Friday, April 8, 2011

Behemoth falls - A Sirius Communication 08Apr11

April 8th, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Behemoth falls

I am SeRenShitha and I have very big news for your people of Earth planet. A momentous decision has been designed, made, and today carried out that will affect the entire rest of history future for Gaia. The event I speak of is one world currency destroying the enwrapped currency that the Dark Ones have used for so long to utterly destroy the morale of the people. Work, for so, so long has been used to enslave people and break the will and creativity – only to provide exorbitant horrifically selfish lifestyles for the few Dark Ones in charge. This time is over!

You will see this repercuss through the planet in a matter of days as government after government faces the music. As I sense the discomfort in my channel I will explain this via event, rather than via dates and times. Many groups over the last several years have recognized the obvious ruse in provided information – it has truly been very obvious for those without fear to look. Many groups came forth, meeting in secret to maintain privacy and anonymity in many cases; they knew the Dark Ones would understand the viable threat and take subversive action. Many leaders and kings, men and women with intelligence and wealth and perseverance and a will for something different have made group after group, knowing some would be infiltrated and destroyed, while some would remain – it has truly been an epic battle for your planet. Many of these groups have been, as now evidenced, successful in their lightwork endeavors. It is also important that I respect and recognize all you individuals – without your will and free openness of mind, your spirituality and wishes, none of this would have happened; today is a day of celebration!

The specifics of what you can expect are as follows:
A change of the United States Dollar from the grand exchangeable currency to just one of many.

A balancing of world unification such that no government or shadow group can make the majority of the decisions, but that most major decisions will be made by consensus and in fairness.

An absolute, across-the-board de-powerization of the Dark Ones; none will be left to make a decision for the people.

The bulk of changes will be fully apparent and lived within three weeks of today’s date [was sent picture of mid-waxing just-past-half moon], as the people of your world cannot currently share openly in a morally open spiritual fashion. Money is king at this moment so many will starve and suffer without it – that is changing. Expect numerous open culture storehouses of food and water, medicines and drugs, sleeping areas, free and open communication centers. There are many people with resources now willing to openly share them for the benefit of your world, Gaia – which is Her physical reality (in your perception) the waters and the lands, and that of her citizens and plants and animals.

You will see some new and wondrous technologies being openly shared. Some of these have been successfully suppressed but are now up for free usage. Some are of extra-terrestrial minds but it may not be apparent to those who do not question the matter.

There will be a significant percussion of slowingness that will radiate worldwide, before an advancing wave of creativity and acceptance take hold. During this time is when the question of Our existence will be settled. [pictured lack of airplane flights and commerce in first stage; open contact in second stage]

I am SeRenShitha and let it be told, We are here. Share with everyone you know – NOW is the time to be open and you will be greeted with warm understanding as so many have held back secret connections and sightings and open knowledge of who we are. You will shake in happiness and release of fear as you type and sing and talk and write that “We are here”. No longer have the fear of separateness from speaking of Extra-Terrestrials or that UFO you saw as a child, or the one in the mountains, or the one over the bridge that night… each of you have a story; it is now time to share without fear!

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius star cluster. I am so thankful for this upwelling of energy from your fledgling planet finding its way to first flight – it is a beautiful and wondrous activity to behold and I thank you for your patience, your openness, your lack of fear, your trust. It is beautiful. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!


  1. I am rarely called by the beings I channel but this message was initiated that way. I was called twice, specifically.

    I have a feeling this message is concerning George Soros and many groups working for Open Society.

    I believe George Soros has come across as a member of the New World Order or Dark Ones and has a horrible media image. I believe this is because he is extremely wealthy and powerful, however he has been instrumental in making changes toward fairness and one world currency. There was a specific statement in one of my channeling sessions that said don't judge people for their past connections - judge them for their current actions.

    I don't know for sure if this reading concerns George Soros but I do know he is active today in his Bretton Woods III meetings with over 200 influential people of the world.

    I value the world and world peace over the hegemony of America. I value one world currency over one dominant one. I value all the people of the world over one "survival of the fittest" regime. I favor an Earth that is part of a galactic, universal grouping of minds opposed to what we've been so far. I want change!

    Thank you for listening/reading. I'm always happy to include questions if the opportunity presents itself, so feel free to put them in comments.

    It's an exciting time for our little world and I truly hope we see change and balance! Warm regards,


  2. I'm scared and confused... this sounds like the NWO to me!!!

  3. I've spent MANY years studying globalism, the NWO (New World order), and various aspects of world politics. although I've always decided to be quiet and keep my views to myself about what's channeled, I feel led to share my views - moreso than I have already.

    I view the NWO as a group of people who wish to enslave humanity, much like what we have now...
    A world ruled by money, controlled by a few people who make the rules, and always keep us just unhappy enough to keep working for them, and just happy enough that we don't revolt. I associate the Bush family, Donald Rumsfeld, much of the Bilderberg group, bankers, and media owners in this group.

