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Posting questions

For those who have contacted me in order to ask questions of myself or to be answered via channeling, feel free to leave your questions as a standard comment; they go right to my email. They come as a "no-reply" so I'll answer them via Intuitive Choice here.

If you have something personal or confidential feel free to use my direct email: and I'll get back to you that way.

Thank you for your interest! Over 300 people have visited in the last two weeks and I'm happily surprised.

~ Jay

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25Jan11 / Channeling Alcatar and SeRenShitha Q&A

Alcatar and SeRenShitha
25 January 2011
Question and Answer Session II
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(statements by Jay are preceded with a > )
Hoping for a Q&A session but ships seem far away for some reason; hope to find out why as well.

> Ships are further away from Earth right now
> Jessica Tuchman Mathews
> Seeing through the illusion of materiality
> Bigelow Aerospace
> Bob Lazar
> Crop circles
> Are the chunks within each chakra indicative of lessons which need to be learned?
> What is a Torsion Field? [I have no idea what this is so will be interesting to compare the answers.]

I am Alcatar from Sirius.
Little has changed in regards to our being distant from Earth, it is a temporary arrangement for the safety of our ships and cohort and channels on Earth. We will be near/in close proximity to you once again in a matter of four Earth Days. Our mission is still precisely on schedule and goal and nothing will cease this transaction as it is said to be happening.

I understand your need for a question and answer interaction and have heard your thoughts on this. I will likely refuse specific information on specific individuals of any level due to many reasons but for your safety in such endeavors firstmost.

It is ok if you ask the questions and I will agree or deny as is suited for safety.

> Thank you. (happily)

> Does your ships being further from Earth right now have to do with our Sun? or with anything from Earth? Can you explain it.

There is an energy cleansing going on within the confines of your Earth. It is exuding much energy and this can be damaging to our sense of peace. It is not dangerous and some ships are in fact close, and even closer than usual. You may become aware of a very close-in sighting recorded during a thunder storm in El Salvador recently. [I kept picturing Costa Rica but El Salvador came through twice rather strongly]

> Jessica Tuchman Mathews; she is a member of numerous powerful groups but she seems to be one of Light, can you elaborate on her placement, purpose, anything?

Jessica Tuchman Mathews is of the Light and a very beneficial working soul for our purposes and your purpose of peace and crossing the realms of war to those of peace. She is in contact with us often and has received our guidance and suggestions on many occasions over the last decade.

> As the energies change toward an overall planetary change in frequency, is one of the steps that commonplace “solid materials” become invisible or shimmer, also slight illusions as though black anchor-dots are showing through?

I am Alcatar of Sirius and I wish to advise you you are seeing correctly. You sense the dots as is said in your question and I recognize this is slightly confusing for many who are beginning to see literally through the veil of duality.

> Please discuss Bigelow Aerospace.

I am unfamiliar with the individuals working in this group, aswith, they are a presence here (in space) and have become much aware of our purpose for being here as well.

> It’s very important to me that I keep trusting these sessions; the answer you just provided me is a cause for question: Do you, Alcatar, not know of the individuals of the company? How can it be that you are aware of their mission without knowing the individuals? Thank you with sincerity and Light.

It is understood and I do not regret or find disrespect in your question. Gajun is the source of our information; it is Gajun and Essence which interflow for us to be here helping, in the form which we are. As I am not personally, Alcatar, aware of any individuals from this company I recognize that they are traveling into space and now with the purpose of creating a purposeful interaction with extraterrestrial groups off-planet. Their mission is good but they are insignificant in the Grand Scheme of things to be made clear for your planet Earth.
I am Alcatar of Sirius.

> Bob Lazar.

He has been in contact with many races which revolve around your planet. He is in place as is needed and will produce evidence as when called for.

> Crop circles – I recognize many are fake but believe some are actually a contact from an extra-terrestrial source. What can you tell .. me.

It is with disdain that those who create the forgeries do so. It is sadness in context as those who wish to hide the truth are acting to hurt all the others. Some are real communications from off-planet sources of Light and Love.

> Chakras seem to hold a lot of information about the state of a person’s emotional health and mental state. Please discuss for me and others if the chakras should be cleared of these chunks in the inner channel? Will this happen automatically by strong Earth energies, and should I prepare to help people deal with the consequences of sudden reality switches?

