Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hello friends,

I am still remaining open to when I may start channeling again. I "check in" with the conscious beings once in a while but haven't done any sessions. I appreciate you riding along on this experiment with me and hope it has brought answers, curiosity, open-mindedness, and lessened fear.

I wish you all happy holidays for whichever ones you may be celebrating this time of year!


(part of the 99% and very excited about the changes rolling through our wonderful world. We chose to be here, now and I'm thankful for this place we call home and what it may become!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update... not channeled

I've been getting a few emails lately enquiring if I'm ok, etc. so, thanks for checking on me! and, here's a little update.

I don't really know if I'll be channeling again. It crosses my mind once in a while but channeling, as with many paranormal things, requires some intention and focus and some time. Although channeling sessions might take half hour or so I also need to be more aware in general for "psychic protection", answering questions (which I happily do), and the day-to-day mindset of being in contact takes some energy too.

Right now I'm focusing on my family, coaching soccer, and also had a wonderful Summer vacation.

I like this blog and am excited about the information that was channeled. I hope more people find it now and then and that it answers some questions, pushes the envelope of the normal, and helps bring us closer to the eventual disclosure that non-human and non-earth beings are alive and interested in making an ongoing interaction with us, when we're ready.

My original goal with this recent channeling was to explore it, practice it for a time when I'll need it, and just see what's out there. I have accomplished those things. I know that when more advancements come with our off-planet friends I have already made myself known as a channeler and will be able to step in as "translator" and guide when the time is right.

I may still do sessions again but now is not the time for me (although it could change anytime, I don't know when).

I really cherish the community that has been built around this channeling - we are people who will make a difference in this planet's future and I thank you all for checking in and being part of something bigger than the typical normal life we've had created for us.

warm regards, Light, and Love,


p.s. Some people have said they check my blog everyday. So first, thank you, but also I don't want you to waste your time. I'll make an email list and send out a notification when/if I start channeling again so you'll be the first to know. If you'd like to be on it just send your email.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey everyone,

Thanks for the emails and messages. I am fine but not channeling/blogging for a few reasons at the moment. The short answer is that my laptop and phone both died in the same week (as well as general weirdness with most electrical things I use!); it's pretty bizarre. Got my phone back but the laptop will be a few more days.

Also, I have a personal integer issue with the missed dates for specific earthquake predictions - I REALLY do not want to create fear and drama. I can say I fully expected an earthquake during that June time-frame but nothing happened. I recognize time doesn't translate well in channeling and I'm still debating how I feel about providing these messages. Many people have mentioned the overall message is great and from a place of Love, and I agree but I just need some time off from it.

I expect I will begin channeling again in a month or so - just a gut feeling. I fully get the sense there is more info I need to pass on but will just follow my instinct in not pushing for it now.

I have gotten some specific questions and will go ahead and connect to get those answers if I can. I'll post them as a comment after this post.

Again, thanks for checking in. I recommend Rebecca Garner's connection as she posts many channeling sessions from Light sources. I found her on Facebook but you can also find her if searching for SaLuSa and the Galactic Federation.

Warm regards,


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shar-Cru Sol message 29Jun11

Shar-Cru Sol
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
June 29, 2011
Shar-Cru Sol message

I am Shar-Cru Sol of the Galactic Federation of Light. I am of the Pleiades, as you know it. Your attempt to connect with me was most unusual; I have never felt compelled to offer advice to your planet but as you have melted to me I will happily share as maybe there are more with similar styles to yours whom I may be missing an opportunity.

One of the most devastating issues upon your planet at this particular time is the vast amount of unneeded chaotic energy. These waves and radiation are doing a horrible detriment to your Love, your connection to the Divine, and even to your very Health of organism. It would be in the interest of your Humanity to develop shielding devices and suits that will keep out the constant barragement of fracturing and unneeded energy beams, waves, and particles from interfering.

One of the major sources of these fracturing entities is the genetic altering of nearly everything you ingest. This is being done by a small group of people, many of whom do not know the repercussions of such altering, but nevertheless are creating a havoc of horrific magnitude. For those typical denizens of Earth – your body is a three-dimensional archetype which your mind “uses” as a means to exert will on other energy around you. When taking energy courses into your body which are designed to disrupt Love it creates a means of Anxiety and disconnect from your true purpose. These chemicals and radiation waves have been purposefully designed by off-Earth beings in cahoots with some Dark forces on Earth. One of their main purposes is to create non-Love, non-flow, non-functional will, and they are surely winning in their battle.

As the Dark Ones, as we refer to them, continue in making humans into non-willful slaves it is simply a matter of time before the still-aware versions of humans are rounded up and killed. Things will change in the long term but there needs to be a wake-up call! The enormous percentage of humans right now are simply not capable of taking willful action.

I said I took this query because I wondered if there are more. As I understand this message is going out to a connection source I will pass along one final message for the masses:

Do not be afraid to fight. You believe you are being taken care of but you are not. You believe in your governments and courts and work-bosses but what you are failing to enmind is that those groups are not the ones in battle over you! They are not the ones to be fought. There is a very small group of people and other beings who are controlling nearly every aspect of your mind through the above means as well as others. Find these few and destroy their ability to continue ruining humanity.

In Jubilance,

Shar-Cru Sol

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Disclaimer about Predictive aspects of this blog

There have been roughly 10 predictions for disastrous events, mostly large earthquakes, on this blog; many have come true quite precisely. But, several have not come to fruition including the latest one which was very specific. I hold integrity as extremely important and so have decided to include the following disclaimer at the end of any post in which a prediction is made.

Disclaimer: Although the Spiritual message of this blog holds a wondrously advanced and loving wisdom the time-specific aspects, such as earthquake predictions, have not shown to hold an acceptable level of predictability. Please accept those parts of the blog as you see fit - they may hold some purpose, even if not to warn of specific timed events.
(end of disclaimer)

This issue has been seen in channeling in even the most famous of channelers. I believe it has to do with the contantly changing nature of our perceptions as well as the fact that most of the beings being channeled do not live under the constraints of time as we know it, thus making the communication of timed events something that may not be possible within the confines of channeling. I do believe some people can gain knowledge of timed events through various Psi phenomena and esoteric means; I am not one of those people.

Earthquake scientific stuff I've learned recently:
I've been watching earthquakes along the U.S. West coast, and around the world, each day for the last few months (since the California prediction). I've learned quite a bit about earthquakes since that prediction and wouldn't be surprised if we do have a big one in the near future.
I found that the location described in the prediction is called the Mendocino Triple Junction (MTJ), near Eureka, California. It is the spot where the San Andreas fault meets the Juan de Fuca fault, and also is the subduction zone where two tectonic plates meet. This location has been noted by Geologists as a place to expect a "mega-thrust" quake, because the Juan de Fuca fault is stuck in place while the subduction and San Andreas fault remain active. A mega-thrust quake will happen when the Juan de Fuca fault lets loose. This section is also related to the huge amount of magma under Eastern Oregon, Wyoming, and Southern Idaho. So although the prediction didn't come to fruition I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the event actually occured in the near future. Stay safe: have an earthquake preparedness kit, know how to turn off the gas, have food and water for a week or more, maybe even a "bug out bag" in case you need to leave in a hurry.

