Thursday, May 26, 2011

Purpose and Incarnation 25 May 11

25 May 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland
Purpose and Incarnation

I am SeRenShitha of star cluster Sirius. Although our society started on the second planet away from the largest star, what you call Sirius A, we have evolved to inhabit the frequency of energy and Spirit which we desire. You will learn that when non-corporeal it is, obviously, not a mandate that you remain standing on a world, on a planet, on soil-ground. As the frequency of a planetary body emits a certain frequency it affects all that lives on its surface and within. For my societies we choose to live in all sections and all energy mixtures throughout our solar system: some within the stars themselves, some within the planets themselves, even well within the very centre of said planet. Some live in societies more similar to your own, with the soul inhabiting a body and a near dual belief system abided by. Why am I telling you about our solar system now? because you too will someday have that freedom of Eternal fluidity.

Your earth planet has been undergoing changes for several years. Some of you are aware of some of these changes but most are not. The most obvious signs are the grumblings from within your earth planet, the highly increased earthquake activity, the gas releases and increasing land mass of your earth planet, increased solar activity, and increased volcanic activity. Within your Earth there are being layn enormous columns of energy. Your earth planet has always had beams such as these but they have been a lower-awareness frequency, enabling lower frequency minds, but now they have been changing. The original blue hue structural lines carried a resonance of individualness for the inhabitants, a sense of concreteness in your person, a need for competition amongst the fearless and the strong, the highly intelligent and the wise. As the new structural laylines are created they will allow your Earth to resonate at a higher-awareness 6.52 [lower] resonance that previously was only enforced by meditation or rare highborn minds. We have discussed previously what a new world this will create.

I am SeRenShitha. There are being set down some alignments in the politics of your planet as we have predicted. Your Middle East and African North have experienced a wonderful change in citizen upheaval saying outwardly, ‘set us free!’, this is an empassioned wonder that all humanity should be cherishing. Most of the world’s leaders are still however tied in with the economic elites and Dark Ones in most cases. There has been a very conscious sway by the Dark Ones to roil the public effort into one that is controlled by the Kings. It is very, very easy for your people, your everyday citizenry, to relax into mental oblivion, forgetting ultimately what is going on around yourselves. The burgeoning tide of human sovereignty has been carefully directed to revetment by your media and it seems each seven days there is an utterly new Earth as you forget what is important and what you desire from one period to the next.

Ultimately the Dark Ones will lose and fail but it is with such sadness and tremendous loss of life the more time that is wasted. As more people wake up the Advancement will be natural, simple, as easy as waking from a dream. As more people remain oblivious to the Dark Ones’ Agenda and stay entwined in their self-centered material, physical lives it will ultimately lead to tremendous more unneeded deaths. This is sad and not healthy for your Mother Gaia. Each and every soul is intimately tied into the whole of Creation – as one becomes Conscious it is as natural as a baby being born to loving parents; as one dies up in cinders because the system failed him or her it is as an unfertilized egg. We have seen this many times, on many planets and there are step after step after step we will take before the Ultimate Divine Decree of Final Advancement. It is however a yearning, a hope, that each next civilization will learn to reach It easier and more efficiently precisely when the time is come.

There was a question on spirit people and the evolution of the soul – I’d like to address this.
Living in Duality, where you each think of yourselves as utterly separate and individual, is something which cannot be imagined in Gajun, in Oneness. It is why places like your earth planet are in existence, for the One to imagine the many. Within the sphere of your Duality is a material-Spiritual barrier that keeps the souls within the system. The souls within this system are born, live, die and sometimes reincarnate all within the sphere. The sphere will remain intact until the final Advancement, at which time the veil entirely dissolves leaving Oneness throughout. When a soul enters a body it will generally stay there until death, with a few accidental and a few purposeful exceptions. The soul at that point is free to remain in a semi-Gajun state, what some call Heaven or “the other side” among many names. These after-death souls have quite a free reign for learning and sometimes even opt for another lifetime. Any given soul within the sphere will most likely incarnate at some point before the End even if only for a moment in an unborn child - the experience is pre-chosen with specific appointments. On occasion these after-death souls, and sometimes pre-birth souls, will act as guides or influences, often called angels, guides, spirits and many, many other names; they are recognized by every culture on the planet.

I am SeRenShitha, I will meet you soon. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!


(channeled 25May11 just before midnight, posted 26May11)


  1. I've learned quite a number of new words doing this channeling. For those who don't know, "revetment" is a pile of rocks or similar at a shore to break the power of the waves. She kept trying to send a word that meant that but I kept drawing a blank - finally it was given syllable by syllable so I just wrote it. I was surprised to find it's a real word! =p

    ~ Jay

  2. "I am SeRenShitha, >>>I will meet you soon.<<< Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!"

  3. HI JAY


  4. to anonymous's "I will meet you soon" comment:

    SeRenShitha has mentioned in previous channeling sessions that she has created a "transmission body". This is basically like an avatar (from the movie of the same name), like a physical body she can enter into in order to meet us in a way all of us can understand and encounter. She mentioned there are three of them who have created these bodies and they will meet our world leaders on stage.

    There is no set date for this open contact - it depends on various earth- and human-based choices and cannot be forced by them - it is up to us. Exciting eh?

    ~ Jay

  5. not so much. this has been dragging on for yyyyyyyyeaaaaaaaars. get on with it already. i don't understand why a more precise time can't be provided and why we can't see them circling our skies. I am really starting to think this is a bunch of bunk. we, as a civilization, are tired, poor, starving and homeless. we are beaten by TPTB. won't be checking in any more to see the updates...because it's pointless. thanks for your time.

  6. We are living on linear time, so a minute or a year means a lot to us, but for beings whom lives outside of linear time, time has little meaning to them.

    I have been following these messages over the years, and I found that the frequency between messages are getting shorter and shorter, also the content of the messages few years back don't contain any up to the minute data (ie Japan earthquake, the signing of BRIC, crisis in Libya etc). But now no matter which channel I follow (growing numbers) their message is at least to me coherent with all their previous ones.

    One other reason why no firm dates can be set is because humanity's consciousness (as a collective) do drive the outcome according to what we 'project' into the multiverse (multiple timelines and possibilities), hence the outcome is literally changing from one minute to the next. This is also why the dark cabals is hoping to do, but the light is getting too strong for them to hold on, but they are still (wishful thinking) hope that they can turn the tide.

    Have faith and believe and to project our consciousness positively for a positive outcome.

  7. im going to kill my earthly body, so that way i can finaly be free.
    no more waiting!!!
    no more earthly lies!

  8. If that is what your earth contract is to 'be', so 'be' it. If you have the 'strength' and 'courage' to 'kill' your earthly body, you should have enough 'strength' and 'courage' to have enough patience to 'see through' this once of a life time 'change'/'grand finale'.

    Blessings with love and light to you.

  9. Also check out the amount of sightings are on the increase, have faith my friend:

  10. Ultimately, we are all one and the same, only that we're temporarily in the distortion where we think we are separate from the ONE divine consciousness. In truth, we are looking and talking to the self from a different perspective. :)