Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update... not channeled

I've been getting a few emails lately enquiring if I'm ok, etc. so, thanks for checking on me! and, here's a little update.

I don't really know if I'll be channeling again. It crosses my mind once in a while but channeling, as with many paranormal things, requires some intention and focus and some time. Although channeling sessions might take half hour or so I also need to be more aware in general for "psychic protection", answering questions (which I happily do), and the day-to-day mindset of being in contact takes some energy too.

Right now I'm focusing on my family, coaching soccer, and also had a wonderful Summer vacation.

I like this blog and am excited about the information that was channeled. I hope more people find it now and then and that it answers some questions, pushes the envelope of the normal, and helps bring us closer to the eventual disclosure that non-human and non-earth beings are alive and interested in making an ongoing interaction with us, when we're ready.

My original goal with this recent channeling was to explore it, practice it for a time when I'll need it, and just see what's out there. I have accomplished those things. I know that when more advancements come with our off-planet friends I have already made myself known as a channeler and will be able to step in as "translator" and guide when the time is right.

I may still do sessions again but now is not the time for me (although it could change anytime, I don't know when).

I really cherish the community that has been built around this channeling - we are people who will make a difference in this planet's future and I thank you all for checking in and being part of something bigger than the typical normal life we've had created for us.

warm regards, Light, and Love,


p.s. Some people have said they check my blog everyday. So first, thank you, but also I don't want you to waste your time. I'll make an email list and send out a notification when/if I start channeling again so you'll be the first to know. If you'd like to be on it just send your email.