Saturday, June 4, 2011

expect another session soon. Thanks for checking in!

I've been getting emails from many of you seeing if I'm alright and still channeling. Things are a little crazy and I've lost my home-office for a while due to construction. I'll be back soon though! Thanks for the warm thoughts and messages.

I've read a few sessions by SaLuSa lately and highly recommend you check them out if you haven't already!

warm regards,



  1. Good to hear! Was gettting concerned, but happy all is well. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Yes...still checking in from time to time.
    Good to hear you are keeping well Jay.

    Saint Louis.

  3. I am looking forward as well :)

  4. Yeah it's good to hear that all is good and that you will post again soon. All the best from me in Europe :)

    Been following your blog from the beginning, Jay! Keep ut the good work :)

  5. Oh the suspenseeeeee.....

    Although I like what the GFoL is talking about I still can't get over the feeling that if they were for real it would end up far faster.

    I have the sense that although the messages are quite benevolent it is kinda as if our hopes are being played with by an ordinary sect of people and/or by TPTB.

    Too bad the GFoL can't make their own website in which to post their messages and proof such as pictures of other planets, spaceships and alien races. It would have been kinda neat and bring some more confidence.

    I really hope this isn't a set up for a problem->reaction->solution scenario ;/

    But I guess we'll have to waaaittt...

  6. Jay, I appreciate everything you do! I have referred several folks to the guide you wrote on ATS; it has been very helpful. Some messages are pointing to something big just around the corner - could you please ask our friends for more details? If I remember correctly we'll be introduced to our Agarthan friends first, and I'm really looking forward to meeting them.

    Peace & Blessings

  7. When are we supposed to be able to "see" her? She said in an earlier channel she will be seen a little over 7 feet tall with a green hue, a thin lengthy person, standing with the world leaders. next time she contacts you, can you push this question? when will you be visible? Thanks! "Selamat Gajun!"