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Sirian Questions and Answers 26Mar11

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Sirian Questions and Answers 26Mar11

I am SeRenShitha of star cluster Sirius. There is much going on in the world and I understand you have made a list of questions for us. Shall I answer them directly?

> Thank you. Please do

George Soros – many will misunderstand his motives because he has money or for other reasons. He is being portrayed as a villain in many circles. It is time the world has a new system of debt-free living and clarity of understanding that work should be for a benefit to the soul. A new structure is precisely what is needed for Gaia at this time. Mr. Soros is one who has the insider knowledge and connections both humanly and extra-terrestrially and can help bring conscious fruition to a much needed viable change.

If an eggshell is broken to bring a chicken into life, is it not a valuable trade off? You people of Earth planet hold so strongly to your individualism that when true change does occur a majority of people will not know the slightest in how to grasp for the gold, as you might say. Your country lines and divisive “religions” are a major obstacle to 5th dimensional view but it will be required at some point to break the egg shell to enliven a chicken.

The greys have an agenda which is to keep you silent, keep you ignorant, keep you mining resources. They wish your cooperation at any cost and all cost – your Essence is beyond their lifestream but until the proverbial eggshell is broken, they will be able to control you if you don’t wake up. It is already deemed things have changed and will continue to change. The greys are powerless in this, although they are holding the groceries and it will take money to get them – until a new economic model and change to your perception is held, the greys and associated leaders on Earth planet will control you. They have no issue whatsoever to hurt you or kill you, even on a mass scale – to them you are a worker, if you don’t work you will be obliterated.

Nibiru. I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Nibiru is an asteroid which is coming toward your planet; it is a return journey for the inhabitants of Earth, as the people on Nibiru once dwelled here on Earth planet temporarily.

> Please repeat. This is an enormous subject for some people. I have never believed in Nibiru although it was casually mentioned by one of you in a channeling session with me. Please tell me all about Nibiru including if we should be fearful of this return.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius cluster. I have information for you concerning the asteroid Nibiru. Many eons ago a small group of beings from Alpha Centauri cluster used the trajectory of Nibiru to reach Earth. They were a young race, similar to what yours is now. They were warlike and naïve. The Centauris were unaware of your Earth planet before they used Nibiru as a travelpod. As they approached Earth some 2,000 BCE they landed here for several hundred years. They created themselves as gods to the naïve Earth beings of the time. You may have heard of the Nasca Lines – these were created by the Centauris during the times of which I speak. Although they are returning they are well aware that the match of technology is no longer Earth beings against the Centauris, but that there are hundreds of races of beings aware of what’s going on on Gaia at this moment. There is absolutely no purpose for being fearful of these beings. It is not yet even decided whether they will leave the rock and interact. They will have no power amongst the inhabitants of Earth planet and it is yet unknown if they wish to cooperate, to the benefit of all beings involved.

Obama poisoned. This was indeed mentioned and it will likely come to fruition. The need for a silent covert inside deal is no longer as necessary as it was when the undertaking was noticed. There are, as always, many stones left unturned and choices which have yet to be concretized.

I am SeRenShitha. India earthquake as second of three. Our prediction for the Vietnam peninsula fell into place. There is still an significant pull and twisting of the Indian Southwest plate, out to sea, but it is possible it will not happen for another year. Surprisingly to us, and obviously others, is that the pressure line diverted further south than what was expected; it would be prudent to expect an earthquake in NorthWestern Australia and in Indonesia. You pinpointed Singapore in an earlier session, this has now become a significant pressure point, also Madagascar. You will see continued writhing of the Indian Ocean plates including a point of interest in the center of the ocean, often used for nuclear testing.

I will not speak much on the center of the United States of America. The events slated to happen could be anytime from October 2011 until many millennia to come. The central area will produce magma and an eventual splitting of the continent of North America will ensue, but pay no heed – it is far, far off and your Gaia will have experienced much by then. To worry about the central United States would be as a baby worrying about old age and death.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I must warn again that the food intake and bodily needs are not being met by an enormous portion of your population. There is a plethora of food types that mimic actual food but which are not. You are eating plastics and acids and chemicals that wreak havoc for your stability. Focus on eating nothing, over eating the horrific plastics and rubbers that are being passed off as food. Eat natural grains, not ones which have been genetically changed. Eat fresh fruits, eat raisins and nuts. Pastas are fine, freshly made is immensely better than dried and packaged. Drink loads of fresh water, purified or direct from nature. One of the largest issues with food modification is that it brings anxiety to your systems. When you eat these plastics and chemicals your body is unable to consume the benefits, and so must struggle against itself, prying the mind from purity to anxiety. If it is not convenient to eat in such a manner, at very least have a hoard of good food for the times when strife has hit your planet. Do not hoard dried chemicals, hoard grains and water, and quinoa and dried vegetable chips. [pictured dried zucchini, not potato chips]

The rumblings which have been heard around your planet will cease soon. You will experience them once again in several months, but more so on the South Hemisphere of your planet. These vibrations are directly related to the shifting of construct lines from blue to white. There will be multiple effects but it is still a long process. Volcanic activity in the southern hemisphere will multiply immensely and cause much strife, even to some major cities expected as somewhat safe, but not by the wise ones.

I would recommend speaking with your Agarthans as they have more precise hands-in information concerning earthquakes.  That is all.

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24Mar11 - in response to Myanmar Earthquake (not channeled)

I wanted to channel the last two nights and even had a few requests to do so, for some reason I think it was just not meant to be. I sat down three times to start and each time either something else happened or somehow got diverted - not sure why; it is what it is.

I am involved in a website called ATS, or Above Top Secret. I shared a synopsis of many of the earthquake related posts on there today. Rather than just retype things here, I'll provide the link so you can see the earthquake map of Myanmar, the selection of channeled earthquake-related posts, and also peoples comments.

This earthquake, on the Laos-Myanmar-Thailand border IS the first of the three that I've been told about. If we see one in India in the next 24-hours it will really validate this and we should take heed. I'm honestly a bit of a skeptic, but happen to be a good channeler lol, so it's always nice to get validation on the posts. I'm expecting to see an earthquake on the Eastern coast, midway from North to South in Vietnam, but it's just a feeling and not channeled.

Hopefully I'll be channeling tonight to see what's up! I would also like to say thank you to each you who are reading this and sharing this. It's been a new road for me and I'm enjoying peoples feedback. My blog here has had just under 4,000 views already! Exciting =)

Here's the link to the ATS website. If you prefer to not access that for some reason I can always post my Original Post from there, or email it to you, let me know.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buzzing and vibration of the ground (non-channeled info)

Something is going on in our world right now. The last few days have seen dozens of these events: loud buzzing lasting 20-30 minutes, vibration of the ground, compass readings are off, event followed by a flash of light then ceases.