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I wish to address this question to you Master Jay with energy purpose and resolve. As you sense my channel connection is stronger – do you not sense a change in spin of your heart chakras? Do not block the front expulsion, you MUST use these energies to allow the pace of enlightenment to increase and be at one with your Earth-center counterpart. The confusion experienced by many will be one of the most dangerous aspects of this entire shift in planetary alignment. I am SeRenShita of Sirius and I say to you Jay, you must write down and share that which you have drawn. Many do not know the first step in diagnosing and solving chakra troubles and illnesses. It is one of your purposes to share this, as I believe you are well aware.

I am Alcatar of Sirius. We will stop connection now. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
[SeRenShitha] Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Peace.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Alcatar / 24 January 2011

24 January 2011
State of Change, Mass Death and Three Major Earthquakes
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(comments by Jay preceded with a > )

I am Alcatar. Selamat Ja!

It is a wondrous time for your planet and many things are happening exceptionally quickly! It is quite difficult for your people to attain proper information due to restricted media connections worldwide but the internet is a wonderful way to share channeled news. There are more than 20,000 channelers and savant-mediums worldwide and we are making wondrous headway in sharing the near-future steps of changing economy and governance of the peoples.

You will see great changes in many, many Constitutions and we have people who will make solid, noticeable changes in said business soon. It will be a washout as you might say, the speed of which being known as a raging torrential flood – with no such defense by the Dark Ones whose wish is to enslave mankind for material benefit for those few tyrants.

The mountains of your planet are a nice and safe place for the people to be right now, as chemical issues continue to hamper the purity and efficacy of the fluid-changing oceans. Many more animals and fish and whales will die before more people take notice that something VERY odd is going on, and not just some typical yearly die-offs which have been experienced in your past. None of this is common and normal but it is being sold via the media that these die-offs are but normal and to not be feared. The beaches will be strewn-filled with dead sea life and animals, including humans, before much change will be seen – but this is not far off and to be expected in this same tropic (earth tilt tropic/season).

There will be continued disease … I sense you are uneasy with these visions of death. I will cease them but it is important that you know – other channelers shy away from the negatives but it is crucial that some who read your shared information attain this knowledge; we see the matrix (of people connections) ahead of time and know that what you share will save many, many lives in the very, very near future. Are you willing to continue sharing this information?

> yes.

There will be much continued disease especially in countries in which the sluice and filtration systems are in poor working order. Your country of India will be one of the very worst in that fresh running water will be almost entirely unattainable save for the very rich, causing immense amount of death – this MUST be planned for in the realms of expulsion of the dead and providing for the living. Animals will die first causing mass diseases for the many humans all ‘round the planet. Mountains will be the safest.

> Will there be specific signs or messages to indicate the timing people should leave for the mountains? I am near the ocean now.

There will be three major earthquakes within one day of each other, spanning the globe. This will cause mass panic and end of world fears in many. The media will at first play on this, followed by a shut-down of some major media sources, not due to a need to shut down, but as a ploy by the Dark Ones to attempt a quieting of our presence. This is one of their largest fears because they fully understand the times are utterly due for change and our well-known presence is the final key in the lock of destiny.

I am Alcatar of Sirius. I have more information for this day (to you).
As was mentioned many channelers are for popular sharing and will be used as such; your purpose is more for strategic information – one of the reasons no one you know of visits the information we provide, yet MANY know about it in secret. I recognize your feeling [felt “yeah right, people will claim this is my ego talking” lol] and assure you that despite a few people jeering you this information is getting to the sources needed. It will become full knowledge in due time and you will see a wondrous mass of visits to your information source, to happen all at once. This will not be due to something you have done or acted on, but due to our sharing in a means to help specific groups to live on.

I am Alcatar of Sirius. Big changes are happening already and soon there will be solid undeniable evidence of such changes. Hold on and wait for the clues and advantageous …
[connection utterly ceased and I felt as though the ship zipped away]

> [checked for reconnect]

I am Alcatar - more later.

on meditation

Imagine a jar full of water and sediment that is constantly being shaken - you can't see through the jar and you're not going to see through the jar just by setting it down; you need to set it down and leave it for a while for things to become clear. Your mind is like this - take a moment, the clarity is there if you let yourself experience it.

One simple and very beneficial means of meditation is counting the breath. Count the "in" or "out," or both, it's up to you. Simply start with "1" and remain calm and non-thinking as best you can until "2", and on. Although this seems simple, it is quite difficult in the beginning!