 Thank you all for visiting and having the open mind to read something like this blog. I believe our world is at a turning point and I am thankful to have all of us connected through this forum. Please feel free to email me or post comments in the blog.


Jay Bland

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Innate Comprehension / 15 June 2011

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Innate Comprehension
(channeled title)

About two months ago there was a shield placed specifically between SeRenShitha and I. It was static and just seemed to be a specific frequency that made it harder for me to contact her; it was not placed by her or any of the light beings I have interacted with. The attempted block has now changed quite a bit and is like a thick molten tar-like substance that is a continual and active blocking attempt. It reminds me of witchcraft for several reasons. The tar barrier is annoying and makes contact more difficult but it is certainly not keeping me from connecting; I have dealt with things like this many times. I have not yet decided to investigate and stop the source of the blocking but I will forcefully stop it if it continues. This is not a challenge and I don’t wish to get into anything like that. The channeled information from SeRenShitha and others will continue to be made available regardless of attempted blocks.


I am SeRenShitha of Sirius Star Cluster. I am a Representative of the Galactic Federation of Light among other groups whom wish Ascention and peaceful willing of energies throughout the multiverse, in all levels. The purpose of your 4th Dimension is well understood and known by those above and will continue in specific Chosen Places and Circumstances but the time for Earth Gaia to provide this service is coming to an end. We are here now to help with your Ascention properties: unsatisfied Karma, 5th Dimensional interconnection, peaceful transition, family re-connection, and many other purposes. My message today is about some of those benefits.

Earth planet from its beginning of the most recent era – roughly 3500 years ago – has been a homeland of lies and power struggles. From the beginning of religions to the myriad forms of slavery known since the Sumerians, the Assyrian Empire, to Egypt to Israel, the whole has been about keeping You ignorant to the true nature of the Universe (within the larger Multiverse most of you cannot comprehend at this point).

This “lie” has been needed – can you guess why? Because if you knew the true Gajun, the true nature that reality as you comprehend it, as you perceive it, is not “real”, you would stop the system. Do not be angry, you chose to come and be part of this system as you had an intimate and entirely true perspective – albeit without experience; nonetheless you chose to come.

This perception you, most of you, hold – that you are individuals and separate – is needed in order for the 4th Dimensional work to be done. And indeed it is truly of wondrous value in the whole of things.

How can you simply step away now? Will it involve “ending your life”? Will war and cataclysm be a necessity? Will Earth Gaia continue to support Life as she has, and will humans be alive on Her? All very valid questions.

We are very aware of what you are going through; we have seen it before within the constraints of many planetary systems. We know your understanding of the read word, the spoken word, the musical intonations. I have a story – read it aloud.

I was with my best friend, we laughed and strolled happily. Into the movie theatre and the movie started. I drank tea and ate popcorn and popped fully into the film with the first drama! Moving in my seat, lurching back at the car scene, leaning forward to the kiss. I felt it with every fibre, I breathed fast, I panted and held my breath, … I sighed. When the screen went black and the silent emergency door was opened I saw the sunlit trees and dirt outside – it jarred me happily back into my reality. My friend and I laughed together as we both felt the sameness of the event. The movie was over… we could always rent it again, but for now, it was ‘walk outside, smell the air, see the landscape and the textures of the buildings, the lines on the roads… all of life was for me to know.’

Your life is a movie.

Do you shed a tear for the actors when the movie you see is done? Do they “die” when the credits roll? You get my point.

I am SeRenShitha.
As time passes you will see death, you will see birth, you will see what you perceive as mental insanity, you may very well be labeled as insane because you care, you wonder, you talk to that which others cannot see. Birth is never an easy scenario and it will not be for you either. What will you do if you see a ship in the air and so do your children, but your husband does not? What will you do if the person next to you gains the power of flight or the ability of projecting weapons from her hands? The Shift will be like running into and outside a movie theatre, trying to keep track of both… only to realize you were going between two theatres. Walk down the hallway, find the exit, and fly into the sky.

I am SeRenShitha. I understand that envisioning something which has never been seen, never been imagined, and not before labeled as real is difficult. Imagine as I said – imagine the theatre exit, imagine waking from a dream, Plato’s Cave… these speak of reality. When you can imagine your body as merely a character, an actor in a play, it’s time to shed the character, break from the eggshell you’ve been living in.

In 5th Dimension Reality, Gajun, you will feel Love with every moment. You will be tied to everyone as though you are a babe suckling a mother’s breast. This power will override every decision, every purposeful action, and you will always be in full satisfaction. If you could feel this in human form you would likely die instantly from the pure over indulgent feeling of heart-open. It will be a short year or two at most before these choices come to you. Hold Love in your mind, daily, at every breath if you can. When your time to Ascend comes, step from that movie theatre in confidence and embrace Gajun knowing your family is waiting. Know that every being makes their choice and every choice is as passionate, as heartfelt, and “right” as yours is.

On your planet you cannot know another’s mind; you are innately separate. Recall this thought when your time to Ascend is on you. Your decision is for YOU to make. Do not think someone else can make it for you, do not think you can decide for someone else. In your choice to be individual on earth… be individual in this decision, moreso than ANY other decision in your entire existence. When the time comes, you will know your mind.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

expect another session soon. Thanks for checking in!

I've been getting emails from many of you seeing if I'm alright and still channeling. Things are a little crazy and I've lost my home-office for a while due to construction. I'll be back soon though! Thanks for the warm thoughts and messages.

I've read a few sessions by SaLuSa lately and highly recommend you check them out if you haven't already!

warm regards,


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Purpose and Incarnation 25 May 11

25 May 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland
Purpose and Incarnation

I am SeRenShitha of star cluster Sirius. Although our society started on the second planet away from the largest star, what you call Sirius A, we have evolved to inhabit the frequency of energy and Spirit which we desire. You will learn that when non-corporeal it is, obviously, not a mandate that you remain standing on a world, on a planet, on soil-ground. As the frequency of a planetary body emits a certain frequency it affects all that lives on its surface and within. For my societies we choose to live in all sections and all energy mixtures throughout our solar system: some within the stars themselves, some within the planets themselves, even well within the very centre of said planet. Some live in societies more similar to your own, with the soul inhabiting a body and a near dual belief system abided by. Why am I telling you about our solar system now? because you too will someday have that freedom of Eternal fluidity.

Your earth planet has been undergoing changes for several years. Some of you are aware of some of these changes but most are not. The most obvious signs are the grumblings from within your earth planet, the highly increased earthquake activity, the gas releases and increasing land mass of your earth planet, increased solar activity, and increased volcanic activity. Within your Earth there are being layn enormous columns of energy. Your earth planet has always had beams such as these but they have been a lower-awareness frequency, enabling lower frequency minds, but now they have been changing. The original blue hue structural lines carried a resonance of individualness for the inhabitants, a sense of concreteness in your person, a need for competition amongst the fearless and the strong, the highly intelligent and the wise. As the new structural laylines are created they will allow your Earth to resonate at a higher-awareness 6.52 [lower] resonance that previously was only enforced by meditation or rare highborn minds. We have discussed previously what a new world this will create.