After my daughter goes to bed tonight I'll be checking in to see if I can info on this. It seems to me it may be related to the groups I channel and the changing 4th --> 5th dimension of our Earth.

Here's some links, a map, and a YouTube video about these anomalies:

None of the information on this post was channeled.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

20Mar11 Parcival - delaying first contact; earthquakes and tectonic plates

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Earthquakes and Earth changes, factors for delaying mass public Extra-terrestrial first contact

I am Parcival. It is time again to warn of the area of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. It is this area in which the new rod is gaining energy, as Earth Gaia moves into a more abundant alignment with Galactic Center the energy toward 5th dimensionality is more easily brought upon the planet and Her inhabitants. The Galactic Brotherhood of Light and various familiar groupings are working diligently and with wisdom, Divine purpose, and sharing, to usher your world into the next phase of awareness. As we (the Agarthans are involved in the passage as well) create and energize various 5th dimensional construct boards, filled cylinders, the effect is too great for your citizens and the animals to handle in your current state of individual perceptionality and concreteness; expect to see many more mass die offs, very much continued earthquake activity, as you have been told many times – the information is reaching certain people who need it, and you are communicating well.
Earthquakes to prepare for, spiritually and also to protect your physical body, are Mexico City, Baja area, Southern California, central major valley of California [Two of those I think]  – I don’t know yet how this will play out but the stress and white energy are there to bring about an upheaval. Some groups are striving against the changes for fear of loss of life, but they do so without full recognition of the wisdom behind the earthquakes and changes. The Red Races – Mayans and Tibetans, as well as aboriginal tribes and cultures globe-wide, not to be confused with the old American terminology for the “red people” or native peoples of Northern America, are making significant energy sacrifices in order to save lives – it is ironic to say the least that some of the most spiritual groups created for your planet are striving to save the material and being utterly blind to the crossover of those very same people. Fear and reactionism is something which is much difficult to shed, even in spiritual connectedness – as long as one has a body, there may be fear to lose it.

About specifics – the small plate lying north of Australia, between Japan and the Philippines has rotated counter-clockwise (the Southern part), as seen from space, and the small plate which India sits on has rotated clockwise, as seen from space, the earthquakes ringing the new-to-be Vietnam tectonic plate have set into plans the very last move for the event to occur.
Though many things and events are happening in your world, people are hesitant, and indeed utterly blind, to the idea it may be spiritual in nature – even those people who refer to a god are looking upon It as punishment, or fear, or lack of sense. It is the consensus among off planet groupings and the Agarthans that We Gajun cannot proceed with mass public disclosure until a mass recognition of purpose hits the souls of your planet. This is happening day by day and hundreds of thousands of people, millions in fact, are having an awakened upper Self, the issue is they don’t know it! It will be exceptionally more easy for the souls to traverse if they are able to Astral travel, sense the soul, see the connectedness amongst their fellow souls, have love, recognition of gratitude for life, and have peace… if We Gajun just show up it will cause mass panic and chaotic adventures for nearly all the world’s inhabitants and we are holding on with bated breath as you might say. The consensus is to move along with energization of channels [construct lines] and allow the earthquakes and volcanic activity to proceed along until that time when people start questioning Mother Nature and the Grand Divine Plan. I am Parcival.

I ask you people to calm yourselves. There are far too much angst and outward-traveling emotions; it is keeping many people from feeling their Self and [it is] hindering the preparations for transversal [traversal].

I wish to tell of our arrival – the Agarthans, but I will do so when the channel is more capable of staying in-tune. It creates unnecessary stress if I need to send you too much, and likewise if you need to try too hard to keep me envisioned.  Selamat Gajun my friend.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Channeled 16Mar11 - China and Vietnam issues and changes

Parcival, SeRenShitha & SaLuSa
16Mar11 11:31 pm
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Vietnam and China

I was called by them this time – pretty rare

I am Parcival.
I am SeRenShitha.
I am SaLuSa – greetings. Selamat Gajun. Selamat Ja!
[I became aware of SaLuSa once about a month ago but have never channeled him until tonight]

[SLS]It is time. Vietnam will be seeing earthquake and volcano activity almost immediately. The Southern half of the peninsula will be separating from west to east. An enormous cave will be opening south of the current coast line. As the land rises from the edges of the newfound opening to Agartha there will also be a subsequent dropping, sinking of the Southern end of Vietnam. A 5th dimensional gridline is being placed there and will ultimately be the cause of an enormous up-pouring of souls in this area of Gaia.

I am SaLuSa. There is already an unmistakable fear and trembling of the populace as more questions abound concerning your deities, concerning the future of your planet. People are so worried about their stock markets and their popular idols that they forget the deeper meanings. This is understandable and is actually a portion of why you all came to Gaia to begin with, but, the time is coming for you to remember again the connected souls you once were.

[SRS] I am SeRenShitha of the Galactic Brotherhood of Light. Our plan for the week of April 10th to 17th for a grand upheaval has now changed. It has moved forward. There is a nuclear, as it would seem, threat to your planet from an outside source – we are not going to be blocking this as they have just as much right to Divine Translation as do we; they will not block our interaction just as we will not block theirs. The interaction I speak of is in Northern China, Xiang Chiu [sounds like she-yang’ jyoo no idea if spelling is right] province and will be a disaster in and of itself. The dark Ones who were the initial cause of such disasters as 9-11 and the great darkening of the sea in the Gulf region are to have hands in this as well. As a weapon is delivered, it will be used. It is a grand chessboard as one of your members once said.

[P] I am Parcival. One main reason for the quickening of the Vietnam adjustment is that it MUST take place before the mountainous collapses of the Chinese North. Without the support rod in place [Japan to Vietnam 5th dimensional support piece] the collapse of China supports will cause an enormous worldwide domino effect and create mass havoc in many parts of Europe on over to Northern Africa.

[SRS] These Dark Ones have great power but little wisdom – they plan and connive and rip and tear at pressures while utterly avoiding the ideology of evolution and Gaia’s role in their very life. It is these beings who stand to be neutralized in the realms of earthly power; the masses will take the slavery no longer. One turning point of the change of heart is the utter non-beneficience  by those with money and power toward the hurting masses of the Japan disasters.

You [Jay] are having a very difficult time remaining in channel tonight. I know we woke you. Please put forth the information tonight concerning the Vietnam situation. We will discuss precise dates and some of the questions you had at a later time. Soon though please.


