Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parcival - Q & A on Agarthan Culture and Environment 08Mar11

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Questions about Agarthan culture and environment

I get some answers as in a mental video form so will be describing these in my own words, rather than actual channeled ideas or direct words as is typical. If I write my own description of a video-type communication I’ll put it within brackets.

Questions I’ll be asking:
Is your environment like a typical cave with rocks, dirt, water, algae?
Do you have species of animals that are not found on the surface of Earth?
What is the mixture of gases you breath, and percentages of each gas?
Can you breathe water? Or liquids?
Are Agarthans basically humanlike in physiology?
Are any humans or non-Agarthan sentient species there with you?
Are there different races within your culture?
What do you eat? Or how do you gain sustenance?
Does your culture have any effect on humans, if so, what and how frequently?
Could Agarthan individuals survive on the surface?
How do you react to sunlight?
Will humans be aware of your presence at some point? When?
Please describe your community, sociology – marriage, monogamy, homosexuality, kibbutz
Do you have means of long-distance travel? everday transportation?
Anything you want to share on religion, deities, enlightened beings?


I am Parcival, I am aware of your list of questions, shall I proceed answering them?

> yes, please. Thank you.

Within our home are walls of caves, but we have the capability to mould matter as we like. We create caverns, clean caverns, with various elements and crystals. We have enormous caverns like you have never discovered and crystals larger than any you’ve seen or made. We have walls of crystal used for viewing consciousness Itself, Gajun, as SeRenShitha or SaLuSa might notate. Our lightsources are living beings: moss, algaes, phosphorescent beings. Our world is clean to us but there is a mustiness so we have heard – and to answer a different question we do have visitors from Earth surface and from other Galactic entities.

The air we breathe is composed of oxygen, 61%, Nitrogen 18%, Sulfur 12% and various other small percentage minerals and elements; we have no pollution and our atmosphere, as it were, is constantly balanced and pure, again maintained by living beings of Essence and typicality.

We do not keep animals for food products or sustenance nor for pets but there are quite a number of living beings within our walls and proximity. There are fish and eels, salamanders, no birds, no quadrupeds, but many varied species, just as on surface.
We are basically humanesque with the same organs, same bones, same energy channels. Our healing is immeasurably beyond that of surface humans and we balance with energy detail mechanisms, again many alive but also some dead plants and minerals. The sustenance of the Agarthans is quite different from that of ancient humans, we have evolved much due to our change in venue and close proximity to construct lines and Earth-center energy transmittance, and thus our sustenance comes very little from food and liquid intake, but mostly from breath and transduction of energy directly through to our Self.

I am Parcival. We Agarthans rarely come to Earth-surface, although we often venture beyond. We have technologies that do not require physical entities in order to travel, fly, teleport, as you might call it, or bilocate. We do channel quite frequently and have a fair influence on some types of earthly events. When a large meeting of humans happens the energy chaos and vortices are much too much for what it should be; the construct was not truly designed to hold the energies of hundreds of thousands of people in one location and the sheer number of humans on your planet surface at this time is great. We balance those chaotic overflows on frequent occasion and allow proper channels to flow to earth-center for annihilation. We would not prosper particularly well on earth-surface. The sunlight, dryness, immense energy interactions would not suit well with our Essential way of being.

Our communities are connected and interwoven on the most intimate of levels – our energy is Gajun and we are closer to 5th dimensionality than we are to 4th as the humans are. We do not choose wives or husbands and homosexuality is not labeled as such, we all mix interwovenly and breathe the same energy. We do procreate but again it is a process of energy transversal and tangent on order to separate off a sibling. It is not a process of physical birth as you understand. This is entirely reminiscent of 5th dimensionality as the humanform reproduction was not conducive or beneficial to our culture. As you say kibbutz, we do have slight separations in grouping as hundreds of beings in a coven, then another like group near in proximity with very close ties. Imagine this as two soap bubbles touching, they could easily become one, but do in fact have a barrier and similarity.

