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SeRenShitha 23Feb2011 Contact, Food, & Federal Reserve

23 Feb 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(Remarks by Jay are preceded by a > symbol)

> Preface: This is a VERY interesting and unique time on our planet. I’m personally experiencing a lot of changes in my upper energy bodies, increased awareness in many ways. I wouldn’t call it confusing or too much, just a little difficult to manage the wonders of life, raising a three year old daughter, stay up on world politics and fit in channeling as well.
It’s been a while since my last session for a few reasons. Channeling is like turning on a radio channel, or switching from dial-up to broadband – it takes a fair amount to ensure the information I’m getting is correct and not something from my own mind, not that our mind is actually separate from reality but I hope you know what I mean. I also want to point out that in a previous session information was channeled that the Dome of the Rock UFO was an actual alien craft from within the group I channel, yet it seems it was a hoax; I don’t know the true answer on this. I suspect I altered the meaning on it; on the other hand much of what has come through has come to fruition, I’ve had to look up several words because I didn’t know the meaning, and many words are accurate in meaning but not actual words from the English language. I will not let one question (the reality of the alleged UFO) alter two decades of being in tune in this way. I feel after this brief break that I’ll keep going and continue spreading the information I get. I’ve channeled for many years but never decided to publish it until this last couple months.

Warm regards, thanks for listening!


It is I, SeRenShitha! I am glad to connect with you once again, Jay. It is with pure understanding I accept your break in our speeches. In regards to your question about our ship over the Dome of the Rock – this was not a hoax, as you say. The information is incomplete and biased and some even altered [> got a sound image of the women talking in one video], this is part of the ongoing preponderance of force trying to keep our presence hidden from view. There is no need to focus on these events from before, in very short order, we will be known to all! There will be no means to hide what we have planned and your continued wish of our interaction provides we will indeed show ourselves and increase awareness of much of your masses.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja! Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja! Our worlds are becoming more intertwined than ever before as the veil of your separate reality is coming more and more thin – the people of your Earth planet will in unison announce change is needed and there will be utterly no possibility of returning to your servitude and slavery as before. I am SeRenShitha, yes the connection is once again strong and in well-working order. The Dark Ones plead and beg and lie and twist their words but it is as a snake in a trap, they are without grasp of any weapon or power to make changes. This will continue and while more information seeps into the public awareness it will sway as I said above – the time is not long off. You will find that certain beings who had seemed to be Dark all this time, are in fact playing both sides and have been for many years: trust the information and means, and disregard previous ties in some cases. This will save lives and make your process of clearance more efficacious and simple.

There was, you received, a question about the triple earthquakes. The major earthquake in New Zealand was a pressure from Gaia which provided a set-up. The increased stress and push on the Indo-Asian plates will bring about the triple earthquakes as mentioned in several channeling sessions, both Jay’s and others by various leaders. It will be clear, precisely clear, when it is time to fear for sections of your Earth’s crust and subduction zones.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. As you may know I am in lower orbit and transconnection at this time – We are a mother ship and have been noticed and recorded by certain groups in your shadowy governments worldwide. Our presence is being used to rally support, and engender fear in some as a means to make political interactions and money transactions happen more quickly; there is much fear in the Dark Ones, who have monopolized the technologies on your Earth planet. They are sharing what is in their best interest and suppressing the rest, but our presence being known has backfired, as it were, because the question is too large to handle for some of the minds they trusted. It is these powerful people who will be amongst our largest proponents in sharing information, keeping the internet up and running, and bringing electricity options to fruition. That is all for this subject.

Foods you take in are becoming more of a playing card in this day. There are many, many poisons you are taking into your bodies, mostly planned but some genetically altered diseases and chemical poisons that were unexpected by the greatest minds. You are children playing with fire and you have absolutely no idea how much damage you are doing Karmically and intrinsically toward your ability to transcend and have ease of awareness of our higher levels. Stress and anxiety are beholden to these chemicals and your inability to fight said chemicals is creating disease and focused awareness on the lower levels of survival, pain, anxiety, stress, even rage. It is I, SeRenShitha and I hear your question [thought about food advice]. Fresh fruits grown on trees unaffected by mass-sprayed chemicals would be ideal, although you need wheat and grains and some ground proteins. Please stay away from many of your seagoing animals as they are indeed transcending with you – they were on Earth planet to learn just as you are and have experienced mass suffering at the hands of butchers and fisherman and the overall foods industries. This will be an eventual lesson which the masses cannot comprehend yet, save for a few very compassionate and aware souls. Staying away from any killed animal would be a wonderful step in your evolvement but I SeRenShitha do understand this is a stressful step to change your energy-intake habits. When in Rome, as it were, is a statement I would posit as appropriate to this; yet, now is the time to change if possible and allows you to remain focused on what is important.

That is all. Do you have additional questions which have not yet surfaced; many crossed your mind in our time of non-connections.

> I equate what the United States Federal Reserve is doing as outright fraud and theft, yet I’m trying to remain positive and in a place of compassion through these changes. How should I, and others, address the groups that are trying to keep us in slavery? Thank you for your connection!

I am SeRenShitha. There are more than 35,000 of you on your Earth planet who are making a wondrous significant change to your ascendance simply by focusing on compassion, being open to change, supplying a smile instead of an argument – it is THIS action which will affect your futures. Although the Dark Ones will fall there are many who may not be here for Ascention and whose purpose is to deal with that which you asked. If an Earthbound being has the ability for Ascention and the compassion of Gajun they must take this time to BE Compassion, to BE Gajun. Focus on increasing the light and structure of your 5th Self. The mundane world events, however damaging in the past, are falling by the weighside as we speak.

End. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! We will see you shortly.

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