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Channeling Alcatar and SeRenShitha 21 Jan 2011 / History, Religions, and the Crystal Skulls

Alcatar / SeRenShitha
21 January 2011
History, Religions, and the Crystal Skulls
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
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I am Alcatar, Selamat Gajun.

[SeRenShitha (not previously encountered)]
The history of your planet is much deluded, much in secret and hidden.

>Are you Alcatar?

I am SeRenShiva.
> SeRenShiva?
SeRenShitha [pronounced t-ha]

[I sense SeRenShitha is close in proximity to Alcatar, part of a group in the same location around Earth; she’s female, and has a pretty, light lime green hue to her that radiates beyond her physical outline. She’s able to seem closer to Earth-material level than Alcatar.]

I wish to speak about your history. (questioning feel if it’s ok)

> It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, please proceed as you like. I’m happy to hear what you wish to share.

Your history is much deluded; much of what you think you know are lies, purposeful lies to avoid the interaction of “Deities as beings” – yes the conversation that Deities are but beings who visit you and make alterations to your genetic heritage and feel.

Much of what is at issue currently is caused/due to Religion. Many of your Earth people wish that these things they have heard are true, and much has come to fruition due to diligent requests, willing, and prayers to these so-called Gods. The people can create the Essence of nature by will, you are an extremely powerful mix of non-dual will and effort and the duality, which causes your perpetuity as a species.

Many beings, people, who we contact on your Earth are beings who have seen past the guise of Religion’s Spirit Deities and have engrasped the nature of the Essence and Gajun. You are one of those and I thank you for your diligent openness and willing to reach for the stars, as it were.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius.

There were beings here before dinosaurs and the serpents of the sea. Earth has gone through many evolutions of “life habit” and Gaia has recompensed Herself in re-purity after each said manifestation of life-habit. This time has not yet come and due that, one of the reasons we have Divine perpetude [endless support?] in Earthly interaction is because Gaia need not go through such tumultuous intraction [devastation and re-birth?] again. The beings of Earth will not force this. We are causing the non-use of all nuclear weapons on planet Earth so that Gaia may maintain balance in and of Herself rather than through forced upheaval of her magma and iron core. This is peace in Essence form and Her willing grant to provide for you [all species] the necessities of life are a wondrous gift indeed.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius and I come with great pleasure to share and interact. I will be one who appears before your masses and shares your history of which I speak. I am SeRenShitha – Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja!

I am Alcatar of Sirius.

> Thank you for this

It is with wondrous pleasure that I interact with all the beings of your planet Earth. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!

There is more. I am SeRenShita of Sirius and I have more I wish to share for your Earth planet benefit.

Many think the dinosaurs are the oldest evidence of life on your planet but there is more you need to know. There are 16 crystal skulls, created by Essence magic which have a purpose unknown to any on Earth at this time. There are in all 48 skulls, on three different planets, at which time all three planets reach a slightly higher elevation of frequency the skulls will begin to radiate Essence. It is of utmost importance these skulls are available, at least in part, for people to see and experience first-hand through touch and feel. Life energy and purity will exude from these in a manner which rivals some of the Biblical and historical Religious stories of old times on your planet. These crystal skulls will create life lines as the blue lines do now. They are of exquisite and unimaginable Essence purpose. There is no need to fear such power, as it is akin to fearing the material world because it is material; it is what it is and so be it.

Blessings young one. I am SeRenShitha and we will meet again in a way you can see me. Selamat Ja.


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