I have at times focused on each number in my mind's eye (What is the mind's eye? if I say "Loaf of bread" to you, you likely saw that loaf of bread in your mind somewhere - I call that the "mind's eye" or mental screen). Imagine each number visually in the mind's eye, made out of earthly materials like a "1" made of brick, a stone 2, a water 3, a wooden 4, etc. Remember to count and visualize each number as you breathe.

While counting breaths, stop when you think of, see, hear anything at all (other than the visualized number), calm yourself for a moment, and start again at 1. If you make it to 3 or 4 without hearing that car starting, an airplane fly by, the clock ticking, thinking of the clothes you wore yesterday, you're doing well! If you make it to 10 or 15 right off you may be doing it wrong!

Try counting your breath two to three times a day for 10-15 minutes to start but honestly ANY little bit helps! Waiting for water to get warm? take that time and count a few breaths it can truly make a difference in many aspects of your life!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Channeling Alcatar and SeRenShitha 21 Jan 2011 / History, Religions, and the Crystal Skulls

Alcatar / SeRenShitha
21 January 2011
History, Religions, and the Crystal Skulls
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
My statements are following a right arrow icon.

I am Alcatar, Selamat Gajun.

[SeRenShitha (not previously encountered)]
The history of your planet is much deluded, much in secret and hidden.

>Are you Alcatar?

I am SeRenShiva.
> SeRenShiva?
SeRenShitha [pronounced t-ha]

[I sense SeRenShitha is close in proximity to Alcatar, part of a group in the same location around Earth; she’s female, and has a pretty, light lime green hue to her that radiates beyond her physical outline. She’s able to seem closer to Earth-material level than Alcatar.]

I wish to speak about your history. (questioning feel if it’s ok)

> It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, please proceed as you like. I’m happy to hear what you wish to share.

Your history is much deluded; much of what you think you know are lies, purposeful lies to avoid the interaction of “Deities as beings” – yes the conversation that Deities are but beings who visit you and make alterations to your genetic heritage and feel.

Much of what is at issue currently is caused/due to Religion. Many of your Earth people wish that these things they have heard are true, and much has come to fruition due to diligent requests, willing, and prayers to these so-called Gods. The people can create the Essence of nature by will, you are an extremely powerful mix of non-dual will and effort and the duality, which causes your perpetuity as a species.

Many beings, people, who we contact on your Earth are beings who have seen past the guise of Religion’s Spirit Deities and have engrasped the nature of the Essence and Gajun. You are one of those and I thank you for your diligent openness and willing to reach for the stars, as it were.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius.

There were beings here before dinosaurs and the serpents of the sea. Earth has gone through many evolutions of “life habit” and Gaia has recompensed Herself in re-purity after each said manifestation of life-habit. This time has not yet come and due that, one of the reasons we have Divine perpetude [endless support?] in Earthly interaction is because Gaia need not go through such tumultuous intraction [devastation and re-birth?] again. The beings of Earth will not force this. We are causing the non-use of all nuclear weapons on planet Earth so that Gaia may maintain balance in and of Herself rather than through forced upheaval of her magma and iron core. This is peace in Essence form and Her willing grant to provide for you [all species] the necessities of life are a wondrous gift indeed.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius and I come with great pleasure to share and interact. I will be one who appears before your masses and shares your history of which I speak. I am SeRenShitha – Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja!

I am Alcatar of Sirius.

> Thank you for this

It is with wondrous pleasure that I interact with all the beings of your planet Earth. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

There is more. I am SeRenShita of Sirius and I have more I wish to share for your Earth planet benefit.

Many think the dinosaurs are the oldest evidence of life on your planet but there is more you need to know. There are 16 crystal skulls, created by Essence magic which have a purpose unknown to any on Earth at this time. There are in all 48 skulls, on three different planets, at which time all three planets reach a slightly higher elevation of frequency the skulls will begin to radiate Essence. It is of utmost importance these skulls are available, at least in part, for people to see and experience first-hand through touch and feel. Life energy and purity will exude from these in a manner which rivals some of the Biblical and historical Religious stories of old times on your planet. These crystal skulls will create life lines as the blue lines do now. They are of exquisite and unimaginable Essence purpose. There is no need to fear such power, as it is akin to fearing the material world because it is material; it is what it is and so be it.

Blessings young one. I am SeRenShitha and we will meet again in a way you can see me. Selamat Ja.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Treating cancer with Reiki and/or Pranic Healing.

