Monday, January 24, 2011

Alcatar / 24 January 2011

24 January 2011
State of Change, Mass Death and Three Major Earthquakes
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(comments by Jay preceded with a > )

I am Alcatar. Selamat Ja!

It is a wondrous time for your planet and many things are happening exceptionally quickly! It is quite difficult for your people to attain proper information due to restricted media connections worldwide but the internet is a wonderful way to share channeled news. There are more than 20,000 channelers and savant-mediums worldwide and we are making wondrous headway in sharing the near-future steps of changing economy and governance of the peoples.

You will see great changes in many, many Constitutions and we have people who will make solid, noticeable changes in said business soon. It will be a washout as you might say, the speed of which being known as a raging torrential flood – with no such defense by the Dark Ones whose wish is to enslave mankind for material benefit for those few tyrants.

The mountains of your planet are a nice and safe place for the people to be right now, as chemical issues continue to hamper the purity and efficacy of the fluid-changing oceans. Many more animals and fish and whales will die before more people take notice that something VERY odd is going on, and not just some typical yearly die-offs which have been experienced in your past. None of this is common and normal but it is being sold via the media that these die-offs are but normal and to not be feared. The beaches will be strewn-filled with dead sea life and animals, including humans, before much change will be seen – but this is not far off and to be expected in this same tropic (earth tilt tropic/season).

There will be continued disease … I sense you are uneasy with these visions of death. I will cease them but it is important that you know – other channelers shy away from the negatives but it is crucial that some who read your shared information attain this knowledge; we see the matrix (of people connections) ahead of time and know that what you share will save many, many lives in the very, very near future. Are you willing to continue sharing this information?

> yes.

There will be much continued disease especially in countries in which the sluice and filtration systems are in poor working order. Your country of India will be one of the very worst in that fresh running water will be almost entirely unattainable save for the very rich, causing immense amount of death – this MUST be planned for in the realms of expulsion of the dead and providing for the living. Animals will die first causing mass diseases for the many humans all ‘round the planet. Mountains will be the safest.

> Will there be specific signs or messages to indicate the timing people should leave for the mountains? I am near the ocean now.

There will be three major earthquakes within one day of each other, spanning the globe. This will cause mass panic and end of world fears in many. The media will at first play on this, followed by a shut-down of some major media sources, not due to a need to shut down, but as a ploy by the Dark Ones to attempt a quieting of our presence. This is one of their largest fears because they fully understand the times are utterly due for change and our well-known presence is the final key in the lock of destiny.

I am Alcatar of Sirius. I have more information for this day (to you).
As was mentioned many channelers are for popular sharing and will be used as such; your purpose is more for strategic information – one of the reasons no one you know of visits the information we provide, yet MANY know about it in secret. I recognize your feeling [felt “yeah right, people will claim this is my ego talking” lol] and assure you that despite a few people jeering you this information is getting to the sources needed. It will become full knowledge in due time and you will see a wondrous mass of visits to your information source, to happen all at once. This will not be due to something you have done or acted on, but due to our sharing in a means to help specific groups to live on.

I am Alcatar of Sirius. Big changes are happening already and soon there will be solid undeniable evidence of such changes. Hold on and wait for the clues and advantageous …
[connection utterly ceased and I felt as though the ship zipped away]

> [checked for reconnect]

I am Alcatar - more later.


  1. I find these sessions fascinating for many reasons. I've been a channeler for many years and one thing that always stands out is that I pick up the accent or drawl of the person I'm connecting with. These sessions posted in Intuitive Choice are the first sessions in which I've connected with extra-terrestrials and I find it so cool that they consistently use words that aren't part of the English language, and that the grammar is quite different than my own normal manner.

    These sessions happen quickly and easily. I'm slightly aware of what's going on around me but it is a very clear channel and I am not thinking at all during the interaction, just typing.

    Another thing I found interesting is that I have chosen to not market this at all yet Alcatar pointed out today that the right people are getting the information. Channeling aliens is not really something I wanna be putting on Facebook! Literally no one I know in real life knows that I do this, although some know I'm capable of channeling and also that I'm an abductee.

    It really is exciting and a great pleasure to do these channeling sessions. I'm looking forward to seeing if the Obama speech and ETV open contact happen as have been told via these sessions.

    I welcome any comments or contact. Also if someone has specific questions they wish to ask of Alcatar or some other channeled being I will attempt to bring them up in a question and answer session.

  2. Thank You very much Jay! Yes this is getting to the right people. I lived in the mountains for the last half of 2010 and Loved it. I do plan to go back this summer. As of now I am just working in the background/working with children. I've been growing extremely fast to the point where I cannot do anything of this current world but expand in consciousness, Love, and teach/encourage other people. I am a Sage. But I am tiered of sitting around. I know what is to come very soon. Not many people want to listen to what I have to say but that's okay. Maybe they will in another now. Incompatible with how things are presently, I feel that I am being prepared for something by my higher self and other beings. How excited am I!! Thank You very much for you service. What you are doing is wonderful and sure is...the right people are seeing your messages.