see you shortly.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SeRenShitha 12 Feb 11 - Earth Changes and timing

Earth Changes
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(Statements by Jay directly are preceded by a > symbol)

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius cluster. Times are changing very quickly and in the next several Earth planet weeks people will begin to sense major changes in their very Essence. You will see many changes in reality as you know it that will cause very, very many people to question the nature of Reality itself. As you know the material world you understand as real is no such thing, it is a device whose purpose is to allow time and three-dimensional understanding. To be human in your 3-D world is to be ignorant of the true nature of Essence and Gajun. Spirit is slightly visible and is one of the cornerstones of many of your false religions. These will all become VERY clear in the next several months Earth-time and this will cause significant destruction of day-to-day workings and Reality as you experience it.

I tell you this, for those who read your blog – yes I know what it’s called now, will be needing much help in understanding. I will lead you to specific already well-known Scientists who have proof of the changing quantum harmonics in your solar system and who have already been working on STS missions concerning such scientific fallacies and proofs. When times are to change as this, the entire public awareness must come very, very quickly and in full vision of most of the world. Your planet, and in-fact entire solar system is undergoing a literal change from 4th dimension to 5th dimension as we speak.

You can expect major changes in focused awareness as people begin to see that which was previously invisible and begin to understand their Life Purposes. Concentrated pockets of individuals will form who will act as midwives for these changes. They will congregate in beauty, in parks, on beaches, in tree infested areas, at rivermouths, and islands, and any place where the true Energetic beauty of nature can be felt freely and wondrously. These groups will have constituents of great diversity and it will be amongst the most important facet that the children be allowed to speak; they are fully in-tune with the 5th Dimension already as they have not grown to forget it yet. Their wisdom must guide the higher-aged.

We Gajun still see that three major earthquakes will be a pivotal intersection from 4th to 5th Dimensions and this is again in very short order. Expect this in the next two weeks from this date. Your Earth planet, Gaia, will experience the expulsion of gases from numerous different portals, bubbling up from undersea areas causing mass havoc for many. Vietnam and India, as previously purported will need much assistance from the world, this is Divine Decree and will be an ultimate sacrifice, as you may say, for some, but these beings are transcending as they have selected to do so even before their body was born. Please, Dear Ones, try to remain Spiritual during the deathful periods, as the beings passing on are at home and but a pawn in this ultimate Earth transition.

The clouds of gaseous materials will be Sulfurous and Nitrogen-based and will cause much issue with breathing correctly and efficaciously. It will be quick-order, as you might say, to create devices to both counter the clouds and allow for pure breathing – this will not be a worldwide issue but it will cause significant enough notice that it will bring countries together who are sworn enemies. It will be in the near months after this that our presence will be purposefully and without any doubt known to every person connected to technology.

> Reconnecting to verify. This is a big prediction and I wish to be told again. I’m tired (1:40 am) and I truly want to make sure this is correctly transmitted.

I am SeRenShitha from Sirius. That which I have told you is true, you will see the signs in short order and it is not necessary that you or I repeat what has been said. I acknowledge this is new, even with your knowledge of channeling and Astral Worlds and many years of previous experience with Our groups. It is wise to verify but it is not necessary more than such has been done. I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Selamat Gajun! Selamat ja!

Areas of gaseous concern are Northwestern United States of America, Northeastern coast of Brazil, Southern coast of Chile, Northwestern coast of Australia, entire Southern coast of Vietnam, India off the Southwestern coast, coast of Yemen, Coast of Pakistan, Southeastern coast of Somalia, Eastern coast of South Africa, Coast of Angola, Northeastern coast of Russia – Sea of Okhostk.

I am SeRenShitha. Selamat ja!


Note from Jay:
This wore me out tonight! In Channeling it is usually the channeler, the receiver, who provides the energy channel. Imagine connecting a fishing line to a cloud, then energizing it. When I channel SeRenShitha she provides the channel and it is actually harder for me to handle the excess energy coming in. With that list of places it was A LOT of energy, probably 4-5 times as much energy, which is one of the reasons I re-verified. Think of channeling as hearing a radio station – when that list was coming in it was like hearing 6 radio stations at once and comprehending them all just fine, sort of brain overload. No harm done by any means, just tiring – nonetheless exciting. Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m enjoying sharing this and I’m amazed at how many people are finding it!

