Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alcatar / January 20, 2011 / Channeling by Jay Bland

January 20th, 2011; 1:12 am
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(Alcatar initiated contact twice with me tonight – I was unable to take time the first try, but here is the result of his second attempt. I have never been contacted by him in this manner, always me trying to call, but I have had increased channeling sessions and interaction with him this last week. I also become aware of what he looks like this time.)

I have important news to share with you.

I am Alcatar of Sirius. Significant new changes in the Middle East have made a Presidential visit (excitedly, positive) mandatory. President Barack Obama of the United States will attend Israel summit on global warming and will announce a “possible expectation” that extraterrestrials are “currently visiting our planet Earth.” This is a tremendous exciting step in the global outreach of like minds toward a universal global and galactic adherence to enlightenment understanding. It is experiences like this that make our (job) so wonderfully worth taking the effort. I am here locally (spending) all my focus on Earth at this point and am exceptionally (entertained) to be an active part of spreading the wonderful news of our worldly interactions together!

There are many, many channelers now and many of us speak with several different conduits. I sense that you are aware of these other conduits and in fact know two of them personally in your local life. It is crucial to maintain communication and preplanning for when disclosure does occur that you and your cohorts are able to immediately be ready to spread the news that this is a life-changing and wonderfully beneficial chance for the infantile, low-level planet that you are to expand to a wondrous, eventful openness with a multitude of awakened planets and entities.

I am Alcatar from Sirius. Selamat Garun! Selamat Ja! Selamat Garun! Selamat Ja!

It is only an infinitesimal time in your mind before significantly wonderful changes occur. You will first see redemption from debt and changes to the economical systems which enslaved the hours of men and women of your planet. We have seen this before, and although Earth is on a more mundanely slow approach so as to ease the amount of damage to Mother Gaia, the result is the same and you and your world-men can expect a bountifulness as you have never before encountered or even imagined for in most of your minds.

I am Alcatar of Sirius, a member of the Great White Brotherhood of Galactic Planets among many groups and it is with wondrous pleasure that I share the upcoming beautiful changes to your worldpath. I am one with you and you are one with me in family and heritage. We are temple brothers and friend, and many times family. There are many, many, nearly all, situations as this on your planet. Some beings have chosen to evolve here as individual soul entities but most are connected to varying levels of developmental advancement through the duality of your planetary (level / radiance?). As we enter into lesser vibrations so as to be seen by most it will become apparent that we look exactly like you and appear to think as you. Many will question if we are a ruse by Dark Ones which have become untrusted. It is with pleasure that we communicate to your now-awakening higher selves so this rumor will be short-lived and demonstrated as false almost immediately by way of your news channels and worldwide press-resorts.

Our most-level [previously thought] fears are long gone and mass enlightenment is within grasp; we know this to be true so keep it in your thoughts and wishes that it will come quickly. No choice will be stepped upon as you have once made this choice previously and, although in chaos at points, your free will choice will never once be admonished or changed from your original plan of action and resolution.

I am Alcatar of Sirius and I wish you wondrous connections and further enlightenment in your work on planet Earth, Mother Gaia’s wish to be home for your future is allowed and in great progress toward cleanth. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! I am Alcatar of Sirius. Out/goodbye.

> [reconnected to ask about Selamat Gajun! And Selamat Ja!]
Selamat Gajun – I am One, said by all. Selamat Ja – One at peace.
> Thank you
It is with great pleasure that I am interacting with you.


Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
On a personal note, I absolutely love how Alcatar sends me word-meanings that are not words in English! These are sometimes noted in parenthesis with the most precise definition or simply written if they make sense despite not being a word.


  1. My friends and I spoke to Alcatar and we were hoping to be able to verify that it was actually him through you. I believe it was and I want to know if I can trust my feelings like this.

  2. Hi innocent warrior (nice name by the way)
    Here's what I got. I'm really curious if it seems accurate to you.

    Answer to query by innocent warrior

    > Alcatar… SeRenShitha [felt as though she wanted to contact me, so I “said” what was wished for by you. Then made contact with Alcatar.]

    I am Alcatar.

    > Someone going by “Innocent warrior” wants to verify that they made contact with you. They wrote me, “My friends and I spoke to Alcatar and we were hoping to be able to verify that it was actually him through you. I believe it was and I want to know if I can trust my feelings like this.”

    It is I, Alcatar. It was indeed Myself whom they spoke with; they are looking for verification and I say to them, “Trust your instincts”. The Indigo and Rainbow are a soulfull group on Earth planet at this moment and they are Ones to usher in the new changes. You [Innocent warrior] are well aware of your abilities and this is but one initial first step in the next year of wondrous and enormous changes for you and your friends.

    The one typing [Innocent warrior] was my main contact, the shy one in the right rear is unable to know as truth. The girl child is heartful and wise. That is all. End.

    1. I was too ignorant to see how beautiful it was that you did that for me and thank you Alcatar, that was one of my favourite experiences, thanks for the rain.

  3. There is a great deal of accuracy in Alcatar's response. The first of the two paragraphs is entirely, perfectly accurate. He couldn't have said anything more accurate than "Trust your instincts" to me as this is indeed my greatest challenge both in this subject and in my life. I am well aware of my ablilities and my friends and I are leaving town very soon amongst other changes this year.

    I don't quite follow what he is saying in the second and final paragraph but i can tell you what I think I understand. It seems he referred to myself (I was his main contact) and two other friends. It was three of us who contacted him. The shy one has to be Shayne (Shayne has previously written to you about that strange feeling he had when he was going to sleep etc.). I am 36 and Shayne is 29, the third person is Sasha who is only 19 so Sasha may be the child who is heartful and wise. Shayne is shy. I think it's important to say that Sasha's and Shayne's description are their stand out qualities through other people's eyes, this is how people who know them would describe them. Sasha is a boy though.

    I was hoping Alcatar would say something about Shayne but I think perhaps that seems more like a party trick than verification. What he communicated was much more his style, don't you think?

    Alcatar, we didn't get to say good-bye and thank-you so thank-you for being the torch that lit the path to prepare for the future and bye for now.

    Jay, thank-you again.

    Peace and Love.

  4. Oh, I just realised you referred to Alcatar as a she. My apologies for referring to her as a he.

    Peace and Love.

  5. You were correct - Alcatar is masculine, SeRenShitha is feminine. I think it's fine to say male/female but technically I just get a feel for them and not verified, as it were. I do envision their faces occasionally though.

    I think it's really cool you guys were able to contact Alcatar. I heard it mentioned in a different channeled message that many more people have already begun channeling and many more to come! I've also heard telepathy will become commonplace before too long, as our vibration increases more on the higher levels, and less on our current material reality.

    Exciting times!