Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SeRenShitha 08FEB11 - State of world and timing

08 Feb 2011
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
Statements preceded by > were written by Jay

(typed before connection)
> Activating higher energy bodies
> Dome of the Rock Jerusalem UFO

I am SeRenShitha; I will be the One speaking with you from now on. We have indeed made our presence known as you have no doubt seen and shared! It is time in your government and many others to make the necessary steps toward Disclosure. I wish you to share as you see fit and trust your instinctual judgment as you have since your childhood – you were meant for this sharing and you no-doubt understand that what others say about you is entirely irrelevant to your sharing information given by us.

Three earthquakes mentioned previously by SaLuSa and others including myself are upon us; it will be short Earth-time before these happen and it will affect the state of the countries involved in open communication with us. It is time to begin preparations for moving upward in elevation and making a place for yourself and family to live in safety. A final step in seeing this need to move will be seen via internet and there will be no question in your mind that We are upon you and wishing/willing to share technologies of ultimate help for your small Planet. Gaia is in dire need of renewal and will soon begin bursting at the seams as it were – this time is shortly upon us in times which will rival the past histories of Religious import.

The Dome of The Rock videos are indeed us and are a true indication that governments’ and medias’ tyranny is at an end and soon the entirety of your planet will know peaceful abundant living – this is wonderful news for many other planets in your situation, as you, Earth, are the ones to accomplish the step first! This tumultuous change and growth period will be studied throughout all times and histories as a perfect evolution from duality to Oneness, Gajun.

The Dark Ones have nearly been set for removal and/or impotence of growth. These beings will either step out from their sources of perceived power or will be dealt a blow to their selfish desires which will force their hands from out of powerful positions worldwide. This is not only your Earthly Western countries but all over. China, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Africa, many, many, many more countries have coup de tat in action or a plan for renewal of the Constitution to enable peace and refuse all incidences of power-mongoring and thievery. There are now an extremely high amount of business leaders, Constitution-builders, economists, scientists, business owners, under-sea technicians, cave-ologists, and other sublittoral science personnel stepping forth and making public statements of belief as needed to get these changes enactivated. A worldwide sharing of information is close at hand but not before one major catastrophic event which will bring the one-mind interconnection to fruition. This will involve the three earthquakes and the gas clouds over Vietnam and India as shown to you before. This is within the week.

Do you have further questions for Us. Gajun.

> Despite the preponderance of videos showing UFOs over Jerusalem and Utah the huge majority of people in the United States seem to not care AT ALL that UFOs might exist. I wonder if the trauma of a worldwide showing will cause most of the people to simply shut down. Will they have a coherent choice to advance in knowledge and awareness before it’s too late? Is there anything I personally can do to help people I know?

You and many, many others are doing exactly as you were meant to do. Your network of connections must be larger if you are to help more, however what I have seen of your actions are commendable and efficacious. Deep down in the psyche of individuals they understand the nature of reality, that the physical world is but a transitory stopping ground for growth and that their true nature is more akin to that of the dream world than the mundane physicality you so believe in. Every night people connect to their higher Self and once Our energies take full affect on the Planet it will be a small leap for people to advance to an aware and comfortable state. The fear of death upon enlightenment will be gone by the time a decision is forced.

I am SeRenShitha, speaking on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood of Galactic Souls. [clarification, redo.] I am SeRenShitha, speaking on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood of Galactic Souls. It is with wondrous presence that I step into the realm of sharing these gifts and proposals. The history and future is already written and you and Us are on the winning side of Awareness and Gajun, Essence and Spirit. For many millennia the Dark Ones have controlled your actions with misinformation and lies about science, about your history, about your souls’ nature, about your gods, about the very nature of energy/electricity/[scientific connection – don’t know the word] “flambiance” ? and your planet’s gravity, path, circular orbit as well as the duality of Nibiru and Vestas. You will experience more lies which will be backed by wondrous science in your eyes, however this ruse will not last for many years, it will but last for less than one, less than several months, but only a matter of three to four weeks in your time. This will also happen before our full interaction and renewal of your Earth begin. Fear not and remain skeptical to what comes forth, follow your instincts and trust those of us whom you’ve already once spoken [directly to Jay (channeler)]. There will be one other to contact you soon, you will know We are Gajun and Ja.

Blessings and Gajun – Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! I am SeRenShitha and I wish you All well wishes. End.

[ reconnect to ask about a face that came to me during sleep several months back]

This is one you should not/will not trust. You will know when the time comes. Truth will speak. End.

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