I am Parcival. I have covered all that you ask. Concerning religion or deity we are Gajun, we are connected and One. We recognize the barriers between levels, especially aware that humans have the most separation from Gajun perceiving themselves as distinct individuals – this is not our way any longer.

[from Parcival: anything else?]

> Can you show me an image from where you live?

[really smooth ground like rock tiles, giant crystals protruding across from upper cave walls to opposite cave walls. The entire area has a dim light feel but naturally sort of iridescent and energetic – it does not “feel” dim. There was water running on the left side of the vision I saw, it glowed a slight greenish-aqua. The feeling I got was of serenity and calm, very stable ambiance, no wind. I saw beings of average to tall in height (not what I expected) with a slight greenish radiant energy flowing from them. As I’m seeing this in mind’s eye I couldn’t really say if I’m seeing this “in reality” or in aura-like vision, so who knows if they radiate green to a normal person seeing them live. I saw them from around 100 feet away]

> Are the tiles carved, natural, or created? And what are they made of?

Ground stone. Variable in make-up.

> Are the crystals natural or grown – they are awe inspiring! What is the chemical make-up of the crystals?

I am Parcival. The crystal columns and beams are willed. They are simply willed and I do not know the exact make-up, they are similar to your quartz crystals which happen in nature.

> thank you Parcival. I’m getting a sense you wish to share about a means of sharing or influencing humans. Yes?

There will be a time when your peoples meet us. We do not look significantly different so as to be spooky, but it will nonetheless cause much unneeded grief and disbelief for many humans if they are unprepared. I wish this information to get out to many because it will help the transdimensional shift which is in the works and coming quite quickly. I welcome you all to the 5th dimension of reality and truly look forward to our sharing in Gajun and peaceful interconnection and Love.


  1. Jay, the 8.9 earthquake off Japan...one of the three? The footage is incredible.

  2. I got mention of the Japan situation in my reading today (13Mar11). It was mentioned by Alcatar back on January 17th! (although not specifically enough to convince the skeptics lol)

  3. Hi Jay, I've run across several notes suggesting that Mammoth Caves in Kentucky is an entrance to Agartha. There don't seem to be any concrete accounts of this, as there exist for other entrances. If the entrance exists, what is its nature? Where is it located? Could a child stumble on this entrance accidentally (for example, as they could at the poles, if they had the wherewithal to get there), or does this entrance even exist?

    Do you know if anyone has followed the instructions relating to the Sphinx?



  4. you can only get to the entrance by astral travel but it's rare that anybody will get in..you have to have a certain energy/aura to get in.

  5. When I was a little child about 6 years old or so, I had repeatedly over and over dreamed that I going to the world inside Earth, or some planet. It was gorgeous. No wars, beautiful lakes and waterfall……. The way how to get there was tricky. I was using some kind of tube or elevator, but it was activated by hand print. After using the tube you will have to change to bigger elevator or so, that take you to those world. I did born 1962, and live in Czech Republic , it was not possible I get those information from any movies or so, not that time and place where I lived. I have more memory of those underground cities. Maybe I did live there in my previous life.

  6. when i was little i dreamed i lived underground.. brown caverns.. well lit.. being in a room, school, wanting to get out for a while.. walking down a passage.. climbing out of a hole, grass up there, everywhere, green grassy plains. I ran forward a little and jumped and flew.. up and over the valleys of grass and wild horses and blue sky.. and in the middle of nowhere there stood a brick wall, 1 and a half metres wide by 6 metres high and i perched there, looking out over onto the plains, wind in my high, sun at my back. all alone. fresh air. I would then fly back home to the underground.

  7. Is there away to meet an Agarthans without full disclosure? In Michigan?

  8. I don't personally know any way to meet Agarthan beings other than by channeling. I have heard from other sources that there are certain locations where caves lead down, and if I recall from my own channeling the Agarthans can reach the crust if they choose to.

    I am fascinated by the Agarthans and I had never heard of them before I started doing the channeling (this recent time, posted in this blog). I may reach out to them again as I feel there may be more we can learn and also they can verify historical facts which can help the whole channeling genre. Not sure when/if though.