Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stopping abductions (a response to last entry and dreamwalker's comment)

Response to dreamwalker's question about stopping abductions. It won't fit as a comment.

I can explain what I do as it's actually quite simple, but rather than some technique to be shared it is just a combination of abilities I've gained over the years.

I've noticed that before an abduction is about to happen I get "someone" peering into my mind or paying attention to me with focus. I sense this in the astral. I simply close that connection between us willfully. It takes being able to have astral awareness while sleeping which comes with meditation and astral travel experience - which is probably just as stressful as an abduction (with some of the influences you need to deal with there)! ;)

One time I was sleeping on the couch as my wife had a bad cold and cough. I had an abduction attempt that night and it got pretty far before I stopped it. I wrote it out so I'll just copy that here:

*** copied from previously posted information - written by me and about my own experience ***

Background: I've been abducted several times in my life; the first time at age 10, most recently at age 27 (I'm 43 now). There were at least 3 times between those two abductions which I only remember small bits of, and numerous failed attempts since age 27. I've shared the significant abduction story on [another website] and also shared it many times as a group leader for abduction and paranormal incident counseling - which I am qualified to do, with a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

Last night's experience began like this: I was asleep on the couch (my wife's got a horrible cough this week). I was suddenly aware that the patio, which can be partially seen from the couch, was glowing bright green. Often times the abductions involve a green orb of light which enters the room first. I wasn't dreaming - I'll explain how I know this further on. I was then somehow seeing the patio as though I were outside, but I was floating at about 7 feet high. Although the shapes of things looked generally like the patio they had a much different feel to them - bright green energy lighting everything up, the trellis looked made of stone somehow, instead of wood. I could see the table and propane heater but I didn't know what the heater was - only be aware of the shape.

I tried to stop the abduction at this point and tried to take control of my body. I was able to get my feet on the ground but couldn't keep my balance at all - it took all I had mentally to stay on the ground and I kept falling to the right. I think something may have been holding my left arm but I didn't see the being or get a feel for what it looked like.

I broke free and it seemed like I was drugged and floating. I kept trying to move forward, which I did several feet, enough to get a different view of the table and heater - still not knowing what the heater was. I started to turn back to look behind me and everything went black. Next thing I knew I woke up in a state of paralysis lying on the couch, unable to move anything. I'm a very advanced meditator and learned how to get out of paralysis as a young child so I quickly brought myself back into my body and fully woke up. I sat up, then stood up and went to the window. I looked outside for any signs of the event but nothing was evident.

******* Here's my take on what happened *******

First off - I am WELL aware of sleep apnia, sleep paralysis, lowered oxygen levels in the brain, and all the other things people sometimes blame these types of events on. It is part of my career to know these things.

I mentioned about knowing I wasn't dreaming, here's why: I nearly became a Buddhist monk, in the Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. I lived as a monk for several years and have done many varied dream awareness exercises. I have also been able to lucid dream at will since about age 5, can astral travel at will, and can change dreams or wake up at will. Not sure why this has been part of my life but it's just who I am. I KNOW I was not dreaming.

I feel that these abductions happen at the astral level of awareness. They often happen at night because our astral and dream self is basically floating free and most of us have no defenses against some"one" accessing our mind. Although most people think our individual consciousness can only stay within our "self" this is not true, according to numerous philosophical and religious traditions, as well as the personal experience of anyone who has had an NDE or OBE or who can astral travel, including Reiki healers, etc.

When our consciousness is outside our body, it mentally creates a working body, just like a dream body when you're dreaming. I believe this is the part of me that was attempting to walk while on the patio.

I've learned to block abduction attempts usually as soon as the green orb enters the room or if some"one" tunes into me. This event last night was the closest to an actual abduction I've had since the age 27 event. These have never been a negative thing for me and I've seen the blackness of space from an alien craft so I honestly feel a bit blessed for the experiences.

If you're curious about the actual abduction details (age 27 event) please check my threads; I don't want to post it other than there - U2U me if you can't find it.

One other thought - I've been doing a lot of distance healing (I'm a Reiki Master) in the last few days and think that may be why I was "selected" or noticed this time around. Been at least 4-5 months since the last attempt.

I'm happy to answer any questions on this, and happy to hear your experiences as well.
*** end copied section ***

I've heard of other times where people got abducted and the beings expected to be remembered! Very interesting :)


  1. Jay can you share some advice for a first degree Reiki such as myself? Im wishing to develop more with this and use it to help meditate and also in dreaming.

    anything you are willing to share would be awesome!

    thank you :)


  2. Thanks for your response, Jay, I'm honored.

    I have had a few "OBE" experiences myself, mostly in dreamstate and uncontrolled. When I try "control" I usually get kicked out. A recent OBE experience involved travel to Agartha, and I met Adama. To me he looked quite similar to Legolas from the Lord of the Rings movies!

