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Ducks in a Pond - 15 May 2011

15May 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Ducks in a Pond
(channeled title)

I am SeRenShitha of star cluster Sirius. An agenda is in order: it is time to take action and people, nearly all of you, have no comprehension of even a first step. I will provide the steps to you as have been seen on countless planets infected by dualism. Dualism is all you know – it is being human, living in a physical world, taking food and energy via mouth and vein only, it is seeing oneself as solely individual as though you yourself are a world of your own, there is no Gajun, only separation. This is nothing to feel poorly about, nor anything to regret – your soul has gained thousands of years worth of experience by taking on such a blindness as duality. There is still a recognition of self and years once you cross to this realm, and there is still sustenance and love and even partnership, although it is much different than you know. I will now bring forth some steps that have been in form for star birth to death and beyond. This is a truth.

As a speaker for the Galactic Federation of Light, the Galactic White Brotherhood, and the Pleaideans I bring forth these steps as a means for the conversion from duality to non-dual Love and Gajun.

1) Love. It is very simple.
Live with an understanding that each of you, every person, has a unique and valuable purpose on Earth. Value him or her or whichever way they prefer to be recognized as a valid wonder in the Divine plan. Do not judge and separate – only Love and value all things.

2) Integrity.
Know yourself and live by those words you discover. Just as you should not judge and separate others, also do not do this to yourself. Know what you feel and what you desire and what you value and take them into your heart as if that were all that matters in the existence of the world. Within this frame is a recognition of Love – if you love others and respect them as valid souls, as yourself, you could never have the seed of selfishness that could steal or harm or step upon these souls. They ARE you as you each have a singular purpose among the whole of It All.

3) Work. This is a fundamental aspect.
Within Love and Integrity is Work – although sometimes hidden. You will recognize that if you know your soul and find it In Love, as part of the Whole of It All, you will understand that work is blissful experience of heart. This for many will be difficult to understand as work has been turned against you in the slavery of your planet for millennia; if you find yourself seething at this thought remove your job and rules and control and limitations from your view – let yourself be one in the completion of a task, let yourself feel the strength of a waterfall flowing as it should, it doesn’t work to hit the ground, it simply is. When you know your heart and you know your place, work will naturally flow as lessons come to your soul. Take Action toward what you love and call that work.

4) Karma.
There are hidden in the construct of duality a number of life purposes. You have no doubt found something you feel you needed to do in this lifetime, or a specific purpose, relationship, disease, or helpfulness as you progress through your “linear life”. Some lessons are imbedded and must be lived through before you advance, most lessons are balancing of the universal sum, and some you are simply at the right moment to help another. There are many things which must be accomplished by each soul while they are incarnate. This is never known to the soul – it is written into the vary make-up of physicality that you cannot know your every listed purpose as this would be the causal deconstruction of the life itself. Mystery of the true reality is one aspect that keeps the sum from balancing – until It’s time is ready.

It is hidden within these four – the meaning of life and the means of escaping it.  Knowing your purpose and that the whole is in your hands, working for what you cherish and for what you know you must do, experiencing your Karmic pre-chosen lessons and dissolving them. It is a simple essence when you focus on yourself and your soulmates of Earth. There is a lesson to follow: waves in a pond of splashing ducks.

When the ducks fly recognize the largest waves melt into the pond, then the smaller waves do the same. The ripples subtly start dissolving as well and eventually there are but small ebbs and flows until a glass surface reflecting the setting sun is all that is left.

There is a separation which must be recognized – some of you are meant to rule and some are meant to submit; you made this choice before you incarnated. Within your lifetimes you will learn both sides. As you bully another into tears of submission or fall to the ground in helplessness you will experience both sides.

It is NOW that you need to know yourself. Know that if you are the conqueror there was One who needed to be conquered. If you are the kind nurse of the elderly recognize that there are others who will take advantage and steal your generosity to create your pain. When you know yourself, but create a loving emersion into Oneness you will KNOW, which will save you, that you have played your perfect piece as have all others in your path have played theirs. Release judgment, anger, hatred, ego, dominance, lust as these will tie you to others in an unhealthy manner.

Recognize that when you carry “the four means” you can know your purpose: Love, Integrity, Work, and Karma. Pay special attention to those aspects of this truth that don’t feel right to you, pay close attention to the parts you skim over as it is in your nature to happily skim past that which benefits, as you expect it will hurt. This is a dichotomic nature of duality, an irony that keeps the sum unbalanced. It is time to create balance, but within the equation – all those who don’t follow the four means will vehemently fight the balance with every single last breath and fist.