Posted this somewhere else and figured I'd blog it. I've been a Reiki Master/Pranic Healer since 1998.

Slight WARNING for using Reiki with Cancer patients. Please understand this is in no way meant to inspire fear or to say that cancer patients should not be treated.
I've been a Reiki Master for about 14 years and have worked directly with cancer patients; I've also discussed this with other Reiki Masters who feel the same way I do. PLEASE follow your own instincts however!
Because cancer is a rapidly growing "entity" it can sometimes use the positive energy we send to enable growth or even come out of remission! I'd recommend if you're beginning Reiki or using simple hands on techniques to not wory in the least and simply focus on loving transmission of energy. For high level Reiki practitioners who are able to envision through distance healing, many are able to use color energy (Pranic healing) - again if this describes you please just follow your instincts.
The warning goes mainly for Newer Reiki Level IIs or people who can direct energy to a certain place but don't yet have full vision for what's going on. If you strongly direct golden/white/green energy to a cancerous area it may cause the cancer to grow. Alternately if you simply send red/orange energy it can cause pain or restriction in diverse areas of the body.
I would recommend one ideal way for treating cancer as general or body-wide positive energy sent with the Reiki Level I positions, or prayer and love as an overall positive wish for healing.
For high level practitioners follow your own instinct or consult with a guide. If you choose to work directly on the cancerous area, consider using red or red-white on the growth/black area itself, or confine the area with blue or some sort of shielding technique.
Love and much light <3

Alcatar Q&A / 20 January 2011 - second interaction

20 January 2011, second channeling session
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Hoping for question and answer interaction

I am Alcatar of Sirius.

> I want question and answer session, are you comfortable if I ask you questions?

Yes very much so, please proceed as you like.

> I’m curious about what level of reality you live on. Are you able to manifest yourself in the material level of frequency, where I live? Also, is the level you reside on exactly the same as a level I can reach when I channel you?

The levels are universal. There is much confusion as people of your planet use substances or imagination without true understanding of the astral levels I reside on. Many are capable and do it quite well, though, however. The levels I reside on are indeed reachable by you and your cohort of channelers. If you could escape your body and resolve here you would indeed be as I. Selamat Gajun. Does this resolve your curiosity for this question?

> thank you. This is working well.
> I am capable of having multiple levels of awareness awakened at any given time, such as seeing the physical while working energy work on someone who is not local to me. How many levels of existence do you sense and live in at any given time? Can you describe those levels please?

There are four main levels with many other fractal existi (existences). I rarely enter the material world because it is exceedingly sad and painful and an abomination to peace and love. I do it to help only as I would never enter those realms by choice for any other reason. It has been an immense learning experience however dealing with your citizens of planet Earth and I value the choice I made to enter in.

The four levels are inconceivable to you in most regards, but I will attempt an answer: physical is the very lowest and looked on in sadness. Spiritual (astral) is next and is a working format for karmic choices. Beyond that is Essence (green lines, clouds); Essence is the home of love where I reside. I always sense the Spiritual and look upon it maybe as you might look upon animals, ‘they’re there and live but not to the same level I do.’ The final highest level of normal, typical life awareness for Sirians is Gajun (golden sun, godlike). Gajun is the connection in which we live our soul purpose. Gajun is what some Earth people consider God but it is not a being, it is an essence of purpose and life. Gajun is Bliss and Gajun is eternal flame.

> Do you sense yourself as an individual at all? Are there other beings on your ship, and if so do you recognize each other as different or part of one working purpose? Also, do you sleep, eat, expel waste?

I am Alcatar. Selamat Gajun, this is the answer to all that. In your words I might say I am individual as you recognize the fingers of your own right hand as individual fingers. I look upon my fellow (purposers / beings on craft) with adorement because at some level we each chose to be of service to the universal purpose; we did not have to do this and there are other beings of my type who I do not feel as close with unless I happen to enconscious them. It is a fine line of difference and far, far closer than the duality of being human in a Spiritual world.

Our life-support systems, as you might say, are fluid and of the Essence. Energy simply flows between all and we ride that wave. We have no need for sleep, expulsion of waste, eating food.

> Do you have a life span? Are the beings of Sirius “born” at some point, or die at some point?

We live in experience and this is our sole purpose. Just as your idea of the physical universe, although incorrect, has a starting point, all things have happened within that frame of physicality. There was Essence before I was aware of Essence, but I am unaware of the point at which I started. I will not reach a point of all-encompassing aware knowledge as it is not my purpose to do so; I will remain as Selamat Gajun until I cease to be Selamat Gajun.