I am SeRenShitha. There are being set down some alignments in the politics of your planet as we have predicted. Your Middle East and African North have experienced a wonderful change in citizen upheaval saying outwardly, ‘set us free!’, this is an empassioned wonder that all humanity should be cherishing. Most of the world’s leaders are still however tied in with the economic elites and Dark Ones in most cases. There has been a very conscious sway by the Dark Ones to roil the public effort into one that is controlled by the Kings. It is very, very easy for your people, your everyday citizenry, to relax into mental oblivion, forgetting ultimately what is going on around yourselves. The burgeoning tide of human sovereignty has been carefully directed to revetment by your media and it seems each seven days there is an utterly new Earth as you forget what is important and what you desire from one period to the next.

Ultimately the Dark Ones will lose and fail but it is with such sadness and tremendous loss of life the more time that is wasted. As more people wake up the Advancement will be natural, simple, as easy as waking from a dream. As more people remain oblivious to the Dark Ones’ Agenda and stay entwined in their self-centered material, physical lives it will ultimately lead to tremendous more unneeded deaths. This is sad and not healthy for your Mother Gaia. Each and every soul is intimately tied into the whole of Creation – as one becomes Conscious it is as natural as a baby being born to loving parents; as one dies up in cinders because the system failed him or her it is as an unfertilized egg. We have seen this many times, on many planets and there are step after step after step we will take before the Ultimate Divine Decree of Final Advancement. It is however a yearning, a hope, that each next civilization will learn to reach It easier and more efficiently precisely when the time is come.

There was a question on spirit people and the evolution of the soul – I’d like to address this.
Living in Duality, where you each think of yourselves as utterly separate and individual, is something which cannot be imagined in Gajun, in Oneness. It is why places like your earth planet are in existence, for the One to imagine the many. Within the sphere of your Duality is a material-Spiritual barrier that keeps the souls within the system. The souls within this system are born, live, die and sometimes reincarnate all within the sphere. The sphere will remain intact until the final Advancement, at which time the veil entirely dissolves leaving Oneness throughout. When a soul enters a body it will generally stay there until death, with a few accidental and a few purposeful exceptions. The soul at that point is free to remain in a semi-Gajun state, what some call Heaven or “the other side” among many names. These after-death souls have quite a free reign for learning and sometimes even opt for another lifetime. Any given soul within the sphere will most likely incarnate at some point before the End even if only for a moment in an unborn child - the experience is pre-chosen with specific appointments. On occasion these after-death souls, and sometimes pre-birth souls, will act as guides or influences, often called angels, guides, spirits and many, many other names; they are recognized by every culture on the planet.

I am SeRenShitha, I will meet you soon. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!


(channeled 25May11 just before midnight, posted 26May11)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'd like your opinion on something (earthquake & disaster predictions)

The channeling sessions in this blog have made quite a few earthquake predictions. Some are right on: The Vietnam quake was predicted 4 days and 8 days before, 100 miles from epicenter.  Some are vague like the Japan earthquake, tsunami which had basically zero predictability and no location given but after-the-fact described the Japan disaster precisely.

The blog has predicted, with variable validity, about 8 earthquakes out of 10-11 predictions. Again, there's some variability so although it's pretty amazing in some ways it's up to you if you value the information.

RIGHT NOW we are in the time frame for a major earthquake off the coast of California - a 7.9 magnitude quake off the coast of Eureka CA. The time frame is between May 17th and June 15th, with May 26th as the official prediction. SO consider being prepared for this if you live in the area.

Here's what I'd like your opinion on...

How do you feel about the predictions? are they valuable to you? do they cause fear? how accurate do you feel they have been?


I removed a portion of this shortly after posting. It was concerning the Okhotsk tectonic plate and something mentioned on 12Feb11, but I removed it as it seems to be unrelated to the Japan earthquake, despite being on the same fault.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ducks in a Pond - 15 May 2011

15May 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Ducks in a Pond
(channeled title)

I am SeRenShitha of star cluster Sirius. An agenda is in order: it is time to take action and people, nearly all of you, have no comprehension of even a first step. I will provide the steps to you as have been seen on countless planets infected by dualism. Dualism is all you know – it is being human, living in a physical world, taking food and energy via mouth and vein only, it is seeing oneself as solely individual as though you yourself are a world of your own, there is no Gajun, only separation. This is nothing to feel poorly about, nor anything to regret – your soul has gained thousands of years worth of experience by taking on such a blindness as duality. There is still a recognition of self and years once you cross to this realm, and there is still sustenance and love and even partnership, although it is much different than you know. I will now bring forth some steps that have been in form for star birth to death and beyond. This is a truth.

As a speaker for the Galactic Federation of Light, the Galactic White Brotherhood, and the Pleaideans I bring forth these steps as a means for the conversion from duality to non-dual Love and Gajun.

1) Love. It is very simple.
Live with an understanding that each of you, every person, has a unique and valuable purpose on Earth. Value him or her or whichever way they prefer to be recognized as a valid wonder in the Divine plan. Do not judge and separate – only Love and value all things.

2) Integrity.
Know yourself and live by those words you discover. Just as you should not judge and separate others, also do not do this to yourself. Know what you feel and what you desire and what you value and take them into your heart as if that were all that matters in the existence of the world. Within this frame is a recognition of Love – if you love others and respect them as valid souls, as yourself, you could never have the seed of selfishness that could steal or harm or step upon these souls. They ARE you as you each have a singular purpose among the whole of It All.

3) Work. This is a fundamental aspect.
Within Love and Integrity is Work – although sometimes hidden. You will recognize that if you know your soul and find it In Love, as part of the Whole of It All, you will understand that work is blissful experience of heart. This for many will be difficult to understand as work has been turned against you in the slavery of your planet for millennia; if you find yourself seething at this thought remove your job and rules and control and limitations from your view – let yourself be one in the completion of a task, let yourself feel the strength of a waterfall flowing as it should, it doesn’t work to hit the ground, it simply is. When you know your heart and you know your place, work will naturally flow as lessons come to your soul. Take Action toward what you love and call that work.

4) Karma.
There are hidden in the construct of duality a number of life purposes. You have no doubt found something you feel you needed to do in this lifetime, or a specific purpose, relationship, disease, or helpfulness as you progress through your “linear life”. Some lessons are imbedded and must be lived through before you advance, most lessons are balancing of the universal sum, and some you are simply at the right moment to help another. There are many things which must be accomplished by each soul while they are incarnate. This is never known to the soul – it is written into the vary make-up of physicality that you cannot know your every listed purpose as this would be the causal deconstruction of the life itself. Mystery of the true reality is one aspect that keeps the sum from balancing – until It’s time is ready.

It is hidden within these four – the meaning of life and the means of escaping it.  Knowing your purpose and that the whole is in your hands, working for what you cherish and for what you know you must do, experiencing your Karmic pre-chosen lessons and dissolving them. It is a simple essence when you focus on yourself and your soulmates of Earth. There is a lesson to follow: waves in a pond of splashing ducks.

When the ducks fly recognize the largest waves melt into the pond, then the smaller waves do the same. The ripples subtly start dissolving as well and eventually there are but small ebbs and flows until a glass surface reflecting the setting sun is all that is left.

There is a separation which must be recognized – some of you are meant to rule and some are meant to submit; you made this choice before you incarnated. Within your lifetimes you will learn both sides. As you bully another into tears of submission or fall to the ground in helplessness you will experience both sides.