[P] goodbye.
[SLS] Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Peace will reveal itself in unusual ways; stay aware and open to those who you might have looked to previously. Goodbye.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SeRenShitha - Clarification of a statement and disclosure timing 15 March 2011

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Clarification of a statement and disclosure timing

Connected and asked, “What do you mean ‘within the week?’” in the 8th of February interaction?

Jay> (quoted from 8Feb11 posting): A worldwide sharing of information is close at hand but not before one major catastrophic event which will bring the one-mind interconnection to fruition. This will involve the three earthquakes and the gas clouds over Vietnam and India as shown to you before. This is within the week.

I am SeRenShitha.

Four to five days from the Vietnam quake our presence will forever cease to be questioned. We will be Brothers of Earth as Gaia will be a Brother of Light.

Jay> What is the exact date of the Vietnam quake?

April 11th.

Jay > 2011?

Yes, 2011.

Jay > Anything more you wish to share with me? [this was going to be just a quick connection concerning that one quote]

Your precautions about radiation are admirable but it is a non-issue. What damage would be done was done which was yet another very precise step toward our purposeful presentation of Galactic Brotherhood of Light.

Jay > [re-connect to ask about perception of causation.]

I am SeRenShitha. It is true it may look as though it was our doing, but on one level is there a difference in Gajun of what is and what seems? They are the same. In the 4th dimensional perception of individuality they are different and causation may not be understood as purposeful in the positive. We are not a negative entity or purposeful purveyors of damaging actions. Our purpose in following the Divine Plan is not without its seemingly harmful activities, to you, yet our End Result is one of enormous and wondrous Spiritual and Essential bliss. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Parcival and SeRenShitha state of the world, laylines, and nutrition 13Mar11

Parcival & SeRenShitha
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
State of the world, laylines, and nutrition

Proposed questions:
* The internal white construct line locations: Japan, Southeastern Australia, off East coast of United States. What are others? Are they distributed in a merkaba formation?
* Is the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear meltdown related to the energy, gravity(?), of the 5th dimensional construct line placement there?
* Are all lines placed and gaining energy, or yet to be placed, what is the process of the lay lines?
* I’ve been told of three earthquakes with specific details about the first two, but very little about the third – except that I should leave California coastline. Am I able to know yet and share what the last earthquake or event is? Does it involve a splitting of California as I have wondered?
* In one channeling session I had with Alcatar I was told, “The ocean floor will be splitting between the continents of North America and China region. This will cause much havoc and ocean levels rising temporarily. This sadly will cause the deaths of many…” was this statement directed toward the Japan earthquake and tsunami of 11Mar2011 or shall we still expect another event relating to this?

I am Parcival [P for this reading]
I am SeRenShitha of the Galactic Brotherhood of Light [S for this reading]
[S] we are both joining you and will take presence and caution to not overwhelm the circuit and conduit. It is indeed a tumultuous time for Earth planet right now at this moment. It will also not be much time before you meet us all face-to-face. The quotation you took from the reading with Alcatar was indeed about the Japan earthquake and tsunami. It is a horrible loss of life, many unnecessarily and without benefit for clearing. These events do occur however and do shed light to the fact we are at a dangerous and volatile upheaval regarding the next-step changeover for your planet.

[P] The laylines you speak of are correct. There is one below Switzerland and there will be turmoil there but much of the energy will be directed to the Southeast of the direct junction due to mountainous elevation. Bosnia will bear the brunt of the crushing energy wave. Also the Red Sea area will be extremely changed and shorndown; there will be volcanic activity. There are Merkaba formations all throughout Gaia and many of the laylines, as you call them, are connected on at least one Merkaba set – it is a bit like the chakras in the body: you are aware of 7 or 8 or 10, but in actuality there are 132, some small, some particular to a specific purpose, some unidirectional. The laylines are all roughly in-line and in-place although many are not activated yet, or only partially activated. It is true the single location off Japan is the ONLY spot on your planet which is fully taking on the energy of the 5th dimension. Japan and her history are one cause for this, the extreme focused meditation and awareness of her monks and lords has had specific purpose for eons for holding the nature of reality firm on your planet: there is much sacred and esoteric  knowledge among her lineage holders.

[S]I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I urge to you and stress that NOW, TODAY is the time to change your food and water intake. The people of your planet, although not endangering the Divine mission of transconsciousness, are hurting themselves immensely by creating a need to force the energy where it should in fact be flowing freely. The will is there on some level [to allow the energies], and as always you all ultimately have your own freewill choice – you must recognize the choice was made before you arrived in the disconnected and percepitably individualistic world of Gaia 4th-Dimension. Astringent vegetables and pure, clean water are of utmost importance, grown in local climes would be most beneficial. Balance this with protein rich nuts and legumes and organic grains and seeds. Fresh fruit is important and go with fibrous fruits such as papaya and pineapple, also bananas, peaches, pomegranate, tomato, most fruits are simply fine. When possible get lots of fresh free-current air such as on beaches or mountaintops. Get plenty of sleep and journal your dreams or speak of them with other like-minded people, or channel and share it [sort of a wink-wink joke there haha].

[P] I am Parcival. Once the ground splits off Vietnam [coast] there will be massive panic worldwide, followed shortly by India Southwest event which will set off mass waves of suicidality and chaotic looting and ruin. Your information on earthquakes must be made public before the week of these earthquakes – yes, you have the exact date range, I will provide the specific hour and date as it comes closer if necessary for truthful sharing guise. The third mark will be in Western North America. There will not be the proverbial falling California into the ocean but there will be a new water-filled crack in the central valley in California, continuing up from Baja Mexico area. It will be an immensely chaotic and brutal time such as never has been seen on Earth in hundreds of thousands of years. Although the death rates are unfathomable in your current day mentality, it will be moderately recognized by this time that the “deaths” are but transference from the 4th dimension to 5th dimensionality – it will be an honor for those people involved, you being one of them, [wtf lol, I wasn’t expecting that!...calms down] … it will be an honor for those involved to be leading the way into the new world, as it were. [after dealing with that little shock and a slight interaction, here’s more.] Involved, as I called it, does not specifically mean death of your 4th dimensional body, but simply that you will be a ferryman and be stepping between both worlds as you know you already have and do right now. [Parcival is highly amused by my surprise about this whole thing, I keep laughing. He’s radiating huge amounts of lime green energy throughout his aura in his amusement.]