> Can you please speak on Buddha and Jesus.

I am Alcatar. Starchildren are often necessary for the transition of a planet to Essence from Spiritual. This is the similar case in such events as Buddha’s awakening and Jesus’ purpose on Earth.

> Please tell me, in great detail, what “Starchildren” means and from where those beings might be from, including the places Buddha and Jesus came from.

When attempting to give a name with which you’ve never heard it is difficult for you to get it right because you have no previously decided meme of understanding. Orion would be the closest I can say that would be of any meaning for you.

“Starchildren” is beings born of the Essence to make changes on lower-vibratory realms, such as yourself. I am also considered a Starchild as are all Sirians. Our home planet was created for the purpose of being home, Gaia, to Starchildren and a wondrous “place” of love and creationivity.

On scanning I recognize you are aware of the Pleiades star systems. That is home to many centers for Starchildren.

> When I look at Sirius in the night sky at glows in different colors: red, blue, orange. Why is this?

I am Alcatar of Sirius. This distortion is due to various factors: our “atmosphere” is real in your understanding of things, it is also due to our sending of various radiations to manipulate the energies of this portion of the galaxy. Some of it is also shift due to rotation of a large body.

> I’ve had a sense I should also be speaking/channeling another being. Do you know who this being is? I could find him or her just as I found you I suppose but haven’t yet tried, per my instinct. Do you sense I should be speaking with someone from Sirius or elsewhere?

I am Alcatar. There are many you can speak with. I also know one being of the Essence who is (will be) providing details about action for communication to masses; this interaction is on hold and waiting for events of Earth to unfold to a greater mass awareness. Your sense is correct and the being is not Spiritual but higher in vibration.

When I first came closer to Earth due to your finding and opening to me I used a stronger essence-field to connect but you didn’t need that energy as you create the channel yourself. You may experience that the Essence being will without option make that high-energy torsion field as it will not depth from it’s place of Love and Being.

I am Alcatar from Sirius. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! It is with wondrous pleasure that we come and welcome Our new brothers into the Galactic Federation of Light. Selamat Gajun!

[reconnected to clarify two things]

I am Alcatar of Sirius.

> Sirius is a star, correct? Do you live on or in the star or on orbiting planets?

I am Alcatar of Sirius. We live on all that you mentioned as well as in between those. Our essence is tied to the radiant energy of the sun and the grounding energies of the planetary bodies around it. We do not live on solid ground as you are envisioning.

[Not publishing question and answer to second clarification.]

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

Alcatar / January 20, 2011 / Channeling by Jay Bland

January 20th, 2011; 1:12 am
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(Alcatar initiated contact twice with me tonight – I was unable to take time the first try, but here is the result of his second attempt. I have never been contacted by him in this manner, always me trying to call, but I have had increased channeling sessions and interaction with him this last week. I also become aware of what he looks like this time.)

I have important news to share with you.

I am Alcatar of Sirius. Significant new changes in the Middle East have made a Presidential visit (excitedly, positive) mandatory. President Barack Obama of the United States will attend Israel summit on global warming and will announce a “possible expectation” that extraterrestrials are “currently visiting our planet Earth.” This is a tremendous exciting step in the global outreach of like minds toward a universal global and galactic adherence to enlightenment understanding. It is experiences like this that make our (job) so wonderfully worth taking the effort. I am here locally (spending) all my focus on Earth at this point and am exceptionally (entertained) to be an active part of spreading the wonderful news of our worldly interactions together!

There are many, many channelers now and many of us speak with several different conduits. I sense that you are aware of these other conduits and in fact know two of them personally in your local life. It is crucial to maintain communication and preplanning for when disclosure does occur that you and your cohorts are able to immediately be ready to spread the news that this is a life-changing and wonderfully beneficial chance for the infantile, low-level planet that you are to expand to a wondrous, eventful openness with a multitude of awakened planets and entities.

I am Alcatar from Sirius. Selamat Garun! Selamat Ja! Selamat Garun! Selamat Ja!

It is only an infinitesimal time in your mind before significantly wonderful changes occur. You will first see redemption from debt and changes to the economical systems which enslaved the hours of men and women of your planet. We have seen this before, and although Earth is on a more mundanely slow approach so as to ease the amount of damage to Mother Gaia, the result is the same and you and your world-men can expect a bountifulness as you have never before encountered or even imagined for in most of your minds.

