Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Purpose of Religions by Ascended Master Rohash of Telos

I rarely go into a session with an agenda or specific question but today's channeling will be that way. My question is about fear of organized religion and a slight anxiety at trusting the Ascended Master's group. I haven't tapped in yet but will attempt to connect with whomever wants to address that concern. I have previously connected with members of that group by the way and one of my favorite quotes of all time is from Master Kuthumi:

"Until you can give and receive love freely you will not progress forward. This is not a difficult step - begin to look through the eyes of gratitude instead of wishing and wanting more."
~ Kuthumi

(Edited to correct quote)

Ascended Master Rohash
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
The Purpose of Religions by Ascended Master Rohash of Telos
(channeled title)

I am Ascended Master Rohash of Telos and Andromeda system. I have come to answer your beckon concerning both your fear of Us and your attempt at finding Telos. Your finding of the golden cross flame was indeed accurate - it is manmade but also a direct access point for beings of your planet to commune with us. The pressured concentric energies of the beam allow many whom are not able to channel as you, bi-locate, or use extraordinary visioning to access Us by means of direct telepathy.

I have lived many life times on many worlds and have resided here this last 2 millenia to assist in the conquering of the Dark Cabal who inhabits this planet. The Dark Ones as you access them have manipulated the souls of this planet through Religions and control of lifestyle choices and information for more than 10,000 years. It has been Earth's Karma, as it were, for these beings to control You.

Concerning your distrust of Religions, I envision your specific distrust as purposeful and valid. You have many lifetimes on other planets and Here as well which involved supreme aggravation and deaths at the hand of those who control You. As you recall, being burned at a stake and bonfire is one memory which lasts eternally. There are many in your chart, as you recognize and fight. This is appropriate and myriad souls on your planet at this time are fighting the same battle call. Enough is enough as you might say and the masses are gathering to take back the life-choice ethic of humanity.

I am Master Rohash.

Each time one soul wishes to connect to us we answer. Among those who contact us are famous individuals with much sway to the masses. This could be construed as Religion because one Master who controls many will be called  pastor or Preacher or Rabi or Mula among dozens of other names; is it necessary to distrust All who fit the role of leader? That question is for you alone to answer.

I am Master Rohash of Telos. I have lived upon the Andromeda system of stars and planets, vibrations and etheric balance frequencies for eaons. I come to this planet to help. I recognize that you seem open to addressing this fact. Find questions for me that will satisfy your followers - as I also sense people come to you as a preacher, a leader - is it that you also have your own Religion? (Religious followers)

*(Jay) : I understand and appreciate your point Master Rohash. My fear is not of Religion in itself, it is for people who blindly accept and follow without questioning for him- or herself. Can you address this?

I am Master Rohash and I will address this concern for your followers.

In that each of you, almost without exception, have a belief of being alone, self-centered, and whole as one individual you seek others for Love and Value. In one way of attempting to reconnect with your Twin Flame, your merkaba Self focus, your Togetherness of Unity, you attempt in the only way which makes sense: community. Many go it alone and attempt meditation and monkhood while others seek a more human means of interconnection by becoming a follower of he or she who makes them feel purposeful. Purpose is one of the keys of your life-purpose is it not?

Religion has one drawback specifically that endures as a rebelion for many currently. Religion controls your love for one another. It is nature to seek attraction and connection but religions, almost without exception, cause angst and separation in this matter. Thou shalt not console another's spouse. Beheaded for loving one of the same sex. Shunned by Community as you remarry after the death of your spouse. There are many rules within religions that are causation for struggle and angst when your nature is to connect and Love and make love. Are you not one who wishes to be with others? Religions will tell you you are wrong for that - they create upset by nature, which is a primary means of control: take away power and cause separation in order that those stay in Power.

Others have asked me these questions and I will now ascert other answers for those who seek them here.

I am Master Rohash, an Ascended Master, here for You and the transition of your planet.

Destruction of another's views is not a way to gain friendship. Recognize the nature of Religion and what most people value from it. Do not point out that their priests sexually molest children or that they control a woman's uterus. Instead focus on that which brings them into religions in the first place: Addiction to conformity.

As people conform they feel valued. As would have it now, the conformity on planet Earth is coming to a new age of fruition in which acceptance of "Others out there" is normal. Invite people to Hear Us. Invite people to question whether God or Allah would have made so many stars to keep them singingly in the ethers by themselves. Connect with these religious masses by Love and acceptance, by Purpose of life, by acknowledgement that some things do not add up, and that maybe things are not as they once seemed. In finding the value of mass-belief you will find the answer to bringing masses from organized religion for control, to organized religion for Love.

I am Master Rohash. I request Any who wish to connect with me to do so - I am here for You and you and I will happily serve in any way you request.



  1. Hi Jay !!!!!!!!!!!!
    A year ago you said "no comments would be accepted
    about religions."
    I am glad you changed your mind.
    In your language the word god means nothing unless you read it backwards.
    In Greek language god is called "theos"
    and comes from the verb "theo" which means "run very fast".
    Who could run very fast thousants years ago?
    Some one or something that could fly.
    A plane?
    A missile?
    A ufo?
    Thats why they called "them" gods.
    They were flying very fast.

    Also your girlfriend SeRenShitha said :
    "They created themselves as gods to the naïve Earth beings of the time."

    So, no gods no religions.
    Religions are human made.

    Τhe question is
    "God made man or man made god?"


  2. What is the golden cross flame used to channel the beings?