Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey everyone,

Thanks for the emails and messages. I am fine but not channeling/blogging for a few reasons at the moment. The short answer is that my laptop and phone both died in the same week (as well as general weirdness with most electrical things I use!); it's pretty bizarre. Got my phone back but the laptop will be a few more days.

Also, I have a personal integer issue with the missed dates for specific earthquake predictions - I REALLY do not want to create fear and drama. I can say I fully expected an earthquake during that June time-frame but nothing happened. I recognize time doesn't translate well in channeling and I'm still debating how I feel about providing these messages. Many people have mentioned the overall message is great and from a place of Love, and I agree but I just need some time off from it.

I expect I will begin channeling again in a month or so - just a gut feeling. I fully get the sense there is more info I need to pass on but will just follow my instinct in not pushing for it now.

I have gotten some specific questions and will go ahead and connect to get those answers if I can. I'll post them as a comment after this post.

Again, thanks for checking in. I recommend Rebecca Garner's connection as she posts many channeling sessions from Light sources. I found her on Facebook but you can also find her if searching for SaLuSa and the Galactic Federation.

Warm regards,