Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey everyone,

Thanks for the emails and messages. I am fine but not channeling/blogging for a few reasons at the moment. The short answer is that my laptop and phone both died in the same week (as well as general weirdness with most electrical things I use!); it's pretty bizarre. Got my phone back but the laptop will be a few more days.

Also, I have a personal integer issue with the missed dates for specific earthquake predictions - I REALLY do not want to create fear and drama. I can say I fully expected an earthquake during that June time-frame but nothing happened. I recognize time doesn't translate well in channeling and I'm still debating how I feel about providing these messages. Many people have mentioned the overall message is great and from a place of Love, and I agree but I just need some time off from it.

I expect I will begin channeling again in a month or so - just a gut feeling. I fully get the sense there is more info I need to pass on but will just follow my instinct in not pushing for it now.

I have gotten some specific questions and will go ahead and connect to get those answers if I can. I'll post them as a comment after this post.

Again, thanks for checking in. I recommend Rebecca Garner's connection as she posts many channeling sessions from Light sources. I found her on Facebook but you can also find her if searching for SaLuSa and the Galactic Federation.

Warm regards,



  1. That would be "personal integrity issues" not integer issues lol (dang auto-correct!)

  2. Chaleice ... Is my name, what I go by.
    (channeling an Agarthan, seems there is a group all in one room meeting for this type of interaction)

    We have many interactions with humans at this point and have a dozen regular visitors. Although there is significant pressure by the three groups (country's representatives) to gain technological advancement and communication abilities we have as yet not shared said technologies. All who can find us are welcome and supported and any who become I'll for any reason are transported out safely and with care (sensed something in the air can cause imbalances and sickness).

    I am Chaleice, a representative of the Agarthan caves communities. We welcome you of Earth's crust to make connections with us. Our source channeler has sensed we have a court of rotating fullness so as to always answer your beckon and provide a greater target for channeler inquisitions. It is our Intention to engender a fuller interaction with human awareness of such from this time on.

    The two individuals for which information was requested have indeed played a part in our two worlds coming together: one in rebirth form as a special Agarthan soul, and one as a human cruster connection source. They are well and held in highest regard in this arena.

    We of Agartha and other under-crust realms are filled with excitement at the increasing Love and Light from above and wish it each day that it will be a smooth transition for the multi-races to become part of our everyday lives.

    With wondrous interconnection and Love,


    channeled by Jay Bland
    July 24, 2011

  3. Autocorrect changed "ill" to "I'll" in the above, those who become ill.
    Also the date should be 25 July, just my mistake.

  4. Jay, go easy on yourself, buddy - your efforts are really appreciated!

    My opinion is that earthquake predictions are primarily a catalyst for self-reflection, for the readers of your blog. It can also be a test for your resolve but to me it is not the primary purpose of these messages.

    How we the readers receive the information is of critical importance. This is a bellweather for our progress as we grow in our understanding. You will receive comments that may question your validity, but I tell you these reactions have very little to do with your ability and everything to do with ours!

    I believe that even the greatest darkness can be transmuted with love and light. And you sir are a shining light for others to follow.

    Peace and blessings

  5. Hi Jay,

    I'm not at all surprised by the inaccuracies of some predictions, because humanity as a collective is constantly changing 'for the better', when our consciousness is veer towards positivity, then we are making massive changes to our 'reality', so in effect, we are moving towards a less destructive timeline.

    As Dreamwalker said, most readers do appreciate your time, effort and your honesty, just don't be so hard on yourself, as you should enjoy to channel as much as you enjoy life itself.

    All the best,

  6. peace and light be with you Jay

  7. Jay,

    I want to thank you so much for the hard work and determination that you have had for writing this blog. You have done something not many have been able to do in posting such radical and earth changing information.

    I just want you to know that I saw your post a while back on Abovetopsecret and that is what lead me to your blog and its information. This blog has changed my believe system and has forced me to do further research into who and what we are. I have been able to uncover a great deal of information about the Federation of Light and ascension.

    I am desperately awaiting for Disclosure to happen and I hope that you will continue on your mission to provide this information. Do not worry about specific predictions coming true. The world is changed by the energies and thoughts of the people within it. I think that sometimes things can change that no one can perceive not even the Federation of Light.

    I recommend to you in future posts to indicate that sometimes these predictions can change and that it should not discredit your work and the information within. I hope soon to see ships in our skys.

  8. Hi Jay,

    I am another avid reader of your blog and wanted to take this opportunity to say that I really love and appreciate your work. I think I might have answers to some of your concerns. I just wanted to share it with you with the hope that it might give you a little more understanding on what you might be going through.

    As you move spiritually into a higher vibration, your energy will naturally shift. Apart from causing some physical problems, this energy will tend to affect your encounter with any object where electric power is used. Some examples I have personally experienced are:

    - My scientific-caluclator dying the night before my Accounting exam. I borrowed my cousin's sci-calc, only to have that also die on me by the time I got home. So I borrowed a friend's sci-calc which worked fine when I was at her house. But again, by the time I got home that too, also died. That's three expensive calculators! My last resort was to borrow the university's solar-powered calculator and I was then able to confidently sit my exam!

    - My one-year old computer crashed and died suddenly one night. The next day I went out and bought a brand new computer, only to have that also die on me twelve hours later. What are the chances of that..

    - Not being able to turn my laptop on. Having a friend then turn it on successfully after one attempt. But as I walk towards my laptop it dies again..

    I have many examples, but these are the three predominant memories pertaining to my encounters with electrical goods purely because they annoyed me so much!

    The solution is to try and ground yourself as much as you can. Meditation and prayers helped me immensely.

    As for your frustration in terms of timing and predictions, I just wanted to quote someone who said this:

    "Another difficult issue with channeling, is that you can start off receiving a Positive entity, and if you are not very perceptive in your discernment and careful in your protection when identifying an incoming channel, you can get a Negative one that pretends to be positive, but gradually slips in more and more misinformation, having gained your trust. The ones that give you precise dates and times are nearly always ones to avoid. Positive entities will not give a date and time. Negative ones will do, so they can set you up for a fall. Once you're tricked into predicting dates and times, and they don't happen, they've succeeded in putting out the Light of your message, as no one will see any credibility in you."

    If you are interested in reading the source, you can go: But I would like to advise you that the above is only a snippet of the whole article which is 65-pages long when printed! However, I highly recommend anyone who is interested in the Illuminati and the NWO to read this. The author touches upon a lot of things that will shake the
    foundation of anyone's beliefs.. for the better.




    1. lol God should know how to handle any situation!

  10. no more channeling?

  11. Can we get another update por favor? It's been awhile...

  12. :D whats up with the agarthans? havent head anything new for some time.