I am Alcatar of Sirius, a member of the Great White Brotherhood of Galactic Planets among many groups and it is with wondrous pleasure that I share the upcoming beautiful changes to your worldpath. I am one with you and you are one with me in family and heritage. We are temple brothers and friend, and many times family. There are many, many, nearly all, situations as this on your planet. Some beings have chosen to evolve here as individual soul entities but most are connected to varying levels of developmental advancement through the duality of your planetary (level / radiance?). As we enter into lesser vibrations so as to be seen by most it will become apparent that we look exactly like you and appear to think as you. Many will question if we are a ruse by Dark Ones which have become untrusted. It is with pleasure that we communicate to your now-awakening higher selves so this rumor will be short-lived and demonstrated as false almost immediately by way of your news channels and worldwide press-resorts.

Our most-level [previously thought] fears are long gone and mass enlightenment is within grasp; we know this to be true so keep it in your thoughts and wishes that it will come quickly. No choice will be stepped upon as you have once made this choice previously and, although in chaos at points, your free will choice will never once be admonished or changed from your original plan of action and resolution.

I am Alcatar of Sirius and I wish you wondrous connections and further enlightenment in your work on planet Earth, Mother Gaia’s wish to be home for your future is allowed and in great progress toward cleanth. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! I am Alcatar of Sirius. Out/goodbye.

> [reconnected to ask about Selamat Gajun! And Selamat Ja!]
Selamat Gajun – I am One, said by all. Selamat Ja – One at peace.
> Thank you
It is with great pleasure that I am interacting with you.


Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
On a personal note, I absolutely love how Alcatar sends me word-meanings that are not words in English! These are sometimes noted in parenthesis with the most precise definition or simply written if they make sense despite not being a word.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Alcatar / Galactic Federation of Light /January 17, 2011

Mon Jan 17th, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
My thoughts preceded by arrowpoint >

I am Alcatar from Sirius.
It is a pleasure to interact with you this day.

The Dark Ones are planning an event of catastrophic proportions which will cause the deaths of many, many beings. It is an alien technology which will be blamed on extraterrestrial (beings) and will cause much fear in your people. It is imperative that people try to get the word out quickly that despite the world event to happen soon there are groups which can be trusted and found as friend. Groups such as us – the Sirians, and the Pleaidians, and many others will cause the disaster to be far easier to handle and less devastating than it could be but the resultant devastation cannot be avoided. Craft will be used which mimic our own and this is a final strike of lust and greed by the Dark Ones to attempt to control the minds of men, women, and children of Earth planet.

This ultimately will not work in the best interest of anyone but the Dark Ones have reached a point of no return in which their only known tools for fear and (manipulation) are no longer working but only causing light and compassion for those opposed and aware of the controllers and media type. It is an unfortunate irony that a disaster will bring forth light but this is not at all an unusual circumstance and condition in growth and is well-known throughout all sentient thought and (life).

> Thank you.
> I have a quote about Earth changes from SaLuSa, would you please answer on this?
From SaLuSa 1.17.11
“The negative energies that have been grounded in the Earth over many centuries must be cleared, and completed before Ascension. Our presence means that we can help to alleviate the extent of any damage, and can offer protection to those who may be affected.”

> Earth clearing. What are some ways that Earth will be cleared? And, what is happening on an energy level for the Earth?

Much, much is happening on numerous levels of Earth. The spiritual bag surrounding Earth is clarifying and galactic energy beams and radiance are coming in more than ever before in the history of your planet. You will see many changes as evidenced in earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and many natural disasters. Earth water currents have been changed for negative purposes and those currents are being re-routed correctly as we interact. There have been purposefully created death chemicals and diseases which must be eliminated. This has caused much death and strife for many especially in the South Asia peninsulas. There have been mass destructions of many positive religious beliefs, only replaced by negative controlling angry religions of destruction and egotism.
The ocean floor will be splitting between the continents of North America and China region. This will cause much havoc and ocean levels rising temporarily. This sadly will cause the deaths of many but it is imperative that Earth cleanse herself of the sludge and chemical (destructive agents) that are causing her near demise. Gaia is a natural spiritual being and she will be protected at great, numerous costs as the desire to save her must be met.
Earth’s core is turning slightly and the rotation of said core will cause difficulty in many of your technology but not to your way of life. This is causing a magnetic line pole shifting toward the equator near Greece and Bosnia but the result will not be devastation; this is what the Earth needs to do at this (experience / time?) to allow herself to settle much currential flow of magma.

