Saturday, February 12, 2011

SeRenShitha 12 Feb 11 - Earth Changes and timing

Earth Changes
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(Statements by Jay directly are preceded by a > symbol)

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius cluster. Times are changing very quickly and in the next several Earth planet weeks people will begin to sense major changes in their very Essence. You will see many changes in reality as you know it that will cause very, very many people to question the nature of Reality itself. As you know the material world you understand as real is no such thing, it is a device whose purpose is to allow time and three-dimensional understanding. To be human in your 3-D world is to be ignorant of the true nature of Essence and Gajun. Spirit is slightly visible and is one of the cornerstones of many of your false religions. These will all become VERY clear in the next several months Earth-time and this will cause significant destruction of day-to-day workings and Reality as you experience it.

I tell you this, for those who read your blog – yes I know what it’s called now, will be needing much help in understanding. I will lead you to specific already well-known Scientists who have proof of the changing quantum harmonics in your solar system and who have already been working on STS missions concerning such scientific fallacies and proofs. When times are to change as this, the entire public awareness must come very, very quickly and in full vision of most of the world. Your planet, and in-fact entire solar system is undergoing a literal change from 4th dimension to 5th dimension as we speak.

You can expect major changes in focused awareness as people begin to see that which was previously invisible and begin to understand their Life Purposes. Concentrated pockets of individuals will form who will act as midwives for these changes. They will congregate in beauty, in parks, on beaches, in tree infested areas, at rivermouths, and islands, and any place where the true Energetic beauty of nature can be felt freely and wondrously. These groups will have constituents of great diversity and it will be amongst the most important facet that the children be allowed to speak; they are fully in-tune with the 5th Dimension already as they have not grown to forget it yet. Their wisdom must guide the higher-aged.

We Gajun still see that three major earthquakes will be a pivotal intersection from 4th to 5th Dimensions and this is again in very short order. Expect this in the next two weeks from this date. Your Earth planet, Gaia, will experience the expulsion of gases from numerous different portals, bubbling up from undersea areas causing mass havoc for many. Vietnam and India, as previously purported will need much assistance from the world, this is Divine Decree and will be an ultimate sacrifice, as you may say, for some, but these beings are transcending as they have selected to do so even before their body was born. Please, Dear Ones, try to remain Spiritual during the deathful periods, as the beings passing on are at home and but a pawn in this ultimate Earth transition.

The clouds of gaseous materials will be Sulfurous and Nitrogen-based and will cause much issue with breathing correctly and efficaciously. It will be quick-order, as you might say, to create devices to both counter the clouds and allow for pure breathing – this will not be a worldwide issue but it will cause significant enough notice that it will bring countries together who are sworn enemies. It will be in the near months after this that our presence will be purposefully and without any doubt known to every person connected to technology.

> Reconnecting to verify. This is a big prediction and I wish to be told again. I’m tired (1:40 am) and I truly want to make sure this is correctly transmitted.

I am SeRenShitha from Sirius. That which I have told you is true, you will see the signs in short order and it is not necessary that you or I repeat what has been said. I acknowledge this is new, even with your knowledge of channeling and Astral Worlds and many years of previous experience with Our groups. It is wise to verify but it is not necessary more than such has been done. I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Selamat Gajun! Selamat ja!

Areas of gaseous concern are Northwestern United States of America, Northeastern coast of Brazil, Southern coast of Chile, Northwestern coast of Australia, entire Southern coast of Vietnam, India off the Southwestern coast, coast of Yemen, Coast of Pakistan, Southeastern coast of Somalia, Eastern coast of South Africa, Coast of Angola, Northeastern coast of Russia – Sea of Okhostk.

I am SeRenShitha. Selamat ja!


Note from Jay:
This wore me out tonight! In Channeling it is usually the channeler, the receiver, who provides the energy channel. Imagine connecting a fishing line to a cloud, then energizing it. When I channel SeRenShitha she provides the channel and it is actually harder for me to handle the excess energy coming in. With that list of places it was A LOT of energy, probably 4-5 times as much energy, which is one of the reasons I re-verified. Think of channeling as hearing a radio station – when that list was coming in it was like hearing 6 radio stations at once and comprehending them all just fine, sort of brain overload. No harm done by any means, just tiring – nonetheless exciting. Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m enjoying sharing this and I’m amazed at how many people are finding it!

~ Jay


  1. Hello from England, and thanks for the posts which are very interesing. I'm still not sure I personally believe in channelling, despite having sat in on sessions myself, but I'm keeping my mind open! I wonder if you are able to get more specifics on the April 16th 2011 date for the ships showing themselves? Will I see this with my own eyes in England (I'd love to!). Any other near-dates you can get for events would be great! Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Hi Jay,

    It's been awhile since there were any postings. I was wondering if the 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand may be one of the three earthquakes mentioned.

    Do you have any other information to share with us?

  3. Hi, I'm glad you asked the question about New Zealand. It was covered in the channeling session I just completed: 23Feb11.

    Warm regards,

    ~ Jay