    I recognized about 20 years ago that we, the people, would not fight globalism, and actually happily allowed FOR it! I was a bit depressed with humanity... but then I had a change of heart and came up with the following idea:

    If we always have country borders and always have religions that view themselves as right, and other people wrong - we would NEVER have world peace.

    So I started imaging ways we CAN have world peace. I decided that the only way we can have it is if the world unites. Ironically that was what the NWO is trying to do, but for a TOTALLY DIFFERENT purpose. However, it's the same united world that can allow for global domination, and world peace - what we need is global openness and justice to go along with it.

    Global openness and justice means one world court, one world currency, a world without borders, and a world with acceptance for the true wisdom that underlies religion, while losing some of the damaging dogma of those same religions.

    Is what is mentioned in SeRenShitha's message the same as the NWO? I don't believe it is. It is a balance toward a unified world, but not under the control of the Dark Ones, as she calls them.

    Personally I am, with what I've watched over the years, vehemently against the Bush family and world domination by force and war, oil and money control.
    I am very much for George Soros and a push toward less dominance by the US, allowing the rest of the world to enjoy resources, instead of hoarding them all here. America has been awesome for our world, now it's time to allow the rest of the world balance. I believe it can be done without destroying America; we've just been the role model.

    As a side note:
    Much of what comes across in the blog matches my personal views, which made me question whether I was truly unbiased and if I was possibly changing info to my thoughts. There are a couple things that explain to me that I'm not... Nibiru is one. It's something I NEVER believed in until this blog mentioned it. Also chemtrails - never believed in them until this blog.

    What I can recommend either way is try not to be scared. There are huge changes in many aspects of our lives right now. One VERY pertinent issue is that we need to keep a calm mind, be aware and active, stay open, and keep an aire of peace and gratitude.

    with warm regards,


  4. Jay,

    Thank you so much for posting these messages. I have always believed that not everyone in the financial elite works for evil. I can't help but recognize that main stream American media is covering that this conference is taking place and is doing so with the utmost negative spin. If we're being told this is a bad thing, it most certainly could be the opposite. I for one will continue to project thoughts of love and hope and look forward to the end of the lies of the Dark Ones.

  5. Love it! thanks for sharing! =)

  6. "But to men like George Soros, it doesn't really matter what "the little people" think. In the world that Soros lives in, those with overwhelming amounts of money and power know what is best for the rest of us, and if "the little people" don't seem to want to go along initially then public opinion can be bought if you just spend enough money."

  7. Thanks for clearing it out i'm not scared anymore haha... I guess you're right about how it can go either way.... I just hope humanity will go the right way... do u think we will?

  8. I'll respond to both those last two at once... in the past most of "we the people" or the "little people" haven't really said a damn thing! Too busy watching TV or trying to make enough money. Very few people take the time to know themselves and make a statement about their beliefs.

    So, will we go the right way? In the past it's obvious we haven't, most of us are sheep. BUT I believe the energy around us is literally changing! We will have more gratitude and general caring about one another. People will evolve and I do believe, wholeheartedly, that we will go the right way by standing up and recognizing we've been taken for a ride - as more people know about it the more likely the past situation will crash and burn - leaving a world of people who care enough to make a just world.

    I am truly excited about us breaking down the systems of control we've lived under for the last few thousand years.

    ~ Jay

  9. Revolution isnt needed here... we need EVOLution!

    thanks brother :)

  10. I have never believed in chemtrails either. But if it has been channeled; i'll have to give it a second thought. It seems too out there, ya know?

    Anyway, exciting times ahead! And a little scary as well. Its like those times in our lives where we're stepping out of our comfort zones and there is fear but ultimately its all good.

  11. Jay,
    Awesome channel...again. I resonate fully with your comments in reponse to the channel, and Soros, NWO, etc. Poverty, enslavement in all forms, scarcity, victimization, rage, pain, evil, murder, ad nauseum...these are creations of the manipulation and world wide acculturation we have all, all, been socially engineered to propogate and exist within.
    So many have worked to bring light to our world for eons of time...they have all given so much; I honor them all. It's happening for real now, we are now in the Big Leagues now--The Galactic Big Leagues; of Light, Love, Truth, Peace. The 'slowing down' part I believe will be people just needing to pause and just BE, relish in the relief, the release of the old, and to just rest a bit from the former insanity.
    I love your comment about having kept much of your views, ideas, and feelings underwrap, but now decide to open up and express. For me, all my idealism about a peaceful, free world, and Love reigning supreme, having those thoughts and visions since I was a child bascially, I think now (at 51) can be realized.
    I have no greater hope than that.
    The big Awakening has begun!
    Emmensely grateful Jay.
    Jim in ST. Louis.