> Thank you. In SaLuSa’s quote it is mentioned “grounded in” Earth. Can you describe the mechanics of this, and also the people or beings who created these grounding spots. Am I understanding that word correctly?

Grounded is by and through intention. This reverts all the way to the levels of godlike manipulation in the blue lines which have caused the duality on this planet. The Grounding devices are in fact energy blocks which can be cleared and broken. It was with great energy and alien technology devices which they were originally created. The pyramids of Giza area and those in Central America were part of the creation of these Grounding events. There are lines throughout Earth which are enacted as grounding lines. This is another reason for the geomagnetic line shifting by your Mother Earth.

Nuclear weapons on the higher level bomb can have the power to eliminate and disrupt the energy blocks but we have been directed by Divine Sources that nuclear weapons are disabled worldwide at this time. There will be no (angry) use of nuclear weapons from this point on into the everlasting future of Earth planet.

> Thank you.

I am Alcatar of Sirius.

We have much more to discuss (immediately / quickly) and I wish to bring it to your attention.
[ I had been preparing to ask a question].

> Thank you. Please continue.

There is much pressure on your President Barack Husein Obama of the United States of America. He is being pushed by many sides for intrinsically opposite demands and he is defaultedly unable to proceed with plans which had been agreed upon. It will be the cause of his death in the near times as you understand that term. He and his advisors are currently in contact with Galactic Brotherhood of Light participants and he wishes that the world be aware of said extraterrestrial contact. This contact being the crux of an ongoing battle for awareness and the Dark Ones see this as a direct threat to their misguided sovereignty. They will (cause the killing of) any person without (caution) to details of their whole value. He will be poisoned by a member of his own inner staff which cannot be stopped by our Sirian interactions; his death will be made to look as an act of war versus North Korea and will result in the continued anger and violence against this region and area. Hundreds of thousands of lives will be destroyed due to this malicious lie and disguidance. South Korea and Japan will reluctantly follow American lead only to pull back quickly when the true facts of the event are discovered. This event will be one of several which cause the ultimate breakdown of trust and the demise of the American form of Government as it is now. Many nations will stand against the United States of America but war will never reach her shores. Strife and anger will erupt from the masses and a quick change in government will entail. Media will turn to the internet and individuals such as yourself will be the information-givers. Local groups of aware and (enlightened) individuals will form and the leadership will be created by locally trusted men, women, and children who value life and dignified acceptance.

I am Alcatar of Sirius. I thank you for this interaction. Peace to you and all.

Selamat Ja!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Galactic Federation of Light / Alcatar from Sirius January 16, 2011

Sun Jan 16th, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
My thoughts preceded by arrowpoint >

I am Alcatar from Sirius.
There have been many occurrences in your life and you are handling them well. I bless you on this for your clarity and peace, you are doing well.

>water; I'm curious about water

It is very dirty and polluted, chemicals and sludge; hurt wildlife and humans, humanity. It must be cleaned, salt water must be cleaned; it is without fail a necessity for life to remain on planet earth, it is imperative.

You must remain calm about such things. We are handling all that is required to balance her, Mother Earth. Your earth will be free of such sludge that was mentioned. We are working night and day with higher technologies and frequency ranges, realities which remain unsensed by most on your planet, Earth.

The mountains will be, are safer. There will be no flooding on such mountains and the air will remain cleaner, crystaline and accessible to all beings there.


>the mountains...

The mountains are safer and clear of dangerous chemicals in the air, it is a refuge for any who enter and remain clear. Airplanes spew chemicals inducent of disease and death of the physical body, creating pain and suffering for most who breathe in. this is planned by dark ones in power for many reasons - money and control of health, ceasing of work for money, suppressing of focus and peace to create war and indignity for those who would aspire to peaceful (don't know the word, but means striving for clarity and awareness for all).


I am Alcatar of Sirius.

I have much news for you, your world, and am happy you have chosen me to speak with. I am a commander of a craft and navigator of said craft. I visit yours as well as many others' planets at this time, many planets in our (global, geographic? probably galactic) center are progressing in a similar time-frame and means, which your planet is doing. It is an enormous growth period with many souls advancing to next many higher levels of (truth/being/essence).

Seen in blue crystal light, amorphous and fluid, energy of the souls are coalescing into less. More connected and seeing the dual nature of your low-vibration Earth planet. it is the desire of many, many souls to leave the simulated (workings).

