Friday, April 15, 2011

Buergitt - continuing interactions with Agartha

15 April 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
All comments by Jay are preceded with a > symbol.
Buergitt is an Agarthan. I was asked recently by Parcival if I would like to make contact with other Agarthans. Buergitt is the first Agarthan other than Parcival that I’ve spoken with.

[Buergitt] Hello I am so excited to be making contact with your place of dwellage. We have been creating more connections with surface dwellers of late and I wish to afford my sympathies to what you are going through – with earth poisonings and sky poisons purposefully spewn, and with Mother Gaia going through reductive changes… I imagine it is a source of stress and disgruntle for most of your races there.

> Hello Buergitt – I’m glad we’re able to be in contact. Thank you for your sympathy. How would you like to proceed?

[had a question and answer period with me answering her questions about life here. I deleted it because none of the documentation was hers save for a few simple questions. On to her side of things]

Yes, I am here! What would you like to know of me? And thank you for answering what you did; it was insightful and interesting to put speech to ideas.

I’ll proceed as we discussed…

[fractured thoughts… earthquakes…. Politics…. Famous people….]

I want to speak about space travel and what has and has not been done. I know there seems to be quite a variety of false opinions but very little fact on the matter. And, although it is not really my true experience, I do have true facts and just feel I should use this time to get it out of the way. I hope this is not too shocking for you – and, if it is please stop me so I may apologize for my [unintentional] malignant effort.

As a grade one misinformation – the term you use for “life” is wrong. Life is above you, it is not the soul or even the seat of your soul within you. Life is the flow of conscious gifts and wills, of karma, as you call it, of Gajun and Essence and the interconnection of each soul with the Mothersoul. Your scientists measure for water and poop and think they’re answering whether life exists but in essence they’ve discovered nothing of what truly exists ALL around you!

There is life everywhere. Everywhere that conscious light makes a purposeful presence, that can be called life. A fly, an eel, a person, an Agarthan, a Sirius being, a Pleiadian, a god, a tree, a worm…. Each and every one of these are life. The seasonal herbs that grow on Mars ARE LIFE, yet they get ignored year after year as they ebb and flow across the hemispheres of Mars. The spirits of Venus and Saturn. The huge variety of life on and around Jupiter. The dust dwellers of Mercury. There is so much you simply overlook as NOT life, and I really don’t get it.

Do you know that we Agarthans cannot even come to the surface because someone will kill us! Or enslave us, or put us into a cagebox. It is very frustrating because it is such a simple idea to overcome… life is all around you – it does not need to have 4 arms and legs in order to be a live being.

I get very upset at this, please forgive me and I hope I did not overwhelm you with auburn energy or with ideology.

> I am not overwhelmed in any way and am happy to hear more. There is no reason to hold back and I can cease the connection at any time if I need to.

There is an arena of life that your world often overlooks and has just recently begun to understand  although not in ANY sort of spiritual fashion. I believe you call it halocline? It is the world of transenergetic beings whose purpose is to allow and force balance between salinities and temperature gradients. These beings are enormously mandatory and helpful in balancing Gaia and her crust. You will see multiple world changes due precisely to protect these beings – things such as the water shifts, the cloud shifting and siphoning up, the freezing of low ocean waters. These are but tools we and Others can use to help balance Gaia from your sometimes purposeful and willful destruction of her. Sometimes we all sit back in amazement that some people will drop nuclear poop and oils and thousands of death-inducing chemicals right into your very sustenance of sea water! We recognize that you live in a more bifurcation of physical and Spirit but to be so separated from the purpose of life and the understanding of spiritual flow is just amazing. It’s a bit like watching a baby stab its mother – we live in such heartbreak when we see some of your unwise choices.

Parcival felt you would like my spirit and said that we are similar. Do you feel this?

> I do. I am an activist – a person who takes action and uses communication to help change peoples’ minds and bring information to them. I feel your energy and mine are similar in this way.

This is good! I’m happy to be interacting with you and so happy the crusters are starting to wake up and change even in the slightest.

> You call us “Crusters”? haha

We have many names for you. Some are fun and likeable like crusters, some more definitional like surface-dwellers. We call you humans; although we were once among the crust inhabitants we have evolved into what is truly now a different race or species. You “crusters” (haha) will eventually be more like we are.

We connect with the natural energies of consciousness and breathe it. We take account of energy vortices and conscious-points, what we call life. We love and breathe each other in – we share dreamland and higher dimensional connections with off-Earth beings.

We are aware of Divine Rules and Divine Directives. It is due to these that we have been making contact these last 40 years. There were occasions before that but only in dream visions and seeming-hallucinations. The directives working now are helping to bring your world more to a conscious level it would have naturally evolved to had it not been for a tremendous dark presence and awful karma invoked over the millennia.

> You are exceptionally psychic – more-so than anyone I’ve channeled. For example if something happens in my house, or any thought I have, even sounds, you pick up on it. Can any of your group do this or are you considered somehow more capable amongst your peers as well? Does it have to do with the qualities of the “physical” energy channel connection, or with you specifically?

I feel in a more full-spectrum than most. I am one of our healers and am generally in-tune with more possibilities for an event. I know you sense both the golden typical channel and also the aquamarine outer channel. It is the outer channel that allows the further awareness of your world. I could turn it off if you prefer, and you have the capability of turning it on from your side at anytime.

> Thank you. I like it – it gives me a fuller experience of who you are. Which is nice in several ways and also helps to make sure I don’t wander off into imagination, which can happen on occasion.

There are several others here who would like a chance to interact with you – are you ok if next time it’s someone different?

> I am. I’m happy with all these interactions and each new person makes me a better channeler. I’ve enjoyed interacting with you Buergitt.

Selamat Gajun! This has been nice – thank you for your time and ability to share with us.


  1. Thank you Jay. They really have a lovely sense of humor. I look forward to the day when all of us "crusters" will have a better understanding of our place in the universe: not to dominate, but to be one with it, and with all entities who consider it their home.

  2. Thanks Jay!
    I am so intrigued by the Agarthans! Buergitt seems so lovely.
    I am curious to know what your recommendations are for someone to get started channeling. Are there any resources you can recommend?
    I know it takes years to get where you are, and in no way want to diminish your talents. I just want to be pointed in the right direction on how to study further.
    Anyway, I love how Buergitt talked about everything being Life. So true. We are all nature. What we do to Gaia we do to ourselves.

  3. Thank you Jay, the level of our spiritual progress has a lot to do with the 'restrictions' of our mind and our consciousness, the less 'wall' around our thoughts, the 'better'.

    Most view channeled messages would first see most as 'hallucinations', but in time they'll come to their 'senses' that we are so self restricted in our mind of our natural abilities.