It is NOW that you need to know yourself. Know that if you are the conqueror there was One who needed to be conquered. If you are the kind nurse of the elderly recognize that there are others who will take advantage and steal your generosity to create your pain. When you know yourself, but create a loving emersion into Oneness you will KNOW, which will save you, that you have played your perfect piece as have all others in your path have played theirs. Release judgment, anger, hatred, ego, dominance, lust as these will tie you to others in an unhealthy manner.

Recognize that when you carry “the four means” you can know your purpose: Love, Integrity, Work, and Karma. Pay special attention to those aspects of this truth that don’t feel right to you, pay close attention to the parts you skim over as it is in your nature to happily skim past that which benefits, as you expect it will hurt. This is a dichotomic nature of duality, an irony that keeps the sum unbalanced. It is time to create balance, but within the equation – all those who don’t follow the four means will vehemently fight the balance with every single last breath and fist.

To find the glass surface you must know yourself – imagine the peaceful calm of love and acceptance. Have gratitude as if the balance had already happened. Your Essence is already becoming one, many of you are sensing this, allow yourself to find the balance and bring forth that which you were meant to do.

In your world of physical struggle and selfishness, striving to survive, constant feeling of fighting for what you need you will find that allowing the most subtle of feelings to come forth is a task within itself. Take time to find nature around you – this can be as slight as a small plant or a bee, watch the clouds form or the dust blow. Let the sense of balancing fall upon you… let Nature’s breath fill your lungs as you walk or quietly sit.  When stories play in your mind know that you made the exact perfect decision you were supposed to – you are not a victim nor is the person you conquered. Balance is universal and every piece is needed to fulfill the expected Oneness and fulfill your Advancement.

Selamat Gajun. Selamat Ja. With Peace and Love and Light of Gajun from each of the Orders mentioned. We are with you.


Monday, May 9, 2011

America the Everlasting Meadow - May 09 2011

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
America the Everlasting Meadow
(channeled title)

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius cluster. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! It is pleasant to interact after this hiatus.

Much of your planet is shifting right before your eyes, as you know. The sheer number of souls coming into recognition of their higher energy bodies is truly making your Earth planet and concentric spheres glow like the sun! So, so many channelers and dream-souls coming to share with Us, learn from Us, simply visit Us and look from above. It is such a glorious and beautiful time for Gaia, for the souls of your Earth planet, souls entwisted into your Karmic Ethereality, and for the Divine purposes Itself. It is a wondrous sight to behold and a magnificent triumph for Light Being universally. I value this Ascention and Advancement so much and welcome all who hear this message into Gajun, happily!

There are significant and valuable conferences being held within what you know as Russia right now [picturing central Eastern Russia north/northwest of Tajikistan area; in a major city]. There are delegations from many countries opposing the Dark Ones and specifically America as a whole due to the ignorant following of said agenda. You will soon see many previously hidden contributors and Constitution-makers coming forward openly to call for the End of the United States of America. You will see the end of your American Dollar and there will be a short but severe hardship within the constrains of your borders. Heard. “Constrains” is chosen because your borders will be sealed during the time of upheaval. This is very much finished and solely a finishing-touch scenario at this point. Do not be surprised when numerous countries call upon the demise of your Federal Reserve, banking industry, and the forced dissolution of the loans in America’s name. Heard. You already know what to do. It has been mentioned in this very forum: stock up food, keep your peaceful self about you – most importantly, communicate with local sources and create bridges of community now before any loss of communication services, define meeting places for peacefulness and food-sharing. Envision a 5th dimensional world and your beloved America will truly be once again a trend-setting glorious force in the world! Your country of United States of America will be the first large block to fall, with obviously a chain effect throughout the planet. The workers of Light and adherents of Institutionalized connectedness of beings are using the ignorant follower mentality of Americans in their favour to create a buzz of flourishing community worldwide. The seeming horrific times of foodlessness and strife will be very short-lived, but as I said difficult to see the end while entrenched.

I am SeRenShitha and I will be meeting you All face-to-face as mentioned. This is variable in timing and is unpredictable from 12 to 12 [half-day to half-day?]. There will be signs but as yet I am unable to label them with any predictability for you. I wish that you stay cheerful that times will come and things in your world will change! It is not far off and a small variation to Us may show as a few months to each of you. Be positive! We are standing at your door and will soon knock loudly and clearly.

Much of the construct work in the Southern hemisphere is moving along in planned fashion. You have seen an earthquake in between Australia and Madagascar as mentioned, although smaller than expected. There will be a reasonably sized earthquake [6.6 came to mind] in the next few weeks off the shore of Madagascar but it will not bring much notice or issue; this is the sealing of the Western end of the cross beam construct between those two aforementioned locations. There are some who are against you, many who follow you with questions, and some who blindly follow you – as we have said many times we chose you for specific reasons and all is as planned. I will provide specifics for earthquakes which will cause much damage, otherwise this is not a circus and sharing beyond your blog is not necessary in some cases: such as the 6.6 just mentioned. You [Jay] were correct in waiting for the seas to clear.

I am pleased with your species’ ability to connect simply via your sharing of words. I have “Personally”, by name, had dozens of channelers and resultant channeling sessions with people who found me through our interactions. Many I have set to connect with other Gajun souls, some I have kept on to speak with directly. One of You will actually be meeting me live in person, directly, when I appear – you know who you are and of our deals made. This connection through all of you is pleasing to Us.

There was a question – shall I answer it now?

> Yes please – a question on whether there is an agenda to drastically lower Earth’s population and if so who is behind it.

I am SeRenShitha. There are many rumours of such an event but I know nothing of such an agenda. There are indeed tunnels in Northern countries and African countries and food and seed storage vents. There are indeed many locations to hold people as cattle. There are many signs which point to such an agenda but strive to look past the fear and possibilities to see there are alternative reasons such practices and locations could be needed. I do hear of Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones and the theories of the Pyramids and Stonehenge and numerous rock formations – recognize that your human mind can create anything it desires. If you wish to see nature and mathematics in anything, literally anything at all, it can be found. Mathematics and your string theory ideas are true to the nature of Our Universes and can be breathed in as water to a fish. I recommend for those who have fear, turn that fear into rageful beneficience and start building your imagination, your eye in your mind, start taking action to building something better, something interconnected to one-another… what you dream will become. Take those seeds and plant the future. If you take your seeds of pain and strife and meditate on them you are hurting more than your own will to live – do not do it. It will be far easier in your very early future. Remember to be One! Selamat Gajun! And be One in happiness! Selamat ja!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a little time off for personal injury

Hi all,

thanks for visiting and contributing. I've had a bit of a strain to my neck and am taking easy for a while. On pain meds and lying around so not in the best state of mind for channeling. If I feel led to I'll do it but plan on taking a week off or so.

Warmest regards,

Remember to stay positive, smiling, and in the light! Temet nosce!


just in case anyone's curious this has nothing to do with anything astral or anything in that vein.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dark Agenda 30Apr11

30 April 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Dark Agenda  (channeled title)

> Prologue: I’ve been unable to channel SeRenShitha for a few weeks or so. She’s been building what she refers to as a “transmission body” which is sort of like what we might do if we were going to astral travel (in separating and building up an energy body). Both are a medium for bridging the gap between dimensions. Think of hers like an avatar, from the movie of the same name.

