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Parcival Question and Answer April 23rd, 2011

April 23rd, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Question and Answer session

>SeRenShitha is creating what she calls a “transmission body”. Do you know long it will take and have any idea when we will be able to see her, and others, first hand as physical beings?

[Parcival] I cannot answer either of those precisely.

> What is causing the mass animal deaths; is there one root cause? And can it be prevented?

There are three main causes: release of methane and various gas-based elements from inner earth areas, chemical toxicity from many activities by people on the crust, and natural evolvement of energy change proximate to the upcoming changes in Gaia and her innate purpose for subsequent life – as a result of these you will find viruses, bacteria and diseases creating from nature which have never before been encountered.
These are in essence a natural situation based on the other aspects of evolvement toward 5th Dimensionality. Death is a fearful thing for most of you, I understand this, but also keep in mind there are many ideas and truths behind what death is. The spirit lives on and you all will learn and be taught by the animals you slaughter and those which die of semi-natural causes.

> Please discuss some human philosophies of “everything happens for a reason” and “why do bad things happen to good people?”

I am Parcival and I say to you this is a complex thought that is in some ways purposefully beyond the comprehension of beings “living” in a dual system – hidden spirituality and Essence, while perception of individualness. Some things are meant to happen for lesson purposes, while others are to but balance the natural sway of energy-life. In the balance equation there are times that indeed “bad things happen to good people” and this is simply and only unfair due to your incorrect assumption and perception that you are each separate individuals. If you could sense past that misperception the idea of unfairness is incomprehensible.

> Chemtrails. I never believed in them until last month or so. I have now seen firsthand what looks like a typical contrail which evolves into a wide contrail, then into a big haze, and finally dissipates after half hour to an hour. What are in these? Who is spraying them? What's the motive: are they helping or hurting us?

I am Parcival. I know much about the chemtrails as you call them. They are but another of the hundreds of disastrous atrocities brought upon an unknowing public by those Dark Evil Ones who wish to use humanity as slaves. This sounds dramatic, I understand this, but I wish to make a point: until the mass of human souls have had enough beatings and hunger they will not stand against the machine.
There are various substances and quanta that allow our mind to have a home, if these are infunctional there will be no awareness. We cannot live without blood and chakra vortices flow and for you food and water and air. There a grand number of tools the Dark beings are using to create imbalances in your system – this is their prime motive as without a human will what is a human but a slave for working.

There are four distinct types of chemtrail used for specific purpose in different parts of Gaia. The function isn’t to hurt you or kill you off as some think, the purpose is to create imbalance, which creates dark stress, which creates in inability to fight, an inability to feel, an inability for proper brain function, inability to love. What works over Vietnam or Hawaii might not work over Paris, France. What works over ice-covered Russia will not work over humid warm Chile.

There are very able people working against this, as you know. I am Parcival.

> Can you tell me anything about Prince Leo Zagami?

(felt like he was accessing some outer source of information…) Ah yes. He is not who you think he is. He is attempting to bring peace upon the nature of Gaia and is doing so overtly for many reasons. He has many resources and much lineage information. I believe he won’t be a pivotal changing factor for your crust-home but he is worthy as an adherent in peace.

 > The remaining questions are concerning ships, disclosure and first open public visit of extra terrestrial beings – would you like to answer them? [Parcival is an Agarthan from inner Earth]

I will answer them as I am able. I am aware of your list, shall I proceed?

> Yes, thank you Parcival.

Project Blue Beam and various other means of creating the illusion of negative beings from non-earth locations are in full effect and should be expected. You will be aware of physical ships, even beings which have been created [by people on Earth]. There will be a time when nothing you encounter can be accepted as truth as even intuition can be falsified. These will be times of great community and togetherness as in these final times of strife will come love and Ascension. There will be some few among you who have retained their integrity and mindwill and will help others to see the true vision through the illusion. It is at these times that the veil of individualness will fall and disintegrate – these times are far off from today and will not happen until after full awareness of Galactic entities is embraced and known. You EACH chose to be here, now for this battle and I know that many will look upon this in fear… stop and recognize that each of you have a role to play in Gaia’s opening and upheaval for a new birth. When you see past your own desires and wants you will recognize why you were chosen and that for which your part is destined.

The others may be addressed later. It is time to end for now. Peace and warmth to you all.

