Monday, May 9, 2011

America the Everlasting Meadow - May 09 2011

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
America the Everlasting Meadow
(channeled title)

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius cluster. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! It is pleasant to interact after this hiatus.

Much of your planet is shifting right before your eyes, as you know. The sheer number of souls coming into recognition of their higher energy bodies is truly making your Earth planet and concentric spheres glow like the sun! So, so many channelers and dream-souls coming to share with Us, learn from Us, simply visit Us and look from above. It is such a glorious and beautiful time for Gaia, for the souls of your Earth planet, souls entwisted into your Karmic Ethereality, and for the Divine purposes Itself. It is a wondrous sight to behold and a magnificent triumph for Light Being universally. I value this Ascention and Advancement so much and welcome all who hear this message into Gajun, happily!

There are significant and valuable conferences being held within what you know as Russia right now [picturing central Eastern Russia north/northwest of Tajikistan area; in a major city]. There are delegations from many countries opposing the Dark Ones and specifically America as a whole due to the ignorant following of said agenda. You will soon see many previously hidden contributors and Constitution-makers coming forward openly to call for the End of the United States of America. You will see the end of your American Dollar and there will be a short but severe hardship within the constrains of your borders. Heard. “Constrains” is chosen because your borders will be sealed during the time of upheaval. This is very much finished and solely a finishing-touch scenario at this point. Do not be surprised when numerous countries call upon the demise of your Federal Reserve, banking industry, and the forced dissolution of the loans in America’s name. Heard. You already know what to do. It has been mentioned in this very forum: stock up food, keep your peaceful self about you – most importantly, communicate with local sources and create bridges of community now before any loss of communication services, define meeting places for peacefulness and food-sharing. Envision a 5th dimensional world and your beloved America will truly be once again a trend-setting glorious force in the world! Your country of United States of America will be the first large block to fall, with obviously a chain effect throughout the planet. The workers of Light and adherents of Institutionalized connectedness of beings are using the ignorant follower mentality of Americans in their favour to create a buzz of flourishing community worldwide. The seeming horrific times of foodlessness and strife will be very short-lived, but as I said difficult to see the end while entrenched.

I am SeRenShitha and I will be meeting you All face-to-face as mentioned. This is variable in timing and is unpredictable from 12 to 12 [half-day to half-day?]. There will be signs but as yet I am unable to label them with any predictability for you. I wish that you stay cheerful that times will come and things in your world will change! It is not far off and a small variation to Us may show as a few months to each of you. Be positive! We are standing at your door and will soon knock loudly and clearly.

Much of the construct work in the Southern hemisphere is moving along in planned fashion. You have seen an earthquake in between Australia and Madagascar as mentioned, although smaller than expected. There will be a reasonably sized earthquake [6.6 came to mind] in the next few weeks off the shore of Madagascar but it will not bring much notice or issue; this is the sealing of the Western end of the cross beam construct between those two aforementioned locations. There are some who are against you, many who follow you with questions, and some who blindly follow you – as we have said many times we chose you for specific reasons and all is as planned. I will provide specifics for earthquakes which will cause much damage, otherwise this is not a circus and sharing beyond your blog is not necessary in some cases: such as the 6.6 just mentioned. You [Jay] were correct in waiting for the seas to clear.

I am pleased with your species’ ability to connect simply via your sharing of words. I have “Personally”, by name, had dozens of channelers and resultant channeling sessions with people who found me through our interactions. Many I have set to connect with other Gajun souls, some I have kept on to speak with directly. One of You will actually be meeting me live in person, directly, when I appear – you know who you are and of our deals made. This connection through all of you is pleasing to Us.

There was a question – shall I answer it now?

> Yes please – a question on whether there is an agenda to drastically lower Earth’s population and if so who is behind it.

I am SeRenShitha. There are many rumours of such an event but I know nothing of such an agenda. There are indeed tunnels in Northern countries and African countries and food and seed storage vents. There are indeed many locations to hold people as cattle. There are many signs which point to such an agenda but strive to look past the fear and possibilities to see there are alternative reasons such practices and locations could be needed. I do hear of Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones and the theories of the Pyramids and Stonehenge and numerous rock formations – recognize that your human mind can create anything it desires. If you wish to see nature and mathematics in anything, literally anything at all, it can be found. Mathematics and your string theory ideas are true to the nature of Our Universes and can be breathed in as water to a fish. I recommend for those who have fear, turn that fear into rageful beneficience and start building your imagination, your eye in your mind, start taking action to building something better, something interconnected to one-another… what you dream will become. Take those seeds and plant the future. If you take your seeds of pain and strife and meditate on them you are hurting more than your own will to live – do not do it. It will be far easier in your very early future. Remember to be One! Selamat Gajun! And be One in happiness! Selamat ja!



  1. Hello jay, I would firstly like to start off with saying thankyou, I have been following your blog intently and with great faith now for a while now and I believe ur a messenger of truth to us!
    I have a personal concern however, I am worried that I am not where I should be whether or not this is out of confusion or blindness, I am able to speak to spirits who have moved on and am sensitive to other planes of existence and life. I however don't have a great deal of confidence within myself and my growth and abilities and I have turned to u for some guidance and help, I would deeply appreciate help in my journey through this time!
    In truth and love,
    Thankyou and take care

  2. It has been a bit of a confusing time for myself and many spiritual people I know. The more energy and definition in my higher self (energy body) makes it sort of odd to do channeling. It would also be hard to meditate if I chose to, although to be honest I almost never do it anymore :P

    I've also noticed, and so have friends, that deep ingrained patterns, like family dynamics stuff and reactionary behaviors have been very obvious! I'm working through a few things myself right now and it's not easy!
    Mind you, my Master's degree is in Psychology and throughout that program I had a hundred hours of therapy/counseling as part of the program so I've already dealt with a lot of these things! It truly is a tough time for all of us!