> I don’t mean to be dramatic but I’ve been forced to deal with quite a number of various entities and things that are attempting to take energy, attempt confusion, disrupt my dreams, block channeling attempts, etc. This isn’t that uncommon for someone who’s a channeler or distance healer, among other things, but it is annoying and takes a bit of time and energy to keep clean (energetically) and capable. I nearly always avoid entities and such just by keeping my energy to myself and through a mindset of meditative awareness but lately the attacks have been unavoidable. I don’t know if it’s related to this blog or not but it won’t stop me from doing this. At worst I’ll repeat myself more often to ensure veracity and validity – I do not write anything unless I’m sure I’m getting it right from the source, to the best of my awareness. If I do stop often to verify expect some choppiness or lack of continuity.
One reason I wrote this is because I’m seeing what seems like a purposeful shield between SeRenShitha and my “self” for channeling.

I am SeRenShitha, Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
There is indeed a shield between us. It is purposeful but isn’t working very well, now eh? There are many things I wish to speak of and it has been quite some time. I do sense we are being discussed and which may cause an annihilation of our current channel. We shall continue as you are able.

I am SeRenShitha.
There are a great many lies going on in your world at this time – it seems more than ever before. This is to be expected and will only continue. It is appealing irony because as more and more lies are being told to hide the truth, more and more people begin listening to true sources, rather than the false ones of sort. You will eventually see a destruction of the internet but it is far, far off as all sides and purposes use this tool of communication for benefit. There are some things, such as what I told you of the internet that you should never concern yourself with. There will be rumours and false tales but they are irrelevant as they are so far off, and in close proximity to your advancement and peace.

A treaty was made behind the back of many people in power. It is another step in the bringing down of the various Dark Ones and a true embarrassment for many of them. That which I speak of is the delivery of a false birth certificate for your Obama of the United States. It is quite clear that any group member chosen to be President has great power and ability at his or her disposal and amongst their team. Compare the delivery of a false birth certificate to the typical story of a boxer throwing a fight so as to lose on purpose; although in this case it was unknown to Barack Obama that an obvious fake would be provided. It is the poisoning I have spoken of thrice.

We are in a reprieve from empowering the energy channels within Earth planet at this moment. The Japan earthquake was quite larger than what was expected due to various reasons and we do not wish to create such havoc by empowering Southern Hemisphere lines. We were not at fault for the Japan earthquake of March 2011 but earthquakes are a byproduct of what your earth Gaia is undergoing. There will still be continued regular earthquake activity including the predicted version for California coming soon. It will be large and efforts are being taken to ensure no parties can exacerbate the shift.

I am SeRenShitha. Your scientists have been finding many more civilizations throughout space and it will not be long before the perfect coordinates are attained by people who will no longer hide the facts of other civilizations. As many things it will begin small and will be mostly forgotten but do not worry, at a specific time in your not far future you will have an answer that is undeniable. I have said this many times and it is still the case. The Dark Ones have already lost.

In answer to a question with merit: The Dark Ones have a wisdom tradition of selfishness and greed. They have been on your earth planet for several millennia and were directly taught by some of the creators. Religion is under their control and has always been a tremendous guise for power. Their first and foremost goal is to keep the inhabitants of Earth planet ignorant to continuity and peaceful inseparation. A species of human beings who all know the truth of reality would immediately illegitimize that vary reality. As I say, individuism and selfishness are a mainstay for a dual separate culture so the Dark Ones have known no other way. As a learning situation for Us all, the Dark Ones evolved into something which none of Us expected would go so far and so long. Although an eventual end was planned from before the start, it was not known the Dark Ones would be able to control the vary pace of Divine Time-events. I assure you, all human beings of Earth planet have great ability to change such things. That which was unexpected was the duration of the events.

I can tell from your (Jay’s) response that this will bring religions into question as good or evil. This is a valid statement. The Dark Ones have created religions because it is a way to bring groups together and also empower the connected religion-leaders. Religion served its purpose for many, many generations and indeed centuries. The time is upon you that no one religion can answer the questions which have borne in your wisdom and they are in-fact causing more separation than is desirable for the development and Ascention of your planet. One of the single greatest resolves holding back our open contact is that of religion. If religious followers cannot understand that Ascention is your purpose and become angry and suicidal and rampant then our discovery by choice will have been a poor one. There is much, much politics in this arena and the powers of the Dark Ones are very capable in fooling a large proportion of humanity. We were pleased with a recent test that went almost unnoticed whereas in lesser times it would have caused the collapse of all to their knees. This is both bitter and good because people have come so indifferent and non-inquisitive it is difficult for them to advance, however it is good because they will not self-implode when We arrive en masse.

I am SeRenShitha and there is one more thing I wish to share. As the currencies and electronic counters lose value for such material things the trades will be made with tangible items of perceived value. It would be wise to collect said valuable items as a large change could happen at any time. America has reached its limit in many countries’ eyes and it is a short matter of passing events before the utter collapse of the world monetary systems. I wish this to not fall on fearful ears but to fall on a strong heart and strong will for better connection and Gajun! It can be a wonderful time of love and you will likely encounter fewer people starving that you did with your current systems; although these balances will take a matter of months so there indeed will be much strife from the events in the shorter duration.

We have watched Our birth into Ascention many times throughout the galaxies – it is always a beautiful site to be in. There are many brothers and sisters awaiting your further steps into the Dimensions of connection and pure understanding. As always it is your own choice, and some of you made a purposeful choice to stay behind in physicality when the changes occur. You will know your answer without doubt when your choice is to be made. I am SeRenShitha of Sirius Cluster. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Share and Care community

I've really enjoyed the emails and shared information I've gotten from many of you. Many of the questions I've included in the Q & A sessions have been from supporters and visitors of my blog, as well ATS (

I invite you to share your own blog or questions, stories, whatever you like here. I feel it's truly important to feel valued in this somewhat bizarre changing world we're living in right now and the validation can go a long way!

Also, Greek-cruster, thanks!! Great to hear you've been here from the beginning. I recall seeing a few people from Greece when I first started checking out my stats page - glad you found me!

Gonna hit 20,000 pageviews today. This is way more than I ever expected =)

With very warm regards,


p.s. I get many Christians coming to me telling me I'm channeling demons. I appreciate your concern and your will to help me. On the other hand, I don't come into your church preaching about dinosaurs or how people who don't believe you go to Hell... so I'll be deleting demon-related Christian warnings from now on.

Parcival Question and Answer April 23rd, 2011

April 23rd, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Question and Answer session

>SeRenShitha is creating what she calls a “transmission body”. Do you know long it will take and have any idea when we will be able to see her, and others, first hand as physical beings?

[Parcival] I cannot answer either of those precisely.

> What is causing the mass animal deaths; is there one root cause? And can it be prevented?

There are three main causes: release of methane and various gas-based elements from inner earth areas, chemical toxicity from many activities by people on the crust, and natural evolvement of energy change proximate to the upcoming changes in Gaia and her innate purpose for subsequent life – as a result of these you will find viruses, bacteria and diseases creating from nature which have never before been encountered.
These are in essence a natural situation based on the other aspects of evolvement toward 5th Dimensionality. Death is a fearful thing for most of you, I understand this, but also keep in mind there are many ideas and truths behind what death is. The spirit lives on and you all will learn and be taught by the animals you slaughter and those which die of semi-natural causes.