~ Jay

Thursday, February 10, 2011

09Feb11 SeRenShitha - Proof in Vietnamese Cave / Matter-Creation Devices

Vietnam Undersea Cave Brings Statue Evidence of Humans' Unknown History / Matter-creation devices
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(Direct statements by Jay are preceded by a > symbol)

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. It is with wonderful pleasure that I commune with you this eve as wondrous events on your planet are unfolding. As you are aware I Gajun do not summon or call you but it is fortuitous that you answered; I wish this message to be posted immediately if possible as there are exciting events unfolding.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius – Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

This evening in the country of Vietnam a great undersea cavern has been found. This is an entrance for travel and submersion for many groups and there is evidence there which will prove to be acceptable proof, for many, of your history on this planet! It is a fine time for your races and this is but another step in the forthcoming eventual trans-Essential cross. Some of which will be found are large 18-foot statues indicative of [Essential (like Spiritual but higher)] Masters and giant humanoids which previously inhabited the Sino-Asian regions. There will be unearthed extreme technologies which can be duplicated by the Men [humans] of your time, however unproduced as of yet. These will allow much progress in the creation of matter – do you see now why I summoned you on this day? These statues will be held in secret for at least three weeks but many country’s scientists will be brought in, which as has been seen, will always lead to leaks in the story. People friendly with the Great White Brotherhood of Galactic Souls will be informed via this message and telepathy and will be amongst the scientists involved in the replication of matter-creation devices for the masses to benefit by.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius and I wish all who read this message the best in focused awareness as the times we are all seeing and experiencing on your small Earth planet are nearing a pivotal change in frequency vibration. Yes, this is a very real term which indicates your advancement from the physical to the Spiritual and much higher granted sojourn into the realms of Essence. Gajun will be present in all thoughts and feelings. Gajun means “I am One” said by All, or We are One, as might be said by human beings in material form. This Awareness of Gajun is the mind-body-Love awareness that some on your planet experience as Enlightenment.

The Channel is tired and the connection mushy at this time; more later. End.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SeRenShitha 08FEB11 - State of world and timing

08 Feb 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Statements preceded by > were written by Jay

(typed before connection)
> Activating higher energy bodies
> Dome of the Rock Jerusalem UFO

I am SeRenShitha; I will be the One speaking with you from now on. We have indeed made our presence known as you have no doubt seen and shared! It is time in your government and many others to make the necessary steps toward Disclosure. I wish you to share as you see fit and trust your instinctual judgment as you have since your childhood – you were meant for this sharing and you no-doubt understand that what others say about you is entirely irrelevant to your sharing information given by us.

Three earthquakes mentioned previously by SaLuSa and others including myself are upon us; it will be short Earth-time before these happen and it will affect the state of the countries involved in open communication with us. It is time to begin preparations for moving upward in elevation and making a place for yourself and family to live in safety. A final step in seeing this need to move will be seen via internet and there will be no question in your mind that We are upon you and wishing/willing to share technologies of ultimate help for your small Planet. Gaia is in dire need of renewal and will soon begin bursting at the seams as it were – this time is shortly upon us in times which will rival the past histories of Religious import.

The Dome of The Rock videos are indeed us and are a true indication that governments’ and medias’ tyranny is at an end and soon the entirety of your planet will know peaceful abundant living – this is wonderful news for many other planets in your situation, as you, Earth, are the ones to accomplish the step first! This tumultuous change and growth period will be studied throughout all times and histories as a perfect evolution from duality to Oneness, Gajun.

The Dark Ones have nearly been set for removal and/or impotence of growth. These beings will either step out from their sources of perceived power or will be dealt a blow to their selfish desires which will force their hands from out of powerful positions worldwide. This is not only your Earthly Western countries but all over. China, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Africa, many, many, many more countries have coup de tat in action or a plan for renewal of the Constitution to enable peace and refuse all incidences of power-mongoring and thievery. There are now an extremely high amount of business leaders, Constitution-builders, economists, scientists, business owners, under-sea technicians, cave-ologists, and other sublittoral science personnel stepping forth and making public statements of belief as needed to get these changes enactivated. A worldwide sharing of information is close at hand but not before one major catastrophic event which will bring the one-mind interconnection to fruition. This will involve the three earthquakes and the gas clouds over Vietnam and India as shown to you before. This is within the week.

Do you have further questions for Us. Gajun.

> Despite the preponderance of videos showing UFOs over Jerusalem and Utah the huge majority of people in the United States seem to not care AT ALL that UFOs might exist. I wonder if the trauma of a worldwide showing will cause most of the people to simply shut down. Will they have a coherent choice to advance in knowledge and awareness before it’s too late? Is there anything I personally can do to help people I know?

You and many, many others are doing exactly as you were meant to do. Your network of connections must be larger if you are to help more, however what I have seen of your actions are commendable and efficacious. Deep down in the psyche of individuals they understand the nature of reality, that the physical world is but a transitory stopping ground for growth and that their true nature is more akin to that of the dream world than the mundane physicality you so believe in. Every night people connect to their higher Self and once Our energies take full affect on the Planet it will be a small leap for people to advance to an aware and comfortable state. The fear of death upon enlightenment will be gone by the time a decision is forced.