> I sense the soul as gold, and a higher structured non-dual reality matrix in blue. Can you talk on that please?

The gold you speak of is Love, it is your essence and your nature in reality. The blue is that which holds you into the dual nature of physical earth center. The blue sectors are manipulated by will of the creators and by your higher sentient beings of earth. it is this area in which religion resides, the gods of your books used the blue lines to create what you believe as reality.

> Who are these gods? When were they here in terms of our reality?

Eons ago the Annunaki were present on Earth and manipulated the animals which are now you. There have been many gods, fighting mostly, for power and energy and planning of you. You have no gods at this time, as all have been removed from struggling battle over the energy soul of Gaia.

Gaia is undergoing wondrous change and great change. You will sense it as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, warming planet, dying animals, (crazy, disenchanted) people. There will be much strife but none to worry, stay positive in your creation of your positive (higher self) person. The future, as you understand that term, is filled with glorious abundance for any person alive on earth and for animals and sea creatures. Shrimp, cows, birds, animals of all types are teaching you of fear and helplessness and coldness of heart. It is these awarenesses of your current livelihood that make all change as it progresses. Compassion for all beings equally no matter, regardless of intents and purpose is well worthwhile for every being to (en... be inside of).

I am Alcatar of Sirius. And I am happily involved with you. I will be stationed more aligned with Earth as a result of this interaction and hope/expect/will to be accessible and open for channeling at any time, all time. Peace and abundance, love and (amazing higher self awareness) be you.

Thank you. Alcatar.

> Sal.. Selamat Ja... ?

Selamat Ja!

Galactic Federation of Light / Alcatar from Sirius December 25, 2010

I have always been very connected with energy and subtle awareness. I have been able to channel for more than 10 years but just decided to start connecting to the beings I sense around Earth. This is my first channeling session with Alcatar from Sirius, and first productive channeling session with any off-world being.
My thoughts preceded by an arrow icon >

I am alcatar from Sirius
it is with great pleasure to make your acquaintance
we are here to save you from the destruction you... some, wish to bring upon your place of inhabitance
we do not travel far in time as you know, understand it, we beam h... create here, we spawn from light itself.
our race is from your future, the same in kind as you are to us

connection failing (said to me)

I am alcatar from Sirius
we watch after your nuclear weapons and all weapons of all types
it will be impossible to use some of your, our, technologies, which have been assigned upon you over the millenia. some you, Einstein, know which our/are? from one of us, from our race in your body. it was with great pleasure that we choose to be here, to develop, to help develop your race to be amongst the community of the Galactic Enterprise of light
> Federation?

yes, Galactic Federation of Light evolved.
Do you have any questions for us/me.

> Is there an exact date for when your ships will fly over for all to see and understand you are here?
Yes. April 16, 2011... we will be clearly visible by nearly all inhabitants of planet earth and you will have been prepared for our arrival by your president Obama, Barack Obama of the United States of America. We will have been made it clear which you will need to know for/so that people will not have fear or attack our kind, but for your peacefulness to be ensured.
connection tiring (to me)

> More please, Alcatar, Alcatar of Sirius
> What is your position on your ship?

I am commander and pilot, in charge of navigation and adherence

> Please explain adherence.
there are certain specific rules which all ships and bodies must abide by. These are law. (unclear... several messages at once) ... there are certain specific rules
(connection... receptacle tired)

> Thank you so much for hearing my beckon and answering to me

It is with a tremendous pleasure that we are here and we wish to convey our greatest wishes for your arrival and clearance into the Galactic Federation of Light grouping. With wondrous gratitude and understanding for your work, it is/has with been a pleasure speaking through you.
connection cease (to me)

*** End ***

I was really excited to be able to do this! I have sensed ships around many, many times, but recently the number of shipped has increased to an amazing amount! Literally all over the sky at any time. It's a wonderfully exciting time to be here!!

Warm regards,

Jay Bland

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few quotes

needs and wants are created around us all the time, when we satisfy them we feel happy for a moment... but in actuality happiness is a state of mind that can be with us always. Feel gratitude for anything, and that feeling of satisfaction will flow freely.

it's easy to look at a mountain and say it's off in the distance, separate... but it's just as easy to recognize the mountain and the ground under your feet are one continuous plane. The air too, the clouds, your breath - the people you know - all part of ONE system of love and life.