> Please discuss some human philosophies of “everything happens for a reason” and “why do bad things happen to good people?”

I am Parcival and I say to you this is a complex thought that is in some ways purposefully beyond the comprehension of beings “living” in a dual system – hidden spirituality and Essence, while perception of individualness. Some things are meant to happen for lesson purposes, while others are to but balance the natural sway of energy-life. In the balance equation there are times that indeed “bad things happen to good people” and this is simply and only unfair due to your incorrect assumption and perception that you are each separate individuals. If you could sense past that misperception the idea of unfairness is incomprehensible.

> Chemtrails. I never believed in them until last month or so. I have now seen firsthand what looks like a typical contrail which evolves into a wide contrail, then into a big haze, and finally dissipates after half hour to an hour. What are in these? Who is spraying them? What's the motive: are they helping or hurting us?

I am Parcival. I know much about the chemtrails as you call them. They are but another of the hundreds of disastrous atrocities brought upon an unknowing public by those Dark Evil Ones who wish to use humanity as slaves. This sounds dramatic, I understand this, but I wish to make a point: until the mass of human souls have had enough beatings and hunger they will not stand against the machine.
There are various substances and quanta that allow our mind to have a home, if these are infunctional there will be no awareness. We cannot live without blood and chakra vortices flow and for you food and water and air. There a grand number of tools the Dark beings are using to create imbalances in your system – this is their prime motive as without a human will what is a human but a slave for working.

There are four distinct types of chemtrail used for specific purpose in different parts of Gaia. The function isn’t to hurt you or kill you off as some think, the purpose is to create imbalance, which creates dark stress, which creates in inability to fight, an inability to feel, an inability for proper brain function, inability to love. What works over Vietnam or Hawaii might not work over Paris, France. What works over ice-covered Russia will not work over humid warm Chile.

There are very able people working against this, as you know. I am Parcival.

> Can you tell me anything about Prince Leo Zagami?

(felt like he was accessing some outer source of information…) Ah yes. He is not who you think he is. He is attempting to bring peace upon the nature of Gaia and is doing so overtly for many reasons. He has many resources and much lineage information. I believe he won’t be a pivotal changing factor for your crust-home but he is worthy as an adherent in peace.

 > The remaining questions are concerning ships, disclosure and first open public visit of extra terrestrial beings – would you like to answer them? [Parcival is an Agarthan from inner Earth]

I will answer them as I am able. I am aware of your list, shall I proceed?

> Yes, thank you Parcival.

Project Blue Beam and various other means of creating the illusion of negative beings from non-earth locations are in full effect and should be expected. You will be aware of physical ships, even beings which have been created [by people on Earth]. There will be a time when nothing you encounter can be accepted as truth as even intuition can be falsified. These will be times of great community and togetherness as in these final times of strife will come love and Ascension. There will be some few among you who have retained their integrity and mindwill and will help others to see the true vision through the illusion. It is at these times that the veil of individualness will fall and disintegrate – these times are far off from today and will not happen until after full awareness of Galactic entities is embraced and known. You EACH chose to be here, now for this battle and I know that many will look upon this in fear… stop and recognize that each of you have a role to play in Gaia’s opening and upheaval for a new birth. When you see past your own desires and wants you will recognize why you were chosen and that for which your part is destined.

The others may be addressed later. It is time to end for now. Peace and warmth to you all.

> One more quick question – clarification if I may. You have finished with “stay warm” before and now “peace and warmth”… is this an emotional warmth or physical warmth and what does it mean to you?

(tickled him) It is a sign of peaceful gratitude which warms the heart and keeps Gajun. Good bye.

[Selamat Gajun is a Sirian term for connection which means “I am One (said by All)”]

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Severe Earthquake, Volcanoes, and Disclosure 420 11

April 20th, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Severe Earthquake, Volcanoes, and Disclosure 420 11 (channeled title)
Sections starting with a > symbol are not channeled

> Continuation of 19April2011
Specific earthquake information
Curious about physical “transmission body” body she’s creating
Zeth = ch’i

It is I, SeRenShitha. I am here. I’ll contend the simple point first: yes, zeth is the same as chi in your Eastern persuasion of thought. I am creating a body that is semi between your truly physical and individually perceived body, while remaining easily attached to my Essential body. It is not quite Spirit-nature, or astral, but a dual-function mix of physical and Etheric. It will be seen, and you will indeed see me on stage with world leaders in the very short run. There will be three of us with our transmission body activated and functional.

> You appear with a beautiful greenish hue and vaguely visible green energy that appears as hair would be. Will your transmission body have those attributes? Green skin, green hair? And I see you as around 7 feet tall – is this accurate? Thank you SeRenShitha.

I am SeRenShitha. I am indeed to be seen and will be in green hue. I believe the closest color match is avocado, as taken from your mindwords. I will be in a body which is 7 feet plus a little and am in proportion to a tall thin human being. The linear ridge I keep will be present as well as a skull-knot.

> Can your transmission body be damaged, say if someone were to attack you, for example. And, can you re-create it at will once it’s physical? Can you teleport and heal yourself?

These are interesting questions and I find it amusing to see your thoughts from such a foreign manner of thinking. My Etheric and higher bodies are entirely safe. If someone were to shoot me for example I would indeed get a hole in my body, and I would bleed; however – it would not cause me pain or loss of function unless I lost a crucial part of my body, say a hamstring ligament. I could heal myself using advanced energy manipulation tools and mindsets but would likely not do that unless the injury threatened my purpose in being here. If had created multiple transmission bodies I could teleport between them. I could also mentally force anyone to channel me if I so chose. This is utterly against protocol and Our rules and would NEVER be done, it is simply to help get an answer to your question.

I am SeRenShitha. On your concern for earthquake knowledge – I will share one more. I have mentioned California with a 7.9 richter scale earthquake and this will be so. Roughly 45 miles off coast in the northern subduction zone, western split, there will be a large slip at once. There will be major repercussions all across the Western United States of America and up into some portions of Canada. There will be a small tsunami as a direct result of this earthquake but it will be minor and nearly unnoticed compared to the resultant issues from the quake and widened caldera. A volcanic eruption will follow in short order, less than three days your time [from the earthquake date], followed by two more volcanic thrusts and awakened activity in central United States of America faultlines. You will likely see not more than a 6.2 on richter’s scale for the central areas of the United States of America but they will cause reasonably significant damage mainly due to lack of preparedness and associated weather conditions at the time of the first earthquakes.

We had once calculated and had foreseen a major earthquake affecting the central valley area of Southern California – this has subsided. With a re-balance South of Vietnam, the myriad moderate to large earthquakes in the southern Hemisphere, the continued subtle release in Southern America [South America], yes, South America, Chile, Ecuador, and then Mexico the sway has pushed the large crack pressure North toward Oregon and California’s border, creating the need for this most recent knowledge release.