    I have also had past life memories. I have not had many of these, but they were dreams that were just like real life. Where it gets more interesting, is when I meet someone in one of these dreams, and then, years later, meet them in this incarnation. This has happened a few times now.

    When I was younger I assumed that everyone has had these experiences, whereas I understand now that I am more of an exception.

    I would be interested to hear your take on past life dreams. Do they "fit" in the same category as OBE, or are they something else? In your research, is there any indication as to why some of us have some experiences and not others? I understand that "soul groups" tend to reincarnate together over multiple lives.

    To "JS" - I have Reiki II, I understand you can now find Reiki training for free if you are interested in expanding your experience in this area. You may find you can use your own creativity in this area too. What comes naturally through your own intuition is your own abilities manifesting themselves. For example, working with crystals.

  3. Hello Jay, I'm a reader from Belgium. Love your blog!! I think I'm also a menber of the PAT (Stankov Universal law). Some months ago I had 2 times a very strange dream (??). I was at the upperfloor in my house but not in my bed or bedroom and something/someone took me from behind. (two arms around my waist). It was dark and I couldn't see who or what it was. I wanted to shout but my voice wouldn't do anything. These two times I also was shouting for my dad to help me (who have passed away 8 years ago). On that upperfloor there are laying to little floorcarpets and I took a carpet to slam the person/thing who was holding me from behind because I couldn't shout for help. I was very frightend, scared and paralyzed. These two times I woke up in my bed, swetting, heart beating very fast, paralized and afraid to go even out of the bedroom. These two times I had the feeling that it wasn't a regular dream but real, and I had the feeling that someone would really take me away. I also dream often from UFO's, sort of aliens (even the human ones and ones a grey), but then I'm always very happy, enthousiastic, interested and never scared of anything. These dreams (?)have a total other energie. I'm not a psychic, but I'm very intuitive and energie feeling (I feel entities irl - people who are dead and are still on earth and hanging around on people or houses). Sometimes dreams who come true. ETC ETC..

    Sorry for my long story.. ;-))

    I was just wondering... who was trying to take me?? Was it just a stupid dream? (It didn't feel like this)

    Just a little fun note :-) Once I had a dream that my dad was lying close to me in my bed with his arm around me and he was telling me things, but very silently. As I couldn't understand him, I said, daddy what are you saying? And I wanted to turn my head, but as I did, I woke up! The funny thing was that the energie of him was still with me (irl) and I still felt his arm and the warm tintling feeling of energie on my back and legs :-) This was such a beautiful experience! (but I was a little sad that I didn't understood the message ;-)

    Omg.. sorry for the long comment!! I hope I didn't bother you with this Jay. (but I don't know anybody with who I can speak of these things because everybody around me is still "sleeping" and in a "deep slumber"...

    Best wishes, love and light!

    Oh another something... lately I have the feeling that I have a lot of visitors with me?? (alien family? angels?) I don't really feel them, but my cats see them when they are on my lap! But I don't feel scared, neither my cats, so I thing they are good ones. (but I'm protecting myself everyday with white cristed light and Archangel Michael, so I think that helps too).

    Oh and I think my soul comes from Sirius :-)
    And I'm going to sart with Reiki, I really feel that I have to do that (bit I don't know why, lol).

    Namaste, Sylvie from Belgium

    1. Hi Sylvie,

      Always feel free to share as much as you like here.

      I didn't get a feel about who, what, or if something was taking you. Since you sense earthbound spirits I imagine you trust your instincts well so I recommend going with what you "feel" it is.

      That being said, many people are naturally intuitive but have never taken the time to really develop the gift or understand why or how it works.

      I'd recommend two ways of knowing - one is very simple, the other will take a few months probably. First one, simply ask the universe (or spirit, God, whatever you choose to call consciousness) for an answer: say, aloud if you like, "In the morning when I wake up I will know and remember if I was abducted by an outside physical presence." something like that. Our minds can do amazing things when specifically asked in the positive.

      The other way would be to develop your mind's eye further so that your intuition has a more palpable ("real") place, such as a 3-Dimensional movie screnn inside your mind. We all have this already but most people do not acknowledge it and don't know how to use it. Check my previous posts on this site - a couple should address this, look for one on developing psychic ability or on how to astral travel.

      Good luck and let me know how things go for you.

      Warm regards,


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  14. Twice I've been able to flod their minds with images, their fears, their demons, darkness. It took a lot out of my mind but I was successful. They left me. When i came to myself, i noticed my nose was bleeding.
    This method hasnt worked in a long time. It also takes a lot out of you.
    They are some form a greys.