Friday, January 27, 2012

SeRenShitha - sleep connections and new information 27Jan2012

many times when I channel I just simply sit down at my laptop, tune in and connect to whatever answers a general call, with no preconception. Once in a while I feel called/led or even directly contacted (telepathically) to channel and know ahead of time who it will be from. Today is the former - I have time, have a clear mind, so here goes...

I'm get questions pretty frequently about how to channel so I'm going to give a phenomenological, event by event description of what I'm doing and how I connect. I may also include something on the very subtle difference in knowing whether it's imagination or actual channeling.

Sat down, relaxed my jaw, shoulders, took a deep relaxing breath. Balance my energy throughout my body (I do this through actively energizing all my meridians, allowing gold energy to flow through me, then up my central channel and out the crown chakra. I then check to make sure all chakras are balanced, spinning, clear and make sure the rear chakras are flowing inward well). I specifically open my throat chakra (front) and over-energize it, this for some reason causes the rear of my 6th chakra to become more active. Just stretched, a few more breaths, drink some water... ready to go.

At this point a put more awareness to my mind's eye (like an inner 3-D screen). This has a calming affect and creates a "distant feeling" as though the real world is getting more dull and my imagination is becoming more infused in my direct physical area. If you're having a hard time envisioning this picture if you've had a couple drinks and feel the very first hint of a alcohol "buzz".

When I calm my mind like this and get a sense of "soft eyes" I naturally start feeling more outside of me. I hear cars in the distance, might get a sense of things I can't see or didn't recognize such as a bird flying outside. It's sort of like if the physical walls around me start becoming see-through and the real world is not seen through my regular 5 senses but taken in through an astral understanding. Certain outside sense-stimuli become stronger, such as hearing a distant car or airplane louder than I normally would. It can have a little overload feeling because all the senses are more intense.

I then focus more directly on my mind's eye as though THAT is reality. I start to ignore my actual 5 senses and focus more on feeling, intention, purpose as they come through in my mind. This is very similar to astral projection/awareness, for those who have done it. As I "tune in" to this astral world the distance of feeling and awareness goes MUCH further out from just the room I'm in. I start to feel consciousness of people around and (after testing many, many times) am actually able to sense people I can't see, such as the mailman a few houses away or my neighbors (it's non-intrusive and more a sensing that someone is there not what they're doing, etc). I sense aura colors of events and beings around me as well.

You may have heard that psychics feel each others presence? This is what we're experiencing right now - as a Tibetan Lama used to tell me "your mind is wherever you want it to be", and right now my mind has opened to a larger area of awareness. I'm very casually scanning and opening to more.

The extra terrestrials that are hanging around our planet right now are VERY in tune with this type of opening frequency. As I allow my awareness to expand a few miles above or to a specific "location feeling" in space I am now attracting the attention of other beings. Right now I sense SeRenShitha, two Agarthan entities, and at least 5 or 6 other space-based conciousnesses; one being very far off and non-interactive (I actually channeled this one once before (and posted it here) and was given advice but told they were not here to interact but only watch)

SeRenShitha seems to want to say something so I'm adjusting the frequency precisely to her. She is very strong and I have to be extra clear and open to channel her. She currently has two bodies (as descrobed in some previous channeling sessions); I am tuning into her more astral presence.

So, here goes:

channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

It is I, SeRenShitha.
Yes, it has been much time for you since our last connection. I am pleased to sense that you are again willing and happy to share our connections. Our star system has become much more active in Our presence here since last our talking. Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja!

(flashed on three different things almost simultaneously: Obama and world leaders, chemicals in the skies, and rumbling and shaking and strange noises. I inadvertantly put more energy toward the shaking and vibrations and it seems she will be discussing that.)