  12. how come beings like "SeRenShitha" says they want to tell us everything now, but beings like "SaLuSa" say that everything must be kept secret from the humans?

  13. Interesting - I wasn't aware SaLuSa was saying that. Do you know if the information from SaLuSa and SeRenShitha is contradictory to one another?

    I'd love to see a link to his sessions if you have it handy.

    ~ Jay

  14. Hey Jim (from St. Louis),

    I'm glad you found the site. I enjoy your comments and seems like we're on the same wavelength on most things.


  15. Hello to all
    I would suggest to see Alaje youtube channel below and listen what he has to say. I am skeptical about all these channelings and you will find out why if you hear him he also has a site where he answer to a lot of questions.
    You will find it on the left of his you tube page

  16. hey jay, im not sure whats your opinion of mike quinsay and "salusa"'s messeges, but this is the messege that i found:

    "As you move forward with the changes expect the unexpected, as some will spring up all of a sudden and will surprise you if not delight you. Our allies have worked hard to reach this point in time, and we would say that we are happy with the progress being made. You have so much to look forward this year let alone the next one. So be patient now that you are so near to experiencing some really big events, that will provide the evidence you seek to assure you all is well. The scale of what is happening is enormous, so please allow for our requirement that the time is right when we go ahead. We do not wish to rush into things without adequate preparation, and we have been extremely active on board our ships by continually updating our plans. We can in fact accurately forecast events but will not give exact dates as they are best kept secret."

    this messeges was sent on feb 27, maybe they changed plans and decide to tell us now?

  17. And also check this out

    Message from the true Matthew

  18. Thanks Jay...warmest regards to you and yours.
    Thanks too to SenRenshitha.
    It is rather easy to apply refined discernment to these channelings, as well as with others:
    Tune into the words, the overall message, the energy brought forth, then, and in my opinion and experience only then, will one most accurately be able to hear the truth, without a judgmental mind guiding your way; which of course, is very restricting and leads to convoluted perceptions (the ego based perceptions).

  19. To "Anonymous" who posted the link - as you said you are skeptical I expected something different.
    What a wonderful video!! The Solution is Love - awesome.

    The channeling connection is in the astral, at least the way I do it. I agree with your video that you need to trust your higher self and relax and feel it, and individually decide if you want to trust it.

    I was at first uncomfortable with getting predictions and negative things and I brought it up in one of the earlier channeling sessions. I was told that each channeler has a unique purpose and brings a slightly different message - I was given the choice to accept bringing information like this, or to not. I obviously chose to go ahead and accept things that might be controversial. I was ensured "the right people will get the information".

    ~ Jay

  20. Totally agree with Jay and Jim, I was one of the late 'light worker' and early 'indigo' soul whom has travelled a long road to arrive in this moment of 'now'.

    I have many many 'up grades' thought out my entire life, I was fortunate enough to have been confirmed our space family's existence at the age of 19, where a huge disk travelled above the car my father was driving one evening around 7:30pm in north of England. So I 'knew' then whatever I was doing I was certainly on the 'correct' path, as that surely was an encouragement.

    I have no fear of our future, as from so many sources and information from all over the globe, the message is pretty much pointing to the same positive direction, we have moved far away from the 'destructive' timeline which most 'dark controlled media' would like us to believe.

    More and more light workers as well as many awakened souls are now 'stabilized' this 'once' a 'negative' planet, the light is here and are getting stronger by the day. Many findings from different sources are confirming this to be the case, one of the most convincing is the studies made by David R Hawkins (author of Power verses Force) on Human Consciousness Fields. He has a calibration of consciousness from 0 (zero) to 1000 to indicate the consciousness of humanity, for over 5000 years our average was about 190 out of the scale of 1000, (these numbers are from the know 'kinesiology' tests as the subconsciousness of the human race is intrinsically linked). But he has found that the average score has steadily moving upwards since 1986 to 207 by 2007, where humanity passed the 'critical' average of 200 (point of no return which is known as courage).

    He also stated a person's rating of 300 points would have positive attributes to counter balance approx. 90,000 people below level of 200, and jumps to 1 million at level 500 (love) to 10 million at 600 (unconditional love). This simply show how much more power is our positive has over our negative.

    I am not going to bored everyone here with figures, as all one need to do is to open up ones mind to 'sense' and 'see' beyond the money and material tided 'reality' and then to witness for themselves the amount of changes which already has taken place in an increasing rate.

    In truth we are all 'divinity' enduring a self induced 'game of life', the purpose of life in duality is to test our 'agility', all I can say is after all the millennia of testing time in life within duality, we are still able to 'rise' up once again with a smile on our faces.

    It's time to let all fears go and to reclaim our god and divine powers and ability, for this moment in time 'now' is the up coming of the 'grand finale party' we are all here for.

    Love, light, peace and tranquility are our true nature of being.

