Saturday, June 18, 2011

Disclaimer about Predictive aspects of this blog

There have been roughly 10 predictions for disastrous events, mostly large earthquakes, on this blog; many have come true quite precisely. But, several have not come to fruition including the latest one which was very specific. I hold integrity as extremely important and so have decided to include the following disclaimer at the end of any post in which a prediction is made.

Disclaimer: Although the Spiritual message of this blog holds a wondrously advanced and loving wisdom the time-specific aspects, such as earthquake predictions, have not shown to hold an acceptable level of predictability. Please accept those parts of the blog as you see fit - they may hold some purpose, even if not to warn of specific timed events.
(end of disclaimer)

This issue has been seen in channeling in even the most famous of channelers. I believe it has to do with the contantly changing nature of our perceptions as well as the fact that most of the beings being channeled do not live under the constraints of time as we know it, thus making the communication of timed events something that may not be possible within the confines of channeling. I do believe some people can gain knowledge of timed events through various Psi phenomena and esoteric means; I am not one of those people.

Earthquake scientific stuff I've learned recently:
I've been watching earthquakes along the U.S. West coast, and around the world, each day for the last few months (since the California prediction). I've learned quite a bit about earthquakes since that prediction and wouldn't be surprised if we do have a big one in the near future.
I found that the location described in the prediction is called the Mendocino Triple Junction (MTJ), near Eureka, California. It is the spot where the San Andreas fault meets the Juan de Fuca fault, and also is the subduction zone where two tectonic plates meet. This location has been noted by Geologists as a place to expect a "mega-thrust" quake, because the Juan de Fuca fault is stuck in place while the subduction and San Andreas fault remain active. A mega-thrust quake will happen when the Juan de Fuca fault lets loose. This section is also related to the huge amount of magma under Eastern Oregon, Wyoming, and Southern Idaho. So although the prediction didn't come to fruition I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the event actually occured in the near future. Stay safe: have an earthquake preparedness kit, know how to turn off the gas, have food and water for a week or more, maybe even a "bug out bag" in case you need to leave in a hurry.

 Thank you all for visiting and having the open mind to read something like this blog. I believe our world is at a turning point and I am thankful to have all of us connected through this forum. Please feel free to email me or post comments in the blog.


Jay Bland


  1. We love you Jay because you are a person of your word and your intent is to help others around you with the information that is handed to you.
    These are interesting times we are living in for sure and it is wise for all to be prepared for any event that may occur.
    I appreciate you and your work and look forward to your next session.

  2. I have no problems with the outcome of any predictions, the word itself said it all. I understand that there are infinite timelines, and just as much probabilities and possibilities, all depend on the projections of the collective consciousness on this planet.

    One thing for sure is that we are definitely changing for the better, or shall I say we're moving away from the predicted 'destructive timeline', because more and more people are turning towards the light.

    All I could say to you Jay is to allow yourself to become the conduit your higher self or your guide requires you to be, for as if there were enough of positive people who can send positive energies towards every destructive predictions, then it may turn all the 'predictions' to become a positive outcome?

    I have no doubt with our higher divinity and it's reason for the existence of duality, this is the leap of faith that most have to let go in order to achieve.

    Thank you for your sharing, much appreciate.

    Love and light you and all who read your blog.

  3. just a little update: home construction is done, office back in order, visitors back in their own homes, car repairs done, etc, etc, etc yeah!

    Looking forward to getting back to more regular updates.

    ~ Jay

  4. HURRY UP JAY !!!!!!!!


  5. No rush Jay.
    May the urgings of Spirit come and flow as you feel moved.
    So Be it.

    Jim in Saint Lou

  6. May be worth reading nanci danison's book Backswards Her near death experience saw much of this. I do believe we can change the events as we change.