[after 2-3 minute break]

[S] I am SeRenShitha of Sirius cluster. Concerning the contamination of the air and water during these tumultuous times, it is best to stockpile water jugs and filters, desalinization equipment, blankets, towels, general survival gear - please no guns and damaging equipment, it is utterly unnecessary and simply makes worse on your record to be cleaned. Best practice would be to remain serene and community oriented – you will be holding the hands of many during these times, and as your higher Self becomes more and more defined and recognized you will feel immense love for seemingly total strangers. For those unaware and unready it will be a time of utter disbelief as hordes and masses of people hold hands and hug, make love and share in soul. The Gajun, Oneness, of your species will finally be seen by nearly everyone. These times are not long off – little more than one year for the final stages of advancement.
[thought: will there still be a physical Earth for those who don’t advance?]
[S] The beings left after this 5th dimensional change of Earth Gaia will remain in a trancelike state of learning, [seen as “there” in the 5th, but] similar to certain trees and stones to you now. Currently, in your 4th dimensional worldview most stones and trees are simply as they seem, yet some people perceive some trees as having a soul, and some rocks having efficacious energies, yet they still perceive the rocks and trees as not alive in the same manner as him- or herself. The stones/rocks and trees are indeed part of the fabric of nature and do indeed contribute to the learning of Gaia. Don’t misunderstand how to treat them, feel free to throw rocks in a stream or seashore, and chop trees if you must – however please be aware some do in-fact have an owner, a living soul residing in them, paying attention to this soul essence would be beneficial for yourself and of course for the tree spirit. I am SeRenShitha of Sirius – We apologize for the shocking misunderstanding earlier and are glad it did not overwhelm you to an extreme level. I must admit I too laughed, as you call it, and enjoyed your energy buoyancy for a time.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Gajun Gajun welcome.

[P] if it is ok with you I should like to warn you upon world events indicating you should contact and share.

[Jay] That would be great, please feel free to signal me anytime. If I don’t respond immediately due to circumstances feel free to use more energy. I am very much “in this” and enjoy my role.

[J] End.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Parcival 11Mar11 second session - 4th and 5th dimension

11Mar11 session 2
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Specific questions about 4th and 5th dimensionality

Proposed questions:
Can a 5th dimensional being create a 4th dimensional body at will?
Can a 4th dimensional being who is fully aware of and awake on the 5th dimension create an alternate 4th dimensional body.
Creation of physical materials from Essence
5th dim use of symbols compared to 4th dim use of will – same thing?
Please describe in very specific detail how a 5th dimensional being empowers a 4th dimensional being while channeling.

I am Parcival of the Agarthans. I am aware of your queries and am choosing to answer some of them. I am Parcival.

It is a bit like explaining sight to a blind man for many people learning here. Although you know you are not in that group, I will explain these things you ask to a general audience because it is most crucial right now for humanity that the masses understand transdimensionality and crossing over as part of awakening their 5th dimensional body and mind. What you ask for yourself is very powerful and I may or may not answer those as you seek.

All your lives you have lived within your body. To you the idea of leaving your body is called death, although this is not actually the truthful scenario. In times which you dream your mind is fully away from your body in another place yet you do this every night you sleep. Dream and orgasm are the aspects of humanity which are closest to 5th dimensionality – it is an escape from your reality and of true pleasure and awareness. Any intense emotion can actually cause an escape although the significant number of them are very unpleasant, which is why I mentioned dream and orgasm. Intense fear or adrenaline rush can cause the separation, in fact often times people will die not from injury in a crash but because their Essence simply must separate due to incomprehensibility.

Fifth dimension body is and has always been a part of you, a part of your soul and your purpose, as you say. Imagine a wonderful lustrous scene of a forest in bloom and recognize the scents and sounds, the higher vibration, the tingle, the aliveness you encounter. Some of you will feel a tingling in the air around you, or sense an aura of color around your body. Others may hear events which are not truly there and physical at that time, a translocated thought (going on now, somewhere else like the sounds from a mall somewhere, for example) or an imprint of some past event onto the physical fabric of that space. Many people, especially people attracted to Jay’s blog and similar transmissions, will find they have always had some sort of 5th dimensional connection, either through hearing, astral envisioning, dream premonitions, hypnogogic dreamstates (aware and able to conduct your dreams), and many have aspects of wonderfully advanced intuition.

An example of someone very much in their 4th dimensional body would be a large person, strong and gruff, intense, very competitive, while unable to know empathy for others. This is very common in our world, on the surface of the planet, at this time, and has been reinforced as best practice for several centuries. It is indeed a measure of success and the winning straw in competitions of many types.

The 5th dimensional being among you will be one of fluid and aware emotions, empathic and connected with nature. They tend to enjoy water very much, or utterly hate it generally because it’s too intense a reminder. The 5th dimensional person will tend to think of all humans and animals as one entity to be cherished and balanced, they will recognize sometimes the herd must be culled, while sometimes the runt must be fed. There is strength in a different form, it is not competitive valor or intelligence, it is concretuity of Self amongst others – Gajun, as Sirians and Galactic Great Brotherhood beings might say.

Strength of Self in this way might indicate a strong will for energy work and channeling, for natural healers and servants. Your Mother Teresa and Ghandi are perfect examples of the strength of the 5th dimensional Self.

This is what is necessary for this session. Keep your questions and they will be answered by yourself or another in close time proximity.

The next major earthquake will be either Vietnam coastal region, the beginning of the three disasters, or one more precursor in the Polynesian areas I described before [I’m also picking the words Mexico City, but envisioning a quake off the coast of Baja]. Volcanic activity is starting in numerous places on our globe at this time, fear is mounting and echoes shivers of fear all throughout Gaia’s shell. This is to be expected, it will soon be time to share some precise data with internet and media in order to allay the fearful. I am Parcival.

Make contact again soon, there is much going on; should you so choose of course, this is always your decision as humans whether or not to participate in such wonders.

I do wish to mention Shayne and say there is another who wishes to develop his gifts as he wishes. He will know the name and should trust his intuition now. The being is an Agarthan.
[as this was channeled in a way that could be confusing when read, here it is in my words... Shayne, an Agarthan wants to work with you to help you develop your gifts. You will know who he or she is, you should trust yourself now.]

Selamat Gajun will soon be a household saying! Selamat Ja! It is a truly universal declaration.

Good bye.

Parcival 11Mar11 food interaction pertinent in transdimensional shift

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
food interaction pertinent in transdimensional shift

It is joyful to encounter you again. I sense the information answer period you asked for was successful.

> I shared the information and many people saw it, thank you for that.