To find the glass surface you must know yourself – imagine the peaceful calm of love and acceptance. Have gratitude as if the balance had already happened. Your Essence is already becoming one, many of you are sensing this, allow yourself to find the balance and bring forth that which you were meant to do.

In your world of physical struggle and selfishness, striving to survive, constant feeling of fighting for what you need you will find that allowing the most subtle of feelings to come forth is a task within itself. Take time to find nature around you – this can be as slight as a small plant or a bee, watch the clouds form or the dust blow. Let the sense of balancing fall upon you… let Nature’s breath fill your lungs as you walk or quietly sit.  When stories play in your mind know that you made the exact perfect decision you were supposed to – you are not a victim nor is the person you conquered. Balance is universal and every piece is needed to fulfill the expected Oneness and fulfill your Advancement.

Selamat Gajun. Selamat Ja. With Peace and Love and Light of Gajun from each of the Orders mentioned. We are with you.



  1. Jay, we need some info about the comet elenin, about Bin Laden and about Syria. Can you find out what is going on?

  2. Jay,
    I like many have been aware of our need to love one another. This has recently become a more urgent belief for me personally.
    It is a struggle at times not to get too caught up in the trappings of the day and loose me sense of this.
    This world has become so full of hate and greed. Will their every be a time when the GFL will see it neccessary and warrented to directy step in to the development of our species?
    I appreciate your channeling work and find The messages from SeRenShitha timely and relevent personally.

  3. I have a request - if anyone knows any religions or specific philosophies the four "means" match up to I'd love to hear about it.

    I've studied a fair bit myself in this area over the years but don't recall seeing all these within one philosophy except maybe Kaballah, although I don't know enough about it to be certain.

    ~ Jay

    1. Jay - can you share how could you connect to kaballah. There is some similiarity between the four means to Four paths in Bhagavad Geeta

      - the path of Bhakti (Love)
      - The path of Knowledge (Karma\Work ?)
      - The path of Knowledge (The final goal of Oneness)

      And yes ,you should read "the Law of One" Book

  4. Dear Jay/SeRenShitha,
    What a momentous message this is - so clear, so well stated, so well slated for understanding what it says. The exact right words are needed to help others who are searching for their inner peace. I think we all know it's there; otherwise why would we be so frustrated that others seem to be disturbing it? The key is to turn from thinking others are robbing it from us. Your line: "Value him or her [f]or whichever way they prefer to be recognized as a valid wonder in the Divine plan." gives us not just the usual How we should be, but the way to accomplish it. It's a shift in our normal perspective. It surely begins and ends within ourselves. If I am not balanced, how can I assist others in finding theirs? I don't have to agree with another's point of view, but I can be fascinated by it instead of miffed by it. That childlike fascination allows us to feel the higher love talked about in your message.
    Thank you for responding to your calling.
    Bless your heart.

    147 OF THEM.



  6. re: Request
    I agree with you that I've not seen these 4 all put together in such a succinct fashion. The key is they are presented so understandably. I'm ordained as a minister of inner peace for people of all faiths or no faith. From my studies it seems that these four along with humble, which comes automatically with personal integrity, are the basis for all major religions. It's just that they are put forth as enigmas such as Tao 17: "When Tao people lead and the work is accomplished, The people say, 'We did it ourselves.'" People have written whole books on each of the 4 and not been as understandable as this channeling.
    I already talked about the Love one (above). Integrity is usually "Unto thine own self be true." Work is "discover your passion and do more of it." And karma is very often "You'll be punished if you sin." All of these leave room for much interpretation unlike your channeling.

    We don't feed meat to infants, but now is the time for plain and simple awakening language. To me religions hold all the truth, but we have to get past the way man has told us to interpret it and feel the truths within ourselves.

  7. So should I stop slaving over homework. And work towards what I love?


  8. Find what's to love in your homework instead of slaving.

  9. JP - I wouldn't want to be responsible for saying either way on your homework. But I'm thankful you're experiencing this blog and are open to a changing world! Thank you!

    GC - thank you for the offer. I'm curious what "commands-consultations" are. If they are from classical Greek philosophers I assume I've heard much of it though.

    ~ Jay

  10. Perhaps the Law of One is the philosophy you are looking for?

  11. any coments on may 21?

  12. Jay, I am now reading the "The Children of The Law of One
    & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis" this message resembles what I read here in your channeling.

    With Love Ann from Norway

  13. Thanks for all the comments on this post. I'll definitely look into the Law of One. Over the years people have told me I'd probably like it but haven't read it yet; now I will!


    ~ Jay