Tuesday, March 8, 2011

response to comments on Parcival

It is interesting to me too that the his name is Parcival. I hadn't heard it was another spelling of Percival.

Whenever I get a name while channeling I always have the entity/spirit basically "spell it", or syllable by syllable for verification. This was very clearly Parcival. I also found it very odd that during the session I used the English spelling for the word "rumor"! As a side note this seems to be a very advanced race that went underground 3,300 years ago so I wouldn't necesarily expect their names to be something predictable or associated with some particular culture from their past.

I haven't been reading any books of this genre or with medieval characters, settings, etc.

I picture a location of a being I'm channeling, whether they're on a ship, on a different continent, wherever, and I've proven this type of ability during distance healing many times, and even locating a person simply by name. When I connected with Parcival I felt him very far north of me (I'm currently in California) and underground. I envisioned him off the coast of Canada, south of Alaska but a straight line visual like that can vary quite a bit!

I appreciate all the emails and comments I've gotten about the Agarthans. If anyone can think of questions that could help with trust and verification I'd be happy to run them by. I also plan on finding out the city layout, cultural aspects of the Agarthans, etc next time I channel him.

warm regards,



  1. Hi Jay,

    I had another dream last night. People were gathered on a beach at night time and the water receded and a huge area of sand began to sink and what came to view as the sand disappeared was a MASSIVE glowing orb or dome of bright, white light. I got the feeling events like this were happening all over the world at the same time.

    I gather this could just be my interpretation of the Argathan civilisation rising to the surface as mentioned in one of your earlier postings.

    Of course, I don't claim this to be much more than my imagination running wild but was just wondering, if it is not, is there any information that can be given regarding this?

    To me there was no negative feelings attached to this dream, just complete awe and wonderment.

    There was also another name that came through in the dream but I now cannot recall it.

    Thanks for all the information so far, Jay! It's fascinating!


  2. Sorry, the integration of the Agarthian world manifesting itself onto the surface, I must of read elsewhere online. Nonetheless, any information is much appreciated.

  3. interesting dream. When you say it might just be imagination, I understand. It took me many years to be confident that what I was getting is real, and that I wasn't crazy! I disregarded a lot of intuitive things for fear of being judged or that I just shouldn't trust information I get that way. I eventually learned how to trust it and now value my intuition EVERY day; it has actually saved my life by allowing me to avoid a shooting.

    One way I used to train my intuition was to astral project and envision a store parking lot near my apartment years ago. It didn't face the street or the parking lot and no windows that way, so I knew I wasn't accidentally cheating. I'd remote view the parking lot and pick out certain cars, when I felt confident I had a clear view, I'd jump up and jog over to the parking to check. I was exactly right on several times (one specific time there was a gold cadillac next to a red toyota and a van) so I stopped questioning I was crazy and went on training my intuition in numerous ways.

    Thanks for being part of the blog!

  4. btw, I think I saw the spheres you talked about, but you and I have similar abilities (frequencies?) and I honestly can't tell if I got the picture from you or from the general reality. I'd recommend working on it, journaling, setting a certain time to be in touch with higher Self stuff.

    When you think you're ready, recognize you don't need a Ouija board - you can just know it in your mind's eye.

  5. Thanks! I will try what you have mentioned.

    Regarding the current disaster in Japan, I find myself torn between wanting to cry but really feeling no great sadness despite the obvious mass loss of life. I'm definitely not taking comfort in what has happened but I feel no feeling of sadness, perhaps knowing that the mass loss of life is actually not a loss at all but rather it 'just is' and I dont find myself asking 'why?' or questioning the event at all.