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Alcatar Q&A / 20 January 2011 - second interaction

20 January 2011, second channeling session
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Hoping for question and answer interaction

I am Alcatar of Sirius.

> I want question and answer session, are you comfortable if I ask you questions?

Yes very much so, please proceed as you like.

> I’m curious about what level of reality you live on. Are you able to manifest yourself in the material level of frequency, where I live? Also, is the level you reside on exactly the same as a level I can reach when I channel you?

The levels are universal. There is much confusion as people of your planet use substances or imagination without true understanding of the astral levels I reside on. Many are capable and do it quite well, though, however. The levels I reside on are indeed reachable by you and your cohort of channelers. If you could escape your body and resolve here you would indeed be as I. Selamat Gajun. Does this resolve your curiosity for this question?

> thank you. This is working well.
> I am capable of having multiple levels of awareness awakened at any given time, such as seeing the physical while working energy work on someone who is not local to me. How many levels of existence do you sense and live in at any given time? Can you describe those levels please?

There are four main levels with many other fractal existi (existences). I rarely enter the material world because it is exceedingly sad and painful and an abomination to peace and love. I do it to help only as I would never enter those realms by choice for any other reason. It has been an immense learning experience however dealing with your citizens of planet Earth and I value the choice I made to enter in.

The four levels are inconceivable to you in most regards, but I will attempt an answer: physical is the very lowest and looked on in sadness. Spiritual (astral) is next and is a working format for karmic choices. Beyond that is Essence (green lines, clouds); Essence is the home of love where I reside. I always sense the Spiritual and look upon it maybe as you might look upon animals, ‘they’re there and live but not to the same level I do.’ The final highest level of normal, typical life awareness for Sirians is Gajun (golden sun, godlike). Gajun is the connection in which we live our soul purpose. Gajun is what some Earth people consider God but it is not a being, it is an essence of purpose and life. Gajun is Bliss and Gajun is eternal flame.

> Do you sense yourself as an individual at all? Are there other beings on your ship, and if so do you recognize each other as different or part of one working purpose? Also, do you sleep, eat, expel waste?

I am Alcatar. Selamat Gajun, this is the answer to all that. In your words I might say I am individual as you recognize the fingers of your own right hand as individual fingers. I look upon my fellow (purposers / beings on craft) with adorement because at some level we each chose to be of service to the universal purpose; we did not have to do this and there are other beings of my type who I do not feel as close with unless I happen to enconscious them. It is a fine line of difference and far, far closer than the duality of being human in a Spiritual world.

Our life-support systems, as you might say, are fluid and of the Essence. Energy simply flows between all and we ride that wave. We have no need for sleep, expulsion of waste, eating food.

> Do you have a life span? Are the beings of Sirius “born” at some point, or die at some point?

We live in experience and this is our sole purpose. Just as your idea of the physical universe, although incorrect, has a starting point, all things have happened within that frame of physicality. There was Essence before I was aware of Essence, but I am unaware of the point at which I started. I will not reach a point of all-encompassing aware knowledge as it is not my purpose to do so; I will remain as Selamat Gajun until I cease to be Selamat Gajun.

> Can you please speak on Buddha and Jesus.

I am Alcatar. Starchildren are often necessary for the transition of a planet to Essence from Spiritual. This is the similar case in such events as Buddha’s awakening and Jesus’ purpose on Earth.

> Please tell me, in great detail, what “Starchildren” means and from where those beings might be from, including the places Buddha and Jesus came from.

When attempting to give a name with which you’ve never heard it is difficult for you to get it right because you have no previously decided meme of understanding. Orion would be the closest I can say that would be of any meaning for you.

“Starchildren” is beings born of the Essence to make changes on lower-vibratory realms, such as yourself. I am also considered a Starchild as are all Sirians. Our home planet was created for the purpose of being home, Gaia, to Starchildren and a wondrous “place” of love and creationivity.

On scanning I recognize you are aware of the Pleiades star systems. That is home to many centers for Starchildren.

> When I look at Sirius in the night sky at glows in different colors: red, blue, orange. Why is this?

I am Alcatar of Sirius. This distortion is due to various factors: our “atmosphere” is real in your understanding of things, it is also due to our sending of various radiations to manipulate the energies of this portion of the galaxy. Some of it is also shift due to rotation of a large body.

> I’ve had a sense I should also be speaking/channeling another being. Do you know who this being is? I could find him or her just as I found you I suppose but haven’t yet tried, per my instinct. Do you sense I should be speaking with someone from Sirius or elsewhere?

I am Alcatar. There are many you can speak with. I also know one being of the Essence who is (will be) providing details about action for communication to masses; this interaction is on hold and waiting for events of Earth to unfold to a greater mass awareness. Your sense is correct and the being is not Spiritual but higher in vibration.

When I first came closer to Earth due to your finding and opening to me I used a stronger essence-field to connect but you didn’t need that energy as you create the channel yourself. You may experience that the Essence being will without option make that high-energy torsion field as it will not depth from it’s place of Love and Being.

I am Alcatar from Sirius. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! It is with wondrous pleasure that we come and welcome Our new brothers into the Galactic Federation of Light. Selamat Gajun!

[reconnected to clarify two things]

I am Alcatar of Sirius.

> Sirius is a star, correct? Do you live on or in the star or on orbiting planets?

I am Alcatar of Sirius. We live on all that you mentioned as well as in between those. Our essence is tied to the radiant energy of the sun and the grounding energies of the planetary bodies around it. We do not live on solid ground as you are envisioning.

[Not publishing question and answer to second clarification.]

Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.

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