Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some evidence concerning the "Strange Sounds" we've been hearing

Several times in this blog it's been noted that there are energy beams being energized under the Earth's crust to help facilitate our change from 4th Dimension to 5th. It's been noted that the vibrations are becoming more noticeable lately. HAARP has also been mentioned a few times, which directly affects our Ionosphere.

Here's an article I just heard about that indicates certain instances of the sounds and energy are coming from within the Earth, as well as high-level energies affecting the Ionosphere.

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GeoChange Journal: Strange Sounds in Sky Explained by Scientists

"The international scientific journal "GEOCHANGE: Problems of Global Changes of the Geological Environment" is an official scientific and informational publication of the International Committee on issues of Global Changes of the Geological Environment GEOCHANGE (IC GCGE)."

Nice to see some scientists actually discussing these "Strange sounds"!

"We have analyzed records of these sounds and found that most of their spectrum lies within the infrasound range, i.e. is not audible to humans. What people hear is only a small fraction of the actual power of these sounds. They are low-frequency acoustic emissions in the range between 20 and 100 Hz modulated by ultra-low infrasonic waves from 0.1 to 15 Hz. In geophysics, they are called acoustic-gravity waves"

"There is one more possible cause of these sounds and it may lie at the Earth's core. The fact is that the acceleration of the drift of the Earth's north magnetic pole which increased more than fivefold between 1998 and 2003 and is at the same level today points to intensification of energy processes in the Earth's core, since it is processes in the inner and outer core that form the Earth's geomagnetic field. Meanwhile, as we have already reported, on November 15, 2011 all ATROPATENA geophysical stations which record three-dimensional variations of the Earth's gravitational field almost simultaneously registered a powerful gravitational impulse. The stations are deployed in Istanbul, Kiev, Baku, Islamabad and Yogyakarta, with the first and last one being separated by a distance of about 10,000 km. Such a phenomenon is only possible if the source of this emanation is at the Earth's core level. That huge energy release from the Earth's core at the end of the last year was some kind of a start signal indicating the transition of the Earth's internal energy into a new active phase."


  1. This is very interesting. On the topic of connecting with entities; Do you ever feel a sort of "mint" cool energy flow through you as opposed to the typical warm energy while you are getting into your sort of meditative state of mind? If so, what do you think the difference is?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Interesting question. Due to quite a few negative experiences over the years that occured while clearing entities and poltergeists and working with people who had "attachments", as well as while freely astral traveling I learned a great many ways to keep things out while staying open how I want to. I currently block most of the energies and feelings naturally while channeling. However, I do know what you mean when you say "mint" energy and allow it to come through.

      I have only experienced the mint-colored, cool, "full" energy when channeling ETs. My perception of it is that the beings are purposefully enforcing the walls of the channel (I don't mean physical walls but I think you know what I mean), filling in the spaces where negative energies or watchers might be getting in. I don't let the energy into me, per se, but am aware of it pretty often when I channel the GFL beings. I sense it VERY strongly and every time when I channel SeRenShitha.

      I don't think of it as a negative and imagine it sort of like static to protect the channnel and keep the focus stronger.

  2. thanks for sharing, much love