Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shar-Cru Sol message 29Jun11

Shar-Cru Sol
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
June 29, 2011
Shar-Cru Sol message

I am Shar-Cru Sol of the Galactic Federation of Light. I am of the Pleiades, as you know it. Your attempt to connect with me was most unusual; I have never felt compelled to offer advice to your planet but as you have melted to me I will happily share as maybe there are more with similar styles to yours whom I may be missing an opportunity.

One of the most devastating issues upon your planet at this particular time is the vast amount of unneeded chaotic energy. These waves and radiation are doing a horrible detriment to your Love, your connection to the Divine, and even to your very Health of organism. It would be in the interest of your Humanity to develop shielding devices and suits that will keep out the constant barragement of fracturing and unneeded energy beams, waves, and particles from interfering.

One of the major sources of these fracturing entities is the genetic altering of nearly everything you ingest. This is being done by a small group of people, many of whom do not know the repercussions of such altering, but nevertheless are creating a havoc of horrific magnitude. For those typical denizens of Earth – your body is a three-dimensional archetype which your mind “uses” as a means to exert will on other energy around you. When taking energy courses into your body which are designed to disrupt Love it creates a means of Anxiety and disconnect from your true purpose. These chemicals and radiation waves have been purposefully designed by off-Earth beings in cahoots with some Dark forces on Earth. One of their main purposes is to create non-Love, non-flow, non-functional will, and they are surely winning in their battle.

As the Dark Ones, as we refer to them, continue in making humans into non-willful slaves it is simply a matter of time before the still-aware versions of humans are rounded up and killed. Things will change in the long term but there needs to be a wake-up call! The enormous percentage of humans right now are simply not capable of taking willful action.

I said I took this query because I wondered if there are more. As I understand this message is going out to a connection source I will pass along one final message for the masses:

Do not be afraid to fight. You believe you are being taken care of but you are not. You believe in your governments and courts and work-bosses but what you are failing to enmind is that those groups are not the ones in battle over you! They are not the ones to be fought. There is a very small group of people and other beings who are controlling nearly every aspect of your mind through the above means as well as others. Find these few and destroy their ability to continue ruining humanity.

In Jubilance,

Shar-Cru Sol


  1. The quandary:

    1) How to find the few?
    2) How to destroy their abilities?

  2. wow. thats crazy. its time to act people.

    Resist and Restore

    spread this message everywhere

  3. jay, did you feel anger(well more like a military officer telling his troops to fight, or a soccer coach telling his team to win) coming from this being or what? was he disapointed in us or motivating or...?

  4. Shar-Cru Sol's attitude was nonchalant. He was offering a simple solution to a major problem we're dealing with. I got the feeling he was just casually watching from afar and only, as he stated, got involved because I happened upon him.

    It was interesting having such an upfront message. I like it. I don't expect to connect with Shar-Cru Sol again though. I may try if I feel led but don't foresee it.

    SeRenShitha is more "physical 3-D" than ever before. I could have tried connecting with her but it would have been difficult and I didn't really trust it. I like how I happened upon Shar-Cru Sol and may do a similar attempt next time =)

    ~ Jay

  5. Jay,
    I don't mean to be offensive, but I kinda felt like "yah, and the grass is green!" I completely agree with what Shar-Cru Sol said, I guess I was disapointed he didn't have any direction...

  6. I appreciate the comment Maria, and know what you mean. I encountered Shar-Cru Sol through dimensional voyaging (like astral travel sort of) and he is not one of the huge number of beings hanging around our planet right now, with a vested interest.

    Since your comment came up I'll point out there are a number of really good Galactic Federation of Light channelers who have "guidance" messages very frequently (I follow the SaLuSa one once in a while). I seem to be attracting/finding a variety of different beings and just going with whatever happens so you may experience a diversity of viewpoints through this blog.
    Thanks for checking in!



  7. Thanks again. Look forward to all of your channelings. =)

  8. Much appreciated Jay.

  9. Hi Jay - I've read through your guide on ATS and refer others to it who want to understand more about the process. I was wondering if you've ever used a "gatekeeper" entity as a part of your process, or what other methods of protection you've used as part of what you do. Namaste.