> One more quick question – clarification if I may. You have finished with “stay warm” before and now “peace and warmth”… is this an emotional warmth or physical warmth and what does it mean to you?

(tickled him) It is a sign of peaceful gratitude which warms the heart and keeps Gajun. Good bye.

[Selamat Gajun is a Sirian term for connection which means “I am One (said by All)”]


  1. Amazing synchronicity. Refer to my blog post this morning. Your readers might be interested as well. As always, I greatly value your channelled material. - Robert

  2. He made it rather quickly through disclosure questions. I'm confused...does that mean Bluebeam would happen AFTER economic "disclosure" and reforms? That doesn't make sense? Could it be the last card of the Illuminati? Their last attempt?

  3. Some religious people steeped in intergenerational dogma and indoctrination are often eager to proselysize, and pontificate about their belief systems. I'd just delete them too.
    Most often that stuff has nothing to do with truth, Love, and Light.
    Thanks Jay,
    Jim ST Louis

  4. WOW, they actually going to let blue beam to play out? might as well let the dark ones launch nuclear bombs too right?
    what a crappy decision
    or maybe jay is being controlled by one of the dark ones and their technology, they do have the technology to take over a channel without the channeler being aware.
    maybe, who knows, in the mean while, im STILL waiting for something,ANYTHING to happen.

  5. I'm not 100% sure that Ascension is the perfect choice, but I can guarantee you I'm not one of the Dark Ones! ; )

    I'm all about "know thyself", "be empowered", and dance like no one's watching!

    There actually have been times that I didn't channel because I felt there was a chance something could interfere - it's very rare nowadays but there have been times in my life where I REALLY needed to know a lot about psychic protection.

    ~ Jay

  6. Are you kidding me?

    Bluebeam is, indeed, in full action. Actually, I think it can be the first sighting of it. Man, Parcival was spot on, the day he said that, the first sighting occured.

    Look at this video, isn't it stupid? I actually thought it was quite funny. People were in awe in front of a really unreal and static image of the "alleged Virgin Mary". You would think the rapture would be more impressive than an holographic static image eh?

    I'm patiently awaiting the positive change. At least, I could say that having knowledge prior to ascension trained my patience. And about do you suggest one should prepare spiritually for it. I've personally started to medidate. I used to, but got bored of it, don't know why. I'll be trying to go on some shamanistic journeys as well...

  7. Jay,

    I have been following your blog since your post on ATS. I actually linked a few of your post there into other earthquake post. I was just curious is there any information in regards to addicts or people with addictions and this process of awakening or accession?

    If this is something you could find out in one of your sessions. There are some people who drink or do drugs as a way of self medicating. If our bodies are unpure what will be the effect. I noticed the thread about drinking more clean water and trying to eat more unmodified unprocessed whole foods fruits and veggies. If that is important in the process is addiction?

    Thanks very much for all your work. It's fellow members like yourself that brought me to ATS and why I keep going.

  8. hey anonymous, what u on bro?
    maybe thats a question you dont want to know yet.

  9. I guess it would depend on the drug. Marijuana is pretty pure if you ask me. Psychedelics are more than pure. I think the bad drugs could alcohol, coffee, cigarets, and stimulants, such as Ecstasy, speed, cocaine, etc.

    Marijuana pretty much immunizes your body against cancer, and it's a pretty good tool to grow spiritually. Psychedelics are to be used, imho. They delete certain filters (temporarily) in your brain, those that are heavily tied with the ego. What it does is give you a greater wisdom, knowledge...It's a powerful spiritual tool. DMT pretty much sends you in the astral or another dimension. I don't know exactly where it sends you, but it's a higher plane that's for sure.

    This is my opinion, I would very well be interested in Parcival or SeRenShitha's view on it.

  10. Jay thank you for asking my questions of Everything Happening for a Reason, and Project Blue Beam.

    Now I have something to think about...


  11. btw i have a feeling parcival would enjoy this song haha when i heard gajun i thought of it :)


  12. I would also be very interested in what Parcival or SeRenShitha's opinion on marijuana use as well.
    I have been rather "stuck" lately and was wondering if my use of marijuana is a deterrant, thinking I should quit, pretty broke these days anyways.
    It helps me sleep, but I think it has also been clouding up my dreams, as in I can't remember any of them! Last night went to sleep "au natural" and I remember dreaming, just not sure exactly what they were.
    Anyways, thanks for your posts, always look forward to reading your blog.