I wish to talk. Here is some information about the underground shifts in Japan, Vietnam, India, and Polynesia. These earthquakes are different than normal and are caused by the constructural laylines of the planet – the breaking down of our 4th dimension, to enhance and enable the 5th dimensional constructs to come forth into being. Some earthquakes are along typical, known fault lines as today’s Japan earthquake [just happened a few hours ago I think] yes, a few hours ago, and the near future event in Vietnam that will baffle scientists as it is not on a known fault line and would not be expected to see such earth crust changes. There are new fault lines opening in the Pacific Ocean which I will refer to as Polynesian fault lines. Hawaii has already become more active, Tonga will see some shaking activity, along with Midway Island and many more already created land masses.  These changes are exceptionally close in time proximity, within days most likely although there are significant other situations involved in the allowance of the earth crust changes. Directly after such earthquakes occur there will be mass panic, volcanoes, tidal waves… many people will fear in their heart and souls that these are the end of times as mentioned in movies and religious texts. This is at hand now! These structural changes beginning with New Zealand, others, now Japan, then shifting in ALL associated and connected plates to these will begin. As the changes affect this region of the planet other regions will become unstable; you will see earthquakes and volcanic activity in central United States and Yellowstone will see a small eruption - it is certainly poised for a large eruption but forces are reducing and spreading or balancing this trauma and enabling it to be felt by fewer people and animals.

Gases will be released which can be toxic in high levels and uncomfortable in the least. Look into getting gas masks or various other kinds of breathing apparati. Allow for evacuation plans. Allow for freedom of movement and secession from coastal areas in quick time from the initial earthquakes.

There are some major, very significant pole anchor construct lines [envisioned one from Japan area to mid parallel Atlantic Ocean area 800 or so miles east of DC area, and one from same point in Japan to southwestern Australia – look like 200-mile wide tubes of white solid energy] which must be laid but the extrinsic affect on 4th dimensional bodies of people will cause death if they are not prepared for exit. These will obviously not be entrenched until AFTER first contact has been significantly known worldwide.

I am Parcival of the Agarthans. The time for pure, clean water, astringent clean pure vegetables from local sources to each person, berries and juices from pure sources, local not necessary, and bananas, peaches, papayas, pasty sweet fruits, these are what people must be taking in. Please consider giving up meats and tainted dairy products, so full of chemicals and poisons. You will truly notice a difference in three to four days as your body purifies the truly immense amount of poisons which you all have been taking in. It has been a field day on the mind of the followers and it is now time people took action against these Dark beasts who prey on your action.

If you feel like making love, make love. If you feel like singing, sing. Make connections with like souls as you will be holding hands as you pass from your 4th dimension world of Gaia, to the new 5th dimension of the very same Mother Gaia. She is your host and always has been and she is hosting your transition. As you do so, hundreds of thousands of you will cross from one state to another in matter of weeks – some will return or float between, or in both, as you Jay, and will help the masses. This will not be a time of fear, this is a time of glorious abundance and unimaginable freedom and pure utter joy. I have experienced this first-hand and live in both states most of the time. If I sleep I sleep in 5th, but it’s not altogether necessary for me now.

I wish you to share something:
You may not get the meaning as it is in a means which you are not typically familiar but you are a strong conduit and I trust this can come through tonight. Provide description for the map I show you and draw what you can if possible.
Deep chasm, sandy desert on top, the Sphinx to the right less than one quarter mile, more specific. Standing Northside of chasm, almost fully to Western end where rock meets rock. Stand facing 106 degrees as North is 0. Sphinx is to right at 195. Walk as crow flies 3 and 1/3 hectares to 106 vector. Speak with Doctor zh ai great father wisdom of Sphinx. He will let you into the chasm from south entrance and beware the fourth room. There is a water source where you would not expect it, this is your hidden entrance. [sort of half describing and half channeling the necklace and water area] envisioning a golden necklace with heavy amount of gold, ruby eyes, lions mane, not from Egypt history, but Ethiopia. Inscription on back of lion’s mane, like a small panel. Not inscription but like a 8 mm by 30 mm panel which can be forced off – it will ruin the amulet, that’s ok. You need the markings from inside that room [small compartment in necklace]. Leave your papers with your family before you depart. [saw wife, 18 or so year old son, 11 year old or so daughter (maybe step daughter or not quite connected in same way)]. You will emerge on the 5th dimension when you perform the act but be aware you are ready and it will fulfill that which is needed; you have and are prepared for this. I am Parcival – you have lost nothing by sharing this, but have allowed much, I thank you.

[That is for sure the most unique thing I’ve ever channeled. Felt right on though and the connection was very strong from Parcival. I don’t question it.]
[I envision a fountain, dry but aqua stones. A white stone channel which once allowed water to flow is at chest level. There is ornate but all uni-colored stonework on the back wall of the dry fountain. To the right and below the water channel, 8 cm down, 25 cm right, you will find a loose or open square section. This is your keybox. I see a doorway left of the fountain, can’t tell if it’s a dark hallway or a door that has been opened. I see a torch or similar looking alabaster and metal device there (upper right two feet inside door, higher than eye level – take it. (this was partially channeled and partially a description from vision)]

Do not include Sphinx and directions in the title. It will be found by those who need it and not as much by those who don’t. Do not bring special attention or include ego satisfaction in this post. We chose you for a reason and know you will have no issue with abiding by our wishes in this.

> Should I separate the two portions of tonight’s channeling into two different posts so I may share the earthquake portion?

Please leave channeled information as I have shared. I am Parcival. Hear it please.

Make title “food interaction pertinent in transdimensional shift” please. End.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parcival - Q & A on Agarthan Culture and Environment 08Mar11

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Questions about Agarthan culture and environment

I get some answers as in a mental video form so will be describing these in my own words, rather than actual channeled ideas or direct words as is typical. If I write my own description of a video-type communication I’ll put it within brackets.

Questions I’ll be asking:
Is your environment like a typical cave with rocks, dirt, water, algae?
Do you have species of animals that are not found on the surface of Earth?
What is the mixture of gases you breath, and percentages of each gas?
Can you breathe water? Or liquids?
Are Agarthans basically humanlike in physiology?
Are any humans or non-Agarthan sentient species there with you?
Are there different races within your culture?
What do you eat? Or how do you gain sustenance?
Does your culture have any effect on humans, if so, what and how frequently?
Could Agarthan individuals survive on the surface?
How do you react to sunlight?
Will humans be aware of your presence at some point? When?
Please describe your community, sociology – marriage, monogamy, homosexuality, kibbutz
Do you have means of long-distance travel? everday transportation?
Anything you want to share on religion, deities, enlightened beings?


