Monday, January 17, 2011

Alcatar / Galactic Federation of Light /January 17, 2011

Mon Jan 17th, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
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I am Alcatar from Sirius.
It is a pleasure to interact with you this day.

The Dark Ones are planning an event of catastrophic proportions which will cause the deaths of many, many beings. It is an alien technology which will be blamed on extraterrestrial (beings) and will cause much fear in your people. It is imperative that people try to get the word out quickly that despite the world event to happen soon there are groups which can be trusted and found as friend. Groups such as us – the Sirians, and the Pleaidians, and many others will cause the disaster to be far easier to handle and less devastating than it could be but the resultant devastation cannot be avoided. Craft will be used which mimic our own and this is a final strike of lust and greed by the Dark Ones to attempt to control the minds of men, women, and children of Earth planet.

This ultimately will not work in the best interest of anyone but the Dark Ones have reached a point of no return in which their only known tools for fear and (manipulation) are no longer working but only causing light and compassion for those opposed and aware of the controllers and media type. It is an unfortunate irony that a disaster will bring forth light but this is not at all an unusual circumstance and condition in growth and is well-known throughout all sentient thought and (life).

> Thank you.
> I have a quote about Earth changes from SaLuSa, would you please answer on this?
From SaLuSa 1.17.11
“The negative energies that have been grounded in the Earth over many centuries must be cleared, and completed before Ascension. Our presence means that we can help to alleviate the extent of any damage, and can offer protection to those who may be affected.”

> Earth clearing. What are some ways that Earth will be cleared? And, what is happening on an energy level for the Earth?

Much, much is happening on numerous levels of Earth. The spiritual bag surrounding Earth is clarifying and galactic energy beams and radiance are coming in more than ever before in the history of your planet. You will see many changes as evidenced in earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and many natural disasters. Earth water currents have been changed for negative purposes and those currents are being re-routed correctly as we interact. There have been purposefully created death chemicals and diseases which must be eliminated. This has caused much death and strife for many especially in the South Asia peninsulas. There have been mass destructions of many positive religious beliefs, only replaced by negative controlling angry religions of destruction and egotism.
The ocean floor will be splitting between the continents of North America and China region. This will cause much havoc and ocean levels rising temporarily. This sadly will cause the deaths of many but it is imperative that Earth cleanse herself of the sludge and chemical (destructive agents) that are causing her near demise. Gaia is a natural spiritual being and she will be protected at great, numerous costs as the desire to save her must be met.
Earth’s core is turning slightly and the rotation of said core will cause difficulty in many of your technology but not to your way of life. This is causing a magnetic line pole shifting toward the equator near Greece and Bosnia but the result will not be devastation; this is what the Earth needs to do at this (experience / time?) to allow herself to settle much currential flow of magma.

> Thank you. In SaLuSa’s quote it is mentioned “grounded in” Earth. Can you describe the mechanics of this, and also the people or beings who created these grounding spots. Am I understanding that word correctly?

Grounded is by and through intention. This reverts all the way to the levels of godlike manipulation in the blue lines which have caused the duality on this planet. The Grounding devices are in fact energy blocks which can be cleared and broken. It was with great energy and alien technology devices which they were originally created. The pyramids of Giza area and those in Central America were part of the creation of these Grounding events. There are lines throughout Earth which are enacted as grounding lines. This is another reason for the geomagnetic line shifting by your Mother Earth.

Nuclear weapons on the higher level bomb can have the power to eliminate and disrupt the energy blocks but we have been directed by Divine Sources that nuclear weapons are disabled worldwide at this time. There will be no (angry) use of nuclear weapons from this point on into the everlasting future of Earth planet.

> Thank you.

I am Alcatar of Sirius.

We have much more to discuss (immediately / quickly) and I wish to bring it to your attention.
[ I had been preparing to ask a question].

> Thank you. Please continue.

There is much pressure on your President Barack Husein Obama of the United States of America. He is being pushed by many sides for intrinsically opposite demands and he is defaultedly unable to proceed with plans which had been agreed upon. It will be the cause of his death in the near times as you understand that term. He and his advisors are currently in contact with Galactic Brotherhood of Light participants and he wishes that the world be aware of said extraterrestrial contact. This contact being the crux of an ongoing battle for awareness and the Dark Ones see this as a direct threat to their misguided sovereignty. They will (cause the killing of) any person without (caution) to details of their whole value. He will be poisoned by a member of his own inner staff which cannot be stopped by our Sirian interactions; his death will be made to look as an act of war versus North Korea and will result in the continued anger and violence against this region and area. Hundreds of thousands of lives will be destroyed due to this malicious lie and disguidance. South Korea and Japan will reluctantly follow American lead only to pull back quickly when the true facts of the event are discovered. This event will be one of several which cause the ultimate breakdown of trust and the demise of the American form of Government as it is now. Many nations will stand against the United States of America but war will never reach her shores. Strife and anger will erupt from the masses and a quick change in government will entail. Media will turn to the internet and individuals such as yourself will be the information-givers. Local groups of aware and (enlightened) individuals will form and the leadership will be created by locally trusted men, women, and children who value life and dignified acceptance.

I am Alcatar of Sirius. I thank you for this interaction. Peace to you and all.

Selamat Ja!

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