Thursday, February 3, 2011

03Feb11 SeRenShitha and Alcatar

SeRenShitha and Alcatar
February 3rd, 2011
Psychology of changes; Changes in water; Agartha; Twin Flames; Able to see them!
Channeled by Jay Bland, M.A.
(comments by Jay preceded with a > )

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. It is with pleasure that we meet again after this long hiatus. I am glad you are well and that you are dealing with the immense and numerous changes to your home planet in wellness and fruition. I sense you have some questions.

> Shayne [last name].

Shayne is needing some guidance and is picking up on the Earth changes and spiritual veil openings as many, many others are on your planet right now. Give for him your support as you have had by many in your past. You are in the position to do this for many, both via this open sharing method and personal interactions such as counseling soirees. Give an outline of what he or she can expect and how they can watch for the hidden and subtle changes your medias are not yet comfortable and capable of giving out. Guide these beings in the sensing that the veil is slipping away and that they will not die simply by embracing the other side of Essence and Gajun. Selamat Gajun! (Sirian for we are one).

As the weeks and months progress you will share more of these messages to a broader base of inhabitants and it will be with strength and openness that you share. People will understand the long-needed value of these messages along with the recognition that We are here, among many, many other races and beings. It is soon time to make yourself known in this area and be the mentor you have been made to be.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. I have news on the state of your planet-health. There are many instances of hot waters erupting – a natural cleansing which your mother Gaia not longer needs or wants to hold in. You will be soon seeing more instances of geysers, increased waters in so much as waterfalls, rising tidal levels, more underground caverns will be opened preparing for the sharing with Agartha. There are much changes happening right now, many underground or unseen, but soon the evidence with be held by all that major, major changes are in the works. Your Earth Geologists will be in a baffled state and the old paradigms and “laws” will cease to explain the magnificent changes upon Gaia. We have many people working and planted in the appropriate areas to bring forth new scientific theories and explanations to help settle the tides (humor), as it were.

I am SeRenShitha. The Seat of the Soul is an area which is meant to be protected, both by your physiology and your energy bodies. You, Jay, witnessed this in your Dad’s crossover and understand the great power in this chakra center. One way which the Dark Ones have continually, for millennia, created painful mistrust and angst is by separating the values that work is not spiritual but is for a misguided worth. One of the main factors in upheaval of the energy balances is to eradicate the balance in your 4th chakra, through creating huge and unseemly imbalances in your third chakra. This has been created by extensive work assignments, forced necessities which are in-fact not at all necessity, an increase and forced anxiety and fear, a constant striving to perform action when in-fact a peacefulness and relaxation would do wonderful benefit for your soul connection and Essence awareness. These work ethic and habits are beginning to change and it will be with tremendous and wonderful joy that some of the peoples of Earth planet drop the hoe and shovel and begin to experience deep relaxtion and contentedness. It will be a game changer when the peoples of Earth planet recognize that there is far enough abundance to go around and that everyone, all of you, can share what is meant to be shared. This is one of our first assignments upon First Contact – as named first open contact which is accepted and known worldwide by the masses of your planet. I am one of those who you will see in life, in “real, physical” world-essence. You will know me by sight, as you see me in your sight now.

I am SeRenShitha of Sirius. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Selamat Gajun. Selamat Ja.
(Sirian for we are one, we are peace; technically “I am One” and “I am Peace” recognized by all at the same time)

I am Alcatar of Sirius. Selamat Gajun!
We have some larger mother ships in position at this point with more than 15 million dedicated souls. The Twin Flame soulmate connections are beginning to be felt by some on your planet, those who have been aware of the idea, but never experienced it. These people of Earth planet will need guidance and comfort as the changes in energy-soul effervescence are changing and causing much disruption in typical thought patterns. Courses are and will be available for those who feel they are losing themselves and there will be TV broadcasts of calming nature to help them engender these changes. We will start showing our ships as is being requested by so many. In the next few weeks on Earth if you request, we will shine forth for anyone to see. Do not expect media source visions of this, but there will be times that we expose our ships to many at once. Our [both Earth and ET] day is coming very quickly, it is so close it is visible to us, just not yet to you. Keep your eyes upward and your wishes to see us will be granted.

I am Alcatar from Sirius. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! With peace and Earthwide warm wishes to you.


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