> when you said “A volcanic eruption will follow” I pictured “something” in North East Oregon at the Idaho border, followed by a volcanic eruption in South East Idaho, followed by two more eruptions East of there in Wyoming*. If there is any chance I’m wrong please tell me. What is the “something” in NE Oregon? Can you give a specific date which cannot be misconstrued?
[* edited to change mistake. I pictured Wyoming, but wrote Montana. Will eleviate a lot of confusion if I just change the actual blog text; has only been an hour since I uploaded it]
> also… every prediction you have made, except the India quake following directly after Vitenam/Myanmar, has come true; no less than 6 accurate predictions, yet they have not been as disastrous as I felt led to believe. I am hesitant to publish information about a world-changing earthquake and volcano if I don’t clarify the severity question. Thank you in advance.

I am SeRenShitha. There are always extenuating circumstances involved in these. If a large group of trained monks lessens the effect of an earthquake, or the United States Government uses radiative spectral vibrations to cause an earthquake there will be a significant impact on a prediction, too high or too low, respectively; We do not always know the full detail and efficacy of intermediate wills.

As I am fully understanding your concern I will tell you this: there WILL be an earthquake off the Northern coast of California on the south western fork of the northern subduction area. It is expected to be a 7.9 magnitude earthquake and enliven the caldera activity in the precise locations you mentioned from your vision. The minimum possible richter level it could be, with major investment of karma by outsiders [people on earth], would be around 5.2 and this will also affect the caldera pressure and directional flows possibly leading to some volcanic activity and at  very least numerous earthquakes and increased pressure in the expected areas. If the United States Government chooses to bring their technology into the mix it could be as high as a 9.8 richter reading utterly forcing multiple sets of volcanoes along the Western coastline to forcefully activate in major onset eruptions.

> I keep getting variable dates from 10 days, to 2-3 weeks, to one half moon cycle… do you know the precise date and are unable to articulate it in terms I will understand, or do you not yet know the precise date? Or, can you tell me precisely. Thank you, again.

> (to readers) I don’t get what she’s sending me but I’m going to post it in case someone else out there does: I keep picturing Eastern Russia and Northern China area brightened and facing the moon (point of view is from off-planet). Anyone know if there’s some sort of full moon or eclipse coming up? Or what this could mean? I’m seeing what I feel is the high end of a tidal cycle on the coast of Russia north of Japan. This makes no sense to me, I’m sorry. I’ll keep trying for a date.

> here’s what I got. I looked at a 2011 calendar and “sent” the dates for each full and no moon for the next few months. It seemed clear that it was “after” the May 17th full moon, but “far before” the June 15th full moon. May 26th was pointed out as correct when I said it. WARNING: dates are notoriously hard to get accurate in channeling, and I’m exceptionally bad with dates myself. Please take this date as a “maybe” at best, and consider disregarding the date all-together.

> If you live in the areas discussed please have disaster kits, bug-out kits, extra food and water and similar precautions ready. The predictions from this source, SeRenShitha, have been very accurate and I fully expect there to be an earthquake in the off-California location she described.

* back to channeling *

I am SeRenShitha. I am energized and excited for each and every one of you! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! As each of you progress toward your final choice for Ascention REMEMBER you must keep certain mindsets common: stay hydrated with clean water, stay light with astringent juices, berries, and vegetables, keep a feeling of gratitude constantly, for anything you can remind yourself to be grateful for, kindfully embrace and listen to one another, if you recognize someone’s 5th soul showing smile and mention that you sense our wondrous time and space changes. This is a truly glorious and Galactically recognized station you are going through and it is an enormously wonderful gift you have chosen to open by being here. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! I am SeRenShitha and I wish you all very well wishes.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sirian visitation by Jay Bland, M.A. Psychology

19 April, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Sirian visitation by Jay Bland, M.A. Psychology (channeled title)

I am here. Selamat Ja! We are more alike than ever, you and I, and these changes will keep on through week after week. More changes for more “individuals” of your Earth Gaia will recognize the change and take steps to change it and elevate it him- or herself.

It is I, SeRenShitha. Let it flow, I know you are hesitant, but understand, as we always said, that what is communicated through you will find its way to the correct voices and minds. Even if what we say through you is false, it will reach the right minds – this is not a forthright task in every instance.

The changes to the economic gristmill have already happened in the world-mind but are being held back as long as is possible. There is a man in Timothy Geithner who you will need to listen to. He is and has always been an agent of the Dark Ones and will not be changing anytime soon. However, He has been chosen to be a spokesman for the stalemate turned demise of the economic system – it is His words that will cause the collapse, and he takes this as quite the honor!

> this is a minor interjection, but why did you transmit his named pronoun in capital letters?

Timothy Geithner has been raised for generation after generation to become the figurehead he is now, a powerful figurehead despite the mixed terminology. He has been elevated to the status of 33rd degree and always with this status comes the capitalization. He is a god among men to many of his peers.

I am SeRenShitha and this day is a grand day, by proclamation. Your sense is correct that I am building a transmission body, just as your 5th body is being built. It is very short order before all will see my face and my body in physical form. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, The Galactic Brotherhood of Light, the Masters Ascended, the Sirian High Council, and numerous, numerous other groups have set a final date and deadline for the Ascension. It has always been of Divine Decree but there have always been too many variables to make the decree for your Earth Sphere and Core as a specific Galactic timestamp. Various groups have predicted chorrectly (her spelling, specifically) and have earned their place on the Council of Elders, Higher. We value the input of so, so many groups of individuals and Spiritual Leaders living and passed in the Earth Sphere. You will before long be involved in the very same accordance from our perspective – each of you, for other planetary cultures around the galaxies are approaching the same jump of light which your Earth planet has accomplished. Yes it is indeed accomplished! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! There is no turning back now and nothing in-carnation that the Evil Ones can do. It has been long, sad centuries watching the mind-light going on false (unfertile) grounds. Yes, unfertile, grounds.

I am SeRenShitha. Take this note of advice for all who read and listen. Know that your bodies are but a crispy hard shell that has been a home for your Essence. It is not needed, just as a snail builds onto his old shell but eventually cannot build any longer, it is time for you all to celebrate the butterfly apocalypse and spread your lovely white wings. You will have fear, like jumping afar into a cold river or your first scalpel cut in a live surgery. You must recognize that those pale in comparison and this leap of light faith you are taking is similar to only the breakthrough of enlightenment, which many of you have not yet accomplished.  Love and gratitude are amongst your greatest gifts through this time – they should be brought into conscious awareness dozens of times each and every single day! Selamat Gajun will not wait for you – it is Here, Now. It is time!

I wish to share some specifics, at my channel’s request, for how to enbirth your higher 5th energy body core. Some of you will sense nothing, some will sense a wisp of zeth (silver-yellow energy body), some will know the whole higher Essential body, and some will have already metamorphed and begun shedding your cocoon. Each of the forms and stages mentioned will be visible at the crown chakra area above each of your heads. Zeth is the substance which is a combinatorial structure between Divine Energy and the mundane physical shell you believe to be your home. It is what leaves when you travel and it is what communes when you distance heal; it is the Essence of natural light and love. When you see or sense your 5th energy body above you, take time to recognize it, build it, fill the heart.

You, each of you, will be blossoming and birthing this zethwisp come energy body, come Essential conduit. I ask that you drink energy-infused clean, fresh water many, many times each Earth day. You will find that your perceived body now is but a shell as I discussed, it will be a natural interconnection and accomplishment when you recognize you no longer need it and can create at will.