  21. Danny,

    great to meet you! I'm a first wave Crystal myself. Sometimes difficult time having acceptance and validation for who we are right now, eh? Always wonderful to meet a like soul =)

    thanks for sharing that great message!



  22. In the grand scheme of the universe I fail to see how currency is needed at all. If we are truly to ascend, both as individuals and as a collective consciousness, then surely we must embrace the inherent and limiting differences of man made constructs to spiritual ones.

    I have traveled into the universe via short jaunts, especially as of late, and was also shown by interstellar beings, their galactic conference room. I am saying as plainly as I know how that very few things man has made has any place where some of us are going.

    Please advise.

  23. Hey Jay, Thanks for putting the message out there.
    And thanks to SenRenShitha too!

    Totally agree with all of the above :)

    As a conventional scientist 'indoctrinated' by the mainstream 'everything-is-physical' it took me a while to get here. Luckily quantum physics is increasingly pointing out that there is more to this universe than just atoms!

    Concerning Soros and the 'Dark Ones', have you seen Inside Job, the winning oscars documentary for 2010?
    ( It clarifies a lot and shows that Soros is right.



  24. I just checked the moon phase for what was described and I believe I called it the wrong thing. Based on the vision of the moon I saw it would be a mid-waning 3/4 moon (moon stuff is not my forte) and the date would indicate April 23rd or so.

    So far the Soros Bretton Woods meeting has finished and the basics that were given to the mdeia sources were that Soros supports America getting MORE debt (crazy, but good advice for someone betting against the dollar), and he says China's biggest concern is over-inflation (another cue that they should tie into a world currency?)

    ~ Jay

  25. thanks jay, cuz i told somepeople about april 10th and nothing really happened and now they think im crazy haha so hopefully ur right abbout the 23....


  26. first day of second week: nothing so far, 2 weeks to go to see if

  27. Hey Jay, this is my first post. Discovered you yesterday on ATS. Here's an interesting info that matches this prediction: Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 17:22:25 -0400

    Reader JY: 'It had to be on a Palm Sunday.' Thank you JY, you just reminded me of the following. . .

    "The World Trust can only be activated for payout at only two times during any given year, Easter and Christmas."

    Full reference. . .

    The time has now come to release these Prosperity Funds and the funds from Saint Germains, World Trust. This money will be used to buy out all oil corporations, banks, pharmaceutical cartels, and zero out all debt. 250 years of compound interest has mushroomed the World Trust into a net worth in excess of one quattuordecillion dollars, or
    $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000.

    That?s 1 with 40 zeros behind it. This is enough money to buy a gold cube the size of the orbit of Saturn. So astronomical most people will not believe it!

    The money from the World Trust will be distributed in the following manner.

    Level One World Trust.
    This is under the trusteeship of Master St. Germain. At his direction The World Trust can only be activated for payout at only two times during any given year, Easter and Christmas. At St. Germain?s orders the World Court activates the funding process. This process continues down through the four lower levels of trusts to the people, and under certain conditions the funding window remains open until the next holiday funding window begins.

    For example, if the Easter window is activated, the window can remain open until December 24, the day before Christmas, at which time it closes. The window remains open only if significant funds are moved to certain designated trusts during a set period of time. If not, the funding window is closed when such deadlines are not met.

    Level Two
    These are the 180 Royal Trusts under the control of trustees in various sovereign countries. Examples are The French Trust, The Russian Trust, and the Vatican Trust.

    Level Three
    These are the Family Trusts under the control of trustees of the worlds wealthiest families. Examples are Bronfman, Warburg, Morgan, Rothschild, and Rockefeller.

    Level Four
    These are the 250 plus Corporate Trusts under the control of trustees from powerful companies and corporations. Examples are General Electric, Lockheed, General Motors, Boeing, Carnegie, Ford, Marriott and AT&T. There are 4-5 trustees per trust which means that approximately 1200 trustees must sign documents to move money through these trusts.

    Level Five
    These are the Prosperity Program Trusts which represent the various 70-75 bank roll programs which are under the control of designated program trustees. Again, there are 4-5 trustees per trust or some 350 persons who must sign documents to activate these trusts. Some examples include Bergevene, SBC, ITI, Savage, Morgan, Omega, and Freedom. The largest trust is Freedom and it must be funded first. It is these trusts that hold the wealth from the enlightened robber baron children.

    Then finally the funds will be released to the common man.

    As the funds pass through each trust, the trustee must use only certain designated safe banks and sign the proper documents with only certain
    designated banking personnel at those banks. Should this process be activated and then be stalled by deceitful bankers, deceitful trustees, etc. and the deadlines for funding to reach certain trusts are not met, the funding window is then closed. This is the problem members of the Bush family are blocking the release of these funds.

    Keep up the amazing work !

  28. month gone and nothing happen, ask them why they keep playing with people like that.

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