Yes, I have sensed your attention as you described.
I am SeRenShitha and it is my pleasure to share for your planetary body. Good - tune in as this.
I am SeRenShitha.
Your Earthplanet is undergoing many changes and vibrations of recent times. This has been felt not only in the locales I mentioned in previous talkings but in nearly every country-divide of your planet. The channels under-crust are changing the minds of the zombie-like inhabitants of your planet. As you know, due to extreme injustice and control mechanisms there are many, many of you humans who are incapable of being awake and aware. This has been done by chemical introductions in numerous ways, by HAARP frequencies beamed upon you, by poisoning of your food supplies and seas. The control-intent of the Dark Ones knows no limit and they will happily, without second thought destroy much of humanity simply to create a new race of slaves as they feel so self-deservedly fit. This has become unacceptable within the Federations and Councils admiring your planet and it has been agreed upon that all factions may take action to cease the denial of human thought... yes, to be clear - we are against the Dark Ones who are controlling your minds and bodies. If a human being is not capable of making a choice then he or she is simply an animalistic slave and as has been decided, this stops soon.

I recognize you, Jay, do not wish to attain predictions from Me. This will be one but it is undeniable in phrasing to be other than a prediction. As your Earthplanet evolves from 4th to 5th dimensionality some things will naturally evolve - especially as most things on your planet are created by intention, purpose and will. The beings, humans and some sea-life only, who should be making choices but are unable, will be woken up soon. The sea animals I speak of are not in communcation with you humans in any way you understand so that aspect is irrelevant, know that they are being taken care of and are evolving into news (new beings) as you are.

As much can be fakery and the typical human is all but asleep at this point we are taking to a new path of awakenness. It has been correctly noted by many in your more subtle medias that a "Disclosure" event can be faked it could easily become a sad event in which the Beneficients could be seen as malificants here only to harm. As this would be extremely detrimental to humanity including Lightworkers we have taken to ground-shakings and vibrations to cause the questioning. This is a major change and evolved into being when the Federations and Councils agreed that we must take an active measure to change awareness of the Humans.

The ground-shakings and vibrational changes are two-fold reasoning. It could be done without noticeable sensing by many humans but it has been decided to change the evolution of EarthMother in an overt fashion to do as I mentioned above: wake people up.

We are still "out there" as you perceive but it remains a generality that we remain mostly unseen. We are however doing more channeling and as mentioned above many, many beings from dozens of cultures are here to actively address the increased channeling attempts and dream-questions by your human minds. I am SeRenShitha and I have a strong pont of intention that you know this:


recognize that even for those whom are asleep to reality in their daily lives, they are AWAKE to us and the Galactic Intentions, Gajun, while physically in sleep phase. For those who believe they are incapable of channeling or attunement to Our presence, quite simply make an intention to be aware while you sleep. At this point we do not interact with sleep-bodies generally but within a short time it will become the normal event. This also is important for You Lightworkers because you see a tremendous flux of people having ET dreams and dreams of other planets; be ready for this! It is a way in which the "disclosure" type subject can be breached with less fear and disconnect.

that is all.
I am SeRenShitha of Sirius star cluster and a Representative of The Galactic Federation of Light. My self and others will answer your call. End.

*** end channeling ***

When I finish a channeling session I "cut the channel" and bring my consciousness fully back into my body. I usually shiver once or twice and focus on my chest, breathing, maybe look at my hands. I start feeling what's around me in close proximity, maybe clap my hands, etc. This helps me get my awareness and mind fully back into myself. If I, or you, didn't cut the channel and get "back in" it would be really draining and could cause dullness or lack of focus.

I'm happy to answer any questions about channeling.
Thanks for being part of this with me! I truly value that other people out there in our world are able to accept that connections like this are happening.




  1. Thanks for posting this on ATS. I have been interested in the Law Of One for many years. What you present is at least current, which is what I have been looking for. I have felt for many months that these sounds people are hearing were in some way related to Earth's transition. Will be interested in your further changelings.

    Love & Light


  2. Thank you for channeling again. :)

  3. Jay, it is very valuable to me to see this process from your perspective and compare it to my own. Thank you for sharing your experience, and thank you for sharing your connection with SeRenShitha. We all benefit from these connections, even if they are just words on a page.

    This particular message provides insight on methods they can use, and the "quake" concept is a connection for me, to wake us up. Quite true, and this same "template" can be extended to dreams containing "violence", intended to "wake us up".

  4. ΜILLION THANKS JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!