I am SeRenShitha, speaking on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood of Galactic Souls. [clarification, redo.] I am SeRenShitha, speaking on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood of Galactic Souls. It is with wondrous presence that I step into the realm of sharing these gifts and proposals. The history and future is already written and you and Us are on the winning side of Awareness and Gajun, Essence and Spirit. For many millennia the Dark Ones have controlled your actions with misinformation and lies about science, about your history, about your souls’ nature, about your gods, about the very nature of energy/electricity/[scientific connection – don’t know the word] “flambiance” ? and your planet’s gravity, path, circular orbit as well as the duality of Nibiru and Vestas. You will experience more lies which will be backed by wondrous science in your eyes, however this ruse will not last for many years, it will but last for less than one, less than several months, but only a matter of three to four weeks in your time. This will also happen before our full interaction and renewal of your Earth begin. Fear not and remain skeptical to what comes forth, follow your instincts and trust those of us whom you’ve already once spoken [directly to Jay (channeler)]. There will be one other to contact you soon, you will know We are Gajun and Ja.

Blessings and Gajun – Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! I am SeRenShitha and I wish you All well wishes. End.

[ reconnect to ask about a face that came to me during sleep several months back]

This is one you should not/will not trust. You will know when the time comes. Truth will speak. End.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

03Feb11 SeRenShitha and Alcatar

SeRenShitha and Alcatar
February 3rd, 2011
Psychology of changes; Changes in water; Agartha; Twin Flames; Able to see them!
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(comments by Jay preceded with a > )

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. It is with pleasure that we meet again after this long hiatus. I am glad you are well and that you are dealing with the immense and numerous changes to your home planet in wellness and fruition. I sense you have some questions.

> Shayne [last name].

Shayne is needing some guidance and is picking up on the Earth changes and spiritual veil openings as many, many others are on your planet right now. Give for him your support as you have had by many in your past. You are in the position to do this for many, both via this open sharing method and personal interactions such as counseling soirees. Give an outline of what he or she can expect and how they can watch for the hidden and subtle changes your medias are not yet comfortable and capable of giving out. Guide these beings in the sensing that the veil is slipping away and that they will not die simply by embracing the other side of Essence and Gajun. Selamat Gajun! (Sirian for we are one).

As the weeks and months progress you will share more of these messages to a broader base of inhabitants and it will be with strength and openness that you share. People will understand the long-needed value of these messages along with the recognition that We are here, among many, many other races and beings. It is soon time to make yourself known in this area and be the mentor you have been made to be.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I have news on the state of your planet-health. There are many instances of hot waters erupting – a natural cleansing which your mother Gaia not longer needs or wants to hold in. You will be soon seeing more instances of geysers, increased waters in so much as waterfalls, rising tidal levels, more underground caverns will be opened preparing for the sharing with Agartha. There are much changes happening right now, many underground or unseen, but soon the evidence with be held by all that major, major changes are in the works. Your Earth Geologists will be in a baffled state and the old paradigms and “laws” will cease to explain the magnificent changes upon Gaia. We have many people working and planted in the appropriate areas to bring forth new scientific theories and explanations to help settle the tides (humor), as it were.

I am SeRenShitha. The Seat of the Soul is an area which is meant to be protected, both by your physiology and your energy bodies. You, Jay, witnessed this in your Dad’s crossover and understand the great power in this chakra center. One way which the Dark Ones have continually, for millennia, created painful mistrust and angst is by separating the values that work is not spiritual but is for a misguided worth. One of the main factors in upheaval of the energy balances is to eradicate the balance in your 4th chakra, through creating huge and unseemly imbalances in your third chakra. This has been created by extensive work assignments, forced necessities which are in-fact not at all necessity, an increase and forced anxiety and fear, a constant striving to perform action when in-fact a peacefulness and relaxation would do wonderful benefit for your soul connection and Essence awareness. These work ethic and habits are beginning to change and it will be with tremendous and wonderful joy that some of the peoples of Earth planet drop the hoe and shovel and begin to experience deep relaxtion and contentedness. It will be a game changer when the peoples of Earth planet recognize that there is far enough abundance to go around and that everyone, all of you, can share what is meant to be shared. This is one of our first assignments upon First Contact – as named first open contact which is accepted and known worldwide by the masses of your planet. I am one of those who you will see in life, in “real, physical” world-essence. You will know me by sight, as you see me in your sight now.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Selamat Gajun. Selamat Ja.
(Sirian for we are one, we are peace; technically “I am One” and “I am Peace” recognized by all at the same time)

I am Alcatar of Sirius. Selamat Gajun!
We have some larger mother ships in position at this point with more than 15 million dedicated souls. The Twin Flame soulmate connections are beginning to be felt by some on your planet, those who have been aware of the idea, but never experienced it. These people of Earth planet will need guidance and comfort as the changes in energy-soul effervescence are changing and causing much disruption in typical thought patterns. Courses are and will be available for those who feel they are losing themselves and there will be TV broadcasts of calming nature to help them engender these changes. We will start showing our ships as is being requested by so many. In the next few weeks on Earth if you request, we will shine forth for anyone to see. Do not expect media source visions of this, but there will be times that we expose our ships to many at once. Our [both Earth and ET] day is coming very quickly, it is so close it is visible to us, just not yet to you. Keep your eyes upward and your wishes to see us will be granted.

I am Alcatar from Sirius. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! With peace and Earthwide warm wishes to you.