I am Parcival, I am aware of your list of questions, shall I proceed answering them?

> yes, please. Thank you.

Within our home are walls of caves, but we have the capability to mould matter as we like. We create caverns, clean caverns, with various elements and crystals. We have enormous caverns like you have never discovered and crystals larger than any you’ve seen or made. We have walls of crystal used for viewing consciousness Itself, Gajun, as SeRenShitha or SaLuSa might notate. Our lightsources are living beings: moss, algaes, phosphorescent beings. Our world is clean to us but there is a mustiness so we have heard – and to answer a different question we do have visitors from Earth surface and from other Galactic entities.

The air we breathe is composed of oxygen, 61%, Nitrogen 18%, Sulfur 12% and various other small percentage minerals and elements; we have no pollution and our atmosphere, as it were, is constantly balanced and pure, again maintained by living beings of Essence and typicality.

We do not keep animals for food products or sustenance nor for pets but there are quite a number of living beings within our walls and proximity. There are fish and eels, salamanders, no birds, no quadrupeds, but many varied species, just as on surface.
We are basically humanesque with the same organs, same bones, same energy channels. Our healing is immeasurably beyond that of surface humans and we balance with energy detail mechanisms, again many alive but also some dead plants and minerals. The sustenance of the Agarthans is quite different from that of ancient humans, we have evolved much due to our change in venue and close proximity to construct lines and Earth-center energy transmittance, and thus our sustenance comes very little from food and liquid intake, but mostly from breath and transduction of energy directly through to our Self.

I am Parcival. We Agarthans rarely come to Earth-surface, although we often venture beyond. We have technologies that do not require physical entities in order to travel, fly, teleport, as you might call it, or bilocate. We do channel quite frequently and have a fair influence on some types of earthly events. When a large meeting of humans happens the energy chaos and vortices are much too much for what it should be; the construct was not truly designed to hold the energies of hundreds of thousands of people in one location and the sheer number of humans on your planet surface at this time is great. We balance those chaotic overflows on frequent occasion and allow proper channels to flow to earth-center for annihilation. We would not prosper particularly well on earth-surface. The sunlight, dryness, immense energy interactions would not suit well with our Essential way of being.

Our communities are connected and interwoven on the most intimate of levels – our energy is Gajun and we are closer to 5th dimensionality than we are to 4th as the humans are. We do not choose wives or husbands and homosexuality is not labeled as such, we all mix interwovenly and breathe the same energy. We do procreate but again it is a process of energy transversal and tangent on order to separate off a sibling. It is not a process of physical birth as you understand. This is entirely reminiscent of 5th dimensionality as the humanform reproduction was not conducive or beneficial to our culture. As you say kibbutz, we do have slight separations in grouping as hundreds of beings in a coven, then another like group near in proximity with very close ties. Imagine this as two soap bubbles touching, they could easily become one, but do in fact have a barrier and similarity.

I am Parcival. I have covered all that you ask. Concerning religion or deity we are Gajun, we are connected and One. We recognize the barriers between levels, especially aware that humans have the most separation from Gajun perceiving themselves as distinct individuals – this is not our way any longer.

[from Parcival: anything else?]

> Can you show me an image from where you live?

[really smooth ground like rock tiles, giant crystals protruding across from upper cave walls to opposite cave walls. The entire area has a dim light feel but naturally sort of iridescent and energetic – it does not “feel” dim. There was water running on the left side of the vision I saw, it glowed a slight greenish-aqua. The feeling I got was of serenity and calm, very stable ambiance, no wind. I saw beings of average to tall in height (not what I expected) with a slight greenish radiant energy flowing from them. As I’m seeing this in mind’s eye I couldn’t really say if I’m seeing this “in reality” or in aura-like vision, so who knows if they radiate green to a normal person seeing them live. I saw them from around 100 feet away]

> Are the tiles carved, natural, or created? And what are they made of?

Ground stone. Variable in make-up.

> Are the crystals natural or grown – they are awe inspiring! What is the chemical make-up of the crystals?

I am Parcival. The crystal columns and beams are willed. They are simply willed and I do not know the exact make-up, they are similar to your quartz crystals which happen in nature.

> thank you Parcival. I’m getting a sense you wish to share about a means of sharing or influencing humans. Yes?

There will be a time when your peoples meet us. We do not look significantly different so as to be spooky, but it will nonetheless cause much unneeded grief and disbelief for many humans if they are unprepared. I wish this information to get out to many because it will help the transdimensional shift which is in the works and coming quite quickly. I welcome you all to the 5th dimension of reality and truly look forward to our sharing in Gajun and peaceful interconnection and Love.

response to comments on Parcival

It is interesting to me too that the his name is Parcival. I hadn't heard it was another spelling of Percival.

Whenever I get a name while channeling I always have the entity/spirit basically "spell it", or syllable by syllable for verification. This was very clearly Parcival. I also found it very odd that during the session I used the English spelling for the word "rumor"! As a side note this seems to be a very advanced race that went underground 3,300 years ago so I wouldn't necesarily expect their names to be something predictable or associated with some particular culture from their past.

I haven't been reading any books of this genre or with medieval characters, settings, etc.

I picture a location of a being I'm channeling, whether they're on a ship, on a different continent, wherever, and I've proven this type of ability during distance healing many times, and even locating a person simply by name. When I connected with Parcival I felt him very far north of me (I'm currently in California) and underground. I envisioned him off the coast of Canada, south of Alaska but a straight line visual like that can vary quite a bit!

I appreciate all the emails and comments I've gotten about the Agarthans. If anyone can think of questions that could help with trust and verification I'd be happy to run them by. I also plan on finding out the city layout, cultural aspects of the Agarthans, etc next time I channel him.

warm regards,


Friday, March 4, 2011

Parcival 04Mar2011 - Introduction to the Agarthans

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

First time channeling this being; connection introduced by idea from SeRenShitha
I immediately connected with Parcival upon trying and felt him deep underground, north of me a long way. I actually got a big smile and started giggling at the pure energy flowing to me!
Let’s see what Parcival has to say.

I am Parcival [rough voice, very pure energy. Never channeled any being who made me feel this way – almost like a great pure meditation session]

You no doubt have questions about the state of your planet and world. I can offer you much in this regard. I am concise and quick. If you need to question me simply think it and I will answer as I see fit for your evolvement. I understand you share your channelings and [I] have been instructed by SeRenShitha of the Galactic Brotherhood of Light groups for a few areas to focus on.