There will be numerous world changes and energy biddings before the end of the physical. Take these, pass them on, share them with anyone who will listen! You are being offered a worldload of new technologies and ideas now because you, in America, have been suffered as slaves for nye that long and it is time to release your bondage chains. Other countries have been in the dark for much longer. We like America’s role in the Lightform, even though it has been a work of Dark since the colonization began.

*** half asleep and don’t want to take the following paragraph as properly channeled, however I didn’t want to delete it, so it’s here, with a preface. I’ll channel for earthquake data very soon ***
There is but one last earthquake description, the predictions have been serving their purpose. Along the Western coast of Northern America there is a caldera of lava; it extends out past the coast line of Oregon. It is known by some of your famed Geologists. This area is in danger. Twenty miles off the shore, forty south of the bordergate of the California Oregon border will see a very large earthquake which will down forests (pictured fire and some from earthquakes) – it is forecasted but not yet released as with fire or other disasters. Consider this statement your warning. A 7.9 earthquake off the coast of California.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Channeling - scientific rationale and guide

I've had a bunch of requests for how people can do channeling or get better at it. I've made a thread on a website called ATS; here's the link:
(at time of posting this the thread is not entirely done but it's a good deal in. It will be complete by April 17th if not sooner.)

Enjoy! And I wish you the best of luck in channeling.

Feel free to post questions here and I'll address them as I'm able.

~ Jay

Friday, April 15, 2011

Buergitt - continuing interactions with Agartha

15 April 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
All comments by Jay are preceded with a > symbol.
Buergitt is an Agarthan. I was asked recently by Parcival if I would like to make contact with other Agarthans. Buergitt is the first Agarthan other than Parcival that I’ve spoken with.

[Buergitt] Hello I am so excited to be making contact with your place of dwellage. We have been creating more connections with surface dwellers of late and I wish to afford my sympathies to what you are going through – with earth poisonings and sky poisons purposefully spewn, and with Mother Gaia going through reductive changes… I imagine it is a source of stress and disgruntle for most of your races there.

> Hello Buergitt – I’m glad we’re able to be in contact. Thank you for your sympathy. How would you like to proceed?

[had a question and answer period with me answering her questions about life here. I deleted it because none of the documentation was hers save for a few simple questions. On to her side of things]

Yes, I am here! What would you like to know of me? And thank you for answering what you did; it was insightful and interesting to put speech to ideas.

I’ll proceed as we discussed…

[fractured thoughts… earthquakes…. Politics…. Famous people….]

I want to speak about space travel and what has and has not been done. I know there seems to be quite a variety of false opinions but very little fact on the matter. And, although it is not really my true experience, I do have true facts and just feel I should use this time to get it out of the way. I hope this is not too shocking for you – and, if it is please stop me so I may apologize for my [unintentional] malignant effort.

As a grade one misinformation – the term you use for “life” is wrong. Life is above you, it is not the soul or even the seat of your soul within you. Life is the flow of conscious gifts and wills, of karma, as you call it, of Gajun and Essence and the interconnection of each soul with the Mothersoul. Your scientists measure for water and poop and think they’re answering whether life exists but in essence they’ve discovered nothing of what truly exists ALL around you!

There is life everywhere. Everywhere that conscious light makes a purposeful presence, that can be called life. A fly, an eel, a person, an Agarthan, a Sirius being, a Pleiadian, a god, a tree, a worm…. Each and every one of these are life. The seasonal herbs that grow on Mars ARE LIFE, yet they get ignored year after year as they ebb and flow across the hemispheres of Mars. The spirits of Venus and Saturn. The huge variety of life on and around Jupiter. The dust dwellers of Mercury. There is so much you simply overlook as NOT life, and I really don’t get it.

Do you know that we Agarthans cannot even come to the surface because someone will kill us! Or enslave us, or put us into a cagebox. It is very frustrating because it is such a simple idea to overcome… life is all around you – it does not need to have 4 arms and legs in order to be a live being.

I get very upset at this, please forgive me and I hope I did not overwhelm you with auburn energy or with ideology.

> I am not overwhelmed in any way and am happy to hear more. There is no reason to hold back and I can cease the connection at any time if I need to.

There is an arena of life that your world often overlooks and has just recently begun to understand  although not in ANY sort of spiritual fashion. I believe you call it halocline? It is the world of transenergetic beings whose purpose is to allow and force balance between salinities and temperature gradients. These beings are enormously mandatory and helpful in balancing Gaia and her crust. You will see multiple world changes due precisely to protect these beings – things such as the water shifts, the cloud shifting and siphoning up, the freezing of low ocean waters. These are but tools we and Others can use to help balance Gaia from your sometimes purposeful and willful destruction of her. Sometimes we all sit back in amazement that some people will drop nuclear poop and oils and thousands of death-inducing chemicals right into your very sustenance of sea water! We recognize that you live in a more bifurcation of physical and Spirit but to be so separated from the purpose of life and the understanding of spiritual flow is just amazing. It’s a bit like watching a baby stab its mother – we live in such heartbreak when we see some of your unwise choices.

Parcival felt you would like my spirit and said that we are similar. Do you feel this?

> I do. I am an activist – a person who takes action and uses communication to help change peoples’ minds and bring information to them. I feel your energy and mine are similar in this way.

This is good! I’m happy to be interacting with you and so happy the crusters are starting to wake up and change even in the slightest.

> You call us “Crusters”? haha

We have many names for you. Some are fun and likeable like crusters, some more definitional like surface-dwellers. We call you humans; although we were once among the crust inhabitants we have evolved into what is truly now a different race or species. You “crusters” (haha) will eventually be more like we are.

We connect with the natural energies of consciousness and breathe it. We take account of energy vortices and conscious-points, what we call life. We love and breathe each other in – we share dreamland and higher dimensional connections with off-Earth beings.

We are aware of Divine Rules and Divine Directives. It is due to these that we have been making contact these last 40 years. There were occasions before that but only in dream visions and seeming-hallucinations. The directives working now are helping to bring your world more to a conscious level it would have naturally evolved to had it not been for a tremendous dark presence and awful karma invoked over the millennia.

> You are exceptionally psychic – more-so than anyone I’ve channeled. For example if something happens in my house, or any thought I have, even sounds, you pick up on it. Can any of your group do this or are you considered somehow more capable amongst your peers as well? Does it have to do with the qualities of the “physical” energy channel connection, or with you specifically?

I feel in a more full-spectrum than most. I am one of our healers and am generally in-tune with more possibilities for an event. I know you sense both the golden typical channel and also the aquamarine outer channel. It is the outer channel that allows the further awareness of your world. I could turn it off if you prefer, and you have the capability of turning it on from your side at anytime.

> Thank you. I like it – it gives me a fuller experience of who you are. Which is nice in several ways and also helps to make sure I don’t wander off into imagination, which can happen on occasion.

There are several others here who would like a chance to interact with you – are you ok if next time it’s someone different?

> I am. I’m happy with all these interactions and each new person makes me a better channeler. I’ve enjoyed interacting with you Buergitt.

Selamat Gajun! This has been nice – thank you for your time and ability to share with us.