Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parcival – Generalities 06Apr11

April 6th, 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Parcival – Generalities

It is me, Parcival. You have been busy.

There are many advances going on in our world and continued progress toward balance is happily coming along. We Agarthans are marginally involved and do specifically scouting for anomalies and unknowable sections of Gaia. I know you have questions and recall the list; are there more you’d like to ask?

> Yes, thank you. Are there multiple openings that the Agarthans use? If so, where are some of them? Are any of them open holes where someone could literally walk right in or do they require action? If so, what type of action? (energetic change, physical moving of a large rock, etc?)

I am Parcival. There are hundreds of areas with which we can traverse to the surface, but it is not extremely common that we do it. We don’t have a lot of reason to go there and it generally offers trouble if someone encounters us: confusion or fear would be likely response.
Most of the areas are camouflaged and are very easily missed. Someone could theoretically work their way into some of them but it would take keen intuition and a real desire to seek the holes and byways. There is one that offers human contact but it is an ancient group of wise beings who inhabit it, a rock cathedral of sorts and it is highly protected from accidental intrusion. Underwater openings are a more likely entrance as they are protected by water and therefore less convoluted from perceptive gaze.

> A further question in the same area. Someone requested this precisely: Entrances to Agartha, and, how do they interact with humanity. Are there open caves, how many entrances? Kentucky, Alaska, Tibet, Vietnam, the Poles?

It would not be wise for either side if the precise locations were known. Kentucky and West Virginia – all mountains basically have a few reasonably open holes, but as said they are hidden. Tibet has a location. Alaska also, several there. There used to be many openings in the Southern pole of Gaia but that region is mostly inaccessible at this point. We could go out but there’s not much reason to besides various samplings of nature.
We interact with humanity more in an astral or channeling way such as you, Jay, and I are doing now. Physical contact is not really in our best interest as we gave up combat many eons ago and wish nothing of the physical egotistical challenges that face your humanity.

> Many people are curious about the next earthquake and question me often – do you have precise information on the next major earthquake that you’d like to share?

I am Parcival. I am not inclined to provide particulars at this time. I believe there will be a very specific announcement of the next major earthquake by SaLuSa or SeRenShitha. They will project this to the entire humanity of Gaia as a way for them to gain appropriate recognition as knowledgeable of such things. You are one who will share it, without doubt; I have been told.
For generalities if you are interested, keep watching Chile, there will be an increase of moderate earthquakes there. The Indian Ocean is a hotsource at the moment with a new energy chasm being promoted. Alaska will see several moderately large earthquakes but within the range of normal: 6.2, 6.4.

> Can you please tell some areas which are starting and ending points of the energy channels?

Currently there is much work in the Southern Hemisphere. The magnetic pole is shifting quickly now and the balance is being maintained by increased loading of the Southern area channels. Madagascar off Southern Africa, a spot on Western Australian coast – the bar travails between those two points – most work is being done off-planet by lightworkers from Sirius and other groupings friendly to the Federations of Light.

> Sweden keeps coming to mind during this session – are you sending that?

I am sending it. There is work being done there, and also some very significant new government writings and clarifications. SeRenShitha would be better discussing such things, but it is an exciting place to be watching right now! The balance of Gaia’s humanity is at a wondrous turning point, and right now, Sweden is the old Rome. Many vortexical mind connections being made there! As a comparison for Americans it is akin to watching the Superbowl of football. It is beautiful to perceive.

> What are some countries that will be making the news soon, and what can we expect from them?

Germany will be making some crack decisions and wonderful advances for social causes. It will be a birthplace of advancement in culture with community sharing in mind. Although the fear of past regretful issues in Adolf Hitler and his armies resides in this region, the mindset for the positive aspects of social caring was initiated. It will be a grand day when the news is released.

South Africa will be making the news soon with numerous changes and balances. It is bittersweet as it will seem like a wonderful change, but it will be a ruse at first and many will be in heartbreak before the revolution takes account and mandates said changes.

Poland will be making the news. A Past president was murdered recently and the news will be made public. This will have some major repercussions but not world-level changes.

I am Parcival. Would you like to interact with other Agarthans next time we speak?

> Yes! That would be great.
> Do many Agarthans channel? Roughly how many humans are currently in contact with you all?

It will be arranged. It is exciting to be sharing; we have remained relatively quiet over the centuries. There are not many of us who talk now but it is increasing – it is an exciting time for our world, both above and below. What affects you also affects us.
There are dozens of human contacts, and a mere handful of us speaking through you.

Until next time, be safe and well. Stay warm.


  1. I was wondering about that "stay warm" too LOL. No idea...

    ~ Jay

  2. There is a place in washington state calles "mel's hole". It is said that no one has been able to successfuly reach the bottom. Even with a line of over thousands of feet...
    I would be curious to hear an Agarthan's view on these giant bottomless holes.
    Thanks Jay

  3. Jay, I really appreciate your messages, and of course big thanks to Parcival and SeRenShita.
    I recently read a post about Area 51 underneath Nevada.
    Someone was posted there between levels 1 - 15 for 11 odd years for the US military. He noted that levels 16 - 27 were not man made and transportation was electromagnetic, and manned by inhabitants of hollow earth (Agarthans?).
    Jay would you perhaps pose a question in this regard? For ex. if there is deep cooperation with the secret govt. or whether the "coinhabitation" of the same area is kind of coincidental?

    Thanks Jay.

  4. Hallo Jay,
    Sorry, posted the last comment. I am Joe. I was having a hard time registering anything other than "anonymous" . Some sources were talking about the rising of Lemuria in the Pacific or Indian ocean.
    Is this about to happen within the next couple of years? Is it a slow process over a few hundred/thousand years, or not at all?
    Not sure if this information was revealed in the past. If so, then I apologize.

  5. Jay, thank you so much for asking those questions - you have put the cherry on the top of an amazing day! I am so honored!


  6. Jay,
    Thanks again for posting your work. I am very intrigued by the Agarthans. I am anxious to hear from the others you will meet soon!

  7. Hello Jay:
    Really like and appreciate these posts as usual. The middle eastern 'wall' sounds to be the Western Wall in Israel(?); we shall see. It would take a lot to tumble that one.
    It would be helpful to have an idea of what they look like, the Agarthans; the descriptions I have read vary widely.
    Of course I am anxious to have a transition more toward ascension readyiness, in terms of a mass awakening of sorts. And I personally hope to be able to provide service to humanity in terms of true assistance and allleviation of all forms of darkness which are so pervasive globally.
    Thanks Jay

  8. Are all these non human beings (didn't wanna say aliens) aware of project Blue Beam and how it could ruin or delay their plan?