The tides which your scientists have measured for some time will be changing soon. There will be utterly NO reason they can comprehend for this to happen and the information gathered will first be doubted, then researched and remain suppressed. I understand this type of information is of absolutely no assistance to you in creating trust in our relationship but I will, as SeRenShitha of the Galactic Brotherhood of Light groups, will provide information for some who have no other way of accessing it currently. The tides will change and this will cause some flooding, some damage, but most harmfully the mixing of the haloclines between salt water and fresh. The animals here in these clines are exceptional at holding the balance and many were actually created from Essence to help keep a balance in much of nature. These areas must be protected from those above because for us in the waters and underfurrow are not capable of doing so.

It is nice to meet you , Jay. Do you have questions for the Agarthans?

> There are rumours of Atlantis and another civilization which collapsed or ended up under water – what can you tell me about these? Thank you, and it’s great to speak with you.

Atlantis was a wonderful society which fell due to an energy channel breakdown within inner Earth. There is little proof of that world given your current technology and ability to research at great depths. There were two civilizations – one off the coast of what you call Africa, and one small grouping near Crete and Greece. The Crete civilization was merely flooded but sank to a deeper level upon flood. It is there for all to see but is in upheaval – the citizens were taken away by craft as they were nearly a 5th dimensional body within themselves.

> …
> Parcival?


> What is the name of the other civilization?

Those are both part of Atlantis. I am not able to pull it from your memory, yet you have heard of it.

> …
> …

> what is the lifespan of beings in your area?

250 to 300 years generally. We rarely have accidental deaths and no fighting or war.

> Where did the Agarthans come from? What is your history?

We are of upper Mesopotamia and when the Earth, Gaia, opened we were more happily supplied and protected under ground. It was a tumultuous time of Galactic battles and warring factions and we are instinctively a peaceful and loving brand of being.

> Are you aware of Earthly cultural events such as what we eat, what a “movie” is, that we get married, have laws, etc?

We are extremely aware of all that you are about including your media, internet, behaviors, sciences, moon travel, and much more, anything you want to know, we know.

> I’ve heard about some ancient Indian texts concerning extra-terrestrial wars on Earth; are these true? Can you give me the name of books to research for evidence of this? And what year approximately did the Agarthans go underground.

The wars of alterior worlds are discussed in several ancient texts including the Indian Bhagavad Gita and some Tibetan, South American, Inuit, and many African and Island cultures. It is not such a secret as you have been taught. We went underground rather rapidly in migration terms around 3300 years ago. Pre-Buddha, pre-Christ.

> I need to cease connection. I am very thankful for your connection and look very much forward to interacting again.


[The energy balanced out quickly and was a typical session. More later!]
[no idea why I used the English spelling of “Rumor”… interesting.]

Anyone heard of this?? I'dlove it if people share, I have no idea who the Agarthans were. Are they part of our history that we know of? I'll check it out but welcome any info on them.

SeRenShitha 04Mar2011 - Dimensionality

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

> The Essence behind humanity…

Selamat Gajun! I am SeRenShitha, it is I. Yes, it is a wondrous question that many upon planets in your situation endure. The beginning of life in Essence (golden amorphous energy of life and love) spreads quickly to match that which your 4th dimensional world was made of. You will notice beings literally being born into 5th dimensional states around your Earth planet accordingly (now).

The process which entails being human is one which is not difficult, it a wondrous event, but not difficult. The energy of life and love – Gajun – will by nature create that which is expected, willed, needed; it IS life. As a young child enters into a world, the Essence will perceive that which is around it and the child will become that which is expected. It will breathe and fulfill that purpose and once on the road to a willed essential being it will continue along that path until death or chosen separation. This is in fact true for all beings, all creations, all events. All this is, is simply all that is in It’s myriad forms. You value humanity and what you call life because it is all that you know, for some of you. Your perceived reality is tied to your 6 senses and the way you perceive reality. As “you” (humanity) reach a non-static change for eternality You will indeed become once again a member of the non-dual, again a member of the Unified Galactic Empires.

Individually, as it would be understood by you, the steps involved in transcending the human sheath are but a recognition of belief and upon this recognition, what some of you call enlightenment, you will cease to have the same body-map internally, and you have begun on your way to Transcendance. Many, many more people have reached this level than believe they have, it is ironic that the trust you need to evolve is an unrecognized construct, and nearly kept your planet Dark for many more millennia. If you can understand the nature of Consciousness or know that in your dreams your Self in disconnected from your sheath body, you have already reached the Eternal.

Steps to encasing this as a belief to be promoted are many, many in your world and it is, as I mentioned, an anomaly which was unexpected. You (all humans) are so tied to the 4th dimension that even once you’ve escaped it you trust not that you have left. Yes, this is true in some who have already separated from the physical, which many of you refer to as ghosts or spirits among other names. It is this construct which will dissolve once all the 4th dimensional Blue Lines have been removed and replaced by White [5th dimensional construct lines].

Heard [my questions]. The Blue construct zone which can be reached via astral travel is indeed the same construct of materiality of which I have been speaking. The rhomboid inversal constructs are indeed a part of this construct as well. The rhomboid shapes will remain and are an aspect of Essence which is much more subtle in nature than the blue lines. The White Lines being constructed about yours and several planets at this time, as such literally strewn throughout the multiverse and this Galaxy in itself, are an aspect of just-higher vibration used to allow the living 5th dimensional world of Interconnection and peace. The world being built in your Mother Gaia is has been called the “Thousand years of peace”.

As beings are evolved into living “here” there will be an inability for separation as understood now. Earth Gaia will be a truly Galactic center with much to offer the multiverses. The immense amount of Karma resolved in a structure such as your 4th dimensional Earth planet is akin to nothing before seen – it is truly an incomprehensible step in balancing Karma and truly a magnificent technology as none other since the Beginning of that which was created.

As I have said the diet and ingestion of food, water, chemicals, nano-threats is of much concern to Us. Instill in your mind that the 4th dimensional lines we are removing are created individually around every being. The stasis each of you are creating is keeping that which should be free, to remain as that which is static. You MUST take in more clean pure water, you MUST take in fruits of nature and ignore those chemicals which bring concretization into your perceived physical self. This is rapidly becoming one of our biggest concerns for your planet, as people who would be free are concrete and static, only escaping for brief instances in dreamtime. Things will change supremely once We have arrived in perceived physical form to you but the technique will be more difficult if this lesson is not taken as truth before we arrive.

