Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Starchild DNA evidence proves skull is not from Earth!!

Lloyd Pye youtube interview with pictures

Starchild Project - DNA PROOF!

"From the Starchild’s nuDNA genome, our geneticist recovered and sequenced several dozen fragments that totaled well over 30,000 base pairs (bp). Though seemingly a large number, it is a woefully small percentage of the 3+ billion bp total (.001%). Nonetheless, those several dozen fragments tell a compelling story about the Starchild Skull’s DNA."

"Among the 16,569 base pairs in each mtDNA genome, a maximum of only 120 vary between all humans. The 120 maximum is found in descendants of the first humans, who originated in southern Africa around 200,000 years ago. The rest of us carry fewer mutations because our ancestors did not develop until well after the first humans appeared."

"the maximum of variations in human mtDNA is 120. Neanderthals carry 200. The new hominins, Denisovans, carry 385. The Starchild extrapolates to 977!"

This SHOULD be worldwide headline news but we all kow well our media does with actual truth (that doesn't make money, inspire fear, or exert control!)

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