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Sarlision - Health and your human conditional changes 23Feb12

SarlisionHealth and your human conditional changes
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

I am Sarlision. Again I thank that you are bringing our message to those who are looking for such information as what we have to give. I wish to speak on health and corrupt state of dynamic bodies - both as in regards to Earthbody and humansbody.

I am Sarlision. I am currently Agarthan as once transplanted in to that culture from another, in Sirius star B of the Cluster as you perceive it. There are much communications from that section of the galaxy and a tremendous benefit to the status central of all beings in our regions. I will reply - status central being the underlying overall karmic state of humanity as opposed to the health or consciousness state of a small group of individuals. We form a symbiotic structure between the Gajun entity (ies*) and the separatist communities such as yours on Earthplanet. The Agarthans are a satisfying mix between both groups, per your understanding. This has been covered multiple times and I recognize you are fully aware of the purpose of humans and similar beings who believe themselves to be separate individuals and so I will not engage in this channel connection on such events.

I will engage in the health of the systems involved as Earthplanet's time is nearing one of regeneration into a Class 5 anomalous body for a period of roughly 1600 years. As humanity begins to take into Itself the recognition that it's purpose is no longer to remain as individuals (as is your perception*) you are encounting an unique vibratory change to yourselves and your planet - one which will entirely change your personalities, purpose, Religious stance, desire to reproduce children, and desire for phsyical fortitude. All things that have been considered important to vast majorities of people will fall to near zero-value as the material world begins to shimmer in the vibrations. An example is prudent:

As moss grows on a rock's shade side all Winter, and bugs feed upon it and live their lives, there comes a time when that moss dries and withers, and falls into a different state. This earthy dry moss has value to some as medicines or for helping plants grow, maybe in dyes and colorings, but to those animals which called this moss home they will be on their way to find something more suitable. Those tiny animals do not pine after the green moss and whine and cry, they simply adapt to a Summer vegetation, cease to live, or find more moss that suits their living style. As your planet changes into a communal system of sharing and healing each other for a long-generations yield of Peace you will discover, quite rapidly, that you will either adapt to this newfound way of living, search for another center to call home, or simply cease to be any longer.

The humans who stay are moderately advanced and wish for better things, while also not attaining plentiful enough Light Karma to advance to Gajun. Some humans who focus solely on keeping the old status quo will die off rapidly and reborn their Souls into a next planet for such things as this (individualism). As I say I recognise that everything that which is real is falling apart and it is certainly no easy feat to live through, but likewise it will be so wonderfully natural, and you will be surrounded by many in a like mindset, that your vibration-change will be pleasant and the sadness for the lost moss will be short-lived and focused mainly on direct family members and very close friends. It is but for a short time you will suffer the aloneness because in short months times, from the true start of it, there will be status quo of Interconnections. This has been said before by tens of thousands of channelers on your planet at this time. We are very busy here and above in sharing the true state of events and occurances.

Your unique ability, Jay channeler, is to spread specific, extremely precise information. Some thrive on feeling, but as you can slow the stream to take even sound by sound or stem by stem without waver I pass onto you this following details.

Water is singly the most valuable commodity to your body and mind in the coming year. Given the timing and situations coming in short time, as you live it, there will not be wars over water, but it is solely because there is not enough time. Those who crave money have the strangling on other aspects of life, as they know people will kill for water, but only suffer for means to move around.
Very specifically the water intake for each human being must be the amount or more to cause the cessation of the vibration in the ears. Your ears and internal ear working will be your guide for water intake. Your skin will dry, your lips chap, but you MUST alleviate the ringing and vibration strums in your ears. This is crucial for Light workers and friends as without that amount of liquid-variability in your body the crystaline structures which vibrate against and in-tune with your planetfields cannot accomplish the behavioral changes necessary to bring the Peace and connections. Recognize your ears are not the control mechanism, they are simply the tool usefull in providing valid information on your state of health.

As most of your world continues to eat that which tastes good I urge you to state your mindset clear that when you eat meat you have killed something. There are consequences for this, and as time becomes closer to final separation of souls each of those instances will not slip away as meaningless or inconsequential - you WILL at some future time pay for the lives you are stealing. As the consciousness raises, and has already begin to do so, each of those cows, horses, dogs, shrimp, fishes, deer - all of them are also feeling the vibration changes and are beginning to take on more conscious forms of behavior. I advise you to stop eating meat, but I advise you at very least to be aware that eating meat and living animals is killing even if you yourself did not know the animal.

That is all. I am Sarlision and I value our time interchanging thoughts.

as a small side note, I started this at exactly 12:00 midnight, to the second! The entire channeling session took 52 minutes - I type while I channel. I also check frequently that I'm still having the proper channel and haven't slipped into imagination, which is reasonably easy to do if you are tired or not paying attention. Sometimes when I check to make sure I'm still well connected they will repeat their name - one of the reasons you see that "I am ______" happen frequently in my sessions. Thanks for checking into this and having an open mind to non-typical possibilities. Peace.




  2. You're being contacted by Orion group, there's a lot of disinformation in your channelings (ur fucked unless ur vegetarian, please we're not retarded). Google law of one (channelings of Ra) and AMA done recently by hidden_hand. Cheers!

  3. Jay - I REALLY appreciate this particular post as I am experiencing the ringing in my ears on a daily basis. Short high-pitched bursts, in either ear (either left or right). Not frequent, but somewhat annoying. Drinking lots of water has also been recommended at this time by St. Germaine through Aruna. Point well taken, I will try to drink more water! I am curious to know if other liquids which are energized can be used to the same effect, for example coffee or tea or fruit juice, which can include other beneficial vitamins and ingredients?

  4. Jay,I feel you will enjoy this tidbit of information. As you where explaining about the need for love in this post or a post I read earlier what you where saying really"clicked" at that moment and this is where it gets weird. As soon as it "clicked in" the light over my head flickered, 1,2 and then a 3 time before I consciously thought of it. The only other time this light has flickered was when I was meditating and it "broke" me out of my meditation. With that being said I have some semi- personal questions I would like to ask you.while I have been searching for your email I can not seem to find it(I'm on an iPad) so I will give you mine ( in the hopes of enlightening myself. So if you have some spare time to email me I would love to hear from you.

    With love-Chris

  5. my email is

    feel free to contact me anytime.

    @Chris, I'll send you a hello as well on your email.