I am SeRenShitha. Jay, if you wish to contact SaLuSa you may although He has many contacts already and it would serve neither of you beyond that which is. You are a thirsty one today! [for information]

The three earthquakes are still expected to happen. The India subtidal zone first followed by the off-coast Vietnam area earthquake. This will create an exceptionally large restructuring of the 4th dimensional lines which have been speaking on and will create mass havoc in many parts of the world. It will be covered on your standard Earth planet medias, lightly at first, then with a mass-panic feel to it. EXPECT us soon after this event as we will take credit for stopping the destruction of a continent and prove scientifically that what may have happened without intervention would have indeed happened.

I am SeRenShitha and I have news. There are a subcontinent lifespecies living under your world crust now and since several millennia; they are calling Themselves the Agarthans and are a more highly advanced race of beings than are the humans. It was their presence which initially caused our attention to be focused on Earth planet and the name of Her, Gaia, is their term. They have communicated frequently with shamans, medicine men and women, and numerous tribes and cultures throughout your entire history. Although the Agarthans live in the 4th dimension as you have, they have created living walls of 5th dimensionality throughout their unseen-to-you world. They have been in contact [with the Galactic Brotherhood] on 5th dimension for many, many decades. You may channel one or many of them if you choose – Parcival will be awaiting your connection if you so choose.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I am Gajun! I am Ja!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dome of the Rock UFO

This was really a question of faith for me. If you've followed my blog you'll know I am an abductee and have been in ships at least twice. I am also, obviously lol, a channeler, and have been for many years.

I believed the Dome of the Rock UFO on January 28th, 2011 in Jerusalem was real at the time I channeled about it first, and was told that it was indeed "us" (beings from the Galactic Brotherhood of Light).

Later, it was widely accepted the the Dome of the Rock UFO was a hoax for a few very plausible reasons. I was sad it was a haox because it was one of the rare instances when UFO footage was broadcast in America. It's common in most countries but America keeps nearly all UFO activity suppressed and Classified.

I took a short break from channeling, wondering if I could trust my channel and when I returned to channeling I was told the following by SeRenShitha:
It is I, SeRenShitha! I am glad to connect with you once again, Jay. It is with pure understanding I accept your break in our speeches. In regards to your question about our ship over the Dome of the Rock – this was not a hoax, as you say. The information is incomplete and biased and some even altered [> got a sound image of the women talking in one video], this is part of the ongoing preponderance of force trying to keep our presence hidden from view. There is no need to focus on these events from before, in very short order, we will be known to all! There will be no means to hide what we have planned and your continued wish of our interaction provides we will indeed show ourselves and increase awareness of much of your masses.
Now.... another video has been released showing a secure weather camera shot which caught a few shots of the UFO! I have only seen this posted on a Mexican UFO show, and not actually seen the weather website direct links, and in the realm of UFO videos you always gotta be sure! I'm inclined to believe this is the real deal, take a look at the latest video if you're interested.

Warm regards,


p.s. the video of the woman's voices, which I was "told" by SeRenShitha was faked was NOT included as proof in the Mexican video! this to me gives it even more potential they did their homework.

SeRenShitha 03Mar11

Channeling session 03Mar11
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

I am SeRenShitha from Sirius. It is with pleasure that we converse once again.

I know you questions about your upper energy bodies, levels 4 and 5 dimension. Part of the work being done on this location at Earth planet is the disintegration of oldening structure lines for the material, to be and being replaced by 5th dimensional structure lines of white, rather than blue. Some of this will be beyond your readership but as normal please understand we are allowing various information to come through you for those who are currently unable to ascertain this information elsewise.  We discussed the structural lines in past sessions but as you have noticed your 5th dimension energy being is alive in ways you have never before experienced. We are truly advancing to a non-veil reality for your inhabitants.

I am SeRenShitha; trust yourself and that information Is accurate. You have been prepared for this. Please consider initiating our sessions in a time when you have more capability of focus and non-sleepworth feeling.

I am SeRenShitha. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
The state of your world at this time is uproarious and melenscious [questions word…] without holding back. In governing bodies of many African countries are agents who will indeed bring change and positive access to information, lowering strictness, and resources for many more people who have been in the depths of battle simply for survivals. Your Earth planet is indeed a spectacle to behold and unprecendented numbers of watchers have been gathering over this last year or two. As you just witnessed some are not here for the benefit of freedoms, knowledge, and having your peoples as a Brotherhood to the Galactic Federations. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!!

I am SeRenShitha. It is again time for your people to recognize that what you take into your body makes a difference! You MUST have much and plentiful water in your systems as the structured 4th level lines administering past needs to your planet and vibratory bodies is no longer needed but yet you hang on as though it were your dying wish. It should not be so difficult but you MUST have passion for change and growth and awareness on these new levels of reality. Your Self which is alive is indeed alive on the 5th level; MANY are entirely unable to comprehend this fact and are instead focusing on 4th dimension survival instead of 5th dimension living. As each of your 5th dimensional body increases both in detail and purpose, awareness, energy synthesis, Gajun-mind, and general Galactic consciousness you will find absolutely NO purpose for having your 4th dimension body. It is a shell and literally something which should not be held on to.

I am SeRenShitha – heard [my question]. There will be numerous steps in the awareness factor toward these 5th dimensional bodies. As our presence is more open and aware people will naturally question that they have been lied to, PURPOSEFULLY, for millennia and there will cultivate a natural desire for the advancement.  A strong need for local healers will indeed be one other factor. As the chemicals which are being administered and sold on you become toxic, there will be need for many more energy workers in your realms. These people, yourself included, will be pullers of energy and will truly transform the need for 4th to 5th in one step.

Heard [my question]. This will not be seen as death or killing the body because it will become a general understanding that the 5th body is so, so much more advanced and connection-filled, Gajun, that the desire for a 4th body will indeed fall by the weighside.

Ships: We have pulled back slightly due to various outer-solar system influences. We are in no way threatened from keeping this planet in the Divine Path for Connective Advancement but do indeed need to deal with the imbalanced will for change. There are some who wish to stop the enlightenment of souls, and yes there are repercussions in your doing so. As balance sways in one direction there are indeed others who fall further into the Dark realms. One thing to cherish and remember always is that ANY civilization which is ready for advancement will be a million-fold more valuable for the preservation of light than would any civilization floundering on the edge. “Would you save a flea to sacrifice a dog?” might go suitingly in this situation.

I am SeRenShitha. Alcatar has been carrying on significantly more workload in connecting with new talkers and sends his best wishes. He has pride that you were his first contact here on Earth planet and so hopes we (Gajun) will meet in skin (5th self) [  > I think this means he (Alcatar) wishes that I make it through a transition to a 5th-only energy body.]

There is more. You… personal.