Friday, February 10, 2012

Guidance for dire times. Lar-Sen'-Treisohn of Sirius.

Lar-Sen'-Treisohn of Sirius
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

I will answer. I will answer your beckon.
When a planet has reached a true level of awareness of Gajun and the connection with Light itself the beings of said planet are coming to a change. The beings themselves, which had always continued the myth of separation, that had always entrained the guise of certainty in reality, on to their children's children ad infinitum, the beings themselves are also responsible for the demise of the charade.

I am Lar-Sen'-Treisohn. I am Light. My awareness is incoporated with others as one Unity of Grand Consciousness and we, Gajun, are guiders. We are amongst the most dated of Conscious awareness that occured in this column of time, as you recognize such things.

Forget your terms of "God" and "Saviors" we are but guides to bring forth evolution from one separatist reunion to another; with stragglers setting away to entrain in the Light with Us.

There are other groups of slight radiation vibration differences, some which would terminate All if allowed. As you don't understand, the purpose of the separate lives you live upon Earth and other similar planetary bodies is to bring together the balance of Unified Nature. It is a balancing theater of cause and Effect.

I am Lar-Sen'-Treisohn. You will undertake certain specific changes upon termination of your theater. I understand this to be your question young one? (I sent "yes")

As you sit separate from one another you take on an awareness that all things are indeed separate; this is not the case as your learned ones are discovering at an everly quickening pace. As some minds, notwithstanding controlled-mind Enlightened beings purposefully borne unto your planetary theater for reasons of group survival, these few minds infect the entire theater. As a few non-controlled minds advance to a Light Karma awareness it causes a rippling of purpose and cause throughout the entire theater.

This rippling will destroy the main and initial objective of the theater hence ceasing life-separatives and allowing rebirth of those who are not ready to entrain Light.

There are two answers to your inquiry: one for advanced souls who wish to re-entrain into the Light, having been there before - yes, Bodhisattva is one term in your mind for this. The other is for beings who would have remained incarnate for many lifetimes or watchings or various other ways of learning the Gajunset.

I am Lar-Sen'-Treisohn and I have news for you all. Remove fear from yourself at this moment. Remove fear and focus on Love. Fear is focusing on loss while Love is focusing on togetherness. They are dipoles of the same entity.

It is this very minute level of distinction that will separate the two aforementioned groups. Individuals who can focus on Love will engender the mindset to move onto becoming Gajun. Those who focus on Loss and sadness and many other separatist notions will find themselves writhing infantile in the seas of a new planet, with loss of thousands of years of Karmic value.

I offer ONE and only one guide for you in this time of theater-exhaustion - when you feel the Light you shall respond with radiant Love. How will you know to do this act?
When you need to sleep, do so.
When you feel angry, be angry.
When you feel Love, do so in a manner so that the love cannot leave. Love is not a ownership of some other mind, it is freely giving that all around you shall enjoy the Light of having enough.
I add clarification to the above statements:
When you need to sleep, do so; because sleep allows the relaxed entrainment into other realms of existence, which most of you cannot handle while awake or in meditation.
When you feel angry, be angry; this means do not judge your emotions, even if you think of them as difficult to handle or bad. Accept your own heart that it recognizes the Light.

You will start to feel a higher vibration on your planet - some of you already are feeling this. The higher vibration can be very draining to your body and your mind. Your senses will become hightened, this includes telepathy and various healing modalities. As this happens it can be very overwhelming for some, for others it will be almost unnoticed. Those prepared to advance will see enormous changes in their everyday reality, including bliss, confusion, intense Love, breakdown of all barriers; those unprepared to leave will focus extruciatingly on selfish acts and fear.

This degredation of your reality is in fact that - a degredation of the separation guise you've been living under. This will be enormously difficult to deal with for some people as they begin to fight for anything they can, with their vary lives, to hold onto the selfish separation; ego is one word for this. People will harm others for something like wealth and possessions. Others will give everything, including their lives, in trying to keep people loving and satisfied.

As you prepare for this planet-level action pay mind to your awareness, your Love, your eating, breathing, sleeping, actions. Protect yourself in ways such as hiding and dormancy - protection by killing will ensure you will move on to another incarnation in separanty. Calmness and feeling are your best choices.

I am Lar-Sen'-Treisohn. I am Light, I am Gajun. You are Gajun, You are Light.

Heard. I have never shared with anyone on Earth before; I have done this many times and many places throughout the eons of this cycle.

End channeling.


  1. Thank you, Jay, and thank you Lar-sen-Treisohn! Love and light to you both!

  2. With all due respect to the source of this message I believe I can sum it up in a few more-easily understood paragraphs.

    On Earth we have always believed we are separate individuals. This actually isn't true if you consider String Theory, quantum tunneling, etc, which we are learning about in very profound ways. We continue to teach our children generation after generation this perception of individuality (and we truly can't see it any other way without some serious meditation.)

    Our Earth is collapsing because our understanding of Science is coming to a point where we recognize cause and effect and that life is not exactly what we thought it was.

    As Earth collapses, most of the beings' souls will be ferried off to another planet with similar separateness as Earth has had. Some few will go off to become Enlightened (Gajun) and act as Guides.

    The best advice Lar-Sen' can give is to focus on Love. If you focus on loss you will have fear and anger but Love will bring you happiness and light.

    Be true to your heart - it is one of your best guides! Trust your own self and do things that will help you do that, such as getting enough sleep.

    A small warning that protecting yourself by killing another is about the worst thing you can do for your soul.

  3. ONE MORE TIME.......
    THANK YOU JAY.......


  4. Thanks as always Jay! I am drawn to Walter Russell's take on science and cosmology which seems to fit right in with love and light! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, Chris. I'll check it out.

  6. With just a very short look into his works he seems to be right on! A genius (among all of us ;) ) and one who really "got it". I like hearing about people who seemed to have naturally taken to String theory and similar cause-effect, deep theories, even before they were recognized.

    Have you heard of Vortex Pluralism? fascinating idea that seems to match what we're studying here.

    1. I have not heard of it put that way... but I am assuming it is similar to dualing vortices. I will check it out. Thanks


    I wish you the very best of luck, awareness, and proper foresight into dealing what all that's going on in your country right now.

    I have no idea about your financial situation but feel like passing this on. I knew of a guy who lived in Argentina when their dollar collapsed. He said people traded in gold, silver, and frequently in miniature bottles of alcohol! He said if he had to do it again he would have hoarded several hundred small bottles of whiskey before the collapse.

    Again, best of luck!