Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25Jan11 / Channeling Alcatar and SeRenShitha Q&A

Alcatar and SeRenShitha
25 January 2011
Question and Answer Session II
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(statements by Jay are preceded with a > )
Hoping for a Q&A session but ships seem far away for some reason; hope to find out why as well.

> Ships are further away from Earth right now
> Jessica Tuchman Mathews
> Seeing through the illusion of materiality
> Bigelow Aerospace
> Bob Lazar
> Crop circles
> Are the chunks within each chakra indicative of lessons which need to be learned?
> What is a Torsion Field? [I have no idea what this is so will be interesting to compare the answers.]

I am Alcatar from Sirius.
Little has changed in regards to our being distant from Earth, it is a temporary arrangement for the safety of our ships and cohort and channels on Earth. We will be near/in close proximity to you once again in a matter of four Earth Days. Our mission is still precisely on schedule and goal and nothing will cease this transaction as it is said to be happening.

I understand your need for a question and answer interaction and have heard your thoughts on this. I will likely refuse specific information on specific individuals of any level due to many reasons but for your safety in such endeavors firstmost.

It is ok if you ask the questions and I will agree or deny as is suited for safety.

> Thank you. (happily)

> Does your ships being further from Earth right now have to do with our Sun? or with anything from Earth? Can you explain it.

There is an energy cleansing going on within the confines of your Earth. It is exuding much energy and this can be damaging to our sense of peace. It is not dangerous and some ships are in fact close, and even closer than usual. You may become aware of a very close-in sighting recorded during a thunder storm in El Salvador recently. [I kept picturing Costa Rica but El Salvador came through twice rather strongly]

> Jessica Tuchman Mathews; she is a member of numerous powerful groups but she seems to be one of Light, can you elaborate on her placement, purpose, anything?

Jessica Tuchman Mathews is of the Light and a very beneficial working soul for our purposes and your purpose of peace and crossing the realms of war to those of peace. She is in contact with us often and has received our guidance and suggestions on many occasions over the last decade.

> As the energies change toward an overall planetary change in frequency, is one of the steps that commonplace “solid materials” become invisible or shimmer, also slight illusions as though black anchor-dots are showing through?

I am Alcatar of Sirius and I wish to advise you you are seeing correctly. You sense the dots as is said in your question and I recognize this is slightly confusing for many who are beginning to see literally through the veil of duality.

> Please discuss Bigelow Aerospace.

I am unfamiliar with the individuals working in this group, aswith, they are a presence here (in space) and have become much aware of our purpose for being here as well.

> It’s very important to me that I keep trusting these sessions; the answer you just provided me is a cause for question: Do you, Alcatar, not know of the individuals of the company? How can it be that you are aware of their mission without knowing the individuals? Thank you with sincerity and Light.

It is understood and I do not regret or find disrespect in your question. Gajun is the source of our information; it is Gajun and Essence which interflow for us to be here helping, in the form which we are. As I am not personally, Alcatar, aware of any individuals from this company I recognize that they are traveling into space and now with the purpose of creating a purposeful interaction with extraterrestrial groups off-planet. Their mission is good but they are insignificant in the Grand Scheme of things to be made clear for your planet Earth.
I am Alcatar of Sirius.

> Bob Lazar.

He has been in contact with many races which revolve around your planet. He is in place as is needed and will produce evidence as when called for.

> Crop circles – I recognize many are fake but believe some are actually a contact from an extra-terrestrial source. What can you tell .. me.

It is with disdain that those who create the forgeries do so. It is sadness in context as those who wish to hide the truth are acting to hurt all the others. Some are real communications from off-planet sources of Light and Love.

> Chakras seem to hold a lot of information about the state of a person’s emotional health and mental state. Please discuss for me and others if the chakras should be cleared of these chunks in the inner channel? Will this happen automatically by strong Earth energies, and should I prepare to help people deal with the consequences of sudden reality switches?

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I wish to address this question to you Master Jay with energy purpose and resolve. As you sense my channel connection is stronger – do you not sense a change in spin of your heart chakras? Do not block the front expulsion, you MUST use these energies to allow the pace of enlightenment to increase and be at one with your Earth-center counterpart. The confusion experienced by many will be one of the most dangerous aspects of this entire shift in planetary alignment. I am SeRenShita of Sirius and I say to you Jay, you must write down and share that which you have drawn. Many do not know the first step in diagnosing and solving chakra troubles and illnesses. It is one of your purposes to share this, as I believe you are well aware.

I am Alcatar of Sirius. We will stop connection now. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
[SeRenShitha] Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Peace.


  1. Connection was strange this time. I almost have the feeling I might have after driving through a tunnel with a spiraling optical illusion in it. The energy was definitely different and it took more energy for me to stay in clear, strong contact.
    It's possible this is because it's a question and answer session instead of typical channeling - those take significantly more energy because I have to think about what comes in, rather than just type it out.

  2. I have read all your posts. Very interesting. With all that is going on, def seems possible. Esp with posting exact dates.

  3. I also have a couple of questions if you message me. Not sure how to message you through here. :)