    I may make a thread or post on chakras, but for those who sense them, here's how I see it. We carry traumas and life lessons as little energy "chunks" attached within the chakra itself. As we accomplish or clear them the chunks loosen and dissolve. I believe raising our consciousness to the next level will involve dissolving and dealing with most of our issues before we go! So, if you've been holding back dealing with that anger about your Dad or an ex or something - it's a good time to take it on! (In my opinion).


  3. I created a channeling guide on a site called ATS. It's similar to many out there with a few twists and personal ideas. I mention in the middle of the second page about channeling ETs. Take a look if you like, and I'm always happy to answer questions about it.

  4. Thankyou jay, I appreciate your help alot! U have become someone who I look up to over the time I've been following your blog! I will be keeping in contact if you don't mind, it's re-assuring to see another truth seeker!
    In truth and love,
    Take care.

  5. Hey I was wondering if the channelings from this site are legit?

  6. Mike Quinsey is one of the channelers I've followed here and there. I definitely feel they are legitimately channeled. He is really the only one I've followed with any regularity and I also channeled SaLuSa for a short time during one of my sessions with SeRenShitha. Great info there!

    ~ Jay

  7. i need your opinion jay... me and my buddy are debating all this stuff... both aware of the Dark Agenda... but he has decided to go muslim cuz the video series the Arrivals persuaded him to. i always had a bad feelng bout religion. anyways, he thinks the beings ur channeling are demons decieving you.. which is possible but he is being very closed minded about it. i know i shouldnt be trying to force my beliefs on him but i just wanna help him stop being so closed minded. what should i tell/show him?

  8. Thank You Jay.
    Haven't mentioned it before, but I too have an MA in Transpersonal Psychology from a school in California, ITP. I also took classes at the Berkely Psychic Institute, and later completed a clairvoyant program after moving back to Florida. I am quite rusty with those skills. I have not tried channeling.
    I am under the impression that (5-D Beings) communicate most directly with one's that are of a certain relatively higher vibration. I suppose that can occur during a meditation in preparation for channeling. As stressed as I feel at this juncture in time, I do not feel that I am not a very desirable candidate for channeling. Although, I have asked for confirmation, a clear sign, that all this I am so irresistably drawn to is actually true(this site, Bashar, GFL info, Sheldon Nidle, Coast to Coast, many others;and basically any thing else I can get my hands on that feels genuine). I personally have had no clear evidence or direct experience that jolts me into a whole other level of knowing; regarding all these incredibly facinating and engaging messages. There is a big part of me that feels that I am so moved and rather blindly following all of this info, that, yet a much bigger Self knows to be the truth (or at least in the right direction--that of which, I am seeking incessantly).
    I have been doing this for years. At this point, I really want a sign. I know you can't provide that Jay...I am just expressing a bit of existential angst at the moment.
    Any feedback?
    Jim in ST LOuis.

  9. Jim,

    Ask Adama of Telos. He can provide attunement, as he did for me.


  10. Here's how I see signs at the moment. "Our" media (in the U.S.) is getting to a point of constant propaganda and suppression. Our system of government, media, banking, and many others are operated purely on nepotism and making that small upper crust of so-called elites richer, ensuring the rest of us live in angst, anxiety, fear and separation. THIS is the sign, in my opinion. There is only so long the human species can be held back before there is an explosion of freedom. I believe we are reaching that point.

    Take for example the Bin Laden killing. There is a top white house insider for three administrations who has had enough; he is willing to testify before a Grand Jury that Bin Laden was killed in 2001. Here's a link to the article and quotes:

    Also, a YouTube video with quotes from major news sources proving our media has been lying about Osama Bin Laden all along:

    With so much disinformation about such a broad range of subjects people will inevitably be forced to choose very openly to remain ingorant and just turn off their TVs, remain ignorant by watching their TVs, or finding their news somewhere else like, for example, where world news is discussed, compared, and contrasted by real people from all around the world.

    As for an individual sign, Jim, I'm just really glad you're here and sharing. I can't offer a sign most likely... although, check this out! I also went to ITP! Exceptional school and one of the best choices I ever made. I've felt close to you since you first spoke in this forum and even accidentally pictured what you look like (I think. which happens sometimes, but not often). We definitely know some of the same people, if not each other. Feel free to email me at if you feel like sharing more or checking if my vision of you was correct =)

    I don't think channeling is for everyone. It takes a few years of mental practice and a focused and trained ability to keep yourself spiritually protected and clean from entities and such; it can be exhausting! I imagine you could easily do it if you chose to, but there needs to be that desire to do it yourself. after I first learned to channel a little over 10 years ago, I didn't do it often. I always instinctively knew that someday I would use it when I needed to - apparently that time is now LOL.

    ~ Jay

  11. I <3 this blog...

    Jay, can you recommend a good meditation tradition?

  12. I can't really recommend a meditation practice but I can share what i've found useful over the years.

    I started doing things naturally at about age 5 but never knew it was meditation - I mostly did mental visualization and body relaxation (relax feet, then calves, then knees, etc).

    The first time I had guidance for meditation was from a Tibetan Buddhist Lama and it was very simple - counting breaths. Keep your mind clear and not paying attention to outer or inner noise. Attempt to count numbers while focusing on a number, such as thin of/count/visualize "1" for out breath and in breath, then on to "2" up to 10. Each time you lose focus or hear a dog bark, for example, start back at "1". Very simple and tremendously beneficial!

    I've read many meditation styles over the years and most seem beneficial in my opinion, I would just recommend one that feels right to you.